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Offering one-on-one coaching and online courses to help you reach your goals.

My name is Brittany Markides, MS, RD, LD, CHC. I am a registered dietitian and founder of Choose Food. I offer food-positive, body-positive nutrition counseling to help people: • Regain power over their food choices to reduce overeating, binge eating, and emotional eating • Find relief from anxious thoughts about food and their bodies • Rediscover their natural hunger and satiety cues • Gain clarity about situations in their lives that contribute to overeating • Cultivate self-acceptance & self-compassion Finding the right fit is paramount in creating change. I offer a free phone consultation to provide you with the opportunity to ask questions, meet me, learn about my services, and decide if you think I am the right dietitian for you and your situation. If I’m not the right fit for you, I will help you find the right person. I accept United Healthcare and have private pay options. Call 512-318-2509 or request an appointment online at

Infant Nutrition - Online Course

Check out this free online course on infant nutrition. Great stuff in here for anyone caring for babies. A new cohort started this week, and it's not too late to join! It’s well known that good early nutrition is vital to the development, health and wellbeing of children, but what does this mean?

12 Simple Tricks For Anyone Trying To Cook Breakfast More

For many, skipping breakfast can make it more difficult to eat mindfully throughout the rest of the day (it's hard to check in with your hunger levels at lunch when you are running on fumes).

If you're working on making breakfast a regular part of your day, here are some tips that can make breakfast a little easier. There's always time for breakfast.

The Marvelous, Misunderstood Carbohydrate | Choose Food

A recent study published yesterday in the Lancet offers more evidence that a low-carbohydrate diet is not the healthiest choice for everyone.

Our dietetic intern, Lindsay Crowder, talks about the results of this study in today's blog post and offers some insight into the marvelous, often misunderstood, carbohydrate.

#carbsaredelicious #choosefoodnotdiets If avoiding carbohydrates makes you feel “hangry” and deprived, you’re not alone. Learn what carbs are and why they are so good for you.

Happy National Watermelon Day! To celebrate, here's a delicious recipe from our current dietetic intern, Lindsay Crowder:

Although school will be starting back soon, it doesn’t mean that BBQs have to end! Next time you have a cookout, try making this delicious watermelon cucumber salad. First, chop up a 5-pound seedless watermelon, 1 English cucumber, and fresh mint and basil to taste. Toss in a bowl with a ½ cup feta cheese. Top the salad with a mixture of 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 tbsp olive oil, and a pinch of salt. This salad is best enjoyed chilled.

#watermelonsalad #recipes #nationalwatermelonday

7 Clues to Identify Nutrition Quackery | Choose Food

Social media is full of so many opinions when it comes to nutrition it can be hard to decipher what information is accurate and what is not. In today's blog post, our summer nutrition student provides a few clues that you may be encountering nutritional quackery.

#choosefoodnotquackery #nutrition #health #wellness Quackery can be easily blended into social media. Here are seven clues to aid in identifying whether the source of information is trustworthy.

Testing out the webinar room for the Understanding and Helping Your Picky Eater webinar, which starts in 30 minutes. See ya'll soon!

How do you get your kids to like new foods? Trickery will only take us so far.

Learn useful, evidence-based strategies for helping your child learn to like more foods at our FREE webinar tomorrow at 1:30 PM CST.

Can't make the live webinar? Sign up and view it on your own time after the event:

#pickyeaters #positiveparenting

Help Your Picky Eater: Four Positive Strategies | Choose Food

Tired of food battles and mealtime meltdowns? In the blog today, we discuss four positive strategies you can use to help your picky eater learn to like more foods.
Looking for more guidance? Be sure to sign up for our free webinar, this Tuesday at 1:30 PM CST for even more guidance: It can be frustrating and stressful to watch your picky eater refuse new foods. Here are three tips to help your picky eater learn to enjoy eating.

Picky Eater Rescue | Choose Food

We are thrilled to announce that the amazing Lauren Oliver Brauer, MS, RDN has joined the Choose Food team and will be leading our Picky Eater Rescue groups beginning in July.
This group is for parents who:
Worry that their child’s picky eating is causing him or her to eat too little (or too much).
Are exhausted from power struggles with their child over food.
Feel ready for a strategy that is respectful of their child’s emotional experience and helps him or her build a healthy relationship with food.
We are offering early bird pricing for parents who apply before June 15, 2018. Learn more and apply today at
#pickyeaters #pickyeating #pickyeatingrescue #atx #choosefood Have a picky eater? Join this 4-week group to get help! Led by a dietitian with 10+ years experience helping families with food struggles, you'll learn positive, effective strategies that support your child's emotional experience while helping them develop into healthy, balanced, and joyful eaters.

