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Excellent service, clean, I asked for more to be fixed but let them change the battery and register it and do a system check. Most would have soaked me for a ton of dollars, very trustworthy. We setup my BMW to have a schedule of maintenance and if I have any problems come in and they will expedite any work needed. Very satisfied.
We moved last fall from Kent all the way to Vermont. It's time to do scheduled maintenance on our faithful VW Golf that we shipped out here, but I really haven't gotten all our files organized yet, including the service records for the car... I called Auburn Foreign & Domestic today (where we used to have the car serviced), and Greg emailed me all the relevant service orders--so I won't end up paying for needless duplicate work here. 2800 miles away, and they're *still* "taking car" of us!! If you're looking for a reliable, full-service place to service your car, check 'em out. They are rock stars!

Auburn's first choice for auto repair since 1968! ASE certified technicians, Angie's List Super Service award, AAA approved, locally owned and operated. Come see us!

Our facility is a full service auto shop. Our mechanics are highly trained with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and repair equipment to make the right repair each time, the first time. Our Service Advisors get to know you, your vehicles and your needs to make the right recommendations for an auto service and repair experience that exceeds your expectations every time. Our customer check in and recently renovated family waiting area offers large comfortable chairs, couch and loveseat, new carpet, a child play area and two internet work stations complete with a color laser printer for your use. Auburn Foreign & Domestic Car has been named an AAA Top Shop 3 years running and have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 4 years in a row. We have also received awards from the Auburn Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business and the Auburn Reporters Best in Auto Repair!’ You can rest assured that we will treat you like a friend and your car like it was one of our own.

BMW M3 and BMW M4 GTS vs the clock

What do you get when you have two twin-turbo Bimmers, an empty track and two gearheads behind the wheels? A heckuva race! 🤘Watch the video here >>> We’ve staged a little in house battle this week between the BMW M3 Competition Pack and M4 GTS. The former has a 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six with 444bhp and 405lb ft, the latter uses the same engine, but has an extra 49bhp and 37lb ft of torque. The extra power comes courtesy of a water inje...

Failed brake calipers can cause:
* the pad attached to the caliper to rub on the rotor when the brake is released
* Reduced fuel efficiency and cause excessive wear on the affected pad
* Additional heat generated which can lead to warping of the rotor

When you need new brake calipers, Auburn Foreign & Domestic is ready to help >>>

BMW Says Its Big Grille Design Gets 'Very Positive' Feedback

New year, new grill. Are we fans of this new look for BMW? 🤔 >>> A report from Autocar cites a BMW executive as saying the company has received positive feedback on its new big grille design.

Auburn Foreign & Domestic fam! Quick appreciation post 🗣️ Thank you for the unwavering support you have shown our shop! The opportunity to do what we love is only possible because of you all 🙌

Anybody like a good engine rev battle??? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️ >>>


Video: you know you want this mutant Porsche ride-on

Time to take the old toy car from the garage and make some much necessary mods 🤩 >>> You’ve all heard it, especially during the summer. That familiar scratchy sound of hard plastic against pavement, as kids cruise around the driveways of suburbia to the aggressive whine of electric motors. We are of course talking about ride-ons, the harmless way for bumbling toddlers to learn car...

Dear Auburn Foreign & Domestic family...

Happy Valentine's day!

Engine light on? Sureee you can take a chance... But, is it worth the higher repair costs that could hit your wallet even harder?

Don't sleep on the check engine light! Get that checked out with us ASAP >>>

Robots Replace Humans the One Place We Least Expected: Motorcycles

Would you drive (ride) this self-driving BMW motorcycle??? 😯 >>> BMW's self-riding motorcycle may look like a movie prop, but it's an important piece of research into making motorcycling safer for us human riders.

Not being able to start your car is a bad feeling, but normally easily fixed by charging or replacing the battery of the car. Although in rare cases, your issue may reside in your alternator.

If you are having issues such as dimming lights and recurring dead batteries, it may be a good idea to come to get your alternator checked out >>>

Is this unofficial concept the flying Ferrari of the future?

The option to skip morning traffic? Count us in! >>> We know some things about Ferrari’s future without the need for Mystic Meg. We’ll see more hybrids, starting with the SF90 this year. There will be an SUV – the Purosangue – sometime in 2022. And, just maybe, some of the cars that come out of Maranello might just happen to be red.But what ha...

If You Don't Know, Now You Know. Frank Ocean Is DEFINITELY One Of Us. His EXTREME BMW E30 M3 Is UNLIKE The Others... - AutoSpies Auto News

Not only creating songs that will make you cry but also building Bimmers that will for sure cause the tears to flow 😍 What a beautiful BMW build from Frank Ocean! >>> If You Don't Know, Now You Know. Frank Ocean Is DEFINITELY One Of Us. His EXTREME BMW E30 M3 Is UNLIKE The Others...

There are several signs you should look for when you inspect your tires: tire tread length (should be longer than 1/16 of an inch), unevenly worn treads, sidewall damage, and bulges or blisters.

Don't ignore these symptoms. Schedule an appointment with us so that we can diagnose the issue >>>

E92 BMW M3 V8 (S65) is one of the decade's best engines, per Jalopnik

For all my car enthusiasts, what are some of your favorite BMW engines from this past decade? >>> In a recent Jalopnik list of the best engines from the last decade, the brilliant E92 BMW M3 4.0 liter V8 engine made the cut.

Ignoring the red Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) light could mean the difference between avoiding an accident from an ABS malfunction.

