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Body Ecology Coach

Probiotic Foods and Beverages

The Body Ecology Diet shows you how to restore and maintain the important "inner ecology" your body needs to function properly and to eliminate or control the symptoms that rob you of the joy of living. With the confusing array of supplements, health foods and fads out in the marketplace today, Body Ecology offers a back-to-basics approach to restoring health and vitality. The straightforward necessities we provide are all geared to one fundamental law of nature: the fact that our digestive systems are intimately linked to our immune, endocrine, circulatory and central nervous systems. Profoundly affecting all these interlocking systems is an amazing world of benevolent bacteria: the microscopic "good guys" that must be present in your intestines for you to be healthy. Our products are all specifically designed to help you cultivate, nourish, cleanse and repair this abundant inner ecosystem (hence the name Body Ecology). The Body Ecology system of health and healing is one whose many facets can take years to master, yet these basic principles can be easily understood and followed. They comprise three simple dietary transitions that can have a profound impact on how you feel: * The addition of cultured foods to your diet * Changing the quality of fats and oils you consume * Drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates and sugars The products and instructions we provide to Body Ecology Dieters (or BEDers, for short) are all designed to make these three goals easy to accomplish. Thousands today don't know why they feel so tired all the time, or are overweight. And while we do not promote BED merely as a "weight-loss" diet, it plays an important role in fighting the obesity which is a major contributor to poor health. Six out of ten Americans are overweight (including nine million children), and we have epidemics of autism (over one million children), depression (over three million teens), and hormone imbalances (in men and woman of all ages) are escalating at an alarming rate. The Body Ecology Diet is the most comprehensive and effective nutritional therapy available today! The Body Ecology Diet makes it easy for you to: * Plan meals with dozens of delectable recipes, menus, and detailed shopping lists! * Learn simple principles of proper eating and food combining to rebalance your internal ecology. * Use effective cleaning methods to restore your system's harmony. * Develop strategies for controlling your urge to snack and for dining away from home. Over 180,000 copies of The Body Ecology Diet have been sold... mostly as a result of friends telling friends about it, not advertising. Why? It works!! Donna Gates - The Body Ecology Diet

Mission: To promote the immune boosting and healing benefits of probiotic foods and beverages in support of my motto "Live Green On The Inside" for inner balance and healthy vitality! Caroline Alexander - Nationally Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Kombucha: Benefits Including Gut Health, Immunity, Cancer-Fighter, and even helps with Weight Loss? -

We Body Ecology followers know how good Kombucha is for our guts; however, share with those that do not know!   By: Catherine Ebeling Co-author of the best-sellers: The Fat Burning Kitchen, The Top 101 F

Don’t buy bottled water: This app tells you the closest place you can fill up for free

Great app showing water refill stations that are FREE and SAVES and contributes to the environment by not using plastic bottles for water!!! The Tap app can help you make sure you’re always hydrated, by providing walking directions to the nearest fountain or restaurant with a fill-up station.

Supermarkets in Asia are Now Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic Packaging

Great idea!! The Voice of Global Asians

Weed the People | Netflix

Now on Netflix Buoyed by hopeful experiences with medical marijuana, physicians and parents of children with cancer call for more research of its healing potential.


This is an excellent item to protect your health!

You'll never want to use your cell phone without this. 📱😲

Colonics TV Ep 1

Donna Gates on Colonic TV and yes colonics are very beneficial to overall health and well being!

Colonics TV did an amazing job showing what is needed to help keep your colon clean. Here are all the facts you need. “Where miracles begin…healing from with...

Why Cleaning Makes Some People Feel Less Anxious

I love to clean and organize! Especially with environmentally friendly products that are not toxic to my health. Message me if you would like to clean with non-toxic, environmentally friendly, highly effective products, contribute less plastic waste and fuel waste to transport. A psychologist explains why doing chores leads to less stress.

Donna Gates, The Body Ecology Diet

Be unstoppable 😊

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An easy way to think about how to relieve and prevent constipation is to keep in mind the 4 F’s — It’s essential to have:


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We need non-GMO food without chemicals and organic farming practices so I am asking Body Ecologists to join Represent.US to effect true change that impacts our food choices, environment choices and create a better future for our children!

The government is ours. We pay for it. And right now, it's broken. Lobbyists write our laws, and big money controls our elections.

Jennifer Lawrence explains how we can unbreak America in this new short film.

Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking Water Leave Military Families Reeling The pollution, often from foam used in firefighting, is part of a mounting concern over the presence of toxic substances that could affect at least 10 million Americans.

United 4 Truth


Outlawed Since 1938, Could It Fix Inflammation?

