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I was wondering if I could contact Vanessa directly and see if I could prepay her for a couple of months to help her cope during this shutdown??
Do yourself the biggest favor you will in your lifetime, and come here for your every hair need. I have never been to a salon that was so incredibly amazing. I have had Phillip cutting my hair (I don’t let anyone else touch my cut as I have incredibly difficult hair) for a while now and I couldn’t be happier that he is here at Black Orchid now. Every single human I have interacted with here is exceptional. The environment here is like no other I have felt. It lacks everything you hate about salons and blows your mind even further with the experience created by a clearly happy and talented group of professionals. I have never been more excited to book my next appointment. See you soon Black Orchid! 🖤
Trying to reach Ashton Thomas please call me
How are you wanted to see if you sell your hair whole sale?

Refer your friends for a $5 savings for you both! Ask your stylist for details!

I’ve been at the salon alone for almost 30 hours in the past 48 hours. In between prepping our salon to reopen when it’s safe, I’m giving our old appliances personalities. These two sassy gals need names. Please help me.
Xx (air hugs)

Ps, I mean help me give them names. Not like help me because I’ve gone mad in general 😐 @ Black Orchid Salon

Trying to make all the new safety procedures more fun by creating cute graphics for all to use. It’s working ✨✨✨
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We’ll keep updating everyone about their stylist’s schedules return dates here and periodically on our website.

If you have an appointment on the books with Lilli before November we will be contacting you soon to get you matched up with a stylist for when we reopen.

Thank you all again for your patience, kindness and understanding.

Congrats Lilli, Jesse and Mason! ✨✨✨💕💕💕♥️♥️♥️

We have learned that things change everyday and sometimes every hour. We are cautiously optimistic about reopening on May 26th. If something changes between now and then we will change our reopen date and update you on social media and our website.

Some of our stylists need to stay at home for longer. They will recommend another BOS stylist to accommodate you during their absence. We are still working out schedules and not putting anything in stone until a week prior to reopening.

We are so grateful for all of you. Your support and patience has made this burden so much easier to bear. We feel overwhelmed with gratitude.

See you soon 😘

Fun fact: May 25th is the date we opened our doors for the first time 11 years ago! AND it’s the day Meshelle became our tiny VP Silas’ legal mother in 2011 #adoptionislove . It’s been a good day in our world. At the same time we are cautious and will extend our reopening if trusted, non-bias health officials believe we should.

We still cannot thank all of you enough for all of the support you have given us now and over the years. We cannot thank you enough for the patience and kindness you have all demonstrated. We cannot wait to see you all soon!

Ps, we want you know that you’re in a judgement free zone. There was no rule book on how to pandemic. There is no right or wrong way to experience this time. If you box colored your hair we salute you, you brave independent goddess who took matters into your own hands. If you snipped at them bangs, you’re an adventurous rockstar, if you gave yourself a bowl cut, well, you’re my personal hero. The point is, we’re here for you, to support you and help you feel your best. We ain’t scared of some box dye or coronacuts. We’re proud of you for everything you did or did not do. Thank you for being a part of the Black Orchid Family ♥️✨😘💪🙌🙏

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Tbt to that one time @meeshsosquirrelly locked her son’s hair. The carpel tunnel syndrome was WORTH IT. 😍
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Stay rich, friends 💪✨

You can book your appointment online and reschedule as needed. We have removed the 50% deposit requirement to empower you to move your appointments as needed until we open. We are still taking this one day at a time and updating when we know more. We do not have access to our books or phones so please check our website for updates and to book appointments. We expect to know our official reopen date about a week in advance.

Thank you all SO much for your support. We cannot wait to see you all again soon✨✨✨

Swipe for our new reopening procedures —> @ Black Orchid Salon

JUST ADDED to our online shop! Goldwell Color Adding Conditioners. Shiny, glossy, delicious colors 🍓🍋🍒🍩🍨🍯
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And this is only half of our dry shampoo collection. Order on our website. Free shipping.
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And this is only half of our dry shampoo collection. Order on our website. Free shipping.
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These are selling like hot cakes! Have you tried Goldwell Root Revive Powder? What do you think? Great tutorials on YouTube too. Order on our website.
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Chenoh and Meshelle have been practicing #CoronaHair for years. #nobrushneeded #coronahairdontcare #rootsarelife #blackorchiddoesmexico2019

Let’s kick coronavirus’ ass!!! Let’s do everything we can to pay our teams! Let’s THRIVE on the other side of this! We believe in our fellow Austin Salons and stylists and we’re rooting for you! FIGHT. SHARE. SUPPORT. THRIVE ♥️

(Independent contractors will need their tax return instead of payroll costs to apply) EVERYONE WHO EARNED WAGES in 2019 qualified! They do not run a credit report.

