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Honest and reliable repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Family owned in Auburn for 17+ years!

Auburn Car Repair & Offroad is an independent automotive repair shop in Auburn, WA. We have been family owned in the same location for over 18 years. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent quality and timely repairs, at fair prices. We can handle anything from oil changes and routine maintenance, to engine and transmission replacements... and everything inbetween. We also do 4x4 work; lift kits, wheels & tires, custom suspension and axle work, bumpers, winches, diesel performance, etc.

We will be CLOSED February 3rd through February 7th. We are currently booking appointments into the week of February 10th. John and crew are racing at the King of the Hammers, called by some the Toughest Offroad race in the world. If you're interested, there's lots of information and schedule on Monday we will be qualifying, and our race is on Wednesday. will have LIVE coverage of all events.

Who is getting out Wheeling this weekend? We'll be at Snow Jam 2020. Post up your rig and where you're headed to play!

Sweet set of completely custom TR Beadlock Wheels for a customer. He loved the look of his factory JL Rubicon wheels, and we asked TrailReady if they'd take on the project of converting them, they didn't hesitate. We're all very happy with the outcome!

Our holiday hours will be as follows: We will be closed Dec. 23,24,25, and Dec. 31/Jan 1. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe New Years. And if you get out and play in the snow that's hitting the mountains, post up some pictures!

Something a little bit different than the shop today. Super clean '64 Chevy II wagon getting some steering performance restored with a box from Red Head Steering Gears Inc..

I definitely preach a lot of preventive maintenance on this page, but if your vehicle ends up beyond that point, we do the most major of repairs as well. With the crazy price of new vehicles these days, sometimes an engine or transmission replacement is a cost-effective way to get many more years out of that vehicle. We do engine and transmission replacement, rear differential overhauls and upgrades, etc. It's definitely been 'motor week'... for a couple of weeks now!

We will be closed this Friday, and limited service on Thursday, while John and crew compete at the Ultra4 Racing Nationals in Reno. If you are interested in following along, the qualifying and racing will be broadcast via live stream at The schedule can be found on the same website.

Another quick-lube joint fail. They ALMOST got this oil change right... Looks like they got all the steps except putting the drain plug back in, now it gets a new engine! 🤣😂😜 Please support your local shop, whether it's us or not, and have a professional technician work on your car, not a lube monkey.

Off Track Motorsports

All set up at the Auburn Outlet Collection Touch-A-Truck & Safety Fair. Grab the kiddos and come on out and say HI!

It's been a crazy summer for us here, we keep knocking 'em out and I haven't posted anything recently. Here's a few pics from this last week. If you need any work done before sending your kids back to school, give us a call and set up an appointment.

Today marks 23 years I've been showing up to work at this same spot. Sometimes it feels like it's been longer, sometimes it feels like it's all happened in blink. We work hard to provide great service for our customers, and I'm thankful for each and every one of you! Couldn't be as successful as we are without great techs and employees, so thank you to everyone who has helped!

Do you know we do FREE brake inspections? Also, if we do your oil change/lube service, you ALWAYS get a free multi point inspection by an ASE certified technician. not just a 'grease monkey'. This vehicle was driven in with 'brake noise', when I moved it in the parking lot, the brake pad literally fell out of the caliper and wheel, this has obviously been grinding a LONG time.

We will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th. Everybody be safe and post up your pictures next week if you did something fun!

It's been a busy Spring here at the shop, haven't posted much lately. Here's some random shop photos of some projects we've had. Summer time is close, schedule an appointment for a free vehicle inspection before you take off on that Summer road trip!

The best wheels in the industry just got better! Now taking orders for 8 week delivery.

The toughest racing wheels just got tougher!! Our new hybrid (cast/forged) HD Series Wheel. Now taking orders with a 8 week lead time. #trailreadylifestyle #trbeadlocks #trailreadywheels

We will be closed April 15-19 while we attend Easter Jeep Safari. I'll be keeping up on voicemails, emails, and PMs here the best I can and scheduling into the week of the 22nd. Who else is going?

Sure is fun taking plasma cutter and grinder to a brand new truck! Everybody knows we love Jeeps, but we work on just as many Toyotas as well. Lifts, gears and lockers, body mount chop? We do that!

Want to lift your minivan? Yeah, we can do that!

Let's play Front-end Friday. post a picture of the front of your rig and let us know what your plans are for the weekend. Are you getting out and playing? Preparing for the Spanaway Moonshiners swap meet next weekend? Or just taking advantage of the sunshine and cleaning up around the house?

The snow is falling, but we are here and working and have appointments available!

We will be closed February 1st thru February 8th while John and crew head to the Ultra4 Racing 2019 King of the Hammers - *Official Event* race. I will be checking voicemails and emails as often as possible while on the road and out of town. We still have a couple of last minute appointments available this week, and lots of time the week of the 11th.