Germano has written a book about the endocannabinoid system called, "Road to Ananda: The Simple Guide to the Endocannabinoid System, Phytocannabinoids and Hemp," CBD has gained the most attention, CBD alone cannot fully support your body's endocannabinoid system; you need the other phytocannabinoids and terpenes as well.


Really?!! True Botanicals Organic Food Companies Who Sold Out The food giants quickly realized there was a high demand for organic products, which also meant there was an enormous amount of money to be

United 4 Truth

This is fantastic!


Collective Evolution

Big Pharmaceutical companies are the largest lobbying entities in Washington DC

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. drops some truth.

Grove Collaborative

This is amazing!

Paper towels and toilet paper wipe out 94,000 trees in the U.S. every day. Make the switch to tree-free paper products from Seedling by Grove today! Get your FREE starter set w/ your 1st order:

United 4 Truth

Learning to also sustain ourselves with fresh food is also important. I am not 100% sure about food grown in water; however, exploring options that are right for your family are a must!


These 50 Popular Grocery Store Items Tested Positive for Poison Weed Killer

I am surprised that Kashi is on the list; however, probably one of the larger companies purchased them. Gratefully our family doesn’t eat boxes cereals. This article was originally published at Collective Evolution Finally, the corporate giant Monsanto, an organization that has hailed itself as the answer Many are starting to wake up to the fact that Monsanto isn’t as safe of a company as they would like you to believe.

Imperfect: Ugly produce delivery for about 30% less!

Checkout Imperfect! Imperfect delivers ugly produce for about 30% less than grocery store prices. Based in San Francisco, we deliver to the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Coming soon to the Midwest, East Coast, South, Southwest, and Southeast!

Costco to be the First Major Retailer to Dump Monsanto's Roundup and Glyphosate Herbicide from its Shelves

This huge! Great shift forward!! Big news for activists who've been for years petitioning the major retailers.

5 Ways to Cultivate More Joy in Your Life

In Austin? You may want to attend! Joy doesn’t come your way solely by happenstance. Ensure that your life includes joy by focusing on self-compassion, being of service, expressing gratitude, keeping good people close by, and living your truth.

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Body Ecologists Donna Gates’s Gut Smart package 🍓Sign Up Now. Prep Week Starts February 4th🍓

United 4 Truth

Body Ecologists know about frankenfoods. Please share with others who don’t know.


Environmental Working Group

Please support the EWG

URGENT: The EPA is refusing to take action to stop bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides from devastating honeybee populations. We need 146 more people to sign our petition before midnight tonight in order to reach our goal of 50,000 people DEMANDING the EPA restrict these toxic pesticides – but we’re missing your signature! Add your name now to save the bees!

Ex-Monsanto Team Leader Blows The Whistle On What GMOs Do To Human Health

More information on what is really happening There are clearly, undoubtedly, multiple concerns that arise from the genetic engineering of our food. We are past the second decade since their approval and for a long time, the ‘corporatocracy‘ used its stranglehold on media, education (CIA relationship with media/academia document, read more ...

United 4 Truth

Just the picture is frightening. These poor people cannot be completely safeguarded. Common sense would dictate that it can’t be safe to ingest if you have to wear protective gear!!


Sustainable Packaging Startup TemperPack Raises $22.5 Million To Take On Styrofoam

Sustainable progress!! "We’re in a race to become the market leader in sustainable thermal packaging and insulation that doesn’t harm the planet. It’s a multi-billion dollar category and it’s dominated by Styrofoam," says TemperPack cofounder and co-CEO Brian Powers.

Swedish official admits ‘chemtrails’ are real, not a conspiracy

Geoengineering! I have to wonder about common sense. How can it make sense to even consider doing this?!?!!! If you suspected that those white streaks lining otherwise pristine blue skies in the wake of unmarked planes are not just your average contrails that are made of pure water vapor, you’d be right. At least, that’s what the Swedish Green Party leader, Pernilla Hagberg, seems to believe. According...


“The power of willful ignorance can not be overstated.”

The Power Of Willful Ignorance Cannot Be Overstated.

If this talk made sense to you, please consider joining (it's free)>>

Credit: Compassion in World Farming (USA) |

Tennessee becomes the fourth state to restrict the use of Monsanto herbicide

Progress 🙏 Tennessee has become the fourth state to impose restrictions on Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, dicamba. Farmers in the state have stated that the herbicide has drifted to neighboring farms, damaging crops that have not been genetically-modified to withstand it. Tennessee follows Arkansas, Missouri...

A Case for Women

Body Ecologists hold companies responsible for harm they cause for profit.

A jury has previously awarded women $550 million in a lawsuit against J&J over assertions that its Baby Powder caused Ovarian Cancer. It's not too late to join the lawsuit. Contact us now to learn more.

