Little Tesoros Therapy Services

Little Tesoros Therapy Services

Little Tesoros provides therapy for children with a variety of circumstances Little Tesoros Therapy Services provides physical, occupational and speech therapy within the fun, playful atmosphere of our clinic as well as in homes, schools, and other community sites.

Operating as usual

4th Annual Pediatric Brain Injury Conference. Registrants will receive a conference program, as well as brochures from top sponsors and a copy of Tim Siegel’s book, “It’s in God’s Hands”. The first 200 people that register will also receive “How to Feed a Brain” by Cavin Balaster. Registration is free.

Treasured News September 2020 Call Us At: 512-248-2422 Our Programs FAQ's & Resources Please see below for LTTS COVID-19 Policy Updates & Reminders, information about late cancellation and late arrival fees, and remote payment opt

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Dear LTTS Families ~
We are OPEN. We reopened both clinics on June 1st.

Please read our Policy Updates here and know that we are taking extra precautions to protect our patients and staff.

We continue to follow the developments related to COVID-19. Though LTTS already follows industry standard infection control practices, we are taking extra precautions to better protect our patients and staff.

For clinic patients and all visitors:

*An LTTS staff member will check temperatures of all patients, caregivers, and other visitors prior to entering the treatment area.
*If 99.6 or greater (without medication), everyone in that person’s party must leave. We will not charge a late cancellation fee.
*All patients and visitors will be screened prior to every session.
*If "Yes” to any question, everyone in that person’s party must leave. We will not charge a late cancellation fee.

Face Masks/Covers

*Therapists will wear a face mask/cover throughout all sessions.
*Anyone entering the lobby of LTTS is REQUIRED to wear a mask at all times.
*Patients may be asked to wear a face mask/cover. Please provide a face cover for your child. You can speak with your child’s therapist to discuss whether a mask will be needed and appropriate for your child.
*Please work with your child now to increase tolerance of wearing a face cover for the duration of his/her time in the clinic (if appropriate). This is an important life skill for us all for the foreseeable future, and it dramatically reduces risk of potential exposure for your child’s therapist(s).
*Please refer to the CDC website for additional information about who should/shouldn’t wear a face cover, as well as information about making your own face cover and washing it: (

Clinic Check-In:

*We will be screening patients and their attending caregiver at the front door of the clinic, prior to check-in.
*We will have areas designated on the floor for waiting 6 feet apart from other families:
*Please do not check in for screening more than 10 minutes before your child’s scheduled appointment.
*Please place a card on file for payments to eliminate the need for financial transactions at the front desk.
*Receipts will be emailed rather than printed.

We have implemented social distancing practices in the clinic including:

*Maintaining 6-foot distance from other patients/family members.
*Avoiding hugs, handshakes, and other close contact whenever possible.
*Avoiding all social play activities with other patients/peers.

In addition, we are also asking all families to follow the below policies:

*Please note clinic lobby occupancy limits, and maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others:
**No more than 4 people in Cedar Park lobby.
**No more than 9 people in North Austin lobby.
*Children may NOT wander throughout the lobby.
*Parents/caregivers should wait in their car after screening if at all possible.
*If a caregiver must join the therapy session, this must be limited to ONLY ONE ADULT.
*Please ensure our front desk has the cell phone number of the adult present.
*Your therapist will return your child to your car after the session, and will provide recommendations and feedback on the session at that time, or at a later time as needed via email, text, or phone call.
*You may arrange with your therapist a time to return at the end of the session to receive training and feedback, as needed.
*Siblings (including children in an adult’s care who are not receiving therapy):
*Absolutely NO other children/siblings may enter the treatment space.
*Families with siblings present must wait in their car.
*Siblings may NOT use patient toys/resources.
*Utilize the building restrooms, rather than the restrooms within the LTTS clinics, which will be used only by patients during their session.
**In Cedar Park – the restroom is in the main building lobby, beyond the elevators.
**In North Austin – the restroom is in the main building lobby.
**You may enter through the main building entrances (front of building facing Burnet Rd, or back of building facing rear parking lot).
*Please DO NOT walk through the clinic space to get to the main building restroom to allow us to maintain maximal social distancing for patients in the internal clinic hallways.
*Be prepared to come in to the clinic to assist your child with changes of diaper/pull-up/clothing related to incontinence. We will contact you by cell phone for your assistance.

We will also:

Have patients and therapists wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arriving in the treatment space, and before leaving.
*Disinfect frequently-touched surfaces at least hourly throughout the clinic.
*Ensure that all therapists/patients vacate the treatment space 5 minutes prior to the next session to allow for thorough cleaning of the area.
*Avoid use of toys/swings that have cloth surfaces &/or can’t be cleaned thoroughly between patients (e.g. stuffed animals, puppets, cloth-covered swings).

