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Swamp Thing fans...
Do you have the new Starcadia Quest comic from IDW Publishing?
Happy Anniversary you guys. Unfortunately my new gig requires me to be in attendance tomorrow which sadly, will keep me from the 4 year festivities. Suffice to say Congratulations! I love this store and the fine folks that run it. If actual copies of Swamp Gary actually manifest themselves I would be honored if you could save me one. Good luck with the wings...
Morning! Do you have any more copies of Detective Comics #1000 left?
I bought this book at ComicLogic. This is my 17 month year old granddaughter.
Classic revisited. I still have my book from 1988.
Sign up today, only a few spots left!
Could you please hold a copy of, "Dark Prince Charming, Issue 2" for me? I can pick it up later today, after work. Thanks!
Has this come in yet? I was on a list to be contacted when it did, but haven't heard anything. Thanks!
When is the next kids drawing class and where do we sign up?

We’re Northern Virginia's newest and most exciting comic book store. We carry a full inventory of single issues, trade paperbacks, and custom artwork.

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Just a friendly reminder that we have made it to the final round of voting for the Best of Loudoun! In not one, but two categories! Follow the link and find us in bookstores and specialty shopping.

Vote every day til the 21st!! You can vote once per day per category in any or all categories through Friday, Feb. 21.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day was a holiday created for buying candy and comics. We’ve got you for the comics! 

Check out this weeks picks!

Undone By Blood #1
Ethel Grady Lane returns to her hometown to exact revenge on the man who killed her family. Under the quaint veneer of the town of Sweetheart lies darkness! Throughout the Comic Ethel is reading a western novel. We go back-and-forth between the two stories. Make sure you check out the back of the book because it has chapter 4 of the book that she is reading. Recommend highly! Kristin 

Alienated #1
Three high schoolers named Sam converge in the woods one day. They go from complete strangers to having a closer relationship than possibly any
3 people in the history of earth. But being able to hear one another’s thoughts is just the beginning. Awe. Sum.

Batman‘s Grave #5
Following the incarcerations of Edoardo Flamingo to Arkham a group of thugs known as the Scorn Army have been targeting law-enforcement members. Batman goes to question Flamingo to see what he knows why these thugs are targeting the justice system of Gotham. Chad

Tartarus #1
Tilde is a cadet of the Imperium Baxna. But soon she will discover her heritage is not what she thought. And she may have to embrace her dark past to find her way home. Described as a “new adventure series will all the sci-fi drama of breaking bad set in Mos Eisley the first issue is worth checking out with 44 pages of story! Rob

Superman Heroes #1
Superman has told the world he is Clark Kent. Or Clark has told the world he is Kal-El. Either way, everyone has an opinion on the reveal. And most of them tell Clark how they feel. A great read with some wonderful 2 page spreads!

Here we go!

Hey everybody wanted to let you know we are going to be live at six. We also wanted to remind you tomorrow night is game night from 5 PM to 8 PM! Hope to see you all there😊

Top5 2020

Hey everybody! We wanted to thank you again for making us a Top 5 Finalist in the Best of Loudoun! What I did not realize is that we are nominated in the Bookstore category AND and Specialty Store category! Please cast us a vote if you haven't already! (Or everyday until the 21st if you'd like!) And thanks again for putting us in the Top 5 in two categories! Areas of patchy fog early. Light rain early...then remaining cloudy with showers in the afternoon. High 53F. Winds NNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%..

Only two tickets left for the March 21st kid’s art class!

Vote for the winners now in Best of Loudoun

Thank you Legion of Logic! Because you voted we made the top 5 bookstores in the Best of Loudoun! Voting starts again today for the winner. You can vote every day til the 21st! You can vote once per day per category in any or all categories through Friday, Feb. 21.

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Dark Agnes #1
I’ll read anything Becky Cloonan writes and she doesn’t disappoint with this book! Luca Pizzari’s pencils really bring this character to life.She’s an accomplished swords women with a great backstory, hell bent on revenge! You do not want to cross her! Rich

The Man Who F#&%ed Up Time #1
Sean Bennet believes he just needs to go back in time one week. A few small adjustments and Sean can get his life back on track. Or he could F#&% up time. Rob

Ant-Man #1
Scott Lang is living it up... in an ant hill. And his daughter Stinger expects way more from her dad. So he takes a job from some bookkeepers that reveals a much larger conspiracy that only Ant-Man can stop. Kevin Bednarz

Darth Vader #1
This story picks up after Empire Strikes Back. We get to see what Vader was up to after telling Luke he was his father. He goes on a journey to get revenge and punish those who made Luke so “weak”. Together with a droid with an attitude they find more than they were expecting. Kristin

The Magicians #4
After the events of issue #3, Brakebills is under lockdown to hopefully prevent other travesties. The students in the secret battle classes must speed up their training in order to defend against the coming threat to the school. Chad

Here we go!

