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Hey everybody don’t forget we have this awesome art class coming up on December 14th! Sign the kiddos up now while there still room! This one is going to be so much fun!

Join us for the next kids art class December 14th at 9 AM. This time the kids will be learning to draw the Grinch and Max! Get your tickets soon!

[11/29/19]   OK everybody Rob will be at the shop Black Friday at 9 AM! There will be variants, dollar comics and a blow out variant sale! There will also be discounts on select statues and other merch! 

“AK AK AK” We wish you a happy and killer alien free Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody just a reminder that we are closed tomorrow for Thanksgiving. 🙂 we are going to have some awesome Black Friday deals. Stay tuned!

Last Stop #1
There is one last super powered hero left after a brutal war. Feeling out of place in a changing world he also finds out he has a terminal illness. Wanting to take the easy way out he is stopped by the reappearance of his arch nemesis. Kristin

Basket Full of Heads #2
June fights off her home invaders using the ancient Viking axe she finds. But despite her success, she gains a strange new companion in her search for her boyfriend: a talking severed head! “Kevin”

Last God #2
The hordes of the Last God attack the city and our heroes must decide whether to defend or flee? More truths are revealed to be lies as the events of the past are slowly revealed to us! Rob

Star Trek Picard #1
If you want to know what Picard was up to between the end of the last movie and the upcoming series this comic is for you. Love the new uniform design and catching up with old friends. Rich 

Killadelphia #1
James a young detective following in his fathers footsteps must use the writings of deceased father to solve a cold case. During the investigation there have been bodies turning up with strange bite marks on the recently deceased. Upon further analysis there are traces of the once deadly yellow fever. Who or what could have caused this disease from returning?

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Why You Should Encourage Your Child's Love of Graphic Novels Are graphic novels really hurting children's reading skills? And should kids just stick to the classics? Experts explain why it's time we end the graphic novel stigma for good.

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Something is Killing the Children #3
Erica has been apprehended by the police on the suspicion of her being involved with the children’s disappearances. During her interrogation she flips the conversation to figure out where these events first took place. She speaks to her stuffed octopus on what to do next to hopefully stop the killings. Chad

Von Freeze one shot
This one shot retells Victor Von Frieze’ origin for the excellent Batman White Knight story by Sean Murphy. Klaus Jansen steps in for this over sized one shot. If you are reading the series don’t miss this issue. And if your aren’t reading... start! “Kevin” Kevin Bednarz

Deadpool #1
Writers will tell you that comedy is harder than drama. Deadpool might be the hardest character at Marvel to write and Kelly Thompson nails it. If you’ve dropped Deadpool it’s time to pick him back up! Rich

Once and Future #4
Duncan, Gran and Rose continue their fight against the newly risen undead king as the hunt for the Grail continues. Gallahad joining the ranks of evil does not bode well for our heroes. And the trail leads them to a Fisher King. But all is not as it seems as a new family secrets are revealed and Duncan‘a role starts to take shape! Rob Kaylin

Olympia #1
This double sized first issue starts with Elon, a latchkey kid who spends his days alone reading comic books, until his favorite superhero, Olympian, comes crashing off the page and into his reality! As he nurses his wounded hero he soon discovers Olympian wasn’t the only one who came through! Kistin

Comic Logic’s Kids Art Class

Join us for the next kids art class December 14th at 9 AM. This time the kids will be learning to draw the Grinch and Max! Get your tickets soon! The talented Jenna Ayoub of Cartoon Network comic fame will be teaching the kids how to draw the Grinch and Max!

We wanted to thank the talented Jenna Ayoub and all the kids who came out for the art class this past Saturday. The kids had a blast!

Here we go!

Doll House #1
Mike Carey and Peter Gross (The Unwritten, Lucifer) reunite for the second title from Hill House Comics! Alice gets a big 19th century dollhouse from her great aunt for her sixth birthday -complete with a family of dolls. She soon discovers she can visit “living” members of the Dollhouse family. But as her family in the real world starts having problems, the twisted Dollhouse makes an offer to fix things... Also read chapter two of Sea Dogs by Joe Hill! Rob & “I have spoken” Kristin

Batman’s Grave #2
Batman must fight off the killer he just discovered under the floor! But it’s not nearly the easy fight it should be. As he dives into his investigation, Batman finds more strings and twists than he expects. And Alfred keeps drinking. “Kevin”

Punisher Soviet #1
Someone has been taking out Russian monsters most judiciously. Seems like Castle but it ain’t! Now Castle is on the case. Garth Ennis & Jaden Burrows working together again on a great Punisher story. Rich

Folklore #1
Imagine living in a fantasy world where gnomes and mythical creatures exist. You have visions of modern day life and believe that to all be true but everyone thinks that you are crazy. Ansel is just such a boy and he is trying to find a mythical society called the Folklords to help him find the place where his visions are real. Chad

[11/12/19]   Going live in 15 minutes!!

