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The boy is happy! Got the Star Wars bag clip he wanted!! AT-AT!!
Thought you’d enjoy this. Made by local filmmakers on zero budget. The first chapter of the series
Happy Birthday 🥳 🎉🎈🎊🎁🎂
Good morning! Today we will be offering curbside service ONLY from 12pm-6pm. Please email Rob at [email protected] to set up a pick up. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!
Thank you, Comic Logic, for being open today, and being safe in doing so, to support those of us who need some awesome reading material. 💕
Swamp Thing fans...
Do you have the new Starcadia Quest comic from IDW Publishing?
Happy Anniversary you guys. Unfortunately my new gig requires me to be in attendance tomorrow which sadly, will keep me from the 4 year festivities. Suffice to say Congratulations! I love this store and the fine folks that run it. If actual copies of Swamp Gary actually manifest themselves I would be honored if you could save me one. Good luck with the wings...
Morning! Do you have any more copies of Detective Comics #1000 left?
I bought this book at ComicLogic. This is my 17 month year old granddaughter.
Classic revisited. I still have my book from 1988.

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Jupiter's Legacy - Official First Look

Another adaptation of a hit comic series!

Get a first look at the Netflix adaptation of Mark Millar's Jupiter Legacy which is due to release on May 7th 2021!

Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. - Official Teaser Trailer (2021) Patton Oswalt, Ben Schwartz | Hulu

Starting Patton Oswalt! This is gonna be great fun!

Hulu's new adult animated comedy series Marvel's M.O.D.O.K. premieres all 10 episodes Friday, May 21. In Marvel's M.O.D.O.K., the megalomaniacal supervillain...

Check out this weeks picks!

Department of Truth #6
We get a story from the Department's past and a young Oswald learns that its roots stretch back as far as the Middle Ages. And with knowledge revealed, new questions arise! Today is also the release of Department of Truth volume 1 so you can get caught up on the entire story. Check out one of the best new series from James Tynion IV! - Rob

Crossover #4
The group continues their journey to Colorado after the surprise appearance of a classic hero, as well as a great sword of legend! (Speaking of which, go read God Country by Donnie Cates right now!) Can they uncover the truth behind the Event and find a way into the dome? Keep reading! - “Kevin"

Paranormal Hitmen #1
Two prolific mob Hitmen are recruited into a super secret paranormal government agency. When you are good at what you do (headshots) people notice! Set in the 70's this book feels like a mashup of a buddy cop movie with blaxploitation. Brett Murphy plays the the tropes and archetypes in a fun way and Wilson Gandolpho's art lends itself to the gritty world the story inhabits. Two thumbs up! - Rich

Marvel Voices Legacy #1
This book was so great! There are six amazing short stories by Black creators. Starting off with a great story starring Miles Moralez, followed by stories of Monica Rambo, Riri Williams (Ironheart) and hold on to your butts, Blade! There are other great characters in this book each with an awesome short story. What better way to celebrate Black History Month then to read a bunch of cool stories with people of color created by people of color! I can not recommend it more highly. - Kristin

New Comic Book Day is best day!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

X-Men Legends #1

Miss the X-Men of the 90's? Well they're back will all new adventures! This one involves the Summers brothers and a big family secret. The Shi'ar! Corsair! You don't wanna miss this one! - “Kevin"

Black Friday #1
It's the biggest shopping day of the year! But as a group cleans up their store after the retail frenzy, they discover a horror that... look this is Rob and my heart was racing. This was a scary book and it got me and both Chad and I really liked it! Check it out! - Rob and Chad

Immortal Wonder Woman #2
This book is beautiful. The art is amazing. If you can get through the first story without tears in your eyes I will be surprised. They will be tears for change and hope. Diana Prince will always be a hero. Followed by another awesome story with Nubia also an Amazonian warrior strong enough to carry the mantle of Wonder Woman. The story explores the true power of Nubia and her ancestors. All while having to deal with some very dangerous villains. I could not recommend this book more highly. Pick up number one if you haven't yet. There are only two books in this story. They are both packed full of power and beauty. - Kristin

Future State: Catwoman #2 The finale to The Great Train Robbery! Ram V has penned a great story and Otto Schmidts' art really captures how Selina moves and fights. I don't wanna give anything away so just pick up these two issues if you haven't yet!

Time for another quickie!

Don’t miss out on this special live stream!

Tomorrow's LS Weekly Live will be a special #BlackHisoryMonth event with special guests MaJiK Artwork, Elements Of Light creator, Tyrone Selby, the creative team behind Tuskegee Heirs, & guest host Henry Brooks!! We go live at 8:30pm est to talk #inclusion in creative spaces!

Zack Snyder's Justice League | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Who's excited for this one? In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces w...