Thank you so much for trusting us with your most important treasures! And thank you so much for working with us to keep your children and our staff healthy!

- LTTS Management Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

[03/24/20]   Dear LTTS families,

After much consideration, LTTS will temporarily close both clinics at the end of business today (Monday, March 23, 2020). We will offer Telehealth visits during this closure. If your child receives home-based services, and your therapist is available to continue those services, that will continue at this time. The majority of our services will be offered via Telehealth, by way of live video sessions.

LTTS has taken every possible precaution to continue to offer clinic-based services safely to our patients, and we do not have any guidance or orders requiring us to close our clinics at this time. However, we believe this is an eventuality, and we have decided to act in advance of governmental orders in the best interest of our families, our staff, and our community. We want to take this time to get our therapists and your children up and running with Telehealth sooner rather than later.

Here are a few things to expect, as well as a few things we know will contribute to the success of Telehealth therapy sessions:
Watch your email for a consent form that must be signed & submitted BEFORE any Telehealth sessions can take place.
If your insurance requires a co-payment or co-insurance, and you do not yet have a credit card on file, our office will need to speak to you by phone to set up payment.
Plan to have a caregiver present and available to participate/assist throughout the entire duration of the therapy session.
Telehealth appointments will typically last 40-45 minutes for OT & PT, and 30-40 minutes for ST.
Let your therapist know if you will be attending the session using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Our current cancellation policies will also apply to Telehealth sessions. Please let your therapist know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
Be aware that sessions will need to be set up and canceled separately with each therapist, if your child receives services with multiple therapists.
Expect that it may take you, your child, and your therapist some time to adapt to this new way of delivering therapy services.
Please keep the lines of communication open with your therapist so we can help your child receive the greatest benefit from Telehealth.
Reimbursement for Telehealth services:
On 3/17/2020 the Texas Commissioner of Insurance, under the authority of Governor Abbott and in response to the current public health crisis, enacted an order that states health benefit plans must provide coverage and reimburse providers to the same extent and at the same rates for Telehealth visits as the plan would cover for in-person visits.
Our past experience with insurance reimbursement tells us that things don't always go as smoothly as expected following a sudden change like this. Our billing department is prepared to spend time communicating with your insurance company to ensure that your current benefits are honored. We may ask for your help reaching out to your insurance company should challenges arise.
Medicaid plans:
OT & ST: Services will be honored under current authorizations.
PT: We continue to wait for confirmation that Medicaid plans will cover PT via Telehealth under this order.
If your child is covered under a commercial insurance plan with a Medicaid plan as a secondary, we can continue PT services via Telehealth by billing your primary insurance only. You will be responsible for any applicable copays, coinsurance, or deductible as required by your commercial plan. You will have to sign an agreement acknowledging that we will not bill Medicaid for PT.
If your child's Medicaid plan is their primary insurance, we can continue PT via telehealth at private pay rates. You will have to sign an agreement acknowledging that we will not bill Medicaid for PT.
We will update you if/when we receive confirmation that PT Telehealth will be covered by Medicaid plans.
We know this transition will pose some challenges, some expected and some unforeseen. We thank you in advance for your flexibility and grace as we venture into unexpected territory in providing Telehealth therapy services. You have our word that we will do everything possible to make it a fruitful and beneficial alternative for your child, until we can get back to doing what we do best.

En Espanol:

Queridas familias LTTS,

Después de mucha consideración, LTTS cerrará temporalmente ambas clínicas al final del negocio hoy. Ofreceremos visitas a Telesalud durante este cierre. Si su hijo recibe servicios en el hogar y su terapeuta está disponible para continuar con esos servicios, los que continuarán en este momento. La mayoría de nuestros servicios se ofrecerán a través de Telehealth, a través de sesiones de vídeo en directo.

LTTS ha tomado todas las precauciones posibles para continuar ofreciendo servicios clínicos de forma segura a nuestros pacientes, y no tenemos ninguna orientación u órdenes que nos requieran cerrar nuestras clínicas en este momento. Sin embargo, creemos que esto es una eventualidad, y hemos decidido actuar antes de las órdenes gubernamentales en el mejor interés de nuestras familias, nuestro personal y nuestra comunidad. Queremos tomarnos este tiempo para poner a nuestros terapeutas y a sus hijos en marcha con Telehealth más pronto que tarde.

