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The boy is happy! Got the Star Wars bag clip he wanted!! AT-AT!!
Thought you’d enjoy this. Made by local filmmakers on zero budget. The first chapter of the series
Happy Birthday 🥳 🎉🎈🎊🎁🎂
Good morning! Today we will be offering curbside service ONLY from 12pm-6pm. Please email Rob at [email protected] to set up a pick up. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!
Thank you, Comic Logic, for being open today, and being safe in doing so, to support those of us who need some awesome reading material. 💕
Swamp Thing fans...
Do you have the new Starcadia Quest comic from IDW Publishing?
Happy Anniversary you guys. Unfortunately my new gig requires me to be in attendance tomorrow which sadly, will keep me from the 4 year festivities. Suffice to say Congratulations! I love this store and the fine folks that run it. If actual copies of Swamp Gary actually manifest themselves I would be honored if you could save me one. Good luck with the wings...
Morning! Do you have any more copies of Detective Comics #1000 left?
I bought this book at ComicLogic. This is my 17 month year old granddaughter.
Classic revisited. I still have my book from 1988.

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Puppy picks! Penny really enjoyed X of Swords! It was so good when she took her nap she wanted to make sure no one took it from her! Sammie loves some Invader Zim! And after a long wait Saći was finally able to read The Flower of the Witch! She loves a great quest book full of magic!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Immortal She-Hulk #1
Following the events of Empyre, Jennifer Walters has her life forever changed from the Cotati invasion. She has become "Immortal" each time she dies she slowly remembers more and more what happens in the realm behind the veil of death. Will she recover all her memories before the next time she dies? Make sure to pick up this amazing One-shot!
-Chad and Rob

An Unkindness of Ravens #1 (W) Dan Panosian (A) Marianna Ignazzi.
Crab's Eye is an old New England town with a secret history of witchcraft. Wilma Farrington is the new girl at school and she looks eerily like Waverly Good a girl who went missing a week ago. Two powerful cliques want her to join them. This is a great book to get in the spirit of the season. Rich

The Autumnal #1
We find our protagonists starting out in the principal’s office where young Syb has again gotten herself in to trouble. You find out there’s even more trouble than what we thought. This sends the mom and daughter team on a trip to Comfort Notch “home of the prettiest autumn”. But maybe this small town with its beautiful autumn leaves is not what they were expecting. So many secrets to root out! Kristin

X of Swords Creation #1
The first Dawn of X event begins here! Otherworld falls. Armies are gathered. And the Ten of Swords shows us who will hold the blades! Part 1 of 22! Kevin

It's that time of week! See what comes out tomorrow!

[09/22/20]   Preview show at 3:20! Let the X of Swords begin!

Check out this week’s staff picks!

Big Girls #2:
Monsters threaten the Preserve and it's up to the mighty Apex to stop them! And a secret is shared that could change EVERYTHING. Jason Howard's new hit continues! - Rob

Batman #99
Batman gathers his forces for the final confrontation with Joker! This is it. And Dick gets his memories back just in time! But even still, is Bruce ready for what the Joker has in store for him? We're almost at #100! - Kevin

Detective Comics #1027
This special book-size comic celebrates Batman’s 1000 appearance since his first in Detective Comics #27! This celebration brings you the biggest names in comics as they chronicle the most epic Batman adventures Gotham City and the DC Universe have ever seen! The World’s Greatest Detective has a mountain of cases to crack! Lots of great stories! Check this book out you definitely get the bang for your buck!! - Kristin

Big Girls #2 (W/A) Jason Howard
The mystery of the behemoths deepens. Are they mindless animals? Do they even remember being human? Who would want to bring down the wall that projects the city? These answers and more in this issue! - Rich

Stillwater #1 written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Ramon K. Perez. A man down on his luck gets a letter of a recently deceased relative who has written him in their will. Not knowing that he had a great grand aunt, Daniel heads into a not well known town of Stillwater. In the town of Stillwater everyone knows each other and no one dies in town and that's more than a promise. -Chad

[09/15/20]   Is it Tuesday already? Time for the preview stream! See you at 4:30!

