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#Repost from one of my favorite health resources: @realfoodgangstas
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Why you may want to reconsider your multi-vitamin

The balance between Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca) is a very important ratio in the body. Typically the ratio should be 2-3 parts Mg to 1 part Ca. But in most multivitamins the ratio is 3-5 parts Ca to 1 part Mg. This depletes Mg at a very fast rate. Check our recent post on Mg.

A lot of synthetic zinc is included in most multivitamins. High doses of synthetic zinc chelate copper and decreased ceruloplasmin. This will slow down the thyroid, increase cholesterol and increase oxidative stress from iron. Check our recent post on Zn.

Most multivitamins contain too much iron, which our body is supposed to supply to use through the iron recycling system (RES). The only way our iron recycling system can work, is not with iron, but by having enough bio-available copper. The more iron you take, the more you shut down copper metabolism. People are swimming in iron! Check our recent post on iron.

Vitamin A is usually beta-carotene (plant form) or synthetic (palmitate). Beta-Carotene is not easily converted to retinol (requires lots of thyroid hormone) in the human body. As well, both suppress thyroid health. Check out our post on Vitamin A.

B vitamins are derived from coal tar…google it. A better option is Bee Pollen.

Ascorbic acid and vitamin C are not the same thing. The ascorbic acid added to a multivitamin is not the entirety of vitamin C but devoid of all of the co-occurring factors of vitamin C. It has been described as the “antioxidant wrapper” that co-occurs with the other parts of vitamin C: flavonoids, rutin, the enzyme tyrosinase, which assists in the production of copper dependent enzymes that benefit blood vessel strength and the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells....and Ascorbic Acid actually depletes Vit. C!

Vitamin D - Having optimal magnesium is essential to metabolizing Vitamin D and the excessive intake of vitamin D supplementation will lower vitamin A, Magnesium an Potassium, as well as increase calcium in the tissues (ie calcification). Check our recent post on D.
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Health = metabolism
I'll say it again and again.

Do you want to be the home with a monthly income of $2,000 or $10,000?

Support your body to a place where it makes the equivalent of $10,000 in energy and THEN put it through the 20 minute cold baths and occasional fasting (emphasis on occasional).

I was doing intermittent fasting 10 years ago. I know where that road leads.

Learn from my mistakes and save yourself the pain.

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Muscle activation.

Lots of people have muscles that got sleepy along the way and are not doing the basic jobs they were designed for.

Waking them up and getting them to contribute to the tensegrity of the body is a mandatory first step before going to more dynamic movements.

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Thank you Naudi Augilar for making such an epic training tool.

Friends, the answer you seek is rotation.

Want to be better at volleyball?

What about live pain free?
Again, rotation is the answer.

✋Do you foam roll/ self-massage?✋
I hope so. Because it truly is the best way to perform self care and maintain your vessel.
Tissue does not need to get longer, it needs to slide freely(for the vast majority of cases).
So, got pain but don't know what to roll? Ask away!

This young'n here is the definition of drive when it comes to getting athletic and strong. I remember the fire of ambition at that age. Boys on the route to manhood are hungry! Refreshing for a 26 y/old like me to be reminded of that energy.

He loves weightlifting too, and I tell him to enjoy it full force because this is the only age where you can do traditional weightlifting and stay hydrated enough to not suffer the consequences(injury, stiffness, pain)

For most, that road ends in the 20s and one has to decide if they want functionality, agility, and mobility(which is not what most say it is), or if they want the body that our current culture finds attractive but inevitably leads to dysfunction and pain.

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❌Did you know a trigger point in a muscle the rotator cuff can cause carpal tunnel-like symptoms? ⁣⁣
❌This is a commonly missed diagnosis and often treated like carpal tunnel syndrome ⁣⁣which often results in failed treatment
✅Trigger point release and postural training is a simple solution when a problem like this occurs ⁣

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❌Do you think you have “sciatica”? Do you feel like your hamstrings are achy but rolling/stretching them doesn’t help? ⁣

Did you know that Glute Med can cause pain down your leg? ⁣

Yes, I said it. That little muscle at your hip can cause pain down the back of your leg. For this to happen, you do not need to feel pain or discomfort in the muscle itself. This is called referred pain. ⁣

If you are experiencing this or have questions, feel free to message me. ⁣

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🚫Have you noticed that foam roller just doesn’t quite get the job done no matter how much pressure you apply?

