Urban Betty

Award winning salon in Austin, Texas. http://www.urbanbetty.com/

Recently named one of the Top 200 Salons in the country for 2011-2015 by Salon Today magazine. Winner of Austin Citysearch 2007,2008, and 2009 in the categories of haircut, highlights, blowout, hair color, hair extensions, and barber. Urban Betty Salon opened in Austin, Texas on January 4th, 2005. We are a salon with a shabby chic/retro ambiance, located within the upscale 26 Doors Shopping Center in a beautiful space surrounding a garden atrium. Our stylists are a family of friendly faces and talent. We have an artist for every spectrum of client, from rockabilly to soccer mom! Complimentary beverages are always offered after you walk in the door, along with a warm greeting and smile. In short, Urban Betty feels like home, and will have all clients looking so fantastic they won't want to go anywhere but. Call us today or go to www.urbanbetty.com and book online 24-7. Nestled in the heart of the 26 Doors Shopping Center, in a space that surrounds a beautiful garden atrium, is Urban Betty. Providing a quixotic salon experience, the ambiance pulls its essence from the likes of the comfortable, shabby-chic warmth of a country cottage and the haute allure of the pinups from the early Twentieth Century. The hairstylists at Urban Betty are a family of friendly faces and talent, and they assure that this salon has an artist for every spectrum of client, from rockabilly to soccer mom. Complimentary beverages including wine and beer are always offered after you walk through the door, along with a warm greeting and smile. In short, Urban Betty feels like home. History The original and authentic Urban Betty. Chelle Morrison opened Urban Betty Salon in January of 2005 at the 26 Doors Shopping Center in Austin, Texas. The inspiration for the name came from Chelle's given name: Betty Michelle. The salon started with a mere 6 stations and only 2 stylists. Having won many prestigious awards and gained an unparalleled clientele, Urban Betty has since doubled its size and expanded to 16 stations with a full staff of stylists, assistants, a salon coordinator, and a salon manager. Awards & Press The Austin Chronicle has awarded Urban Betty "Best Of" in the Salon category for 2008 and 2010. And Urban Betty was recently named one of the Top 200 Salons in the country for 2011 through 2014 by Salon Today magazine. The Salon is also the winner of Austin Citysearch 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 in the categories of haircut, highlights, blowout, hair color, hair extensions, and barber.

Pink Lady 🌸 by @angstyles_hair ⁣

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Facts 🏴‍☠️ #regram @uncommonjames

Radiant blonde balayage 🔆 by @jamiglamour⁣

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Rays of sunshine by @mad.krazy

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Honey blonde balayage by @aud_locks ⁣

Loving these #bronde babes 😍⁣

I had an awesome base color to start with, honestly. She sat in my chair with super subtle blonde highlights already so I just used #herringbone sections with a balayage technique to brighten her up around her face. #perfection⁣

#honeyblondehair #balayagehighlights #naturalhair #atxhairstylist #austintx #urbanbettysalon #wavyhair @ Urban Betty


Bang Series Part 2: The Round Face

Part 2 of our Bang Series is up on the blog! Click the link to find out the cutest bangs for the round face shape. https://urbanbetty.com/blog/bang-series-part-2-the-round-face

urbanbetty.com Second up in this series is the round face. To determine if your face is round, look to see where your cheekbones are as well as the length, forehead to chin. The cheekbones should be the widest and the measurements from top to bottom equal the width of

Sunkissed rays 🌞by @jessica_urbanbetty⁣

We could all be so lucky to have hair this beautiful!! Also, shout out to her BFF for reminding her haircuts help:) @hannahtucci ⁣

#gmreveriemilk #urbanbettysalon #austinstylist #austinhair #longhair

And when your gold fades, get a toner 😉 #staygold ⁣

#regram @wework 📷: @danicargon

Bobbin’ texture by @nina_styles13⁣

Short bob for this babe! I love playing with fine hair and finding what product/s works best for the client. This gal has precious fine hair but needed a little movement and texture. I paired the kerastase densifique mousse and the kerastase VIP Powder to create this look. It’s good stuff y’all!!! Looking for a new style this year? Give Urban Betty a call or DM me for openings! 😘😘⁣

#bob #beachywaves #kerastase #vippowder #densifique #atx #atxhair

Meet our Betty of the Month of May, Ljay Ybarra! Click the link to learn about one of our newest associates. https://urbanbetty.com/blog/betty-of-the-month-of-may-ljay-ybarra

FUN FACT: this balayage was mostly done in the dark with flashlights because of a temporary power outage! 😱🔦 by @juliashairdiary⁣

YALL. 🙌🔥⁣
Funny story, the power at the salon went out in the beginning of this balayage at like 7pm, so most of it was done using flashlights from our phones for light, thankful for my amazing co-workers and Rachel's strong arms 💪 😂⁣