The Mandalorian | Season 2 Official Trailer | Disney+

Can't wait!!!

The new season of The Mandalorian starts streaming Friday, October 30, only on Disney+. The Mandalorian and the Child continue their journey, facing enemies ...

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Dark Nights Death Metal Trinity Crisis #1
With Superman freed from the evil Batmen in New Apokolips prison, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman prepare to assault Castle Bat. The One Who Laughs has a few hidden evils deep inside the fortress. Will the assault be victorious or will it be the Justice League's downfall in this epic One-Shot!
Chad, Rich and Rob

Rise of Ultraman #1
In darkness lurks Kaiju, large monsters slumbering that could easily take out entire cities. Between the Kaiju stands the United Science Patrol lead by Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji who have spent half their life trying to fend off these monsters. Their quest drives them towards a decades-old dark secret that helps them reveal a mysterious warrior from space! - Kevin Bednarz

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1
Greetings most important ones! Strange things are afoot at Comic Logic. Check out this totally non non heinous comic! If you liked the movies you will have a most excellent time reading this comic. How many times will you want to read this comic? 69 dudes! Be excellent to yourself and pick up a copy! Station! Kristin

First day of school!

[09/08/20]   Almost preview show time! Join us at 4:45 for this week's new books!

[09/05/20]   First time shopper today:

"Forget Amazon, I LOVE this place!"

Thank you, young lady. I needed that. ❤️

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Black Widow #1: Natasha is back in an all new series! She's been one of the universe's greatest spies for years. But something's gonna change her world and turn it upside down! Get excited for the new Black Widow movie with this new launch from Kelly Thompson (Deadpool, Captail Marvel) and Elena Casagrande (Catwoman)! - Kevin

Hellblazer: Rise and Fall #1 - John Constantine stars in this mystery by star Tom Taylor and The Boys' artist Darick Robertson! Detective Aisha Bukhari is dealing with businessmen falling from the sky with angel wings attached to their backs. When her childhood friend - Constantine - arrives on the scene, they realize there may be a link to their past and the first death at John's hands. How does it all fit together? How are Heaven and Hell involved? Find out in this new DC Black Label series! - Rob & Kristin

We Only Find Them When They're Dead #1 - Here comes a new sci-fi tale written by Al Ewing from Immortal Hulk and drawn by Simone Di Meo known for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! It's the year 2323, ships on the edge of space where humanity survives by harvesting the dead corpses of giant alien gods. No one has ever seen a living god, but Captain Malik is determined to be the first to see one alive. - Chad

Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #1(W)Jody Houser (A)Roberta Ingranata
The 10th Doctor is having some memory problems. He can't remember what he was just doing. Or where he was. Or when for that matter. But luckily he runs into some aliens who need some help. But they are Daleks. Daleks that don't remember the Great Time War. Why? Something is not right. Is it a time paradox? Gotta read to find out!! Rich
@dccomics @tomtaylor @darickwr @bbcdoctorwho @jodyhouser #blackwidow @kellythompson @elenacasagrande @aluing @simonedimeo #doctorwho @boom_studios @marvelcomics

It's showtime!

[09/01/20]   It's Tuesday preview time! We go live at 3:15!

Chadwick Boseman, ‘Black Panther’ Star, Dies at 43

😔 Chadwick Boseman, star of “Black Panther,” died on Friday after a four year battle with colon cancer, his rep confirmed to Variety. He was 43. Before he was cast as the Marvel Studios s…

[08/25/20]   Going live at 4:45! See you then!

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Check out this weeks staff picks!

