Helping busy families manage the tax, legal and HR aspects of being a household employer - without work, worry or risk since 1992.

Specialized service handling all payroll, tax and labor law obligations for families who hire a household employee (i.e. nanny, nurse, housekeeper, etc.) with guaranteed accuracy and timeliness.

Mission: Eliminate all the work, worry and risk related to the financial and legal obligations of being a household employer.

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Nanny Tax Requirements by State - HomePay

The rules for hiring and managing a nanny or senior caregiver can be very different state by state. We have breakdowns for all 50 states (and D.C.) on our website so you know exactly what you have to do. Tax, labor and payroll laws vary by state for families hiring nannies and in-home senior caregivers. Learn all the household employment rules you need to follow

6 household employment mistakes and how to avoid them - HomePay

We want everything to run smoothly for you and your new caregiver. Take a couple of minutes and make sure you're avoiding these common mistakes. Learn about the six most common tax mistakes people make when they hire a nanny, senior caregiver or other household employee

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Filing household employment taxes: A timeline for what to do when - HomePay

Believe it or not, the first tax filing deadline for 2020 is coming up soon. If you have a household employee, use this guide to keep you organized with all your year-round obligations. Keep up with all the tax filing deadlines for your household employee with this tax timeline from HomePay

1099 vs. employee: Why the difference matters when you hire a caregiver - HomePay

This is the time of the year when the Employee or Independent Contractor question comes up the most frequently. Find out why nannies, senior caregivers and other household employees must receive a W-2 to report their taxes. Learn why the IRS says nannies, senior caregivers and other household employees are almost never allowed to be treated as independent contractors.

What every family needs in a nanny contract - HomePay

Having a contract with your nanny is a great way for both of you to be on the same page from day one. Feel free to use our sample contract and let us know if you need to outsource the tax and payroll work too. When you hire a nanny, use HomePay's sample nanny contract to make the process easier.

Happy New Year from all of us at HomePay! We hope your 2020 surpasses all that was great in 2019!

How much will nanny taxes cost your family? - HomePay

As you're finalizing your 2020 child care budget, don't forget to account for taxes. We have a great article showing how to do this and what tax breaks can save you. Use this guide to determine how much extra paying nanny taxes will cost you each year. With tax breaks, it might be less than you think.

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2020 nanny pay rates: How much should I pay my nanny? - HomePay

If you're looking for a nanny for your kids in 2020, we can help you figure out how much to pay them so it fits in your care budget. The average nanny pay rate is $15/hour in 2020. See what the standard nanny pay rate is in your area and the factors that should determine your nanny's pay.

Nanny Taxes: A Complete Guide - HomePay

If you're hiring a nanny to start working for you once the new year begins, read our guide on how to correctly manage their taxes. Nanny taxes refer to federal and state taxes that families pay, as well as withhold from a household employee if they earn $2,100 or more during a calendar year

How to fill out your 2020 W-4 form - HomePay

The IRS released a brand new federal W-4 form for 2020 and it's completely different from what we're used to seeing. To help you navigate it, we've built a tutorial so you can fill it out accurately. Many caregivers have questions about how to fill out a W-4 before they begin work. Use this step-by-step guide to help you fill out your 2020 W-4.

Our employees really stepped up this year as we support the Brown Santa organization providing toys to underprivileged kids in our community. We're very lucky to have such a great staff!

Tax breaks can help offset costs of hiring household help

As you're putting together your care budget for 2020, take a few minutes to listen to this podcast from Accounting Today with our own Tom Breedlove. We go through all the tax breaks you need to know about. Sponsor content from

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How to manage a pay raise or bonus for your household employee - HomePay

Now is the time of the year when families typically give bonuses or talk to their caregiver about a raise for the next year. We break down how to handle these 2 items so payroll mistakes are not made. Learn how to accurately apply a raise or bonus to a nanny or senior caregiver's payroll.

Strategies to reduce the costs of aging in place

The holiday season is when many families start to plan for senior care needs. If you're in this position, listen to this podcast Tom Breedlove did with Accounting Today about how to reduce the costs of in-home care. Sponsor content from

9 year-end tasks for families with nannies and senior caregivers - HomePay

Between now and April 15th, there are several items families should take care of. We made a list for you to consult so you don't miss anything important. If you hire a nanny or senior caregiver, learn about the end-of-year responsibilities you have as a household employer.

Our annual Thanksgiving potluck is always one of the best days of the year. We're so thankful for our great employees and love that they come together to make this event happen!

Navigating the “nanny tax” and more

Thank you to Accounting Today for talking to Tom Breedlove about how household employment taxes and payroll work on their podcast. It's a great conversation that families will learn a great deal from. When a client hires a nanny, housekeeper, or senior caregiver, they have to navigate a host of tricky issues such as taxes and employment and labor laws. Whether the IRS considers a worker an independent contractor or employee has a major impact on clients’ tax reporting responsibilities, whether....

Next year, the threshold for having to withhold and pay taxes for a nanny, senior caregiver or other household employee goes up to $2,200 for the year. If you're hiring in 2020, keep this number in mind and let us know if we can help manage the taxes and payroll for you.

