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I have done what I can for a donation, and am grateful for your program as once I "graduated" from Austin State Hospital I was accepted to Reap and finally Stratford house. Massive building blocks for getting into recovery and rebuilding a life that was just about gone. Now, I sit here with a 35 year medallion. Your programs were not just that important in my life, but many of my friends in recovery. Praying you guys can keep those amazing doors open.
7 years ago today I walked into Austin Recovery, hopeless and needed help. It happened it helped! Everyday since the day I was admitted into AR I have stayed in recovery! Unity & Recovery changed my life. And today I celebrate 7 years during an international pandemic! Thank you High power
Liquor stores are allowed open in Austin, cause none sold in groceries, only beer & wine. someone wrote on my Next Door wrote. "if you were to cut off liquor or alcohol, you would have THOUSANDS of people go into withdrawal, detox, have seizures, take up so many hospitals beds, and possibly die." Is this true? or is it heavy liquor lobby? ty
can u do story on this please. ty. best is to PM me. COULLD U DO A STORY ON MASK MAKING. URGENT. THIS IS COPY I SENT TO CITY COUNCIL. This message is from RUTH FISCHER. [ email address in original message on 311 ]. URGENT! WE NEED HEALTH DEPT TO COORDINATE A FACEBOOK BETWEEN MASK MAKERS & NEEDS OF ALL MEDICAL STAFF INSIDE CITY & INTEGRAL CARE AREA.. I found a group in Houston doing that. Different medical sites need different types of masks, fabric; along with coordination of pick ups & deliveries, free supplies, etc. & Dell Children will need even baby size. My Windsor Park Northeast Next Door group has many willing volunteers but we are struggling to get info, as mask needs & designs are different. ****. The doctors & nurses on the web page say their employers are not giving them masks or making them wear them several days. ****. Here is Houston Facebook: Help Make cover Face Masks - Covid 19 -Greater Houston. Someone on that site asked me if I had contacted the French group in Austin. I have no further info at this time about that. *****. Hopefully there are some stay at home City staff who could organize & maintain this; it would take more thane person. ****. Taiwan had their military make test kits & there was no shortage. Can you all ask the Gov, Prez, Congress to have our Natl Guard to make test kits & masks here. They will maybe need a Texas hub on Facebook. In fact DC needs a hub. ****** Of course you all get a free mask, hopefully it will go unused. TY (I am District 1). ------------ text is best msg.There may be a group in Austin already; Houston asked me if I had contacted French--DK what that means yet. AUSTIN, TX, 78723. Council District: 1. phone # is in original message on 311 online. ty. PM ME W ?s IS BEST. TY
HAT, WATERPROOF W CLEANABLE VISOR FOR KIDS & ADULTS. AD SAYS BUY NOW FOR DISCOUNT. 2 FOR $30. Hat is waterproof so if gets too old, could remove visor & attach to another hat, spray w water retardant. says it is foldable & can use disinfectant on visor. (BUY ONE FREE ONE)A Reusable PROTECTION HAT: Wind-proof, dust-proof, saliva-proof.Essential items for going out 🔥!! LAST DAY PROMOTION !!🔥 🔥BUY ONE GET ONE FREE🔥 We are going to sell out 500 items at the lowest price at $28.99Later on, the rate will be reset to its original price $39.98 Please rest assured that the "Buy One Get One Free" campaign is still in progress and the system will automatically send you two items 🚚We have CAPFIRE.NET
When u want to buy toys or gifts, check out thrift stores for usually monthly holiday 50% off sales, & their Senior days (15-50% off, for 55 or 60+ , Veterans & military may get discounts any day. For Sale notices, some have pages like St Vincent de Paul's Vinny's Thrift Store, Salvation Army (Wacky Wed. 50% off all clothing), Texas Thrift. Hope Thrift for Diasters on 51st & N I35 notifies of sales by text. I like Facebook Austin Marketplace, often free stuff (search Free), including ballon arches after someone's event. Search Austin Craiglsit For Sale Free. & in All for what u want. Have Fun!
RE-THINKING DESIGN: DESIGNING OUT WASTE NOVEMBER 4, 2019 12PM - 1:30PM Discover how to design products to minimize their environmental impact through an interactive workshop about circular economy with Austin Resource Recovery. Capital Factory 701 Brazos St Austin, TX 78701
Austin Reuse Directory. First launched in 2017 (with support from Austin Resource Recovery), the online directory helps Austinites figure out where to donate or sell their used clothes, furniture, books, and other household items. So far, it has helped tens of thousands of Austinites divert perfectly good items from the landfill. The new Austin Reuse Directory is now live at Today, we’re ready to take things to the next level. We’re super excited to announce that we’ve made some major upgrades to the directory (once again, with support from Austin Resource Recovery). You’re now able to use the directory not only to figure out where to donate or sell used items, but also where to buy upcycled or used, as well as where to rent or repair items. Our hope is that you’ll bookmark the Reuse Directory on your computer/phone and use it any time you’re about to throw something in the trash or buy something brand-new from some generic big box store. It’s a really simple way to save money, do something good for the environment, and support local businesses… all at the same time! You can learn more here at
ATTENTION EVERYONE: January 27th, Sunday from 2-3 pm. at the Elroy Fire Dept. on Elroy Rd. off of FM 812 the first OFFICIAL Del Valle AA Group meeting. Please come out and help support our group. I grew up in Creedmor and went to Del Valle, I see the brokenness in the area and God has put it on my heart to reach out. Whether you are an AA member or not we welcome you, free coffee and cookies!!!
I just wrote a post for Wheatsville Coop to include AR in their non-profit charity of the month list for members to vote on for upcoming year. I hope they post it. Thank you. 25 years now. xx
Can anyone take me to southcongress Tomorrow @ 9:30 supposed to get picked up to hear to the ranch , I will give gas $