Estas son algunas cosas que puedes esperar, así como algunas cosas que sabemos que contribuirán al éxito de las sesiones de terapia de telesalud:
Vea su correo electrónico para ver un formulario de consentimiento
que debe ser firmado y enviado ANTES de que cualquier sesión de Telesalud pueda tener lugar.
Si su seguro requiere un copago o coseguro, y aún no tiene una tarjeta de crédito registrada, nuestra oficina tendrá que hablar con usted por teléfono para configurar el pago.
Planee tener un cuidador presente y disponible para participar/asistir durante toda la duración de la sesión de terapia.
Las citas de telesalud suelen durar 40-45 minutos para OT & PT, y 30-40 minutos para ST.
Informe a su terapeuta si asistirá a la sesión con una computadora, tableta o teléfono inteligente.
Nuestras políticas de cancelación actuales también se aplicarán a las sesiones de Telesalud. Por favor, informe a su terapeuta tan pronto como sea posible si necesita cancelar o reprogramar su cita.
Tenga en cuenta que las sesiones deberán configurarse y cancelarse por separado con cada terapeuta, si su hijo recibe servicios con varios terapeuta
Espere que le tome a usted, a su hijo y a su terapeuta algún tiempo para adaptarse a esta nueva forma de ofrecer servicios de terapia.
Por favor, mantenga las líneas de comunicación abiertas con su terapeuta para que podamos ayudar a su hijo a recibir el mayor beneficio de Telesalud.
Reembolso por servicios de Telesalud:
El 3/17/2020, el Comisionado de Seguros de Texas, bajo la autoridad del Gobernador Abbott y en respuesta a la actual crisis de salud pública, promulgó una orden que establece que los planes de beneficios de salud deben proporcionar cobertura y reembolsar a los proveedores en la misma medida y a las mismas tarifas para las visitas de Telesalud que el plan cubriría para las visitas en persona.
Nuestra experiencia pasada con el reembolso del seguro nos dice que las cosas no siempre van tan bien como se esperaba después de un cambio repentino como este. Nuestro departamento de facturación está preparado para pasar tiempo comunicándose con su compañía de seguros para asegurarse de que sus beneficios actuales son respetados. Podemos solicitar su ayuda para llegar a su compañía de seguros en caso de que surjan desafíos.
Planes de Medicaid:
OT & ST: Los servicios serán respetados bajo las autorizaciones actuales.
Seguimos esperando la confirmación de que los planes de Medicaid cubrirán PT a través de Telesalud bajo este pedido.
Si su hijo está cubierto por un plan de seguro comercial con un plan Medicaid como secundario, podemos continuar con los servicios de PT a través de Telesalud mediante la facturación de su seguro primario solamente. Usted será responsable de cualquier copago, coseguro o deducible aplicable según lo requiera su plan comercial. Usted tendrá que firmar un acuerdo reconociendo que no facturaremosa Medicaid por PT.
Si el plan Medicaid de su hijo es su principal seguro, podemos continuar con PT a través de telesalud a tarifas de pago privadas. Usted tendrá que firmar un acuerdo reconociendo que no facturaremosa Medicaid por PT.
Le actualizaremos si/cuandorecibamos la confirmación de que PT Telesalud estará cubierto por los planes de Medicaid.
Sabemos que esta transición planteará algunos desafíos, algunos esperados y algunos imprevistos. Le agradecemos de antemano su flexibilidad y gracia mientras nos aventuramos en territorio inesperado en la prestación de servicios de terapia de telesalud. Usted tiene nuestra palabra de que haremos todo lo posible para que sea una alternativa fructífera y beneficiosa para su hijo, hasta que podamos volver a hacer lo que mejor hacemos.

For additional information, please find the latest national, state, and local COVID-19 information at the following websites:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Texas Department of State Health Services
Austin Public Health
Williamson County and Cities Public Health District

Thank you so much for trusting us with your most important treasures!

If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, or feel that your expectations aren't being met, please let us know via the contact page of our website or by calling our offices at (512) 248-2422 and speaking with a manager.


Donna S. Smith, PT, C/NDT, Owner

[03/13/20]   We are OPEN. We are taking extra precautions in the clinic and plan to stay open. We have emailed our action plan to our current families and have our plan posted in the clinics.

[02/13/20]   Registration is Open!

We are Determined!

Feel free to sign up to walk or donate. Please join me in supporting the ASF Walk to find a cure for Angelman syndrome.

Hanen Professional Development – Workshops and Training For more information on local travel and accommodation, please contact Mindy Li by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 512-248-2422.

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9101 Burnet Rd, Ste 103
Austin, TX

General information

Mission Our mission is to provide a fun and supportive environment that delivers ongoing growth and development for the treasures in our care. Vision Our vision empowers our children, families, and caregivers to live their lives in abundance. We accomplish this through comprehensive programs, a collaborative medical community, and support across the patient and family continuum. Values Our values are we believe in the motivation of fun, the power of love and trust, the camaraderie of community, and we honor the unique development of the treasures in our care.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:00
Thursday 08:00 - 18:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
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