Thor #6
Thor comes face to face with the Black Winter over the fate of Galactus and the rest of the universe! Who shall remain standing? And if you could see how your life will end, would you? - Rob

Maestro #1
Before he became a super villain, the Hulk was one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But what lead to his dark turn? Peter David returns to answer questions we've had for years: How did it all happen? Where are the rest of the heroes? What happened to our hero? Find out in this new 5 issue mini! - Kevin

Shadow Service #1
(W) Cavan Scott (A)Corin Howell
Gina Meyers is a private investigator who uses magic to get the job done. Life lessons have taught her not to get caught using her skills or people will think she's worse than those she tracks down. It's looking like a typical 'find out if my BF is cheating' job. And then it isn't. Spycraft meets black magic in this pulp detective story for the 21st century. Rich & Kristin

Batman #97 - The Joker's army is growing by the hour, with weapons made to help defend Gotham city are now under the Clown Prince's control. Batman must overcome Punchline's toxin and get his head straight in order to defeat Joker. - Chad
#ncbd #lcs #vaultcomics #dccomics #batmancomics #batman #batmancomics #maestrocomic #shadowservice

Joker War, Power Rangers and Thor!

[08/18/20]   Going live at 5! Lotsa good stuff this week!

Puppy Picks! This week Sammie really enjoyed Vlad Dracul #2! Penny picked Big Girls #1! No surprises Saći picked Captain America Empyre #2! These guys know their comics!

Check out this weeks staff picks!
Seven Secrets #1 - (W) Tom Taylor (A) Daniele Di Nicuolo
For centuries, the Order has trusted Keepers and Holders to guard the Seven Secrets in each their own briefcases. When their stronghold is attacked by an enemy who knows all about the secrets and will do anything to get what they want. With the secrets being in peril will the Order be able to keep these treasured items away from falling into the wrong hands?
- Chad and Bobert

Dark Nights Death Metal #3 - (W) Scott Snyder (A) Jonathan Glapion
The Justice League heads to New Apokolips to free Superman, but can they do it before he succumbs to the Anti-Life Equation? And when the Robin King arrives with the Darkest Knight, will our heroes be able to keep them from Wally and his new powers? The race to restart the multiverse continues! Kevin

Adventureman #3 (W) Matt Fraction (A) Terry & Rachel Dodson
Claire has had quite a day. She lost her hearing aids and some time. She has gotten her hearing back in one ear and gained more than a foot in height. Keep reading to find out what the heck is going on.Rich

Big Girls #1 (W/A) Jason Howard
There was a mistake. A big mistake. Kaiju level big and it's going to take a big girl to protect the Preserve. There are some hard choices that need to be made to keep the citizens of the Preserve safe. Pick up this tall tale today. Tw: child murder. Kristin

#dccomics #darknightdeathmetal #imagecomics #biggirlscomic #boomcomics #adventuremancomic #ncbd #lcs

Tuesday Funday!

[08/11/20]   Preview show! 1:30PM! See you there!

Check out this weeks puppy picks! Saći really enjoyed the Rick and Morty book about Birdperson! Sammie is fascinated about how Negan Lives! And Miss Penny picks Deadpool #6 because she loves Jeff the Land Shark!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Batman #96- After being rescued from an altercation with Punchline, Batman must figure out Joker's next step in turning Gotham into his image. While under the hallucinations from the Joker toxin, Batman stumbles upon a familiar theater. What he finds in there is a heartstopper... - Chad

Fire Power #1
A new monthly series from ROBERT KIRKMAN and CHRIS SAMNEE about not being able to run from destiny! Owen Johnson wields the fire power and is meant to save the world!Yet he'd rather live his life with his family and steer clear of hi past. But the past comes back to haunt him, and who knows what forces lurk around each corner!" - "Kevin"

Fire Power #2
It's been 15 years since Owen left the temple, but he can run no more. Owen must defend himself in his own home and please... don't wake the kids! Get issues #1 and #2 today! - Rob

