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Operating as usual

Personalized Hearing Solutions

Join us this Friday, 5/1 at 4:00 pm CST for a free webinar to discuss Personalized Hearing Solutions. Watch this video to learn more. To register visit:

[03/27/20]   WE ARE OPEN!
• Curb Side Service Available
• Remote Programming Available
• Same Day Testing and Delivery
• Connect with an Audiologist from the comfort of your home
• We are spacing our appointments to allow for appropriate sanitation of our clinic between patients

We are here for you. Schedule your appointment Today!

[03/17/20]   Over the past few weeks, we have learned about the developing spread of the COVID-19 Virus commonly known as the coronavirus. Our staff has always kept and continue to keep our clinics clean and safe for all of our patients and staff. We wipe down all surfaces, tools, and equipment between patients and sanitize the office regularly. The safety of our staff and patients is our number one concern. Needless to say, these efforts are redoubled at this time.

In addition, we are in contact with all local and national authorities to stay compliant and informed of local needs and follow all guidelines. These authorities include the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, as well as local governments. In addition to providing the cleanest clinic possible, we encourage everyone to take a few simple steps to better avoid the spread of this virus, including:

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water.
• Avoid unnecessary contact with others.
• Avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth.
• Cleaning all common surfaces including your phone/tablet regularly.

In addition, we encourage everyone to handle their own hearing aids and avoid others touching them as much as possible. Please reach out to us prior to using chemicals to wipe down your hearing aids. Some chemicals can actually damage your devices. Our offices are here to continue to provide the concierge level of care that you have come to expect from us; we can give your hearing aids a deep cleaning for you.

We are proud to serve you and the entire community with better hearing and look forward to continuing the work of helping to connect you to those you love. There has never been a more important time to be able to hear and never a better time to connect to those around you.

Our patient Mark left our clinic with our newest artificial intelligence hearing aids this past week and was so excited to share with us that he is now able to communicate with his wife clearly, hear his son, and it reminded him that he laughs very loudly. “Sounds seem truer, the phone support is outstanding, and I wish they could be worn 24/7.” Stories like these are why we are passionate about saving hearing lives. Thank you Mark for sharing your wonderful experience and revitalized sounds of your life!

Otosclerosis and Our Ears

Did you know there are tiny bones inside your middle ear that help you hear sound? If anything impedes these bones from moving freely, you may end up with hearing loss... Otosclerosis usually results in a hearing loss because the tiny bones in the middle ear are "fixed" and unable to move freely.

Aren’t All Hearing Aids The Same?

Great question! Are all hearing aids the same? Yes and now. First, there are many different technologies and features that are available within today’s hearing...

Hearing loss, diminished verbal fluency and hospitalizations can signal cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease, studies find

In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, participants "...who reported hearing loss were found to be more likely to score poorer on cognitive tests and roughly three times as likely to have mild cognitive impairment, as compared with those who reported normal hearing." Spotting signs is crucial because drug treatment and prevention strategies are most effective at the earliest stages of dementia.

Unilateral Hearing Loss

You may have heard the term "unilateral hearing loss" or "single-sided deafness," but what are the causes, and how do we as hearing professionals treat it? Read this blog by provider Nassim Diaz to find out!
#hearingloss Unilateral hearing loss refers to the condition in which a patient has normal hearing in one ear and a hearing impairment in the other ear.

Hearing Aids - Facts vs Fiction

Five common myths about hearing aids debunked! Separating hearing aid fact from fiction. We take a look at the truths and some common misconceptions surrounding hearing aids.

The Washington Post | Eating out may be bad for your ears

Noisy restaurants could be harming our hearing...
#hearingloss The decibel levels at many popular dining spots are rising above what audiologists consider safe for extended periods. Consistently listening to...

[07/10/17]   Join us at our Better Hearing Open House July 11 - 13 and receive a free hearing test!

Click the "Book Now" button on our page to schedule your appointment, or call (512) 361-6249 for more information.

#HearingFactFriday: Wearing hearing aids helps with motivation

Yet another reason to seek help for #hearingloss!
#hearingaids Wearing hearing aids boosts optimism, is good for relationships, may improve balance, and can positively impact our quality of life in lots of...

Did you know?...(4th of July trivia!)

The first known use of the phrase "United States of America" was in an anonymous essay in The Virginia Gazette newspaper in Williamsburg, Virginia, on April 6, 1776. This name must have sounded good to founding fathers John Dickinson and Thomas Jefferson, who then used the phrase in the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence, respectively. Also, the preamble of the Constitution refers to our country as "the United States of America," and the rest is history.

One more little-known fact: our manufacturer, Starkey Hearing Technologies, is the only United States manufacturer of hearing aids.

Happy Independence Day!

#HearingFactFriday: Fireworks are loud

If you're at a #fireworks show this weekend, remember to wear earplugs to protect your hearing!
#hearingloss #hearingaids #4thofJuly #IndependenceDay At 150 to 175 decibels, fireworks actually exceed our hearing threshold for pain. They can also cause immediate hearing damage if you are too close...

Watch Mickey and Minnie use sign language to make this little boy's day

Mickey and Minnie Mouse know sign language? Who knew?! The Disneyland characters surprised 3-year-old Phoenix Fox, who is mostly deaf, by using sign language.

