Helping busy families manage the tax, legal and HR aspects of being a household employer - without work, worry or risk since 1992. Specialized service handling all payroll, tax and labor law obligations for families who hire a household employee (i.e.

nanny, nurse, housekeeper, etc.) with guaranteed accuracy and timeliness.

Mission: Eliminate all the work, worry and risk related to the financial and legal obligations of being a household employer.

No matter what state you live in, we've done the research so you can see what's required to manage your household employee. It's also the work we'll do for you if you use our service.

Why families need workers' compensation insurance when they hire a caregiver - HomePay

The majority of states require families to carry workers' compensation when they hire a household employee. Read more about this insurance and how our partner can help you get a policy. Workers' Compensation is required by law in many states. Let the experts at HomePay explain how it works and the benefits of having a workers' comp policy.

7 steps for filing taxes as a nanny or caregiver - HomePay

If you're a caregiver starting a new job with a family soon, it's important to understand how taxes work. Here's everything you need to know: Understanding how taxes work is important if you're a nanny or senior caregiver. Find out what you're responsibilities are and what to do year-round.

How much time does it take to file nanny taxes? - HomePay

The IRS says it takes 50-55 hours per year to manage a household employee. See what goes into all those hours and what we take off your plate if you use our service. Learn about the five areas of household employment compliance that make up 50 to 55 hours of work each year

1099 vs. employee: Why the difference matters when you hire a caregiver - HomePay

The most common mistake we see from families hiring a nanny or in-home caregiver is treating them as an independent contractor. Here's why this is a problem both for the family and the worker. Learn why the IRS says nannies, senior caregivers and other household employees are almost never allowed to be treated as independent contractors.

Frequently asked questions about the HomePay service - HomePay

If you're curious about using our service, this resource has answers to many of the questions you may have. It also highlights how much work we do to keep our clients happy. HomePay is the leading nanny tax and payroll service for busy families. Call us at 888-273-3356 to learn more about how we serve household employers.

How to budget and manage taxes in a nanny share - HomePay

If you're considering a nanny share as an alternative to your local daycare, this article is a must-read. We break down the rules and how tax breaks can offset your tax obligations. Learn the rules of a nanny share or care share arrangement and why it can be a cost-effective solution for your family

Setting up a learning pod for fall child care needs may have tax requirements - HomePay

Whether you call them learning pods, pandemic pods, microschools or group learning, this new hiring trend may require tax & payroll management. Call us and we can help answer your questions. Parents are setting up learning pods and microschools for group care and learning due to COVID-19. Taxes can play a part for hiring the caregiver in these pods.

What every family needs in a nanny contract - HomePay

A nanny contract is essential for being on the same page with your new caregiver. See what should be in your contract and download a sample from us if you need help. When you hire a nanny, use HomePay's sample nanny contract to make the process easier.

Nanny Taxes: A Complete Guide - HomePay

Everything you need to know about handling taxes and payroll for your nanny is in this guide. We have 28 years of experience supporting busy families and would love to talk to you about how we can help. Nanny taxes refer to federal and state taxes that families pay, as well as withhold from a household employee if they earn $2,200 or more during a calendar year

2020 nanny pay rates: How much should I pay my nanny? - HomePay

If you're in the process of coming up with a nanny budget, we can help you determine how much to pay and what other items should factor into it. The average nanny pay rate is $15/hour in 2020. See what the standard nanny pay rate is in your area and the factors that should determine your nanny's pay.

How much will nanny taxes cost your family? - HomePay

As families start budgeting for their Fall child care needs, it's important to factor in taxes and tax breaks. We can help you crunch the numbers and manage the taxes for you. Use this guide to determine how much extra paying nanny taxes will cost you each year. With tax breaks, it might be less than you think.

Use the child care tax credit to save on your 2020 taxes - HomePay

The tax filing deadline is on July 15th this year. If you had nanny in 2019, make sure you take the Child Care Tax Credit when you file your tax return. One of the ways families can save money when hiring a nanny in 2020 is to take the Child and Dependent Care tax credit when they file their tax return.

How to Pay a Nanny the Right Way

We appreciate Matt Schneiderman explaining why it's important to pay your nanny legally in his article in Fatherly. It's worth your time to read through it. Here's what you need to know.

File a Schedule H with your 2020 tax return if you hire a household employee - HomePay

The tax filing deadline is about a week away. If you haven't filed yet and had a household employee last year, make sure you don't forget to include a Schedule H with your return. A Schedule H is required to be attached to your 2020 income tax return if you have a nanny, senior caregiver, or other household employee.

We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July celebrating in a safe manor with your loved ones!

Effective today, minimum wage increases in 4 states, 3 counties and 15 cities across the country. Check the details in your state to make sure you're paying your caregiver enough.