Live at 6:00! Lay off the catnip and join us!

Check out our picks!

Star Wars #2
Luke and Leia try to formulate a plan to find and save Han. Lando wants to help, but can Luke and Leia trust him? And the search brings us back to Tattoine! Rob

Thor #2
Galactus and Thor go to the first of five planets that will give Galactus the power to stop the Black Winter! But even with the fate of the universe at stake, Thor’s honor will not allow Galactus to destroy a world with sentient beings. Who’s will will prevail? “Kevin”

Protector #1
North America has been taken over by aliens. Power structures have flipped. A slave finds an ancient weapon. Simon Roy & Daniel Bentsen have created a fascinating world brought to vivid life by Artyom Trakhanovs’ inks and Jason Wardies’ colors. Jump on this five issue mini series today. Rich

Seeress Embla of the Dead One - Shot
Embla is a Morthwythra worshiping her dead kin. In an attempt to reach her mother her divine reverie is broken by a malevolent demon holding her parents captive. The rescue errand drags Embla through a hell spawn, trial of spiritual combat, death and resurrection to save her family from the underworld unspeakable tortures. Kristin

Misplaced #3
Finally leaving the afterlife trying to find his true love. James has been returned to a world he doesn't remember. He has found a mysterious woman claiming to know where his beloved Anna is to be found. Will she lead him to his true love or his own destruction? - Chad

Here we go!

[01/28/20]   We are going live at 6:00!

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in the kids art class today! There were so many talented artists and great interpretations of these two epic characters! And a big thanks to our awesome art teacher the talented Jenna Ayoub!

Check out this weeks picks!

Family Tree #3
As Judd and his family are heading into New York City to hopefully find a cure Meg falls into a dream like trance and finds herself in a strange tree. She hears the sound of her dad's voice and follows it, to find her dad standing there.- Chad

Wonder Woman # 750
This oversized issue has 9 short stories from many creative writers and artists! Some are fun, some are sad, and all have action. These are all great stories worthy of a strong warrior princess! Also there are 8 covers to choose from! Kristin

Kill Lock #2
The Artisan. The Laborer. The Kid. The Wraith. Convicted of different crimes these four are sentenced with the Kill Lock: a linking of their programming so death for one means death for all. This issue takes them to a party planet as they search for the cure. Rob

Far Sector #3
Lantern Mullein has discovered that the use/abuse of a drug that allows the user to experience emotions (in a society that has suppressed all emotion) goes all the way to the upper echelons of this society. Then a riot threatens to break out among hundreds of thousands of protestors. A Lanterns’ work is never done. Rich

Web of Venom Good Son #1
Following the events of Absolute Carnage, the sons of Goblin and Venom have survived the trials of Carnage. What will become of these two young men? Will they work together of become arch rivals? “Kevin [email protected]” #publife

[01/21/20]   Drink and Draw is sold out. Keep your eye out for our next one!


[01/21/20]   Going Live at 6:00!!

[01/17/20]   ATTN: DUE TO THE BAD WEATHER FORECAST THE KID’S ART CLASS FOR TOMORROW HAS BEEN CANCELED. THE CLASS IS RESCHEDULED FOR NEXT SATURDAY JANUARY 25th. If you are unable to make the January 25th class we can reimburse you for your ticket or switch you to the March 21st class. We are so sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any questions. If you don’t contact us we will just see you all on January 25th.

Jessica Jones - Blind Spot #1
Jessica is having a dreamy day at the park with her family. Her day soon turns into a nightmare when she shows up at her office. This is a great detective story. If you are a fan of Jessica Jones and or detective stories you will enjoy this 6 issue mini! Kristin

Undiscovered Country #1
Big reveals this issue. One of the best comics coming out. Happy Birthday Scott Snyder! Rob & Rich

Iron Man 2020 #1
I, Tony Stark (aka Kevin Bednarz am no longer Iron Man. My brother, Arno, has taken the helm. And it’s up to him to stop the Robot Rebellion! “Kevin”

Rising Sun #1 Chiyoko, a member of the Koi clan, leader of the group of warriors picked from each of the 6 clans. They formed to protect the region from dragons and monsters. Will they be enough to defeat the evil that is roaming around the land? Chad

Love the morning regulars!

The Kids art class for this Saturday January 18th is sold out. Don’t be too sad because we are doing another Mandalorian kids art class Saturday March 21st! Tickets for the class will be available soon.