The Anti-lock brake function allows a driver to slow the vehicle using the braking system without skidding or sliding. So, if this light comes on it is advisable to bring your vehicle in ASAP to help ensure you and the safety of your riders 👍 >>>

Video: BMW 3 Series declared Safest Car on Sale in UK

BMW. JUST. KEEPS. ON. WINNING. 🙌 >>> In a new test from WhatCar, we get to see some of the most high-tech safety systems put to the test and the BMW 3 Series come out on top.

Exclusive Interview With The Stig: Talking to the Fastest Racer on Top Gear America - Motor Trend

Anyone watch Top Gear? What do you think about the new hosts? Forget any American cousin you may have seen, the Stig has landed in California to film the MotorTrend exclusive series Top Gear America.

If you are on flat terrain, a properly aligned vehicle will continue to move in a straight line with little steering. If your alignment is off, you might notice that it drifts either left or right. If the alignment is really bad, it can become difficult to drive.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, schedule an appointment with our mechanics here >>>

Watch the MINI Cooper SE escape from everyday life in "The E-talian Job"

Watch the MINI Cooper SE escape from everyday life in “The E-talian Job” Everyone remembers The Italian Job, right? The original one with Michael Caine, not the remake with the guy from The Funky Bunch. In the original, Charlie

Your dashboard shouldn't be a light show 😬

If your gauges are in the red or a light comes on your instrumentation panel, you should immediately bring your vehicle to Auburn Foreign & Domestic so that we can diagnose and correct the problem before it becomes an emergency >>>

The coolest cars from the 2019 New York Auto Show

The coolest cars from the 2019 New York Auto Show Exciting new concept cars and cool bits of technology from the 2019 New York Auto Show.

700-HP Mercedes E63 AMG Shatters Cross-America Record | Automobile - Automobile

This Mercedes shattered the cross-America record! This modified E63 AMG and a brazen team hurtled from New York City to Los Angeles in under 28 hours—breaking the Cannonball cross-country speed record.

According to AAA's Automotive Research Center, at 0°F, a car's battery loses about 60 percent of its strength and at 32°F it loses 35 percent. So, make sure you keep an eye on the temps and keep our contact on speed dial just in case your battery fails. >>>

What's the best non-M BMW 3 Series of all time?

What do you think BMW fans? What's the best non-M BMW 3 series of all time? Let's take a look back at some of the best non-M BMW 3 Series ever made, because there are actually quite a few excellent ones.

Schedule - Auburn Foreign & Domestic

PSA 🗣️ Brakes don't last forever! When the time is right, your brakes will begin to give off a few warning signs, such as squeaking and grinding, when utilized. If you suspect you need brake service, don't hesitate to reach out! >>> Request an appointment online at Auburn Foreign & Domestic for the best auto repair & maintenance service in Auburn, WA & surrounding areas!

Extremely Illegal Record For Cross-Country Cannonball Run Shattered

Extremely illegal for sure. But, also extremely cool 👏 >>> What is America if not a country for people trying to speed from one ocean to the other in a car as fast as possible? The most notable of such efforts is called the Cannonball Run, and it’s just had its previous record cross-country time from 2013 shattered by three guys in a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG...

From Model T to Model 3: 100 Cars That Changed How We Drive

This is neat. The nostalgia is crazy! Comment below which legendary car coincides with the year you were born ⬇️ A century of four-wheeled mobility.

Technology is great! Until it fails us... 😭 If your vehicle's auto-locks fail, going back to the stone age of using your key to unlock your door may not be the worst that can happen, but for sure still inconvenient. Shoot us a call if you run into this issue so that we can help diagnose and create a plan to repair your car 👍 >>>

Gallery: how the Mercedes-Benz S-Class evolved

Beautiful Gallery: how the Mercedes-Benz S-Class evolved Merc's built half a million W222-gen S-Classes, but the history of the Big Benz is a long one

#Scenario: You're on your way out of town for a trip and your car breaks down 😕 You have already notified us that the tow truck will be bringing your vehicle to our garage. The tow truck won't be to you and your car for a few hours and you're starving! What go-to snacks would you want to have in your car to hold you over till your next meal??? >>>

Drive a BMW? Share a photo with us in the comments!

Start the year off fresh with a new set of brake pads. Your car deserves it 😉 >>>

The Loudest Cars That Car and Driver Has Ever Tested

Check out which makes made the cut for loudest car! At full throttle, these hot sports cars and supercars shoved insane decibels into their drivers' ears.

Is improving vehicle health on your list of New Year's resolutions? Yes?! Well, we are here and ready to help! Schedule an appointment today so that we can take a look at the current health of your vehicle to gauge the appropriate steps toward better overall vehicle healthiness >>>

Drive a Mercedes? Share a photo of your ride with us in the comments!

Here’s an excuse to look at excellent old Prodrive race cars

Check out these old Prodrive race cars! The new Prodrive Legends operation will restore the company’s retro racers

It's a new year! What is a resolution you set for yourself to accomplish in 2020? 🎆 Comment below ⬇️

Last year was a great one! Let's make this one even better! Happy New Years!!! 🎆🎇

Be safe tonight as you celebrate the incoming year! We are very thankful for you. We would not be where we are today without your trust in our brand ❤️

Trailer for new James Bond movie packs plenty of Aston Martins

Any James Bond fans out there? How about Aston Martin? A total of four Aston Martins will feature in the new James Bond movie “No Time to Die.”

Drive a Porsche? Let's see it! Share a photo with us in the comments!

Santa should be back at his workshop now, scheduling an oil change with us after zooming around the world 😉 >>>

Merry Christmas to you and your families 🎄 We are so appreciative for the love and support we have received from you all over the past year. We would not be here without you ❤️

Before embarking on your trip to the Christmas dinner location, make sure you check your tire pressure and tread. Especially since we are in the cold season, your tires may have low pressure and need to be re-filled! >>>

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