A big thank you from all of us at Comic Logic to all of the brave people who have served our country!

Here are this weeks staff picks!

Undiscovered Country #1
30 years ago, the United States of America blocked themselves off from the rest of the world. Now a team must enter U.S. soil on the promise of a cure to a potentially global pandemic. Can they survive their venture into this lost and strange land? From the minds of Scott Snyder and Charles Soule! Rich and Rob

Adams Family # 1
If you love the Adams family you will enjoy this book. It is a fun story with all your favorite characters! Pick up a copy, chill out on your bed of nails and enjoy! Kristin

The Legion of Super Heroes #1
The legion of super heroes is back! But this time it’s Jon Kent who join’s their ranks! Is he ready for the future an Earth in the 31st century! “Kevin”

Strange Skies over East Berlin #1
While being quarantined in a secret bunker under East Berlin. Harring is trying to keep his true identity a secret. The mysterious being slowly starts to spread around the area trying to get out. Will this being find Herring and expose him?

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Happy Halloween from Comic Logic! Rob and Beary hope you have a fun and safe day!

Ha ha ha ha here Bobert goes!

[10/29/19]   Going live at... 6ish... or so... 😅

It was a very tough choice for us to pick winners today. Everyone who came in costume looked great! Here are our winners.

We had so many awesome contestants today for our costume contest at Halloween ComicFest! We wanted to share these incredible runners up!

Halloween ComicFest starts in about an hour! Can't wait to see you in costume!

Amazing Spider-Man Full Circle #1
A summons from SHIELD leads Peter Parker into a global-spanning adventure that will test him as never before, one in which the future of all mankind lies in his gloved, webbed hands! “Kevin”

Ascender TP 01
10 years after the events of Descender, the Universe has changed with magic replacing machinery. Andy lives with his daughter Mila, where she explores the planet of Sampson and they both try to steer clear of Mother- an all powerful vampire witch. But when an old friend arrives, Andy and Mila must go on a quest and their lives will be changed forever! Rob

Black Adam #1
Spinning off of the Batman/Superman story, Shazam (who is infected by the one who laughs) travels to the kingdom of Black Adam. A battle ensues between Shazam the infected Black Adam. Shazam wants to change the kingdom in his own image. Will Black Adam be able to defeat the newly infected Shazam? Chad

Count Crowley Reluctant Monster Hunter #1
Aspiring reporter Jerri Bartman is furious when she is demoted to hosting the late night creature feature at her small town TV station. She soon learns that there is much more to horror hosting than just introducing B movies. Kristin

King Thor #2
Thor battles Gorr the god butcher who has the Necro sword and has to worry about Loki changing sides. One of his granddaughters rides a shark.

Here we go!

[10/22/19]   Going live at 6!

ATTN: Comic Logic will be CLOSED Sunday October 27th in honor of Rich and Kristin’s wedding!

We need your help! We need some suggestions for our next kids art class! The class will be taught by the amazing Jena Ayoub of Cartoon Network Comics Fame! Ask the kiddos who they would like to learn to draw and comment below! Thanks!!

Can’t make it to Baltimore Comic-Con? Come in to the shop for tons of deals on back issues! Lots of kids $1 books! Come in and load up on some comics for the weekend!

Tonight our Sub Luke came in with Leia to pick up their comics!

Check out this weeks pics!
Once & Future #3
Duncan and Gran are on the run from the newly risen Arthur! And they have to enlist the aid of...his date?!? Can Rose help them stop the undead king's evil plans?

Tales From the Dark Multiverse: Batman Knightfall #1
First in a new series of dark Elseworlds-style stories! Knightfall saw Bruce Wayne broken, only to rise up to take back the mantle of Batman from a corrupted Successor. But in this world Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) defeats Bruce and Gotham is changed forever. 30 years later, who will stand up to Saint Batman?
Kevin #inktober

Mezo #1
A new empire rises and disrupts the peace of Mezo. Once the conquest begins, a young woman, Kyma, witnesses the death of her father. As the empire begins to gain more ground, kyma must unite the other tribes to defeat the empire and bring peace to Mezo.

Crazy #1
If you love Mad magazine or Cracked, this book is up your alley! This is Marvel’s take on those goofy magazines! There is even an appearance from Obnoxio the clown! Grab this issue to have a laugh! Kristin

Superman Smashes the Klan #1
Gene Luen Yang has written a 3 volume story inspired by the 16 episodes of The Adventures of Superman, the radio serial, where Superman takes on the klan. Yang has penned several graphic novels that are taught in primary schools across the country including American Born Chinese and this book deserves to join them. The Lee family has moved ou from Metropolis' chinatown thanks to Dr. Lee's new job as chief bacteriologist of the Metropolis Health Dept. Not everyone is as welcoming as Superman. Clark's involvmen in their story triggers some memories of his own alienation as a child growing up in a society that doesn't willingly accept outsiders. Read the backup materials!!

