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Haven't had time to analyze this but to be truthful its hiding one of my biggest weaknesses which is my loosey goosey left arm.

First time with #fp move with the ball slam.

Really worked the lateral line and put an elastic stretch on the lats that
Had me smiling and grimacing

Shout out FP AJ for the inspiration from his client.


Reposted from @functionalpatterns - DO NOT RETRACT AND DEPRESS YOUR SHOULDERS!

It makes my job extremely difficult to do. When people are told to cue these things for their posture and movement, it creates massive problems in their movement. When you depress and retract your shoulders, you are telling people to disengage their upper traps and offload that engagement to the lower traps. In rare instances this is kind of okay, but in most it comes with other complications. The main one being that your lats will be involved with compressing the shoulder towards the thoracolumbar fascia. .
The Latissimus Dorsi can either maintain its length potential or not. It depends on how you condition it. Doing this routine shoulder packing positioning ruins the lats decompressive potential for the lumbar spine. You will also invite thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder pain and neck impingement to come along for the ride. The further I go down this path of coding biomechanics, the clearer it becomes to me that I taught many wrong things in the past. .
We are all in a stage of taking in info and sifting out parts of the info that do more harm than good. This is one thing I'm convinced is horrible on the body. It's isolated. It does not respect tensegrity. It does not respect intraabdominal pressure. It's static. It keeps the shoulder continually in a state of inferior compression. I could go on and on. Point is that we need to adapt to serve the public properly. This cue has got to go.

#FUNCTIONALPATTERNS #biomechanicsculture #leveragingmotion #tuneintotheboring #relevanthumanoptimization #makehumansfunctionalagain

Last day was awesome

This is a whole new way of thinking about how we can structure society and economy. I encourage you to check it out

Reposted from @ninjas_0nly

Reposted from @fp_stephanie - 💣💣💣 from @functionalpatterns - Do not separate, INTEGRATE. Do it intentionally, not habitually. @themyoengineer
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🤩Find your play activity🤩

As we get older our roles become more fixed. Our responsibilities become more defined.🤔

We use our brains our brains more and more in some ways, less and less in others. 🤨

One way I keep my brain from eating itself is drawing. I have only recently found it and it is quite the play activity. I encourage you to find your play activity.🤗

Morning hike at Torrey Pines. Thankfully the uphill was a breeze thanks to glute activity supplied by #FP last night waiting for my ride by the bay had such a pretty sunste @ San Diego, California

[01/15/19]   how is everyone doing in this cold weather?


[11/05/18]   MY MISSION: to advance the field of massage therapy. The massage game right now is weak relative to its potential. I am speaking in terms of ability to help people treat pain and move better.
expect videos and content detailing the ways the field can grow and what you can do to help your body in the mean time!

Biggest SHOULDER Training/Rehab Mistakes

another gem from Functional Patterns about Shoulder training. Subscribe to them if you want to live long and healthy my friends.

In this video, I breakdown a few of the most common problems that exist with shoulder training and why we focus on things like tensegrity at FP. Have your sh...

Biggest SHOULDER Training/Rehab Mistakes

A wonderful video explaining why you keep getting that nagging pain in your shoulder. If you want more pertinent information regarding your body, subscribe to their channel!

In this video, I breakdown a few of the most common problems that exist with shoulder training and why we focus on things like tensegrity at FP. Have your sh...

Who is ready to naturally stand straighter and taller?

Very grateful to get to do what I do. Working on the new website. Good things to come.
#sportsmassageaustin #austindeep #massage therapy #deeptissuemassage #lowbackpain #shoulderpain #airrosti

Such kind, heartful people. What a great week #sportsmassage #rehab #massage @ Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center

If you are in pain like Chris was, you don't have to be. You can take action. You can book a consult and demo massage to see if I can help you. Don't wait. Take action!

We love our customers

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Mr. Bill agress that nothing beats a golf ball when it comes to self massage(MFR) for the foot. #myofascialrelease #footcare #physicaltherapy #massage #footmassage #crux #selfcare

[07/20/17]   something i wrote a while ago and it describes FP for those who are curious about it

FP is a foundational yet radically inventive approach to training the human body. the FP Practitioner's first task with a client is ingraining the 3 pillars of optimal posture and establishing it as a base for movement. This phase alone merits FP uniquely therapeutic as it directly translates to a more stable spine and buffers against low back pain, neck pain, etc. Once accomplished, static positions and basic exercises unique to FP will be introduced to re-tension key muscles (with my clients this is usually the glutes) that are dormant in the population especially during certain contexts such as walking. Finally, we move to more dynamic movements that serve to neurologically and physiologically connect long chains/slings of muscles that are designed to function together such as the AOS (anterior oblique sling) and POS(posterior oblique sling). This is critical because these are the same chains and slings that become disconnected through bad movement strategies and postural habits.

So, any questions? want to try it out? if so, book on the website!

Videos on the way


[06/25/17]   next week is the 4 day Functional Patterns level 1 course! after which i will be offering posture therapy and Functional Patterns training in addition to the massage services. Very exciting! Who on this page feels like posture is important?

[06/20/17]   Welcome to the new page!

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