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[06/03/15]   Hey there! Our space dog opus The Sun at Night is this week's amazing deal on Indie Game Stand! Grab yourself a ridiculous deal!

What Is...Captain Wheelie & The Weenie Warriors?

A quick, brief look at Captain Wheelie & The Weenie Warriors, the game that will follow Murder at Mystery Manor. I have a confession to make: up until about six months ago, I didn't really have any technical skills as a game developer. I was a design person and a business person. What the industry calls "an ideas person," which is really a four-letter word (or phrase) when it comes right down to it, I suppose.…

Murder at Mystery Manor - Details from the Dev Part III - Minicore Studios

Murder at Mystery Manor Dev Update Part III in which Chris Durel talks art, architecture, classes & two new gameplay systems: Hi again, all! Bringing you a another update today. We’ve been hard at work bringing the mansion to life, and we’ve got our first pass of the initial layout completed. The mansion has really come together with most of our rooms architecturally completed -- sixteen rooms in all! We’re working on fill…

The Indie Gala - Set your price. Donate. Play!

Grab The Sun at Night on this week's IndieGala Every Monday Bundle! The Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle - SEVEN fantastic games for a ridiculous price! The Howler, Rogue's Tale, 99 Levels To Hell, The Samaritan Paradox, QuestRun, Shadows On The Vatican - Act I: Greed and Chester!

The r/gamedev Quarterly Showcase 1 (8/4/14) • /r/gamedev

We're hanging out in the r/gamedev Indie Showcase today along with some other great devs - come ask us questions! **Welcome to the [/r/gamedev]( Quarterly Showcase!** About five months ago, the [first Showcase thread](

The Sun at Night on Steam

The Sun at Night is now available on Steam. Explore, blast, and shield your way through massive branching levels as Laika the space dog. This 2D adventure features customized gameplay and an incredibly deep narrative.

[07/14/14]   The Sun at Night is now available via - Check it out!

Steam Community :: Group Announcements :: Greenlight

The Sun at Night is officially Greenlit! We're coming to Steam, you guys! Thanks so much for all your support!

Build a Greenlight 8

Only 2 days left to build your own Groupees Greenlight Bundle! Pick up The Sun at Night and other great games! Build A Greenlight Bundle 8! Create your custom bundle- 4 games/ $1 min. Once games are Greenlit, get a Steam key!

The Sky Below Update & Animations - Minicore Studios

The Sky Below development is chugging along - we've got an update & some sprite sheets for you over on the ole' blog: The Sky Below development is well under way. We have completed the level design and scripting for 2 of the 3 large levels in the game. Art is coming in at a steady and impressive pace. Below are the sprite sheets for one of the new Soviet Soldiers you'll find at the Arctic Base.

Murder at Mystery Manor - Manor Design - Minicore Studios

We've got some more Manor Design up on the blog for your viewing pleasure:

The Arctic Base - Minicore Studios

Creative Director, Peter Odom, offers more details on The Sky Below's first level, The Arctic Base: Players of The Sun at Night will no doubt recall the cliffhanger that game ended on -- the thread is picked up in The Sky Below, as Laika makes her way through a mysterious base high in the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle.

Murder at Mystery Manor - Character Concepts - Minicore Studios

We promised you awesome concept art and we are giving you AWESOME concept art from Jeff Flanagan. The Lead Artist for Murder at Mystery Manor, Jeff Flanagan, has previously discussed his inspiration and techniques for the art style of the upcoming online multiplayer whodunnit.

The Sky Below - Sound Design - Minicore Studios

Did you know Jesse Grisak is not only our amazing producer, but the sound designer for The Sky Below as well? TRUTH! Not only am I the full-time producer, but also the sound designer for The Sky Below and Murder at Mystery Manor. I've always had a passion for sound design and have been writing music and creating sounds by myself and with my band Fossors; it is my creative outlet. Nothing makes me happier than desi…

The Sun at Night - Greenlight & Other Ports - Minicore Studios

The Sun at Night is very close to the Top 75 on Greenlight AND we've got some exciting port news for other platforms: Hey there! Have you heard of The Sun at Night? It’s a really good 2D action platformer (no really, it’s good -- checkthesereviews, y’all) out now for PC on Humble Store and GamersGate. The game follows an alternate history where Laika the space dog comes back to earth to help fix global problems cre…

Murder at Mystery Manor - Details from the Dev, Part II - Minicore Studios

Murder at Mystery Manor dev update from Chris Durel - he talks evidence, class systems, and vigilante justice! Hi again, everyone! Today, I’m going to share with you a little more information about Murder at Mystery Manor along with some more gameplay details, the progress we’ve made since last update, and some interesting other tidbits. For some basic game details, see my last blog post.

Image Gallery - Minicore Studios

The Sky Below features 3 distinct suits specialized for different abilities, including this fancy gold defensive suit:

The Best Zelda Game? - Minicore Studios

This week, John Warren tackles a controversial subject that affects all of us: Which Zelda game is best? Stop yelling at me. Just wait. Let me make my case. I know the cool kids are coming around to this opinion, but there really are non-ironic reasons to think Link’s most interesting adventure is time he fell into a dimensional rift in Hyrule Forest and ended up in Termina.