Vampire the Masquerade #1
Tim Seeley A Devmalya Pramanik 90's tabletop RPG Vampire the Masquerade is now a comic! A rich and deep world filled with lore, action and vampires! Come for the engaging story stay for the character sheets in the back up pages. Rich

An all new Alien with a new Alien! En route back to Earth, the crew of the starship Snark intercepts an alien transmission. Their investigation leads them to a desolate planetoid, a crashed alien spacecraft, and a pyramidic structure of unknown origin. Then the terror begins . . . If You loved the movie you will really appreciate this book. I think it is a new way to enjoy an amazing and timeless story. Written by Cristiano Seixas with art by Guilherme Balbi.. Kristin

New stuff! Batman week!

[08/04/20]   Holy Tuesday, Batman! We'll be going live at 6!

This weeks pet picks! Penny and Rob both loved Star Wars Darth Vader #3! Saći always enjoys a good Cap book so she picked Empyre Captain America #1! Sammie is a big Brian K Vaughn fan and loves to chase zombies. So his obvious pick was this awesome hardcover The Walking Dead: The Alien written by Brian K Vaughn with art by Marcos Martin! #lcs #ncbd #thewalkingdead #thewalkingdeadcomics #Imagecomics #empyrecaptainamerica #marvelcomics #starwarsdarthvader

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Empyre Savage Avengers #1
If you enjoy getting to see Conan in the present (a professional wrestling match no less) then you will enjoy this comic. Conan and Venom make a great team as they fight back the Cotati in Mexico City. It's dangerous to go alone grab this comic! Rich

Hedra #1
There are no words. I mean there are literally no words in this book. And very few I can think of to describe this amazing comic. It tells a fascinating space story about an astronaut in search of life after an apocalyptic event. The story is told with amazing art! Once you pick up this book you won’t be able to put it down. And I assure you you will want to enjoy it more than once! Kristin

X-Factor #1 - Thanks to The Five, any mutant can be resurrected. But how did they die? Where is the proof that they're dead? We can't have a bunch of doubles running around! Well, it's up to a brand new X-Factor to investigate and get those answers! - "Kevin"

Darth Vader #3 - Vader's search for the one called Skywalker continues with the quest to destroy those who hid his son from him. The journey takes him back to Naboo with one of Padmé's handmaidens where he faces memories and ghosts of the past! - Rob

Bleed Them Dry #2 - With Asylum on high alert with the immortals being targeted by a mysterious assassin. Detective Harper Halloway is trying to recover from her sickness, will she become one of the blood thirsty demons or be able to fight it off? - Chad
#hedra #savageavengers #starwarscomics #darthvadercomic #bleedthemdry #vault #marvelcomics #xfactorcomic #image

[07/28/20]   It's almost preview time! Join us at 3:30 for all of tomorrow's goodness!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Vlad Dracul #1
This is a translation of the Italian comic Vlad, written by Italian novelist Matteo Strukul with artwork by fellow Italian Andrea Mutti. There are no signs of vampirism in Vlad Dracul, instead it is a violent, historical drama. There might not be any vampires but there sure is a lot of blood. Kristin

Yasmeen #1
Yasmeen is a teenager when ISIS invades Mosul. Her family are Shia and must flee the city. Her life will never be the same. Rich

Batman #95 - Joker War finally begins! With Batman on his own against the growing Joker Empire. Joker finally wants to defeat the Bat and everything seems to be falling into place for that to happen. Will Gotham survive for what is in store for this grand bout? Chad and Kevin

Bliss #1 - What would you do to take care of your family? How would you provide for your deathly ill child and distraught wife? One man decides to do so by becoming a hitman for three gods and using the drug Bliss to wipe memories away. Check out this new series that's like Breaking Bad meets Sandman! Rob
#lcs #batman #yasmeen #blisscomic #fcbd #comicbooks #dccomics #scoutcomics #imagecomics #ncbd

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