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VMC Pharmacy & Wellness

VMC Pharmacy & Cafe is a full-spectrum, full-compounding integrative pharmacy offering top of the line nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, compounds & coffee!

Local compounding pharmacy with free delivery in the Austin area

If you’re trying to keep your supplement regimen simple, we recommend these essentials by @pureencapsulations !

Did you catch us at the @onnit health fair?! We introduced some pretty amazing wellness shots and are so excited to continue to offer them through @victory_medical_center Cafe! The Wildman Shot is perfect for enhancing energy output, natural detoxification & cognitive function. They’re also super easy to make at home as an everyday nutrient boost! @ Austin, Texas


How Your Gut Health Affects Your Sleep Quality

"Research has revealed that those adults who report poor sleep quality also have a less than ideal gut microbiota, as well as less cognitive flexibility."

thorne.com Your gastrointestinal tract – your gut – has a direct link to your brain. Its health can affect your sleep, emotions, behavior, and physical capabilities, which is why it’s often referred to as “th...

Check this out! If you experience stress frequently, Relora may help you manage cortisol levels better, help prevent stress eating and improve sleep quality!

While some supplements work wonders for some, they may not have the same effect on another. At Victory we strive to help you choose the best possible options for YOU 🙂

The right food and supplements make all the difference in a persons health. Let us help you make choosing from the many available options easy!

Often, we find altered gut function to be part of the cause of many health concerns including fatigue, chronic infections, achy joints, poor attention and even skin conditions. Probiotics are a great way to establish wellness, combat unwanted health problems and even boost brain power (remember, the gut is our second brain). Try our Therbiotic Complete by @klaire_labs, it’s one of our favorite supplements!

If you’re enjoying the strong, summer sun this weekend, don’t forget to keep water and electrolytes around for proper rehydration! We love @kleanathlete electrolyte capsules because they’re easy to carry around and work great!

What are you using bananas for? The greener the banana, the more resistant starch they offer to support a healthy microbiome and healthy digestion. Greener bananas are a slow carb, kind of like sweet potatoes🍠! The more ripe the banana, the more it acts like a sweetener for foods & smoothies; the extra sugar in ripe bananas means it should be used to fuel some kind of activity 🏃‍♀️!

Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. Because your body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, it's important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water. The amount of water you need depends on a variety of factors: the climate you live in, how physically active you are, and whether you're experiencing an illness or have any other health problems. Have further questions about hydration? Swing by to speak with your Victory wellness staff!

Adding pure essential oils to your epsom salt bath is a great way to soothe your body at the end of a long day, support recovery after an intense workout, and prepare your body for sleep. Combining epsom salt with essential oils before adding to your bath water results in the salts acting as an emulsifier which helps the oil to dispense throughout the water rather than float on the top.
First, scoop out the desired amount of epsom salts using a coffee mug or another glass or stainless scoop (oils and plastic do not mix). Usually 2-3 cups of salts are optimal. Next, add 2-4 drops of pure essential oils to the salt before adding it to the water.

Choose oils for your desired outcome. Lavender, Cedarwood, Roman Chamomile are great oils for relaxation of body and mind. Peppermint, Frankincense, and Marjoram can be incredibly soothing for a sore body. Use less of Marjoram and Peppermint than other oils as they can be very cooling or warming for some sensitive and young skin types.

Food for thought: When choosing an epsom salt, look for a completely unscented or fragrance free salt. One way to know if you are choosing fragrance free is to look at the ingredient label. The contents listed on the bag should be only bath salt (magnesium and sulfur).

When we are using essential oils to better our health, quality matters. These days even gas stations are capitalizing on the growing popularity of essential oils. The problem we can run into is purchasing from companies that have cut corners by adding fillers and other inferior substances to their oils that compromise our health. When choosing your essential oils, look for the label CPTG like the brand doTERRA uses. This means the essential oil has been properly harvested and tested for optimal therapeutic use. It also means you’ll get great benefits from using only a few drops due to the purity. At VMC we carry only top quality neutraceuticals and we are happy to guide you with your pure essential oil selection. See you soon!