The Art of Murder (at Mystery Manor) - Minicore Studios

Lead Artist/Animator for Murder at Mystery Manor, Jeffrey Flanagan, talks influences and artistic approach: To bring the world of Murder at Mystery Manor to life, a great place to begin is with solid references. Much of the style of the game will be influenced by the intricate curvilinear designs of Art Nouveau and the progressive industrial architecture of Art Deco. In addition, the amazing artwork of ar…

The Sun at Night - Easter Eggs & Favorite Moments - Minicore Studios

The Sun at Night - Easter Eggs & Favorite Moments: The Sun at Night does a whole bunch of things as a game. It doesn’t exactly ooze subtlety when you’re faced with laser-shooting cyber bears and a dog that can talk, but if you dig deep and pay attention then there are lots of little things we peppered into the game.

Average Giants Episode 5 (Part 2/2) - The Sun at Night

In case you missed it, watch Average Giants play The Sun at Night witj John Warren - and don't forget to support us on Steam Greenlight!

IGM Presents... The Average Giants! A weekly webseries where we play indie games while chatting with their developers. Come watch (and "follow") the show liv...

An Adjustment in Art Style: The Sky Below - Minicore Studios

We're adjusting the art style for The Sky Below - Devin Lawson guest blogs this week to give you some perspective on these changes: The Sky Below will feature a slightly different art style with a few new tricks which will really add to the atmosphere of the game.

[04/15/14]   We'll be at Game Dev Beer Night TONIGHT at Empire Control Room! Event kicks off at 7:30. Come check out The Sun at Night as well as games from Devolver Digital, Roaming Ground Studio, and Unello Design.

Murder at Mystery Manor - Details from the Lead Dev - Minicore Studios

As promised, details on the inception and development of Murder at Mystery Manor from lead dev/designer Chris Durel: Last week, we shared some exciting news. First, we announced the sequel to The Sun At Night, The Sky Below. Second, we announced a brand-new multiplayer game, Murder at Mystery Manor ([email protected]). Today, I’m going to share with you some details of that game, its inception, and its current state in develop...

The Sky Below - Minicore Studios

We've talked a bit about it before, but here is **The Formal Announcement** of The Sky Below, Part II of The Stray Series: The Sun at Night is hardly in our rear view mirror -- we’re going to be patching and supporting and porting the game for months to come. However, it’s time to start talking about what else we’re working on.

March Madness is over. Make Way for April Madness. - Minicore Studios

After a month of con-induced radio silence, we're back and prepping for a lot of exciting news this week: Earlier in March we had the annual pleasure of exhibiting at SXSW Gaming. That event just keeps getting bigger and better each year. This SXSW came with the added treat of presenting a panel (debate? rambling conversation? long running poop joke?) with Davey Wredon and Shay Pierce. John, Davey, and…

Steam Greenlight :: The Sun at Night

Until 10pm tonight you can still enter our Greenlight Raffle! Up vote & comment for your chance to win a copy of The Sun at Night or Custom Art! Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Now available for PC through the Humble Widget on our site! The Sun at Night is an innovative 2D action platformer depicting an alternate histo

[03/08/14]   Day Two of SXSW Gaming is in full swing! We're still running our Greenlight Raffle so swing by the booth for your chance to win a free copy of The Sun at Night!

24 Hours of Death! Minicore Studios' First Marathon Livestream Event! - Minicore Studios

For SXSWGaming, Jordan Mallory is doing a stupid thing: 24 HOURS OF DEATH! Our first marathon livestream!

Support Jordan by supporting us on Steam Greenlight! This Friday, March 7, our own Jordan Mallory will man the helm of Minicore Studios' first-ever marathon livestream event: “24 Hours of Death!!” As the name implies, Jordan will spend a solid 24 hours playing Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition live on the official Minicore Twitch channel, breaking on...

Steam Greenlight :: The Sun at Night

We need your support on Steam Greenlight! Give us a Yes Vote so more people can play The Sun at Night! Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Now available for PC through the Humble Widget on our site! The Sun at Night is an innovative 2D action platformer depicting an alternate histo

Post-Launch Patch Details - Minicore Studios

It's been a week since we launched The Sun at Night - 1st patch details here: It’s been a little over a week since The Sun at Night launched on the Humble Store and GamersGate, but it feels like a lifetime. We’ve devoted our lives to this little dog for so long now, releasing her out into the world has been an emotional, transformative experience. We can’t even begin to expre...

Steam Greenlight :: The Sun at Night

Want to see The Sun at Night on Steam? Go vote for us on Greenlight! Spread the word! Steam Workshop: Greenlight. Now available for PC through the Humble Widget on our site! The Sun at Night is an innovative 2D action platformer depicting an alternate histo

New Beginnings Again, Forever - Minicore Studios

The Sun at Night is available on PC this week - @johnewarren explains just how much that really means to us: In the beginning, there were really just two of us. Peter and I stood in the kitchen of an apartment I was paying way too much for and we decided what the little games company I incorporated three years ago today should make.

The Sun at Night - Official Soundtrack, by Jared Blondeau

Loving the chip music in The Sun at Night? You can buy individual tracks or the whole album over on Bandcamp:

60 track album

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