If you wish to see more racing information and updates here on FB, follow along on the race page at:

We've been an ARTEC Industries dealer for several years now, and all of their Jeep products are top notch... Now Toyota guys can benefit from their products as well. Very high quality, all Made in the USA, and most of the time IN STOCK. Say goodbye to waiting MONTHS for manufacturers to 'build to order'. Check out their brand new 5th Gen 4Runner slim-line winch bumper! More parts coming, and Tacoma products coming as well!

The TOYOTA 4Runner is one of the hottest adventure vehicles on the market right now and we are working hard to outfit it right to match your Adventures.

The Venture Series Front Bumper is a great option to allow the addition of a Winch up front. ~~You know for when those adventures become a little more adventurous.

Toyota USA Camelback Toyota Right Toyota Camelback Toyota SAS - Authorized Toyota Dealer Merkez Al-Madina مركز المدينة - Authorized Toyota Dealer SAS - Authorized Toyota Dealer Toyota UAE Cihan Motors - Authorized Toyota Dealer Local Toyota Dealers Toyota 4Runner 4Runner 4Runner4x4Vnzla

Had a quick surprise visit today with Ian from Big Tire Garage. Always good seeing you buddy!

We will be closed December 24th through January 1st to allow our crew to spend some more time with their families... and to take care of some serious racecar prep as we get ready for the 2019 King of The Hammers race. 😂 Thank you to all or our wonderful customers for an incredible year and we look forward to continuing to serve you all in 2019!

We love to see those wheeling photos. Did you get up and play this past weekend? Post them up!

We will be closing at noon on Wednesday, through the weekend, for our employees to enjoy a long holiday weekend. Everybody have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

Taco Tuesday! And other Sharp Toyota Tacoma getting the full treatment from ICON Vehicle Dynamics and Nitto Tire USA Ridge Grapplers.

Did you get out and play this weekend? Post up a picture!

Sweet 2018 Tacoma we are wrapping up today. Upgrades include ICON Vehicle Dynamics Stage 9 lift, Icon wheels, and Nitto Tire USA Ridge Grapplers in 285/70/17. Looks sweet in the Cement color.

All right guys and gals, after seeing rumors floating around, we've done a little bit of investigating and have confirmed that the Naches Wagon Trail is closing on November 9th from NOW ON. Posted on USFS website, printed on maps, and posted on the 70 road at the SnoPark.

Did you purchase an aftermarket warranty or service contract with your used vehicle? Did you know, that in most cases, you are not required to return to the selling dealer for work or repairs under that contract? We are experts on helping you get the maximum benefit and return on investment out of these types of contracts. Schedule an appointment for a FREE inspection today, especially if yours is close to expiring.

Be on the lookout for The Auburn Food Bank van, stolen this morning!

Alright Auburn! It's time to jump in to help a neighbor in need. This morning The Auburn Food Bank had their van stolen from their property. This vehicle is a lifeline to the food bank in transporting donations around town.

If you see a white 2000 Dodge Ram van, licence plate C94136F, please notify the police.

Off Track Motorsports

We've been home from Reno for a couple of days and finally getting a chance to sit down and write up a report on our weekend and recap our year. We were headed to Wild West Motorsports Park in third place in the Ultra4 Racing National Points chase. My goal for the weekend was to drive fairly conservative, while pushing a little, to get a good qualifying spot and finishing position and to maintain our position in points.

We arrived at the track mid-day Thursday and were able to unload, get our pit set up, and rip off a couple of test and tune laps. Friday AM was practice. I had my son Conner in the car with me, starting to get a feel for the co-dog seat, which he's slowly going to be working his way into. A couple of laps in and the spotter came over the radio that something was amiss. We pulled off and found the 3 link mount on the frame had ripped off. A quick run up to vendor row and RuffStuff Specialties had the mount we needed and gave it to us out of their booth. With some help from my crew and the guys at Sexton Offroad, we had the 4580 back in race shape in no time.

Friday afternoon was qualifying. I've been getting more comfortable in car at each race, here in Reno I felt I had finally found my rhythm and a good pace in the rock sections. I felt I was driving safe but aggressive, and set a pretty good lap, putting us in a 4th place start for our 6 lap prelim race on Saturday morning. Saturday's prelim I continued getting more and more comfortable, keeping up a good pace in the rock sections, and the tuned LS motor was killing it in the short course and hill climb sections. We picked up a spot, finishing 3rd in the prelim, and would be starting on the inside of 2nd row behind Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Jimmy Jack for the main.

Main event time. 7 laps. Starting behind the big dogs in the class.... no pressure. A pace lap, coming down the big hill in front of packed grand stands, green flag drops, we hit the rocks and it's game on. Over the rocks, through the short course, up the big hill, I'm in dust, I'm actually keeping up with the top guys in the class... I'm in awe a little bit, and then it catches me. Coming down the big hill, back into the short course, I'm in Jimmy's dust with Matt Howell hot on my tail. I can't see a THING. I lift a little bit try to spot the hill, the wall, the opening onto the short course.... nothing. I stay in it and end up catching the concrete K-rail on the right side of the track with right front tire, up and on top of the concrete wall, stay in the throttle, come off the wall on the two left tires, but stay in it and land on all fours. Accelerate up the hill and turn into the downhill rock section when I feel lit, something is wrong. Is it steering? Is it a tire? About the time I felt it, my spotter Roger comes over the radio and says we have a flat right front tire. We get across front rocks and head for the hot pits for a tire change, I know my chances of a podium are over. A quick tire change, and 6 more laps at a good pace, gets us the finish at least in 7th position. I knew we were still in a good spot for the National points chase, but no chance of a trophy for this race.