#oligoblacklight #oligopro #oligo #redkenobsessed #redkenshadeseq #poweroutage #balayage #balayagehighlights #balayagedandpainted #urbanbettysalon

Let the power of @kerastase_official Marula and Camellia oils beautify your beauty routine with Elixir Ultime L'Huile Originale #regram⁣

📸 @negin.sey #ElixirUltime #Kerastase #HairCare #pic

Crown braid for this prom queen 👑 by @nina_styles13 ⁣

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Ask a Stylist: Q& A

Our very first Q&A blog with a stylist! Ever wonder what the secret is to getting glossy hair? Curious on what the best air dry product is? Click the link to learn the answers to the most common questions. https://urbanbetty.com/blog/ask-a-stylist-q-a

urbanbetty.com As a stylist, every now and then I’ll have a very curious client sit in my chair. She'll want to know things like what products I'm using and how they work, the science behind the color I'm applying, or even why I chose to get into the beauty industry and

Copper waves by @erinm.artistry⁣⁣
Reminiscing over these waves of copper! ⁣⁣
Model: @gracemassamillo ⁣⁣

#urbanbettysalon #copperhair #copperbalayage #btconeshot19_warmbalayage #atxhairstylist #southaustin

Keepin’ it spicy since 2005

📷 & art: By #philiphazard

All hair is beautiful! #celebrateindividuality

Copper balayage by @_katiedoeshair⁣

I’m still gushing over the depth this canvas has. My guest has been wanting to experiment being a red head for quite some time now. In our consultation, I explained the commitment it is to be a red head and our other options we had. We decided to go down a route that will allow us to go back to a subtle canvas if we wanted to. ⁣
Balayaging panels allowed me to shift her natural base enough to give the warmth you’re seeing at her base. Then, the real star was #shadeseq. It gave us the reflection and sparkle that we were left with! ⁣
Model: @madelinejoye ⁣

#urbanbettysalon #southaustinhairstylist #atxbesthair #behindthechair #hairbrained #bobhaircut #copperhair #balayage #redken

Learning is winning too 🤔

Does your hair feel dry and full? Use @kerastase_official #ElixirUltime routine to get that nourishment and shine back ✨⁣
📸: @chloesmn @maxlesquatt #CraveTheIconic #HairCare #pic

Green haired goddess by @erincolorshair⁣

Hillary 🔥⁣
Getting to refresh my besties color always makes me happy!! She’s a green goddess! ⁣

#vividhaircolor #arcticfoxhaircolor #neonhair #austinhairstylist #austinbalayage #austinhair #bestofaustin #urbanbettysalon @ Kerbey Lane Cafe


Get a blowout with a beer chaser - Touring Bird

What’s better than a beer and a blowout? 🍺💆‍♀️❤️https://www.touringbird.com/austin/self-guided/4gwdqlx6

touringbird.com After all your Austin explorations, you’ll need at least one night of good hair. Urban Betty Salon is the place to go for a cut, color or blowout. The salon's original on West 38th Street embodies Austin chic, with funky mirrors, eclectic furnishings, and the happiest staff of any hair salon you.....

It’s the little touches that bring a salon space to life 🌱 #urbanbettysoco ⁣

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Slime time live 📺🔋🧤🐍 by @michellelieberhair⁣

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Tag the girl who gives you your daily dose of girl power 💕🌟👯‍♀️ #regram @sophia.joan.short

Growing out a bleach and tone is more fun with a periwinkle teasey light. 💜 by @jamiglamour •

#texturedhair #atxstylist #atxhair #urbanbetty #urbanbettysalon #atx #wellatoner #periwinklehair #bleachedhair #blondehighlights #jamiglamour

We just 💜 @pureologyus #StylePlusProtect line! From the Root Lifting Mousse to the Wind-Tossed Texture Finishing Spray, there’s a product for every occasion! Like 💟 if you agree, and comment with your favorite styler!👇#PureologyLove 📷: @cocoutureartistry

Smokey Magic 🔮by @_katiedoeshair •

Miss Lindsay came in with leftover temporary die that had faded green/blue. Her DREAM hair since I met her has always been a Smokey Lavender.
Our process started with babylights and tipping her ends out to try and work through as much of the discoloration as we could. Slowly but surely we lifted her to a pale yellow. Next, I wanted to make sure that we canceled and neutralized all of the green blue that was left over. I glossed her with @redken #shadeseq 09RB 06RB and Pastel Pink. This did everything and more that I could have wanted. Finally, we were able to end with this beautiful canvas. I used @pulpriothair Nevermore, Blush, And Clear for our final formula.
Model: @lrife
#urbanbettysalon #smokeylavender #btconeshot19_coolbalayage #btconeshot19_platinum #btconeshot19_colortransformation

Cleanse, treat, and prime with NEW #BlondAbsolu. Wash daily with Bain Lumiere, use Masque Ultra-Violet once a week to neutralize brassiness, and apply Cicaplasme on towel-dried hair before applying heat. #YouDareWeCare #KerastaseUSA


Urban Betty Soco's Grand Opening Party!