If your goal is healthy fat loss or improving overall health, then it is important to remember that fat is VITAL. Some fats, like MCT oil, can help us to burn away unwanted, stored fat and our bodies actually NEED some fat to maintain a healthy metabolism, cell signaling and functioning, hormone balance, immune function and nutrient absorption (like vitamins A, E, K and D). Healthy fats can also help reduce inflammation in the body, improve brain and eye function and keep our tummies satisfied for longer periods at a time. They also taste great! Here are some healthy fat sources that are great for those of us on our journey to muscle-building, fat-burning, and achieving optimal health. 1) Wild Caught Fish or high quality Fish Oil 2) Coconut Oil or MCT oil 3) Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4) Avocados 5) Pasture Raised Eggs 6) Nut Butters

Visit our knowledgeable VMC Wellness Team for more information on nutrition information to support you on your health journey!

Happy Saturday from VMC Wellness! Have fun & stay healthy 🤗

Stressors happen and it’s important to be prepared to handle them in a healthy way. We love l-theanine for its ability to promote relaxation by boosting GABA and other calming chemicals in the brain. L-theanine helps produce a calm state while keeping you alert and focused. It can even lengthen your attention span and improve accuracy!

🌱Wellness tip: When combined with coffee, L-Theanine reduces the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety and restlessness that can sometimes occur through caffeine intake.

Friday Feels ✌️

Did you know that you could be Magnesium insufficient/deficient even when serum levels read as normal!? That's because serum levels do not necessarily tell us what we are using within the cell. At Victory, we take time to ask important questions that might help us better determine your nutrient needs as tests may not always indicate these accurately. We encourage you to stop by VMC Pharmacy to speak with our wellness staff to learn more!

I always recommend cacao powder or dark chocolate (70% + cacao content). If you're not a dark chocolate fan, start with at least 45% cacao content and work your way up or pair it with something you do like (think dark chocolate coated strawberries or almonds!). This may also be the healthier treat alternative for your kiddos as one study found that dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants, was associated with significant improvements in the level of withdrawal, hyperactivity, and inappropriate speech among autistic children. Dark chocolate also has bone health benefits as it is rich in minerals; consuming dark chocolate, or cacao powder, during adolescence provides the greatest benefit for bone health as this is a time in which most bone mass is accumulated. For someone a bit pickier, try adding cacao powder to a smoothie or shake! 🍎 @ash.nutrition

@drink_aktion coldbrew 😎...Because life is too short for bad coffee ☕️

Join us next week for a FREE meditation session and jump in on the conversation about CBD oil and it’s benefits. Sample Green Helix’s CBD and receive a discount to use then OR later!

Anyone else having the best day ever?! If not, hopefully this cheers you up a bit 😉. Happy Thursday from VMC Wellness!

Beets are one of my favorite afternoon pick me ups and sometimes a perfect preworkout supplement! Try this combo for a DELICIOUS and energizing snack!

While nutrition is so important to maintaining healthy functioning AND energy levels, movement is equally as important. Whether you make it to a gym or just decide to park further just to walk a little extra... it all counts towards the process of becoming & staying healthy! @ Austin, Texas

A thought true to those here at Victory♥️.


Anyone else so excited that it is now wayyyy too easy to eat well AND still #treatyoself?! 🙋🏻‍♀️Check our Victory’s guiltless snacks next time you’re passing by 🍫


While some may argue one diet to be the answer to a healthy heart, we believe heart & arterial health could result from various styles of eating plans such as vegetarian, Mediterranean & paleo! Important rules to follow regardless of your chosen plan include: eat ENOUGH fiber (25-38g/day), drink water (about 2 liters/day), limit saturated fats, aim for at least 5 servings of veggies per day and supplement with vitamin D3 if you’re not safely getting 10-20 minutes of sunshine each day ☀️

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We love that a good matcha tea naturally offers the relaxing/focus benefits of l-theanine, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for a good latte! At victory you can find either AND a nutrient boost of l-theanine... just in case you choose the latte 😉


Do you like free stuff? WE definitely like the sound of free!