✅ Not all tools are created equally!! Different sizes and densities of tools are necessary for different areas of the body and varying levels of tenderness. For example, a golf ball is ideal for feet and the soft ball is amazing at hitting those hamstrings.

🔑Understanding how and when to use different tools to self-massage is vital for keeping your body pain-free and ready for those workouts!

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Amanda's Testimonial

Amanda shares her experience after several weeks of massage.

It's not how you look, it's what you can do with it.

Can you move pain free? Can you get out of a car and take of running at high speed without pulling something?

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When something works, you probably hit the sweet spot.

But if you are like me, then when something makes you feel good, you want MORE.

Well, be careful. Like most areas of life, too much is as bad as too little. This goes for sleep, water, vitamins, minerals. Etc

Also, the relationships between entities in the body are unbelievably intricate and it's very easy to throw things off balance which is why I generally recommend one avoids multivitamins.

Now, some things are pretty hard to do, such as Magnesium.

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We have talked about the detriment of utilizing fat for fuel now lets talk about the real OG, glucose. First understand that glucose and free fatty acids compete for entry into the cell. So, if you have been avoiding sugar, drinking energy drinks with zero sugar(bad idea), low carbing, keto-ing, or done lots of IF, you will be very carb sensitive and not be able to handle large amounts of carbs or sugar at one time.

This is a problem because Glucose is the clean, high octane, efficiently burned fuel source of the cell.

When i was suffering from all the symptoms of a hypometabolic state, i was very carb sensitive. Literally could not eat an apple unless i had some kind of fat or protein with it. This is not normal or healthy.

Now I can drink a 12 ounce( often more) glass of cold pressed OJ by itself and feel great with almost no insulin spike and drop because my cell's engines are primed to recieve it.

the trick is to start becoming "carb adapted" by not eating too many carbs at any one time, but supplying a steady stream of them throughout the day.

that's the general principle
more details will come soon.

will you gain fat? not if you go gradually and maintain blood sugar levels properly.

this is how I started raising my metabolism and fixing all my metabolic problems(bad sleep, fatigue, etc). More details to come.

Follow @matt.blackburn if this stuff intrigues you.

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Unsustainable when chronically maintained*

-I say yes, here is why.

1)as blood glucose goes down(low carb or fasting), cortisol and adrenaline are released. These hormones are catabolic and stimulate break down of fat into fatty acids which circulate in our blood and are absorbed by our cells for energy par the Randol Cycle. This does mean fat burning, but the body doesnt register this as a good thing. To the body, it feels like it has to eat itself just to make ends meet(meat?). Besides there is a better way to brun fat(stay tuned).

2)What else happens? Events kick off to utilize fat and protein from our tissues and intake to generate, drum roll, glucose! For something that is so "bad" for us the body sure does find ways to keep it around!!

3)The problem Is this way if generating glucose is stressful and yet more work for a body in a world that is far more stressful than the one our ancestors lived in. its especially hard on the kidneys, liver, and adrenals.

4) Finally, A message is sent to the thyroid (regulates metabolism) “hey thyroid, we are struggling down here and having to eat our own tissues and back up reserves just to supply enough energy for our basic metabolic needs, due us a favor and turn down the metabolic dial”.
Send this message to your thyroid chronically and you will fall further and further into the hypometabolic state, just like I did.

5) and you may feel really good while all this is happening too, which makes it confusing. These stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are energizing, but at a high cost with a debt to be paid.

More info to come.

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Welcome to the hypo-metabolic state.
Where i lived for most of my life but especially from age 18-25.
Chronic sleep and fatigue problems were the worst.
and how did i get there?
Chronic intermittent fasting and low carb dieting.

So, how do low carb, "fat adaptive diets" get you into a hypometabolic state?

Tune in to the next episode of "Honey i shrunk my fat stores by raising my metabolic rate instead of chronically stressing my entire system as recommended by mass media", coming soon!
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If you feel like I did 6 months ago:
Low motivation
Low sex drive
Low enjoyment for life

You are probably:
1)checking social media too often(more than necessary for the purpose you are using it for).