NowThis Election

Much of the reason that even our food supply is tainted with chemicals can be attributed to the hidden cause of U.S. Inequality. Please message me if you would like to take action and help reverse this trend for our children and future generations. We deserve food that nourishes our body and will not make us sick because companies worry about profit over the health of people. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Email me at [email protected]

‘Capitalism without competition is not capitalism.’ — The hidden reason economic inequality is on the rise is right in front our noses

Environmental Working Group

Please support EWG 🙏

URGENT: Food companies are knowingly selling popular oat-based children’s foods containing the cancer-linked pesticide glyphosate. EWG is demanding action to get this chemical out of our food, but we need 159 people to speak out before 11:59 p.m., and we’re missing your name. Sign the petition to demand food companies get glyphosate out of our food!

How can science and business team up for the long (health) haul?

Very interesting! Amazing young woman Laura Deming, partner in The Longevity Fund and a Thiel Fellow, tells attendees at TEDMED 2013 how she found the next emerging market through her passion for extending the human healthspan.

'Final Countdown:' Are Your Food Choices Pushing Wildlife to Extinction?

Please support Organic Consumers An ingredient found in many everyday products is pushing wildlife towards the brink of extinction. It’s also displacing smallholder farmers and moving us closer to a climate catastrophe.The rising demand for palm oil is contributing to deforestation worldwide, as forests are destroyed and cleared ...

Why we can't stop eating unhealthy foods

Most powerful quote of this TEDMED talk: "Global Warming of Human Health"!!

Sugar scientist and UCSF professor of health policy Laura Schmidt questions whether consumers really do have freedom of choice – and what policymakers can le...

Dr. Sherry Rogers on The 7 Causes of Disease

Very much enjoyed Sherry Rogers, M.D. book Detoxify or Die and this interview with her is excellent as well! Dr. Hotze is joined by the leading national toxicology expert and world-renowned author, Dr. Sherry A. Rogers, to discuss the 7 causes of all disease.

'Final Countdown:' Are Your Food Choices Pushing Wildlife to Extinction?

Body Ecologists please signup for Organic Consumers Newsletter to stay informed, express your opinion and donate when possible to support this organization An ingredient found in many everyday products is pushing wildlife towards the brink of extinction. It’s also displacing smallholder farmers and moving us closer to a climate catastrophe.The rising demand for palm oil is contributing to deforestation worldwide, as forests are destroyed and cleared ...

Bernard Jensen Quote

Probiotic nutrition builds the digestive system which strengthens the mind. Body Ecologists know this even during the holiday season 2 to 3 tablespoons of cultured veggies with each meal will add minerals and good bacteria naturally improving digestion even if you are having a dietary indiscretion during the holiday season. ;-) Disease preys on a weak and malnourished mind.

Toxicant Exposure and Bioaccumulation: A Common and Potentially Reversible Cause of Cognitive Dysfunction and Dementia

Toxins enter our body three ways:

1 - through our skin - the personal care products we use
2 - through the air we breath - inside and outside our homes and household cleaning products contribute to our home environments toxicity
3 - through the food we ingest

It is the time of year to think about cleansing. Juxtaposed alongside the ongoing rise in the incidence and prevalence of dementia, is the surge of recent research confirming widespread exposure and bioaccumulation of chemical toxicants. Evidence from sources such as the Centers for Disease Control ...

Living Waters Wellness Center

Body Ecologists, if you live in or near Morristown, NJ you will want to visit Living Waters Wellness Center for colonics / colon hydrotherapy using the FDA registered Angel of Water colonic device for washing debris from the colon initiating peristalsis and hydration of the colon.*F

We provide a warm, inviting, and very private experience for our colon hydrotherapy services. We offer the Ideal Health weight loss program..


I am inspired by this young woman. How can we collectively contribute to our communities? Let’s take an initial step. Share how you contribute with our BE group. Thank you in advance!

This is how one girl changed the lives of hundreds with this one thought: "Forget the 80 million, start with one".

BlinkNow for The Do Lectures

Make a difference! Donate to Maggie's extraordinary project:

*Correction: Maggie has a home with 50 children, the 200 number was meant to refer to the students that attend the Kopila Valley School. These students are not all orphans.

Why we can't stop eating unhealthy foods

Why it is so difficult to stop eating unhealthy foods

Sugar scientist and UCSF professor of health policy Laura Schmidt questions whether consumers really do have freedom of choice – and what policymakers can le...

The Body Ecology Diet, The Healthy Diet and Nutritional Supplements Source -

Holidays are the perfect time to visit Body Ecology's Recipe section and prepare healthy meals to support your digestive health as well. Visit today to plan out your healthy holiday meals! Body Ecology Diet all natural supplements and body cleansing products detoxify, improve and restore heath. Health products, cleanses, probiotic and digestive enzymes created by Donna Gates to restore internal harmony, regain vitality and feel younger and stronger.

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