Many of Victory’s Wellness Fam already use @doterra And @integrativetherapeutics products to keep themselves in optimal health. We figure congratulating healthy choices with a chance to win a $93 bottle of Frankincense might be a nice way to say “YOU’RE AWESOME!”

Every @integrativetherapeutics and @doterra Purchase made at Victory Pharmacy gets you an entry into this raffle, y’all! We’ll be adding names until December 31st, so be sure to stop by soon!


Introducing VICTORY SHOTS! They’re a quick way to boost your immune system, energy or assist digestion 🙌🏼 Stop by Victory Cafe to try one today!


We are constantly exposed to toxins through food, beauty products, the air we breath (especially within a busy city), and chemical exposure. We recommend whole food detoxification protocols (NOT laxative use) to help our bodies recover from the damaging effects of such continuous toxin exposures. Even if you tried it just once a year, enhancing nutrition and reducing intake of processed junk for even just a little while can really help a liver out!


We’ll be cheering for @rogerhuerta029 from Austin, TX! Watch him fight tonight through Bellator on Paramount Network @ 9pm (ET)🤛🏼


The more you practice eating well, the easier it will become!


Research indicates that thoughts can have a physiological effect on the body-- that it to say, thoughts can be physically healing or they can hurt. Placebo interventions have been able to raise dopamine levels (in those with Parkinson's) and, in others, trigger the release of endorphins to create a "painkiller" effect. Because evidence suggests our beliefs are this powerful, we strive to give more power to the healing process with language such as "I am helping my body recover," rather than "I'm feeling like ." #cleaneating#victorymedicalcenter#healthymind#mindset#atx#wellness#fitness#austin#nutrition#healthcare#health#healthylifestyle#peaceofmind#fitnessmotivation#motivation

Research indicates that thoughts can have a physiological effect on the body-- that it to say, thoughts can be physically healing or they can hurt. Placebo interventions have been able to raise dopamine levels (in those with Parkinson's) and, in others, trigger the release of endorphins to create a "painkiller" effect. Because evidence suggests our beliefs are this powerful, we strive to give more power to the healing process with language such as "I am helping my body recover," rather than "I'm feeling like ."


We find that this macro-nutrient is too often consumed in insufficient quantities, but it is incredibly important❕ We need adequate fiber intake for healthy detoxification, cholesterol management, blood sugar regulation, 💩 regularity and much more. Try using an app to calculate your fiber intake for a few days and challenge yourself to meet the amounts recommend above. It may not be too difficult considering 🥑s are a good source😉


Seize every opportunity to be well & live healthily!


Not only does poor sleep limit our daily experiences & abilities, but it also puts a person at greater risk for health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, obesity and can contribute to a weakened immune system. Generally, an adult should strive for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. If sleep seems impossible at times, we recommend visiting your healthcare practitioner or nutritionist to address the issue and begin exploring possible solutions!


In 2014, data indicated that 659,640 of cancer cases and 265,150 cancer deaths were considered preventable by lifestyle choices. Physical inactivity and low vegetable consumption are two risk factors that can easily be avoided. We recommend moving for at least 150 minutes a week and suggest breaking it up into intervals to keep the practice manageable! Next, we recommend that you include AT LEAST 2-3 servings of non-starchy vegetables each day. Try including dark leafy greens & cruciferous veggies and remember that a serving equates to 1/2 c. of cooked vegetables or 1 c. uncooked veggies! •

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There’s a lot to the dairy industry that consumers don’t know about.

❤️While symptoms of atherosclerosis typically present in adulthood, the development of arterial plaque can begin as early as childhood. Plaque buildup increases a child's risk for the development of heart disease within their lifetime.

⁉️Risk factors such as obesity and lack of sufficient exercise can be combated with help from your family physician and nutrition experts. •

Today, we recommend ensuring your child is:
🥦Eating plenty of non-starchy vegetables
👩🏼‍🌾Consuming adequate fiber (try whole grains like oats, brown rice and quinoa)
🌰Consuming omega 3 rich foods (try fish, walnuts, chia seeds)
🤸‍♂️Receiving a healthy amount of physical activity (be sure to properly hydrate children as they create more body heat than adults do while exercising) 💦

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