2) watching explicit content.

Please. For you and everyone on this planet, figure out a way to reclaim your dopamine.

And use that dopamine to build healthy habits and connect with real people about real things.

Do it if ya care
Do it if ya a real G
Do it if ain't no stank in yo game.

#aintnostank #inmygame #discipline #grind #focus #itsworthit #wemustactnow #beresponsible #yesidolovepreaching

Haven't had time to analyze this but to be truthful its hiding one of my biggest weaknesses which is my loosey goosey left arm.

First time with #fp move with the ball slam.

Really worked the lateral line and put an elastic stretch on the lats that
Had me smiling and grimacing

Shout out FP AJ for the inspiration from his client.


Reposted from @functionalpatterns - DO NOT RETRACT AND DEPRESS YOUR SHOULDERS!

It makes my job extremely difficult to do. When people are told to cue these things for their posture and movement, it creates massive problems in their movement. When you depress and retract your shoulders, you are telling people to disengage their upper traps and offload that engagement to the lower traps. In rare instances this is kind of okay, but in most it comes with other complications. The main one being that your lats will be involved with compressing the shoulder towards the thoracolumbar fascia. .
The Latissimus Dorsi can either maintain its length potential or not. It depends on how you condition it. Doing this routine shoulder packing positioning ruins the lats decompressive potential for the lumbar spine. You will also invite thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder pain and neck impingement to come along for the ride. The further I go down this path of coding biomechanics, the clearer it becomes to me that I taught many wrong things in the past. .
We are all in a stage of taking in info and sifting out parts of the info that do more harm than good. This is one thing I'm convinced is horrible on the body. It's isolated. It does not respect tensegrity. It does not respect intraabdominal pressure. It's static. It keeps the shoulder continually in a state of inferior compression. I could go on and on. Point is that we need to adapt to serve the public properly. This cue has got to go.

#FUNCTIONALPATTERNS #biomechanicsculture #leveragingmotion #tuneintotheboring #relevanthumanoptimization #makehumansfunctionalagain

Last day was awesome

This is a whole new way of thinking about how we can structure society and economy. I encourage you to check it out

Reposted from @ninjas_0nly

Reposted from @fp_stephanie - 💣💣💣 from @functionalpatterns - Do not separate, INTEGRATE. Do it intentionally, not habitually. @themyoengineer
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🤩Find your play activity🤩

As we get older our roles become more fixed. Our responsibilities become more defined.🤔

We use our brains our brains more and more in some ways, less and less in others. 🤨

One way I keep my brain from eating itself is drawing. I have only recently found it and it is quite the play activity. I encourage you to find your play activity.🤗

Morning hike at Torrey Pines. Thankfully the uphill was a breeze thanks to glute activity supplied by #FP last night waiting for my ride by the bay had such a pretty sunste @ San Diego, California

[01/15/19]   how is everyone doing in this cold weather?


[11/05/18]   MY MISSION: to advance the field of massage therapy. The massage game right now is weak relative to its potential. I am speaking in terms of ability to help people treat pain and move better.
expect videos and content detailing the ways the field can grow and what you can do to help your body in the mean time!

Biggest SHOULDER Training/Rehab Mistakes

another gem from Functional Patterns about Shoulder training. Subscribe to them if you want to live long and healthy my friends.

In this video, I breakdown a few of the most common problems that exist with shoulder training and why we focus on things like tensegrity at FP. Have your sh...

Biggest SHOULDER Training/Rehab Mistakes

A wonderful video explaining why you keep getting that nagging pain in your shoulder. If you want more pertinent information regarding your body, subscribe to their channel!

In this video, I breakdown a few of the most common problems that exist with shoulder training and why we focus on things like tensegrity at FP. Have your sh...

Who is ready to naturally stand straighter and taller?

Very grateful to get to do what I do. Working on the new website. Good things to come.
#sportsmassageaustin #austindeep #massage therapy #deeptissuemassage #lowbackpain #shoulderpain #airrosti

Such kind, heartful people. What a great week #sportsmassage #rehab #massage @ Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center

If you are in pain like Chris was, you don't have to be. You can take action. You can book a consult and demo massage to see if I can help you. Don't wait. Take action!

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