‎Meanwhile At The Podcast: 37. What Did You Do Over Christmas Break, Kylo Ren? on Apple Podcasts

New episode of Meanwhile At The Podcast! The band is back together! Catch up with the gang and see if you share the same opinions about Star Wars Episode 9 - The Rise of Skywalker. ‎Show Meanwhile At The Podcast, Ep 37. What Did You Do Over Christmas Break, Kylo Ren? - Jan 11, 2020

Check out this weeks staff picks!
Deadpool #2
Wade’s reign as King of the monsters has gotten off to a bit of a shaky start. So Cap has to step in and have a serious conversation with him. Then, to make matters worse, the new Kraven shows up to hunt Deadpool’s new subjects and it’s up to DP and Jeff the Land Shark to stop him! Rob

Stranger Things: Into the Fire #1
The world of Stranger Things continues to expand! Two former Hawkins Lab patients are trying to lead normal lives after escaping the program. But news arrives that could lead them to other former subjects... including Eight from season 3! Perfect for all Stranger Things fans waiting anxiously for the next Season. “Kevin”

Daphne Byrne #1
Daphne is a sad young lady dealing with the death of her father and deteriorating financial situation. She gets very upset when she finds her mother is paying someone to hold seances so she can speak with her dead husband. Things start to change and secrets come into light. Could all of this be true or just a nightmare? Kristin

Batman #86
James Tynion IV and Tony S. Daniel are in the unenviable position of taking over a top selling title from a long running and award winning creative team. Enviably it’s Batman. The fact they handle this with aplomb shows what bringing a fully vetted team can do for a title. James and Tony are already putting their take on the dark knight in the book (Bats gets a new gadget!) without ignoring everything that happened in the last 85 issues. In fact those events are still reverberating in the pages.

White Ash #1
A young man named Aleck, has waited 19 years to get out of his hometown of White Ash, Pennsylvania. Getting ready to leave for college, says his goodbyes to his dad who works in the local mines. Gunter (Aleck's dad) is about to head out for his lunch break when he sees a mysterious man head into the mine. He follows to find out what's going on. Chad

Locke & Key | Official Trailer | Netflix

February 7th!

Official Trailer for Locke & Key Season 1, coming to Netflix on February 7, 2020. Based on the best-selling graphic novels, Locke & Key follows 3 siblings wh...

[01/07/20]   Due to yucky weather we will be closing at 4:30. Good news though our live video will also be at 4:30!!!

Kids hard at work in the shop!

Here are this weeks picks!

Star Wars #1
Taking place immediately after the empire strikes back the new star wars series has a blockbuster creative team of Charles Soule and Jesus Saiz. And you get a sweet print with purchase of #1 while supplies last! Rich, Rob, and Kristin

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #2
After Gordon and the GCPD turn to profiler Harley Quinn for assistance. A new murder victim has been found and she is very interested in how detailed and careful this serial killer took in their victim. Trying to figure out clues to figure out the pathology of the killer. Will this help stop the next kill or prevent her from finding the true killer? - Chad

Thor #1
Thor is King! But he misses the good old days of smiting. Luckily someone needs his help to sate their hunger. Donny Cates and Nic Klein take the reins from Jason Aaron and they do a great job! “Kevin”

Happy New Year!! Come in and pick up some books! Star Wars #1 and Thor #1 are both great books to start off the new year! REGULAR STORE HOURS 11-8! See you later!!

Surprise! We’re going live!

We hope you all have a fun and SAFE New Years Eve! We will be closing at 3:00 today! Regular store hours for tomorrow. Make sure to come in tomorrow to pick up the new Star Wars #1 and Thor #1! They are awesome!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Comic Logic!

A Very Calvin & Hobbes Christmas

Thank you all so much for the love and support you've shown us this holiday season! We will be closing early today, December 24th, at 3pm and we will be closed tomorrow, December 25th. We hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and we'll see you with a few new books on Thursday!

Everything by Jim Frommeyer, Teague Chrystie, & Bill Watterson. Wanna know how we made it? Hop over here:

We wanted to say Happy Hanukkah!!!

Two weeks worth of stuff

Schools may be closed but we are not! Come by the shop today and get those gifts you still need!

Check out Comic Logic Books & Artwork.

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Comic Logic Books & Artwork

Attn: Kid’s Art Class still has room! Have the kids work with Jena Ayoub of Cartoon Network comics fame to learn how to draw The Grinch and Max! 12/14
9:00 - 10:30

[12/08/19]   Attn: Kid’s Art Class still has room! Have the kids work with Jena Ayoub of Cartoon Network comics fame to learn how to draw The Grinch and Max! 12/14
9:00 - 10:30

Comic Logic Books & Artwork

Join us for the next kids art class December 14th at 9 AM. This time the kids will be learning to draw the Grinch and Max! Get your tickets soon!

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