Here we go!

[10/15/19]   Going live at 6:00!

Check out this weeks picks!

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #1 Another Harley Quinn origin story written by Kami Garcia who has published Teen Titans Raven. While working with the GCPD as a CSI, Harley Quinn, is helping figure out the multiple murders by the infamous Joker. Being one of the smartest investigators, will she be able to figure out Joker's next victim? - Chad

Shoplifters Will Be Liquidated #1
Security Officer Nussbaum works for the largest retailer in the world as one of their top cops. He enforces the rules with a brutal passion. But it he’s about to make a discovery that could change the way he thinks forever! It’s Judge Dredd meets Paul Blart! Rob

Ginseng Roots #1
Craig Thompson brings his first ever serial form comic series! Craig teller is the tale of him and his brother Phill growing up working in Wisconsin farms wedding and harvesting ginseng to supplement their love of comics. “Part memoir, part travel long, past essay, all comic book, Ginseng Roots explores class divide, agriculture, holistic healing. The 300 year long trade between China and North America, child labor, and the band between two brothers. “I can’t say it any better. Rob

Doctor Doom #1
All Victor Von Doom wants is peace and prosperity for the people of his nation Latveria. He vocally opposes a new experiment involving a black hole for waste disposal. So when a terrorist attack is launched at the experiment, killing thousands, all signs point to Doom. And though he is not the one responsible, he may be the only one who can clear his name! “Kevin”

Batman’s Grave #1
I’ve been craving more Warren Ellis Batman since reading the short story in Detective #1000 with art by Becky Cloonan. Brian Hitch is on pencils for this 12 issue series and he is doing a great job. Ellis has brought Bat’s back to his roots as a detective while incorporating cutting edge technology and exploring one of Bruce’s life long relationship s. All that and the Batmobile and Batcave are wicked cool! Rich

Here we go!

[10/08/19]   Going Live at 6:00!

Don’t forget tomorrow is game night! 5-8!

Vampire State Building #1
Charlie Adlard, the artist from The Walking Dead is doing the art for this book! It is a vampire story that takes place in a skyscraper! Can you imagine trying to work your way down. Read this book to find out what that might be like! Kristin

Catalyst Prime Seven Days #1
Two years ago a cataclysmic event changed the world forever giving birth to a new age of enhanced individuals. Someone or something has decided times up for the earth and our heroes have only seven days to stop it! Join writer Gail Simone as she rebuilds the Catalyst Prime universe! Rob pick #1

Grendel Devil’s Odyssey #1
Far in the future House Asante and the final Grendel Khan find themselves on the brink. The great Grendel Prime returns from seclusion and is tasked with keeping the Grendel legacy the stars! Can Prime find a suitable home? And what new dangers and mysteries will he find in space? Matt Wagner returns to continue the story of one of his darkest and greatest creations! Rob pick #2

Strange Skies Over East Berlin #1
It’s 1973 in the deepest surveillance state in the world,East Berlin. Agent Herring is under cover as Stasi Inspector Keiner. When a mysterious light crashes inside the wall both sides are relying on him to find out what it is. Rich

Ghost Rider #1
There’s a new king in hell and his name is Johnny Blaze! But the residents aren’t happy about it and try to break out. Only one man can help Blaze with this task Danny Ketch! And soon he learned that not all is right with his old friend. Will he help Johnny? will he be forced to stop him? Double Down

Nomen Omen #1
Two young women are taking a relaxing road trip when all of a sudden they come up on a car crash. Searching in the wreckage for any casualties who are still there. Suddenly a pregnant woman covered in blood emerges from the woods. Was she part of the crash or was she lost in the woods looking for help? Chad

Here we go!!

[10/01/19]   Going live at 6:00!!

Hey everybody meet our subscriber of the quarter! We have selected George Hanna to pick five of his favorite books to recommend. He chose interesting thought provoking books! Come in and see what George thinks we should all be reading!

Check out our weekly picks!

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #1
Are you enjoying Dark Crystal Age of Resistance on Netflix? Then you really must read it this comic! More Gelflings, more Skeksis, more Fizzgigs! Rich

100 Page Scooby Doo Giant!
Zoinks! Nine action packed adventures! If you love Scoobert Doobert you must pick this one up! Kristin

Harleen #1
Stjepan Šejić as a writer & artist tells Harleen Quinzels story, going from criminal psychiatrist to Harley Quinn and how she met Mr. J! “Kevin”

Relics of Youth #1
6 strangers. A unique tattoo. The Bermuda Triangle. The Fountain of Youth. What do they have in common? Find out as a group searches for answers to their visions and dreams. Rob

White Trees #2
Part two of the story opens with three warriors still on their way to find their lost children. On their journey Krylos finds a patrolling enemy force to ambush them as get the disguises they need to infiltrate the enemy fortress. When they arrive and head towards the prison to find their kids, something isn't quite right once they reach it. Chad

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