And remember, small businesses pay for unemployment. NOT the government. Let’s make 2021 a success. #salonlove #stylistlove #teamlove

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Did you know that unlike regular shampoo and conditioner you can apply dry shampoo and conditioner while watching Tiger King? And better yet, unlike the Tiger King all @kevin.murphy products are @peta certified 💕🐯 go to and getcha some!
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Got roots? How about a hat? JUST KIDDING. I mean, Emma and her bf did look adorbs in their hats on vacay last year but we’ve got some other options! Swipe to see Goldwell’s root touch-up powder! It’ll be for sale on our website tomorrow! $29.50. They have shades for everyone including blondes! Search “goldwell root powder” on YouTube to see it in real life.
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Our online store is HERE!
ALL kevin Murphy products are available and we are adding Kerasilk today. You can dm us or email us if you’d like to order any Kerasilk that you don’t see on our website.

SAFELY touch-up your roots at home with our Retouch.Me Root Sprays by #kevinmurphy. Buy online at

Cover gray roots and soften that growth line without damaging your hair or ruining your professional color. Your color will look so good nobody would even guess you’re not wearing pants on that Zoom call!
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Use Venmo PayPal or Zelle and Your products will be shipped to you directly from Kevin Murphy!
Start making orders TOMORROW, Sunday (4/5/20) at
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Relaxing. Speaking of relaxing I saw @suzstocking over at @ritualsalonatx post some gentle advice I really loved. I’m paraphrasing but the message was: Now is a great time to let your hair heal. Maybe by letting it air dry and giving up hot tools for a bit. Give your scalp a break by washing a little less often. Let your scalp and ph do their thing. Grow your bangs or layers out. If you’ve been wanting a big change, it’ll feel even bigger letting your hair grow a bit now and you’ll have more options. Seeing roots? Embrace that natural color for a bit. Shoot, embrace that line! (She didn’t say that part, now I’m going off the rails) It gives us one more thing to look forward to. One more reminder of what was and what’s to come. But for right now, let it be. Let’s rest.

We know some of you are running low on products. There are strict rules against selling our product lines online. We are reaching out to our reps for suggestions during this strange time. Since we aren’t considered an essential business we aren’t allowed to carry out any operations right now. We’ll keep you posted. Our current advice is to ration. Wash less, go natural for a bit and whatever you do, don’t buy Kevin Murphy or Kerasilk online! It’s not real!! They have teams dedicated to busting amazon/ebay sellers and anyone who sells online as most are either counterfeit or diluted.

Luxury hair products are essential for chemically treated hair and ideal for maintaining a healthy scalp. However, these are strange times and what was once considered essential has been flipped upside down.

Our promise to you is that we fully support whatever you need to do right now to keep your sanity. If you have to use grocery store shampoo, it’s ok. It wont ruin your hair overnight. It won’t ruin your hair in a month. It’s long term use that really does damage. It might fade your color quicker but that’s a small price to pay to keep everyone safe. We’ll be giving free deep conditioning treatments to anyone who ran out of their salon products when we reopen. WE GOT YOU 😘
Our next post will be dedicated to box color! Stay tuned!
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Tbt. Mexico 2019. We’re all trying hard to make our staycations feel like vacation! But the truth is, we miss y’all, we miss each other, we miss doing hair, we miss fighting over the music, and we def still miss cenoté life.

Hang in there. We’ll be back in action as soon as the coast is clear ✨
#austinstylist #austinsalon #staycation #wemissvacation #wemissourclients #comebackkids

Sorry for delay, I thought this posted Monday!
Thank you all SO much for 11 years of support. Because of YOU and our incredible staff we will be able to weather this storm. We believe we are all in this together and we know that many of you are in the same boat as us. We appreciate all of you who have asked for Venmo and PayPal to help us out but we truly believe it is our responsibility to take care of our staff in a time like this. I cannot wrap my mind around putting our burden onto the shoulders of our clients who are also carrying this same burden.