At the awards ceremony Saturday night, we were awarded trophies for our 3rd place overall finish in the Ultra 4 Racing West Coast series, as well as a 3rd place overall finish in the 4500 class National Points chase. This was our first year racing the whole series in 4500 class, and we've made some great friends at the races and are having a great time. We'll be back next year and are already excited to start prepping for King of the Hammers.

As always, not a single bit of this would ever be possible without family, friends, employees, sponsors, and everybody else who helps is out. I'm happy that my incredible wife Jen and family has been able to come to a couple of races, and hopefully my oldest Tanner can make a race or two next year, he's at that tough age starting out living on his own so harder to take vacation time. My best friend and co-driver Jesse has been along for this whole ride, and couldn't ask for a better partner inside the car. HUGE shout out to all my crew, who help prep the car on their own time and weekends, who take time off from work and burn personal vacation to come racing. Ian my crew chief, who's brain never shuts off, I'm so thankful for all you do. Roger, Josh, Jeremy, Kendrick, Aaron, Richard, Nick, Bryan, Mark, you guys all kick ass. My guys at the shop who come racing when they can, and stay home to keep work going when I'm gone. Also, my brother Will, thank you for your support and all your help. Jordan Townsend, thanks for building such a kick ass car!

Lastly, I've gotta thank all my sponsors. I run the best products possible to try and ensure our success. Yukon Gear & Axle has been a friend in the industry for over two decades, and I am incredibly honored to represent them in this arena of motorsports. 602abcWATER is my brothers company, and incredibly grateful for the support. TR Beadlock Wheels are simply the best there is, 100% made in the USA. Milestar Tires is a relative newcomer to the light truck market, but we've been running them for over a year with very good results. Master-Pull Recovery Gear, we hate it when we have to use it, but again it's nothing but the best. Auburn Car Repair & Offroad, Vision X, Red Head Steering Gears Inc., Two Beers Brewing Co. ARB 4x4 Accessories - USA Office, Fox Racing Shocks, AUBURN AUTO MACHINE, CRAWL Magazine, WARN, Summit Machine, Inc., Imagecraft Sign & Graphics, thank you for everything!!!

Photo credit: PBSalfen Images

King of The Hammers

We will be closed Thursday October 18th and Friday October 19th, while John and crew attend the Ultra4 Racing Nationals in Reno. We have a few appointments available next week and then booking into the week of the 22nd. Give us a call, email, or message here if you need anything!

Who do you think will be the 2018 ULTRA4 Nitto National Champion?
The 4 Wheel Parts Nitto Nationals is next weekend! October 19th and 20th! If you can be there in person, get your tickets at You don't want to miss this!

Fellow off-roaders, most of you have seen the fire that occurred up at the Funny Rocks at Naches area a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, there were signs placed and the area marked off. PLEASE respect this closure so that the area can be properly restored and not prompt any other closures in the area. Thanks!

Another batch of the BEST beadlock wheels available going out to a couple of happy customers. We're proud to be a dealer for TR Beadlock Wheels, 100% USA Made and all machine/polish work done right here in WA State.

Did you get out and play over the long weekend? Show us a picture if you did! It was a gorgeous day Sunday up at Elbe Hills ORV Park.

Come on out tomorrow and check out the Vision X Open House, 4-10pm.

We're set up for the Vision X open house. Come on down, 4-10pm tomorrow! Lots of food, prizes, and cool rigs to check out!

Today we celebrate 22 years of business! Thank you to all of our loyal customers, employees, and everyone who supports us. We know you have a choice in where to have your vehicles serviced, and I truly appreciate you entrusting your vehicles to us.

We will be CLOSED Friday, 7/13 to enjoy some much needed 'Mountain Therapy'. Have a good weekend everybody!

We will be closed Wednesday, July 4th for Independence Day. Have a safe holiday everyone!

I know this page includes all of my customer base, from general auto repair to the rock crawlers guys, for the latter group, this one is for you. Milestar Tires, the same tire we've been racing on since last year, has officially dropped the 40" Milestar Patagonia Black Label, sticky compound tire. These are the ultimate wheeling and hardcore offroad tire that will stick to those rocks like crazy, but also not be QUITE as soft as a BFG red label. These are labeled as an "enthusiast compound" (A few steps softer than a blue label). 39.8" OD. 3Ply Sidewall. 93lbs. Available now, IN STOCK at Auburn Car Repair & Offroad. PM me for pricing! We also have many other sizes of the Milestar Patagonia MT in stock at VERY good pricing.

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