Michi Lafary

Michi Lafary

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Operating as usual

Another set on PhotoVogue ❤️

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model: Brittany Sifford
Designer: Chasity Serial
Makeup: Kayla Falcon
Hair: Michi Lafary

Urban warriors

Photography: Phillendra Roy
Models: Mallory and Carleen
Designer: Mysterious by NPN
Makeup and hair: Sarah Contey
Wardrobe styling: Michi Lafary

The lovely Maiara Walsh wearing Mysterious by NPN for Deanastacia Photography, this set is spellbinding.
Makeup: Kylee Kwon
Wig and styling assistant: Michi Lafary
Assistant: Mackenzie Block

From our Bohemian set almost 2 years ago, I can't remember the magazine it was published in, but I love these pics. I'll find the rest and the magazine and put more on later.

Photography: Raphael Umsheid
Models: Lora Overton, Mechelle Nicole, Kristine "Miss Red", Shay Welch
Makeup: Shay Welch
Wardrobe and creative director: Danni Ordóñez Styling
Wardrobe assistant: Sabrina Sew and Sew
Wigs and misc assistant: Michi Lafary
Set: Ryan Blair
Set assistant: Kayleigh Dionisio
Special thanks to Kristine and family use of their horses and ranch land 😘💖

I had a great time making this set, little Gwen Stefani, Alice in wonderland, and David Lachapelle.

Photography: Shawn Smith
Model: Allison Griffith
Makeup: Autumn Duris
Designer: Megan Pinto
Location: Sekrit Theatre

The Luxe Apothetique event that had a modern urban cowgirl feel, I almost never get to do pigtails, I was super excited!

Bring on the fog!

Photography and creative direction:Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model Brittnay Sifford
Makeup: Lauren Garcia
Designers: Kendra Scott Domain - Austin, Mysterious by NPN
Wig and styling assistant: Michi Lafary

ELEGANT Magazine feature Speakeasy

Model: Tiffany Desirai
Photography: Twin Sisters Photography
Designers: Megan Pinto, Shallotlilly, Mysterious by NPN
Makeup and hair: Sarah Contey
Creative Director and styling: Michi Lafary
Location: Speakeasy

I love working with Deborah of The Muse Magazine, she's down to try anything!

Model: Krimmie Douple
Makeup: Lisa Naeyaart
Wigs and styling: Michi Lafary

Playful roller skate set, what you don't see are the cars flying around tight corners on Mullholand Drive we're dodging!

Photography: Deanastacia
Model: Maiara Walsh
Makeup: Kylee Kwon
Designer: Binzario Couture
Wig and styling assistant: Michi Lafary
Assistant: Mackenzie Block

Print Maddness featuring Bohdi! Best looking bird on the planet 💙💙💙

Photography: Deanastacia
Models: Danielle @dani_doll and Bohdi the bird
Makeup: Kylee Kwon
Designers: Crystal Pike, Sabrina Sew and Sew, Binzario Couture
Wigs and styling assistant: Michi Lafary
Assistant: Mackenzie Block

A couple of these were featured on photovogue, which totally made my month 😱

Photography and creative director: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Designer: Seihak Long, Mysterious by NPN, Shallotlilly
Model: Melissa Ann Taylor
Makeup: Kayla Falcon
Wigs and styling assistant: Michi Lafary
Set and photography assistant: Karen Berry

It was a pleasure to work with this crew, and Mamé killed it all day long.
#mameadjei #americasnexttopmodel

Photography: Oleg Kud
Assistant: Brittney Kud
Designers: Binzario Couture and Louise Black Designs
Model: Mamé Adjei
Makeup: Erin Dominguez
Wardrobe styling: Michi Lafary

Someone needs to bring back glamour like this 💜

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model: Fabiana
Makeup: Kayla Falcon
Wig: Michi Lafary

Fun impromptu shoot at Corinne Loperfido's place in LA

Photography and makeup: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Designers: Atelier Benson and Corinne Loperfido
Styling: Danni Ordóñez Styling
Model: R'Bonney Nola
Wig: Michi Lafary

Intergalactic iridescent
Gothesque Magazine feature
Photography: Kat Alyst
Models: Breck Lewis and Cassidy Koranek
Jewelry: Sheeanna Singer
Styling and creative director: Danni Ordóñez Styling
Wigs: Michi Lafary
Makeup: Shay Welch
Set: Ryan Blair
Lighting: Joey Gallahan

The Redwoods dwarf any human plans. I want to crawl in these pics just to experience that feeling all over again. I definitely left a piece of my heart there.

