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We help clients reach their healthy weight as we learn and live the daily habits to live a longer, healthier life.

We help you imagine and reach your healthy living goals. Reaching your healthy weight, how to move more in a sweet and yummy way, ensuring high quality sleep, how to create a great support system, how to reduce stress and live more serenely and more joyously, we do it all! With healthy habits as your foundation, you can launch your dream life!

Mission: To support individuals transform their lives as they leverage the power of the Habits of Health!

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Austin Health Coaching

Austin Health Coaching

Austin Health Coaching

Weight loss and living healthy - Susan and Shane lost a combined total of 80 pounds and have kept it off for over 3 years. Shane's blood pressure is now within a healthy range.

[08/04/16]   Rob is a Navy diver and Renee is a nurse, but they just couldn't get a handle on a healthy lifestyle to feel their best. Teaming up with the Health Coach support, they have both seen significant improvements in so many areas. Renee used to have intense fatigue and joint pain from inflammation, but not anymore! This "after" picture was taken when they got engaged a few weeks ago and it’s just beautiful!

[08/04/16]   Two days ago we noted that:

“We have been around for more than 8 years, and have assisted more than 600 people. Many come to us first for weight loss, and none are better than us: safest, best tested, nutritionally sound, predictable weight loss. And yet, weight loss – no matter how grounded in science and proven support – without a commitment to Optimal Wellbeing begins to drift into the realm of ‘fixing’ something or ‘getting rid of’ something we don’t want”

And we also noted that:

“[we too are in] a time of rebirth and renewal”


Because we started as the best way to produce predictable weight loss

Because we will never maintain our weight loss without embracing new habits – these are the habits that we guide members through in our proven Habits of Health system

Because no matter how wonderful the Habits of Health, without a fundamental shift, without a commitment to YOU, quick weight loss is just that – a quick fix before we drift back to old ways … and the drift to old ways produces the same old results: FAT ACCUMULATION. And possibly more medications.

In the past, of course we’d shared all of this upfront. We hoped that when members experienced fat burn, their bodies shrinking, increased energy – many reporting they’d felt better in 2 weeks than they had in years – that they’d want to embrace the habits that produced these feelings. And once they lived these habits, they’d want to step into Optimal Wellbeing.

Some do. Some don’t. Some drift back to old ways. Permanently. So what’s the point of starting any journey if you aren’t excited about your future destination? There really isn’t one.

In our renewal, we start with the END. What does your Future Self look like, feel like, experience? What does your Future Self have, get to do, get to be? We lead from the future to act now. In other words, we start with a conversation about Optimal Wellbeing. If this isn’t something you are curious about, best not start the journey. You only end up where you started. What’s the point in that?

So let’s start with a conversation about what matters most to you – your hopes, dreams, values, aspirations. These become your North Star pulling you forward, leaving behind everything that doesn’t fit your vision, including the extra weight that doesn’t serve you.

Want to have a conversation about your Future Self?

Austin Health Coaching's cover photo

[08/01/16]   Have you ever wanted to hit the “Reset” button?

August 1st is a great time to do it. A new month, a new season – we count August 1st as the first day of our next 12 week cycle. Really it’s just a new day. Any day can be Day 1. And why not?

Today will be just like yesterday. Yes, it’s true. But it’s only true if any only if we make the same choices today as we did yesterday.
But what if we chose something new? Different? In line with our hearts true desire? Magic is possible.

So this might just be a time of renewal and rebirth for you. It is most definitely a time of rebirth and renewal for Austin Health Coaching.

We have been around for more than 8 years, and have assisted more than 600 people. Many come to us first for weight loss, and none are better than us: safest, best tested, nutritionally sound, predictable weight loss.

And yet, weight loss – no matter how grounded in science and proven support – without a commitment to Optimal Wellbeing begins to drift into the realm of “fixing” something or “getting rid of” something we don’t want.

That’s what most “weight loss” approaches offer.

We don’t.

We are about Optimal Wellbeing, assisting you through a proven process that allows you to create the life you want organized around what matters most to you.

Do you see weight loss in that? Not explicitly but it’s there.

Once we get committed to what we want most, we begin to rid ourselves of what we currently have that doesn’t fit that vision.

So yes, reaching our healthy weight is a big part of that, and reducing and/or eliminating medications.

How can we live our dream come true life without our dream come true body?

Austin Health Coaching

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New 5 Star Review:

"Diane is incredible! She told me it would be easy so I choose to start my health journey over the holidays.... She was right! I lost 15 lbs while enjoying all the holiday festivities with friends and family. Austin Health Coaching was there for me all along the way - helping me "stop, challenge & choose" my health. If you've struggled with weightloss, you owe it to yourself to call Duane. She's one of the most caring and possitive people I've ever met!" To make the change you've been dreaming of, call Austin Health Coaching. Our family of dedicated Austin, TX Weight Loss staff provides excellent counsel and proven techniques to last a lifetime.

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General information

Optimal Health—that juicy feeling of harmony and joy when we enhance our choices around the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of living. We feel vibrant, have great quality of life indicators and a set of lifestyle habits that make us feel better each day. We aren’t lost in the mindlessness of too much nor restricted by the prohibitions of too little. We find the “sweet spot” of great living. We also specifically help clients reach their healthy weight through a comprehensive nutritional and behavior change program that supports you living a longer and healthier life.

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Monday 08:00 - 20:00
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