Want to know what it's like to use HomePay? Read these stories from real families to get an idea of what our service can do for you.

Thank you to NYMetroParents for giving us a platform to talk about hiring and budgeting for a summer nanny! Tax breaks make this an attractive option for many families.

Dr. Tatum is an excellent speaker, so we're very happy that she's agreed to do this webinar with our CEO, Tim Allen. It's a very needed discussion right now that everyone can benefit from.

Don't miss this free webinar with Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum. REGISTER NOW:

If you're a family hiring in-home care for the summer or long-term, take a look at all the work our service does for you and your caregiver. Professional pay for them and easy for you!

9 Important Things To Know Before Hiring A Nanny

Thank you to Ashley Jones with Romper for reaching out to us for this amazing article! It's a great deep-dive on what families need to do when they hire a nanny. Whether you need someone in your home full time to care for your children while you are at work or you just want an extra pair of hands around to help you raise your littles, there are plenty of things to know before hiring a nanny. Aside from their…

Answers to the 8 most common household employment questions asked by families - HomePay

It's understandable to have questions about taxes, payroll and other topics when you hire a nanny or senior caregiver. Hopefully this page has all the answers for you. Having to manage taxes and payroll for caregivers can be confusing. The experts at HomePay have the answers you need to feel comfortable as a household employer

6 household employment mistakes and how to avoid them - HomePay

There's a lot to manage when you hire in-home care. Make sure you're avoiding these common mistakes and reach out to us if you need our help. Learn about the six most common tax mistakes people make when they hire a nanny, senior caregiver or other household employee

The current COVID-19 landscape has emphasized the importance of paying household employees on the books. Here are 4 crucial benefits nannies and caregivers receive when they're paid legally.

How to pay nanny taxes yourself - HomePay

There are 4 major steps to managing taxes and payroll for a household employee. Make sure you're taking care of it all, or reach out to us and we'll do it for you! The IRS expects families to follow specific tax & payroll laws when they hire a nanny. Find out how to do this correctly if you're managing the process yourself

Tax breaks and credits for families hiring a nanny - HomePay

If you've just hired a nanny or are in the process of hiring one, remember that tax breaks can significantly lower your out-of-pocket costs. There are 2 you can use if you're paying legally. When families hire a nanny and pay them legally, child care tax breaks can save them more than $2,000 per year.

7 steps for filing taxes as a nanny or caregiver - HomePay

Nannies and caregivers interviewing with families should understand how taxes play a part in their job. Here's a breakdown of how the tax process works. Understanding how taxes work is important if you're a nanny or senior caregiver. Find out what you're responsibilities are and what to do year-round.

3 tax and payroll tips for summer nannies - HomePay

If you're a nanny and are about to start working for a family during the summer months, taxes will most likely be a part of your employment situation. When you're a summer nanny, you need to be aware of how payroll works and how taxes play a part in your short-term employment.

7 steps for creating a nanny payroll account - HomePay

If your family has a new nanny or caregiver starting work soon, make sure you're already in the process of setting up their payroll correctly. Here are the steps we take for our HomePay clients: Families often wonder how to correctly manage payroll for their nanny. Follow these seven easy steps to keep yourself organized and free from mistakes.

1099 vs. employee: Why the difference matters when you hire a caregiver - HomePay

As families finalize candidates for new nanny or senior care jobs, it's important to remember that almost all of these workers are employees, not independent contractors. Here's why: Learn why the IRS says nannies, senior caregivers and other household employees are almost never allowed to be treated as independent contractors.

Use a Dependent Care Account to lower your 2020 in-home care expenses - HomePay

Due to COVID-19, the IRS is allowing families to enroll in a Dependent Care Account outside of their company's open enrollment period. This is the biggest tax savings a family can realize when hiring a nanny. Families can save around $2,000 on child care or senior care in 2020 by signing up for a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account through their employer.

Household employment rules can vary depending on where you live. So before your new nanny or caregiver starts working, check out the details you need to follow in your state and know that these are things HomePay will take care of for you.

Nanny Taxes: A Complete Guide - HomePay

As families look to bring a caregiver into their home, it's important to know the tax and payroll responsibilities they have. As we've seen during this COVID time, paying under the table has a negative effect on caregivers and HomePay can make sure that doesn't happen. Nanny taxes refer to federal and state taxes that families pay, as well as withhold from a household employee if they earn $2,200 or more during a calendar year

What every family needs in a nanny contract - HomePay

If you're starting to interview caregivers, now is the perfect time to finalize the nanny contract that you'll have with your favorite candidate. We have a sample contract you can use that covers the essentials and leaves room for you to customize. When you hire a nanny, use HomePay's sample nanny contract to make the process easier.

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