BMI is not a good proxy for good health | Choose Food

Brit Markides here, with post that's just a little different from our usual social media offerings. Read on if you're in the mood for a rant and a call-to-action for body-positive advocates and practitioners:

I am so UTTERLY sick and tired of seeing this phrase in Food Insight's Food and Health Survey report: "Despite rating health as excellent/very good, a large percentage of respondents are classified as overweight or obese."

It is offensive nonsense that good health can only be experienced by people with a BMI under 25. Using BMI as a stand-in for health is lazy, bad research methodology. It is also a stellar example of how weight bias is deeply embedded in our nation's research and healthcare institutions.

Please join me in asking Food Insight to discontinue their use of BMI as a measure of good health in their surveys. I've included their social media links in this blog post, along with the letter I sent this year:

My name is Brittany Markides. I am a registered dietitian and nutrition researcher. I was deeply concerned to see that the 2018 Food & Health Survey report, yet again, equates good health to having a BMI under 25. Specifically, the 2018 Food & Health Survey Report states: “Despite rating health as excellent/very good, a large percentage of respondents are classified as overweight or obese.” In 2017, the Food & Health Survey report asserted that “many Americans are overestimating their health status.”

Using BMI as a proxy for good health is bad research methodology. BMI is just one of many screening tools health practitioners use to assess their patients’ health status. It cannot be used alone to determine who is healthy and who is not. In my practice, I meet with clients every day who have a BMI in the overweight and obese range and are just as healthy or healthier than many people with lower BMIs.

I encourage the International Food Information Council to publicly retract these statements and revise their survey methodology. Statements implying that everyone with a BMI above 25 is “unhealthy” and everyone with a BMI below 25 is “healthy” are not supported by the literature. Furthermore, conflating a BMI below 25 with good health contributes to the pervasive weight bias in our research and healthcare institutions, which has been associated with deleterious health outcomes such as depression, anxiety, poor self-esteem and body image, and disordered eating behaviors.

Brittany Markides, MS, RDN, LD
Founder, Choose Food It is offensive nonsense that good health can only be experienced by people with a BMI under 25. Using BMI as a stand-in for health is lazy, bad research methodology. It is also a stellar example of how weight bias is deeply embedded into our nation's research and healthcare institutions.

Perspective | Seven reasons not to compliment someone on weight loss — and what to say instead

We love this article in full and think it gives us all some food for thought, but we especially love this sentence (and Brit's clients will likely recognize the term "earth suit"):

"I don’t know who coined the phrase, but we are more than just our Earth suits... Each person deserves body autonomy, and that includes not having their body be a topic of discussion unless they indicate such a discussion is welcome." Although not intending to, you could be straying into painful, unhealthy or inappropriate territory.

Nutrition Services Estimate of Benefits

The numbers are in: 4 out of 5 clients in our practice pay $0 out of pocket to meet with our dietitians. 🙌 🤗 🙌

Wondering how your insurance plan stacks up? Complete this brief, secure form and we will contact your insurance company on your behalf to get an estimate of your nutrition benefits - no strings attached.

Gaby Ceniceros, RDN, LD | Choose Food

We are THRILLED to announce that Gaby Ceniceros has joined the Choose Food team. Gaby has a decade of experience working with children (and the parents who love them), pregnant and breastfeeding women, and adults with chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease.

As always, we offer free phone consults to help you find your perfect fit. Book with Gaby today to learn how she can help you and your family take the struggle out of mealtime, learn how to "eat for two," or manage your blood sugar without feeling restricted and deprived. For the past decade, I have helped families and individuals make positive, sustainable health changes. I have a great passion for helping my clients feel better by helping them develop a positive and balanced relationship with food. I specialize in childre, moms, and chronic conditions.

How to Form New Habits By Setting Goals | Choose Food

Check out the blog today for a fantastic guest post from our amazing #rd2b Kayla Varnell.

Kayla has spent the last two weeks with us and we are so excited that she is SOCLOSE to graduating. Thanks for all your help, Kayla!

#newhabits #smallchanges #dieteticinternsrock We all have goals in our life that we cannot seem to reach. Maybe your goal is to exercise more, or eat more fruits and vegetables each day. You know that they key to reach your goals is to form new habits that will help you to feel happier and healthier, but you cannot seem to get moving towards th...