Founded in 1967, Austin Recovery is a compassionate, community-based substance use disorder treatment provider that helps individuals and families rebuild their lives free from drugs and alcohol.

Simply put, we believe in your ability to heal.

Mission: Austin Recovery is a compassionate, community-based provider of substance use disorder treatment that helps individuals and families rebuild their lives, free of drugs and alcohol.

Operating as usual

Tomorrow! Join Austin Recovery Network CEO Julie Buerger McElrath for Austin TAAP's monthly meeting.

We are 2 DAYS AWAY from our (Virtual) June Austin Net! Join this networking meeting for Austin-area addiction & recovery professionals, students & allies with speaker Julie McElrath, CEO of Austin Recovery Network.

A special thank you to Austin Recovery Network for sponsoring this event!

Seated is limited so RSVP to Lorelei at [email protected].

Our University High School students are true #recoverywarriors! Work a program of recovery AND navigate high school... these kids are brave beyond measure. Come celebrate the 2020 graduating class with us TONIGHT in the car parade (check UHS social pages for weather updates) and TOMORROW for virtual commencement. DM for details on both! #uhsstrong

Join us TONIGHT for our celebration parade (check back for weather updates) and tomorrow for our virtual commencement for the 2020 University High School graduating seniors. DM for details or check your inbox! #recoveryheroes #uhsstrong

So happy to see a focus on #recovery in the Austin Chronicle today! Our Austin Recovery Network programs have been doing great things for #youthrecovery! University High School Keystone Austin

Meet Abigail;
Keystone APG Youth Staff
University High School alumni, Class of 2017

"My experience at UHS was really cool - I started at a normal school one year, then I switched mid-year to UHS to get the support I needed. The whole person support of UHS was essential to me - academics, personal and recovery. For me, like most kids in early sobriety, cravings and emotional stuff doesn't just come up at school - and with UHS and their person-centered approach, I was supported at all times.

After I graduated from UHS, as I got more stable in my sobriety, I would meet people who needed help, people who were in the exact place that i had been.

It just made sense to me that I took what I had and gave it back to those people.

When Keystone was opened by Hannah and Max and Ben and Avery, people I loved, I realized that I missed the APG [alternative peer group] format and I wanted to be involved again. So I started going to Keystone events as a volunteer, and after about a year, I was around so much they eventually hired me!"

"Giving to the Austin Recovery Network is more important than ever before because now that our organizations are together and working together, we can support young people in more ways and we are able to truly show kids in early sobriety what life in recovery can really be like."

Join Abby. Join Us.
Give Today.

Your sustained support of the
Austin Recovery Network will save lives.

Addiction & alcohol abuse is the
number one killer of people under 50.
This is true - pandemic or no.

Sustained, life-long access to substance use disorder treatment is the only answer. Addiction is a chronic illness and it must be treated as such - starting from a young age.

Early intervention saves lives, futures, families and communities.

The Austin Recovery Network has brought together three pillars of the recovery community, Keystone Austin, University High School and Austin Recovery.

Together, we are re-imagining what treatment for and access to substance use disorder can look like.

Please consider making a monthly commitment to this work so that we can build a movement that:

Identifies and treats substance use disorder early - among adolescents and young adults
Creates an ecosystem of wraparound addiction support services
Is affordable and available to anyone who needs it, regardless of age or station

We will not leave the pandemic crisis the same people we were when we entered it. There is a significant mental health toll occurring for many which which we will need to reckon.