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model and makeup: Natasha Alderidge
Designers: Sally Daneshjou Collection and 1337MOD
Styling: Danni Ordóñez Styling
Wig: Michi Lafary

Did I mention I can shoot lightning from my fingers?
Photo: Justin Robleo model: Brittany Sifford

That one time I worked with BadJohnPaul and Olivia Lane ❤️

Desert Spell feature in Scorpio Jin


Photography and makeup: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model: R'Bonney Nola
Designer: Mysterious by NPN and Sugar Gay Isber
Styling:Danni Ordóñez Stylingg
Wig:Lafary Michii

I can't decide if doing the wardrobe or the hair was more fun. I really appreciate getting to do artsy editorials, and I love when models are down to be transformed 💋❤️

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model: Camille Louise
Makeup: Whitney Alexis
Designer: Atelier Benson
Nails: Bloomingnails
Creative Director and Hair: Michi Lafary

Meet Moses, the hairless cat! And his lovely companion, Nicole Blackburn....

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Makeup: Amy Wallace
Wig: Michi Lafary

The Muse Magazine feature of designer Seihak's suits and gowns. Gives me a very Miami night in august feel when I look at these, just hot and sexy....

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Models: Adam Carmichael and Tiffany Desirai
Creative Director, wardrobe stylist, and hair assistant:
Michi Lafary
Set: Ryan Blair
Hair/wigs: Emilie Litzell
Makeup: Yona Shaw
Special Thanks: Decker Derdyn for helping with photography and all the other misc things you do for us! Michael Margolis for being our arts patron, couldn't do this without you!

Love this shot from The BLINK Conference Amanda Diaz Photography got of Jade, she looks like Spy Doll 💖

Makeup: Makeup By Renee
Styling: Studio 73
Hair: Michi Lafary

Wood fairy ballerinas!

Photography: Deanastacia
Models: Casimere Jollette and Morgan Quinn
Designers: Binzario Couture, Mysterious by NPN, Michelle Herbert, Sally Daneshjou Collection, Shallotlilly, 1337MOD
Makeup: Kylee Kwon
Styling, headpieces, wigs: Michi Lafary
Assistant: Mackenzie Block

I think I have a thing for girls letting smoke lazily roll out of their mouths.....
Credits on each pic 💖

Hauntingly Beautiful, I can't stop staring at these 😍

Photography: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Makeup: Lauren Garcia
Model: Jennifer Johnson
Hair: Michi Lafary

Shooting with this girl was such a treat! #americasnexttopmodel #delaniedishert

Photography: Oleg Kud
Assistant: Brittney Kud
Model: Delanie Dishert
Designers: Mysterious by NPN and Louise Black Designs
Wardrobe styling and hair: Michi Lafary
Makeup: Erin Dominguez

When you're too fabulous for the desert, you get featured in Scorpio Jin!

This is part of #valleyofthemoontour2015 set we shot on the road doing a west coast tour with $75,000 in designer clothing and accessories, sleeping in the van, under the stars, on people's floors, etc.

Photographer and makeup: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model: R'Bonney Nola
Designers: Nichole Bell and Claudia Medina
Styling: Danni Ordonez
Wigs: Michi Lafary

JAVA Magazine Feature
We shot until the sun came up on this one, and we had thousands of dollars in taxidermy, so much, in fact, that we had to put things in the bathtub and other crazy places so as to not damage them. Made for some great moments on set!

Photographer/set/makeup: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Models: R'Bonney Nola and Rachel Kaye Ellinger
Creative Director: Danni Ordonez
Designer: Melany Rowe
Wigs/set: Michi Lafary
Wardrobe Styling: Anthony Leroux
Set dressings supplied by Curious Nature

Thank you for the Feature Mystique Magazine!

Photographer: Mark Daughn
Model: Tina Rodriguez
Makeup: Autumn Duris
Creative director, wardrobe styling, and wigs: Michi Lafary
Designers: Louise Black Designs, Jinxedaposed
Wardrobe Assistants: Tanya Mccown and Danni Ordonez
Set Assistant: Denise Hudson
Special Thanks: Yvonne Heyne, Michael Margolis, Sarah Contey, Luxe Apothetique

Copa Cabana feature on KAVYAR

Photographer and makeup: Nico Nordström Wedding Photography
Model: R'bonney Nola
Designer: Michelle Hebert
Headdresses: Corinne Loperfido
Jewelry: Haatichai
Styling: Danni Ordonez
Wig: Michi Lafary
Location: Joplin Creative Agency

Some Halloween wigs I made for Coco Coquette

Killer Dolls feature for Mystique Magazine

This was the most fun I've ever had doing a shoot...

Photographer: Mark Daughn
Models: Sarah Shivers and Olivia Lane
Styling: Danni Ordoñez styling
Makeup: Mary Ann Janetschek Hairtauk
Wigs and Creative Director: Lafary Michi

This was an amazing collaboration, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this shoot!
Shawn Collie Photography and Marina Cohen
Models: Layne Taylor, Adam Carmichael, Brittany Sifford, India Baker
Designers: Kendra Scott, Ross Bennett Collection, Mysterious by NPN, Louise Black Designs, Talon Drago, Adrienne Junger, Rick Gonyo
Hair, Wardrobe, Creative Director: Michi Lafary
Makeup: Sarah Contey
Wardrobe assistant: Natasha Wright
Special Thanks: Justin Robleo, Yvonne Heynes, and Michael Margolis

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