Monday got us adding coffee as a major component of MyPlate ☕️😴

Happy Monday from your coffee loving Choose Food dietitians!
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1 in 5 teenaged girls participates in unhealthy dieting behaviors

This recent study adds to the growing evidence that the number of people with disordered eating behaviors is on the rise.

If you suspect that your son or daughter has unhealthy dieting behaviors, you can book a free consultation with one of our food-positive, body-positive dietitians. We'll help you sort out what might be typical teenage eating behaviors and what might be an unhealthy dieting tactic.

Visit us online at More than 20% of teenaged girls exhibited unhealthy dieting behaviors in 2013, compared with slightly more than 10% of teenaged boys, according to findings recently published in BMC Public Health. “Monitoring trends and associations of [unhealthy eating behaviors] over time is important to inf...

Balanced Eating: 4 Principles to Find Food Balance | Choose Food

Did you know that dietitians have to complete a 1200+ hour internship before they can sit for their registered dietitian exam? We're grateful to serve as preceptors for several dietetic internship programs. Livi Hauger is our most recent dietetic intern and she wrote this blog for us before the end of her rotation. Enjoy!
#rd2be #dieteticintern #bodypositivity #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #intuitiveeating #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #dietitian #nutritionist #atx Balanced eating tends to get pushed to the wayside as we get caught up in the rush of life. Learn how to incorporate all foods as you make health changes.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter #2! #rdchat #buildupRDNs #rd2b (MJ)

Your Insurance May Cover Dietitian Nutritionist Counseling | Choose Food

Did you know that many insurance plans cover visits to a registered dietitian at little to no cost to the client? Let us help you get an estimate of nutrition benefits from your insurance company - no strings attached. Your insurance may cover a visit to a registered dietitian nutritionist at little or no cost to you. Learn how to get an estimate of your nutrition benefits

Some positive vibes to kick off a beautiful weekend 💛 Oh and yeah...we’re the kind of dietitians who believe in sandwiches 🙌🏼

Follow the link for a free consult with a body-positive, food-positive Dietitian Nutritionist:
#selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #weightlosssupport #edsupport #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd #atx #austin #youreworthit #positivethinking #beYOUtiful #mealplanning #grocerytours

Low-anything diets make you sad. Don’t be sad like this puppy. Come see dietitians who believe in moderation, not diet restrictions.

Follow the link for a free consult with a body-positive, food-positive Dietitian Nutritionist:
#selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #weightlosssupport #edsupport #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd #atx #austin #youreworthit #positivethinking #beYOUtiful #mealplanning #grocerytours

A little body positivity to kick off your week with some good vibes 🙌🏼

Happy Monday from your Choose Food Dietitians! 💛

Follow the link for a free consult with a body-positive, food-positive Dietitian Nutritionist:
#selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #weightlosssupport #edsupport #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd #atx #austin #youreworthit #positivethinking #beYOUtiful #mealplanning #grocerytours

Another reason why Choose Food Dietitians don’t do diets 👆🏼

Negativity has never produced something positive. Ever. Try something different with us and learn how food positivity can help you ditch diets and all the negatives they come with for good.

Follow the link for a free consult with a body-positive, food-positive Dietitian Nutritionist:
#selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #weightlosssupport #edsupport #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd #atx #austin #youreworthit #positivethinking #beYOUtiful #mealplanning #grocerytours

Don't forget to take some time to nurture the most important relationship in your life: the one you have with yourself! Enjoy your food, move around if it feels good, and have a lovely Valentine's Day.
#selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #edsupport #edsupport #edhelp #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd #atx #austin #youreworthit #positivethinking #beYOUtiful #mealplanning #grocerytours

At your next appointment, be sure to stop by and say hello to our amazing intern, Livi Hauger, who is playing receptionist while working on a really exciting new project for us.
And thanks, @txstdietetics, for sending her our way. You guys have the best #rd2bes.
#rd2be #dieteticintern #rdintraining
#dieteticinterns #preceptor #preceptorlife #selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #edsupport #edsupport #edhelp #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd

Happy Wednesday from two of your Choose Food Dietitians!

We’ve got A LOT of good stuff in store for y’all in 2018—stay tuned for more details 🤗
#selflove #bodypositivity #befree #beyoutiful #dietssuck #stopdieting #dietsarehard #edrecovery #foodislife #intuitiveeating #foodforhealth #realfood #goodfoodgoodmood #choosefood #choosefoodnotdiets #smallchanges #healthyweightloss #edsupport #edsupport #edhelp #dietitian #nutritionist #austinrd #atx #austin #youreworthit #positivethinking #beYOUtiful #mealplanning #grocerytours

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