We are beyond grateful that because of your support over the years, whether you came in once, you’ve been a lifer, you wrote us a review, you referred a friend or you simply visited our social media or website... because of YOU none of our staff is getting laid off, none of our staff is getting furloughed and none of us are losing our benefits! All of our staff is getting paid 60% to 70% of their average wages (including tips) 💪💪💪🙌🙌🙌Thank you all SO much! Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts 💕

At the same time our hearts are breaking for all the hairstylists out there who are furloughed, laid off or independent contractors still having to pay salons their booth rent. We were not expecting to see so many of our fellow hairdressers lose their jobs overnight. We are so sorry for everyone who is scared and suffering right now, regardless of your industry.

In an effort to help and maybe spark some new ideas for other salon owners I’m going to share what we’re doing to get through this.

•Owners and management MUST cut their pay to support their team.

•Aak your business’ mortgage company to defer payments and attach detailed recovery plan so they know you are serious and plan to pay back asap.

•Ask any credit card companies and lenders you work with to defer your payments for 90 days and to lower your interest rates

•Transfer Balances to 0% interest cards

•If you have lines of credit, ask for lower rates and deferred payments on those too.

•Create a “Shared Work Program” with the Texas Workforce Commission. They will split payroll with you through unemployment insurance and allow your employees to keep their benefits and not experience a massive reduction in pay. Your employees can even get another job while the salon is closed for shelter-in-place. You will have to pay it back eventually the same way you would unemployment chargebacks through your tax rate. But it’s 0% interest and you have a super long time to pay it back.

•Apply for a disaster relief loan through the at 30 year terms, 3.75 interest rates.

*we are not banking on this as the website only started working for me last night. If we do get help, it’s months out. But we’ll take it!

•cancel all non-essential subscriptions and expenses.

•Be an honest, open book with your staff and be real about the long road back to thriving. It’s really beautiful what happens when we all know we have one another’s back. When we told our Black Orchid Family that we would do everything in our power to make sure they can pay their bills, eat, and not go into debt over essential costs, So many of our stylists offered to cut their pay even more to support the whole team. I seriously cry everytime I think about this. And I know that ALL of our team would do the same for each other. I always knew they were kind and awesome but times like these are when everyone’s true colors show. And y’all, team B.O.S. is sparkling, glowing, and radiating the most magical colors! ♥️

•We created a “worse case scenario plan” In the event we end up being closed way longer than we can afford. I know this is unconventional but so is this crisis. We created this plan by asking each employee what their essential monthly costs are and personalized our plan that way. TOGETHER we survive. It’s not about profit right now, it’s about not going into debt, nurturing our mental and physical health and feeling supported. It’s about humanity.

•after exhausting all options, if you cannot come up with the resources to pay your employees at least 60% of their normal wages you could use the above, personalized plan right away along with TWC’s Shared Work Unemployment plan.

*For the shared work plan you will need your staff to work from home while the stay-at-home order is in place. Hairstylists can’t do hair from home for many reasons but they’re creative AF! They can work on social media campaigns, create educational classes, write salon blogs, make how-to tutorials, build new systems for areas you’ve been needing help, etc...

•In a crisis like this, the burden cannot fall on our clients who are in the same crisis. It is on the owners/investors to work with their whole team and to go to those above us (lenders, mortgage provider, sba, government etc..) And we need to aggressively plow ahead so our teams aren’t left in the dust and, so we all have a financially stable salon to come back to.

Good luck out there, don’t give up! Our stylists need us now more than ever! I believe in you ✨✨✨

So much love,
Meshelle and everyone at Black Orchid Salon


Get a sweet cut? Amazing color?? (of COURSE you did!) Then make sure you get a pic from your stylist so we can feature you on our page!!
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Candle game is strong 💪🏼
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Shag cut with balayage tips by @emmaczarhair ✂️
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All this craziness doesn’t mean you can’t have great hair!! 💁🏼‍♀️ #bobhaircut
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@its_me_emali NAILED this Blue Bob 💅🏻💅🏻😍😍
#hairstyles #throwback

Oh heyyyy Tuesday 😎
#salonlife✂️ #blackorchidsalon #austintx #goodhairday #tuesdaymotivation

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3801 S. Congress Ave, Ste 105
Austin, TX

General information

We offer hair services, facial waxing and make-up. We also do weddings and various photo shoots.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 09:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 21:00
Thursday 09:00 - 21:00
Friday 09:00 - 21:00
Saturday 09:00 - 18:00
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