How Common Is Hearing Loss?

These hearing loss statistics may alarm you... How common is hearing loss? According to the latest figures, there are enough Americans with hearing loss to replace the entire population of...

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Raise Your Risk of Hearing Loss? | Reader's Digest

As always, talk to your doctor about potential side effects before taking new medications.
#hearingloss The sad fact is that our risk of hearing loss increases as we age. But can hormone replacement therapy make it happen sooner? A new study...

Can Ear Infections Cause Hearing Loss?

Tell your doctor if you notice hearing problems that accompany an ear infection. What is ear infection hearing loss? Infection in the middle ear can cause fluid to build up, obstructing the movement of the eardrum and the tiny...

Ear-to-Ear Wireless Hearing Aid Communication

With Binaural Spatial Mapping, making changes to your hearing aids' settings is a breeze! With ear-to-ear wireless hearing aid communication, changes made to one aid will automatically be applied to the other side.

We will always remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. "Thank you" is simply not enough.

Why Do I Have A Hard Time Hearing In Noise?

Do you find it difficult to engage in conversation in a noisy restaurant? Here's why... One of the first signs of hearing loss is when someone, who typically hears well in quiet environments, struggles to hear in noise. Why is that?

How Diabetes Affects Your Hearing

"Although hearing loss is common as you get older, hearing professionals often find that the degree of hearing loss in someone with diabetes is more severe than someone of the same age who does not have diabetes." Hearing loss is more common if you have poorly controlled diabetes.

Hearing Aid Feedback

"Today’s industry-leading hearing aid feedback cancellation system allows us to increase patients’ prescriptions without feedback. This is very important and can extend the life of a set of hearing aids by years." Hearing aid feedback used to be a huge factor when recommending instruments to patients. That is, until Starkey created the PureWave Feedback...

Q-tips are sending thousands of kids to the ER

Think twice before using cotton swabs to clean your child's ears! Feel the need to clean your child's ears? Step away from that cotton swab.

Hearing Loss and Fluid in the Ear

Fluid in the ear can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, not to mention hearing loss. Fortunately, we have excellent relationships with local ear, nose and throat doctors, who can help determine the cause of your symptoms and offer treatment. What should you do for hearing loss caused by fluid in the ear? Provider Ron Ragsdale gives his expert advice and discusses ENT referrals.

May is Better Hearing Month!
We'd like to know: how do you protect your hearing? Comment below!

Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss | Reader's Digest

Loud noise isn't the only thing that can be harmful to your hearing... You know to grab earplugs at a rock concert, but from diabetes to spin class, these other causes of hearing loss may surprise you.

Custom Hearing Aids — Personalization Perfected

Did you know President Ronald Reagan was fit with Starkey custom hearing aids in 1983? Custom hearing aids provide great comfort to the wearer because they are molded to fit each unique ear shape. Just as no two people are alike, no two sets of ears or hearing needs are the same. Custom hearing aids were engineered to take advantage of that....

You’re Losing Hearing Faster Than You Think

"We've become so accustomed to blaring sound...that even our definition of what 'loud' is has changed." What we know: Twice as many people now have hearing loss as in the Eighties.

Clarity of Speech in Noise

Ever wonder how our hearing aids allow for better understanding of speech in noisy environments? This article may shed some light... Having trouble understanding conversations in noisy environments? Voice iQ2 is a program for hearing aids designed to maintain clarity of speech in...

Hearing Aids May Improve Balance

The use of hearing aids may help improve balance in older individuals... Hearing aids may improve balance and reduce the risk of falling in older adults studies show. Because our ears help provide auditory landmarks for...

What is your favorite sound of #Spring? Comment below with your answer!

Hearing Aids Improve More Than Hearing

Studies have shown that most hearing aid wearers feel their instruments have improved their quality of life! Hearing aids improve more than just hearing studies show. Hearing aids have been shown to be a life investment, improving overall health and...

Asymmetrical Hearing Loss

Possible causes of asymmetrical hearing loss can be something as simple as the patient spending a lot of time firing weapons; in that case the hearing loss usually is in the ear opposite the weapon. If you ever experience sudden hearing loss in only one ear, seek professional help from your doctor immediately. Asymmetrical hearing loss means the degree and configuration of the hearing loss are different in each ear (one ear hears worse than the other).

What I Would Tell Myself a Year After Experiencing Sudden Hearing Loss

When experiencing sudden hearing loss, the sooner you get treatment, the better the chances of saving your hearing. "The sudden-onset ringing is from hearing loss, not secondary to something else."

Welcome to NewSound Hearing Centers

NewSound Hearing Centers proudly serves residents of North Austin. Our audiologist, along with our state-of-the-art technology, is ready to offer solutions for your hearing loss or tinnitus. From your first hearing test to your personalized solution, we are here for you.

Our office is committed to our community. Each month, our staff calls on local nursing homes and assisted living centers to provide clean-n-checks and repairs for those patients unable to travel.

Services Offered:

  • Ear canal exams
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    Personalized Hearing Solutions



    2525 West Anderson Lane, Suite 288
    Austin, TX

    Opening Hours

    Monday 09:00 - 17:00
    Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
    Friday 09:00 - 17:00
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