Austin Recovery Network and our services need to not only be there for people of all ages struggling with addiction when this crisis has abated - we need to be strong, viable and ready to go.


JOIN US. Link below! ⭐️

Austin Recovery Network | Youth-to-Adult Addiction Recovery Support

We would like to thank the community for the outpouring of support Austin Recovery Network has received since announcing the closure of our adult residential treatment programs. The Austin Recovery Network Board is working diligently to reassess and reimagine our Network’s adult services. We heartened by the strength of the Austin Recovery Alumni Association and the continuation of the recovery services provided by University High School and Keystone Austin to our communities, kids, and families. All of these programs have expanded online to create more opportunity to serve even more people during this unprecedented time. For more information on our ongoing services and support in the recovery community, please visit

It's Mandala Monday! Take a moment and honor your own path to healing.
#lovehoperecovery #mandalamonday

It's Mandala Monday! Take a moment and honor your own path to healing.
#lovehoperecovery #mandalamonday

There are nearly 40 Austin AA meetings you can take part in virtually today! Bookmark this list for Zoom meeting resources 7 days a week:

Free diapers courtesy of the Austin Diaper Bank tomorrow for those in need!

We will continue to help the community by giving out diapers this Friday, April 10th from 9:30am-11am. Please arrive before 11am to receive diapers. If you are not feeling well, please send someone in your place. There is no paperwork required and children do not need to be present to receive diapers.
#EndDiaperNeed #WeAreStillServing #diapers #hope

We love the Crouch family! ❤️

We are SO blessed to have friends like these during times like now ❤️ Grateful for the tasty delivery of Austin Tea Exchange goodies for our front-line staff at the Hicks Family Ranch, courtesy of Dawn and Ella Crouch!

We hope you'll tune in with us tomorrow night and every Wednesday at 6 PM right here for a Facebook Live featuring Jessica Wansart, licensed clinical social worker and outpatient counselor for the Austin Recovery Network. Take a few minutes for yourself to learn tips for dealing with the stress and difficulties of these uncertain times.

Virtual Alumni meetings taking place every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday! Follow Austin Recovery Alumni Association page for reminders and updates.

All Austin Recovery Alumni Association​ weekly meetings are now virtual! Join the Alumni on Zoom at 7:30 PM every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday to reconnect and reset ❤️Follow the Alumni page to RSVP to these events and get reminders each week.

It's Mandala Monday! Take a moment and honor your own path to healing.
#lovehoperecovery #mandalamonday

Are you in need of a little extra recovery support during this uncertain time? All of our Outpatient and Aftercare programs have gone fully virtual. Call 512-697-8695 to learn more or set up a time to speak one-on-one with a counselor. Financial options are available, please don't hesitate to reach out and learn more.

Keystone Austin

Today, Keystone Austin founder and program manager Hannah Milne shared her story of triumph over addiction for a little inspiration on this dreary Friday evening. We hope it brightens up your weekend!

Week 2: Keystone Live!

Austin Recovery Network

Lovely feature on how our fellow Austinites are maintaining sobriety during these uncertain times.

"The reality from one vantage point is this is just another version of the fundamental ambiguity of our lives, that we are always in transition, and this is a particularly strange and scary transition to be in, but we will also grow and change."

Austin Recovery Network

This new resource offers COVID-19-related mental health support for all Texans. People can call the Statewide COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week toll-free at 833-986-1919.

Recovery Network has moved programs online, please contact us if you need financially accessible addiction recovery support:
Austin Recovery Online Outpatient Programs : (512) 697-8695
University High School Online Programs: (512) 382-0072
Keystone Austin Online Programs: (713) 560-6864

Clean Cause water founder on fresh starts and sobriety

Always a joy to read about Wes Hurt's recovery journey and all the good our friends at CLEAN Cause are doing for our community! ❤️ It’s not uncommon for strangers to walk up to Wes Hurt after he addresses a crowd at an event to tell him a painful part of their past.Hurt, founder

It's Mandala Monday! Take a moment and honor your own path to healing.
#lovehoperecovery #mandalamonday #recoverynetwork

Thanks to our wonderful all-volunteer Board of Directors, we have protective gear for the staff at the Hicks Family Ranch! Laura Swann and David Bain handmade teacloth masks from donated supplies, and Lynn Sherman and Jim Kruger procured paper masks, protective eyewear, vinyl gowns and more than 1,000 pairs of gloves for our hard-working residential treatment staff. We are so grateful for the support our Board provides us every day, but the ways in which they’ve stepped up in recent weeks is unparalleled. We are so lucky to have you all!