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This Is How Much Senior Care Costs In 2019

According the to annual Cost of Senior Care survey, the average family can expect to offer their caregiver $17.32/hr. This is about $4/hr. less than hiring through a traditional agency. As Baby Boomers move into their golden years, their adult-aged children are feeling the financial and emotional strain of caring for them, according to the 2019 Cost of Senior Care survey. The first annual survey, compiled with insights from more than 7,500 family caregivers nationwide, sho...

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3 ways to contribute to your caregiver's health insurance and lower your taxes - HomePay

Open enrollment begins next Friday (Nov. 1st). If you're interested in contributing to your caregiver's health insurance as part of their payroll, here are 4 options for how to do it and the tax advantages it presents. Some families want to help their caregiver by including health insurance as part of their pay. We explain 3 options and how they work.

What every caregiver needs to know about health insurance - HomePay

Open enrollment for health insurance starts on November 1st. If you're unsure about how this process works, read our answers to the most common questions we get about health insurance. Health insurance can be complicated. Get answers to seven of the most common questions nannies, senior caregivers and babysitters have about health care.

Take advantage of the Child Care Tax Credit - HomePay

If you filed for an extension in April, your taxes are due soon. If you hired a nanny last year, make sure the Child Care Tax Credit is part of your tax return if you qualified. One of the ways families can save money when hiring a nanny is to take the Child and Dependent Care tax credit when they file their tax return.

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File a Schedule H with your 2019 tax return if you hire a household employee - HomePay

If you filed for an extension back in April, you've got 1 week to get your taxes ready. Make sure your Schedule H is part of your tax return if you had a household employee in 2018. A Schedule H is required to be attached to your personal income tax return if you have a nanny, senior caregiver, or other household employee.

Speakers & Schedule - The Association of Premier Nanny Agencies

It's great to be in Santa Barbara for the 2019 Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) annual conference. We're honored to sponsor the keynote address and are looking forward to spending some time with our agency friends!

Nanny shares are a solution to the child care dilemma. Here's how they work

Thanks to Anna Bahney with CNN Business for speaking to us about nanny shares. Tom Breedlove talks about some of the logistics that go into properly setting one up.

Regulatory changes driving consumer directed care for in-home senior care - HomePay

Changes to labor laws have made in-home senior care cheaper for families that hire their caregiver privately. We explain why this is the case. Learn how families can save thousands of dollars each year hiring a senior caregiver privately instead of using a staffing agency.

Our annual Chili Cook-Off was once again a success. Our employees are really good with numbers, but cooking is definitely a close second.

3 ways to contribute to your caregiver's health insurance and lower your taxes - HomePay

Open enrollment for 2020 health insurance policies begins on Nov. 1st. Families have several options if they want to contribute to their caregiver's health insurance and we break down what those are. Some families want to help their caregiver by including health insurance as part of their pay. We explain 3 options and how they work.

We had a great time at the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer! #nomorechemo

Tax tips for babysitters and other part-time caregivers - HomePay

If you're an after-school nanny, weekend caregiver, date night sitter or other type of part-time caregiver, know what your tax responsibilities are. Learn about how taxes work when you're a part-time caregiver, like a date night or weekend babysitter.

Caregivers: Here's how payroll and taxes work - HomePay

If you just started a new job as a nanny or senior caregiver, take a few minutes to read up on how your taxes and payroll should be handled. Learn how payroll works when a family hires you to take care of their children or elderly loved ones

The cost of hiring a live-in nanny - HomePay

Hiring a live-in nanny is a little different than a live-out nanny. Learn the differences in cost and how to manage this unique child care situation. Learn what it costs to hire a live-in nanny versus a live-out nanny, including unique budget items and labor laws to consider.

Answers to the 8 most common household employment questions asked by families - HomePay

We know lots of families have just hired a new caregiver for the Fall. You're bound to have questions about how to manage this new relationship so here are answers to the most common questions we tend to receive from families. Having to manage payroll and taxes for caregivers can be confusing. The experts at HomePay have the answers you need to feel comfortable as a household employer

A big THANK YOU to Alex, Danielle, Roxanne and Stas (not pictured) for being our Super Stars for the month of August. It's a really busy month for us and you all really stepped up your game!

How much time does it take to file nanny taxes? - HomePay

There's more to hiring a nanny than calculating payroll. Find out what else makes up the 55 hours of work that the IRS estimates you'll do throughout the year. Learn about the five areas of household employment compliance that make up 50 to 55 hours of work each year

The 20 Best Places to Work in Austin, as Ranked by the Women Who Work There (2019)

Austin is a great place for women to find fantastic career opportunities so we're very honored to be named alongside these other companies. And employee-rated list of the best places to work in Austin. The companies on this list are the most female-friendly employers in the ever-growing Austin area.

Why families need workers' compensation insurance when they hire a caregiver - HomePay

If you've recently hired a caregiver to work in your home, it's highly recommended that you obtain a workers' compensation insurance policy to protect yourself and your new employee. Find out more about this important insurance. Workers' Compensation is required by law in many states. Let the experts at HomePay explain how it works and the benefits of having a workers' comp policy.

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