Want the inside scoop on Urban Betty Soco's upcoming Grand Opening Party? Click the link to learn all about the event and get a virtual tour of the brand new salon. https://urbanbetty.com/blog/urban-betty-socos-grand-opening-party

urbanbetty.com Urban Betty is celebrating the opening of its newest South Congress location! UB Soco's Grand Opening Party is Saturday, April 13th from 6 pm to 9 pm and will feature many fun activities and goodies!

Oh, hey ❄️🔥 by @aud_locks

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Platinum pixie by @jessica_urbanbetty

Of all my favorite things, this is the mostest favorite thing. #platinumpixie #platinumpixiehair #platinumblondepixie #urbanbettysalon #pixiecut #pixieaustin #oligo #b3 #austinstylist #austinhair #wellatoner #illumina

There's something so elegant about a bleach and tone 🥂by @juliashairdiary
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Short & sweet🌸 by @ang_delange

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Friday feels 🙌 #regram @narlaka

🚧IMPORTANT BLONDE PSA🚧 by Rachael Sproull. Read below 👇

For those of you wanting to go platinum in one visit- THIS is why I won’t do it!!! Sweet Angel came in to see me with very over processed hair. She was bleached in one day from her natural color to platinum. The little pieces on the top of her head are not layers... it’s breakage. For now, we are doing the CUTEST bob on her while she grows her hair back to virgin!! She is on a strict regimen of protein based products to really feed strength back to her hair. And I’m seeing her every 6 weeks for maintenance. For now, absolutely NO color is going on her hair until it grows out. Although we might get really excited to get someone as blonde as possible in one visit, unfortunately this is what happens when you push hair too far too fast. Those of you who know me know that I do my blondes slowly and I separate visits over months at a time to keep your hair in good standing. I am so thankful that I got to meet Angel and really get to know her well! She’s literally the most positive and sweet person and I’m so thankful she came to me for the healing process! Stay tuned with Angels journey! •

#blondes #bluntbob #atxhair #atxhairstylist #urbanbetty #paintitrach #healthyhair #hairjourney #transformationcut @ SXSW

Hooray! 🎉Our online booking feature will be turned on and accessible on our website starting tomorrow, Friday 3/15.

We truly appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience that occurred during this time. The feature was temporarily disabled due to a transition to a new booking system. But starting tomorrow, it’s back on, so online-book away! 💻🖱

Snow blonde ❄️ by @aud_locks

#iceblonde #snowblonde #icyblonde #urbanbettysalon #austintexas #atxstylist #bestinaustin #modernsalon #austinsalon @ SXSW

Frosty dream ❄️ by Erin Colors Hair •

Turned this handsome babe into a frosty dream! He had his hair lightened at home and not toned, so I fixed him up! ❤️

#austinhairstylist #bleachandtone #blondemen #icyblonde #whiteblonde #erincolorshair #urbanbetty #urbanbettysalon #blonding #blondespecialist @ SXSW

Struggle with thinning hair? The complete set of the @kerastase_official Densifique range is excellent for thinning hair, hair strengthening and an effective hair texturizer. #Densifique #Kerastase

📸: @youglowgal

She was born with it.. with just a few added highlights 😉 by @mad.krazy
#balayage #brown #redken #beauty #mothernature #hair #haircolor #beauty #atx #hydepark #salon #bestsalon #painted

Chocolate 🍫 melt by @michellelieberhair •

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#austinlife #austinliving #modernsalon


Lipsticks and Brow Pencils Now at UB!

Urban Betty now has Aveda lipsticks and brow pencils available for purchase at both salon locations! Click the link to learn more. https://urbanbetty.com/blog/lipsticks-and-brow-pencils-now-at-ub

urbanbetty.com Urban Betty is now selling Aveda eyebrow pencils, lip pencils, and lipsticks at both salon locations!

✨Brunette balayage is the new balayage 💁🏻‍♀️by @maggiehairdesign •

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1206 W 38th St, Ste 1107
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 08:30 - 21:00
Tuesday 08:30 - 21:00
Wednesday 08:30 - 21:00
Thursday 08:30 - 21:00
Friday 08:30 - 21:00
Saturday 08:30 - 18:00
Sunday 08:30 - 18:00
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