Chris Gates preparing to bring Austin Recovery Alumni together in the 21st century #recovery247

[03/27/20]   Want to see first-hand how our youth services are operating in light of COVID-19? Join University High School for a Facebook live at 3:00 p.m. today to learn about their new remote educational programming, and then catch Keystone Austin at 3:30 p.m. to hear about their own online recovery support services for young adults. They are moving fast and remaining responsive to the needs of those they serve, and we couldn't be more proud.


University High School has gone fully remote! Students were engaged on their first day back with online academics, an online meeting, and a little pet show-and-tell fun. Socially-distanced walks were encouraged during lunch! 💪💪These students continue to impress us every day with their flexibility and resilience!

It's Mandala Monday! Take a moment and honor your own path to healing.
#lovehoperecovery #mandalamonday

South Austin nightly online AA meetings beginning at 7 PM! #lovehoperecovery

Giving City: Nonprofits struggling to provide services, maintain staff

"Austin Recovery counselors are finding ways to hold meetings and appointments online while Sovine has joined other health care nonprofits in advocating for flexibility in privacy and reimbursement policies for online services."

Co-CEO Laura Sovine shares how Austin Recovery is weathering the current crisis: Nonprofits that provide in-person services that are a lifeline for their clients are struggling to find new ways to deliver those services during the

A few more resources for remote recovery supports here! You can find phone numbers to join daily AA phone meetings here: Visit for access to five free daily online recovery support groups, including one for families. All recovery meetings are non-denominational, agnostic to any specific recovery pathway, and are open to anyone. If you are in need of immediate support at any time, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text TALK to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line. To connect with an Austin Recovery Outpatient Counselor, call 512-697-8600.

Addiction in Isolation

"For now, anyone looking for a meeting can find one....When I video-chat into a meeting and see the faces of my friends in their apartments, I respond with a mix of laughter and tears, because we’re still here no matter what....It turns out alcoholics are very adaptable in times of uncertainty, when fear and negative emotions are running high. This is not unfamiliar territory for us. Ours is a culture of life on life’s terms. We’re here to help." Read the full piece here:

Need support? Visit for free online recovery services today! Adjusting to video-chat 12-step programs.

Music is what we all need right now. And our team is bringing it our residential clients at the ranch. This is how we roll. #recoverynetwork

Recovery isn’t canceled! See a new message from our CEOs.

It's Mandala Monday! Take a moment and honor your own path to healing.
#lovehoperecovery #mandalamonday

A message from our CEOs regarding our preparation for COVID-19:


As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve in Central Texas, we want to keep you informed of the steps we are taking to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We also want to provide online recovery resources for those in need during this time.

The city of Austin is in Phase 3 of its emergency response plan, which means there have been confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Travis County, but there is no confirmation of community spread. Thus, we are continuing operations with a few changes.

The safety of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. In recent days, we have implemented policies and procedures to prepare for potential exposure to COVID-19. Our staff are practicing heightened protocols for hygiene and sanitization, and our detox, residential, and outpatient programs are ensuring clients are appropriately screened upon intake. All staff and program participants are asked not to engage in programming if they have any symptoms of illness.

Our residential clients are receiving telehealth services from CARMAhealth, and they remain safe and in good health at the Hicks Family Ranch. We are limiting outside trips to an emergency-only basis. Otherwise, both residential and outpatient operations will continue as normal.

Out of an abundance of caution, Sunday night Alumni meetings at the Hicks Family Ranch are cancelled until further notice. Wednesday and Thursday night meetings will be reevaluated over the weekend, and we will provide more information when that decision has been made. At this time, tomorrow's Second Saturday workshop at our South Congress location is still scheduled to occur.

For those in need of recovery support during this time, we recommend In the Rooms, an online platform for meetings ( . The Alumni Association website also offers a great deal of resources, including audio and video lectures. You can access resources here: Our Alumni are working to host online Alumni meetings at their usual times (Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings). We will provide more information on this as it becomes available.

We understand abrupt change can be triggering on many levels. If you find the need to check in with a counselor, please contact our Outpatient program at 512-697-8695. You can reach general Admissions at 512-697-8600.

We encourage you to continue following us on our social media to stay up-to-date as the situation evolves.

Stay well,

Julie McElrath & Laura Sovine
Austin Recovery, University High School, & Keystone APG

Outpatient Rock Garden

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Austin Recovery: Nonprofit Addiction Treatment in Austin, Texas
The Austin End of the Line Kite Team performing Amazing Grace ...



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Austin, TX
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