Happy Valentine’s Day from all your friends at Comic Logic!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

The Last Witch #2 Saoirse has to rescue her brother Brahm from the evil witch but it only puts her in danger too. How will they escape. Find out this and get filled in on other details in this action and info packed issue! - Rich

Radiant Black #1
Turning 30 isn't great for Nathan. Two jobs he's not good at. Skyrocketing debt. And now he's moving back in his the parents. However his fortune is about to change when he discovers the Radiant and unlocks the powers within! - Rob

Future State Dark Detective #3
Batman meets Batman in this excellent issue! Bruce's crusade against the Magistate leads to a discovery that n one is safe and that the Magistrate sees all. How can you stop someone who knows all your secrets? Also, read the second part of "Grifters" as Cole Cash and Luke Fox meet the Huntress! -“Kevin"

White Ash Presents: Glarien #1
A glorious tale told about the mother of Lilly, Glarien. A formidable Elf queen who takes no crap from anyone and can get things done. This 3 part story is a great way to get into the series White Ash. Highly recommend giving this series a shot. The team on this book has done a wonderful job getting you hooked.

Scouts Honor #2
Kit made a startling discovery in the first issue. Problems arise within the the Ranger Scouts as Kit is trying to figure out how to digest the disturbing discovery. This issue is packed with action, emotion, and revelations! I am also enjoying the art! It really helps build the world this story takes place in. If you haven’t already grab a copy of the first issue and issue #2! You will not regret it! Scouts Honor! - Kristin

Check out some of this weeks staff picks!

Specter Inspectors #1
Imagine if ghost hunters was a show run by teenagers. Cross Scooby Doo with reality ghost hunting shows minus the actual mystery machine. The kids decide to drive to one of the most haunted towns in America. They have gone to investigate the Townhall. The building is perfectly creepy. So far in past investigations they have had a hard time finding solid proof. This might be the first time they’re inspooktigating digs up even more than they had hoped for. - Kristin

Maniac of New York #1
A Jason-esque serial killer has been stalking the streets of NYC for 4+ years. A taskforce was created to stop them but to no avail. Maybe the new head of the taskforce can do something about it but it seems everyone else has given up. It feels like a slasher movie where the killer is treated like mass shootings and other forms of gun violence, with a shrug and ' well nothing to be done about it' attitude. Truly frightening. - Rich

Man-Bat #1
Kirk Langstrom has struggled for years with the serum that transformed him into the monstrous Man-Bat. But after another failed attempt to help himself, he finds himself at rock bottom and decides to take it out on all of Gotham City! Can Batman and the GCPD stop him and prevent devastation? -“Kevin"

Deep Beyond #1
Humanity is on its last leg. The remaining survivors are divided, but scientists are still trying to uncover and understand what's hidden in the depths of the abyss... and prevent a bigger catastrophe! - Rob

Time for a quickie preview!

[01/31/21]   Thought I'd give it a shot, but we're gonna close up for the day. Stay safe and enjoy the snow!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Future State Dark Detective #2
Bruce continues the investigation into his own murder! Who is Peacekeeper-01? And how did the Magistrate know that he was Batman? Time for Bruce to do what he does best: be the World's Greatest Detective! - Rob Kaylin

Batmam Black & White #2
The latest volume of the Batman anthology continues! This time we get a story from Tom King and Mitch Gerads, a Catwoman tale from Sophie Campbell, an encounter with the Joker by Dustin Weaver and a newspaper-style mystery from David Aja. Great reads for all Batman fans! - Kevin Bednarz

Batman Superman #1
being a masked vigilante in Gotham has never been easy. The Magistrate has turned Gotham into a fascist state where it is harder than ever. The side effects have started to leak into Metropolis so Superman has come to team up with Batman. Let's hope together they can take it down. Rich and Kristin

It's New Comic Book Day!

Godzilla vs. Kong – Official Trailer

Can't wait for this one! In theaters and streaming exclusively on @HBOMax* March 26. *Available on @HBOMax in the US only, for 31 days, at no extra cost to subscribers.https://www.go...

Check out this weeks picks!

Abbott 1973 #1
I loved this book! I can’t believe I somehow missed the first run of this awesome series. I am getting the first trade ASAP! In this issue we follow Elena Abbott journalist and “detective for the people”. She has the powers of the Lightbringer which allows her to fight the darkness lurking in the city. In this story we see her deal with not just horror of supernatural threats, but also the horrors of sexism, homophobia, and racism she and her girlfriend have to deal with everyday. None of this will hold back the awesome kick ass hero! I love the story and the art! Make sure to pick up this fantastic issue! If you haven’t read the first run pick up the trade too! - Kristin

Future State Immortal Wonder Woman #1
The first story has art by Jen Bartel. This should be enough to buy the issue but of you need more Becky Cloonan co wrote the story and in the second story Nubia has taken over as Wonder Woman since the mantle has been neglected in the years following Dark Nights Death Metal. 2 great stories in one issue! -Rich

Stillwater #5
Most of the townsfolk of Stillwater have come together to vote on whether or not their town should be open to the public. Most people think yes but it all comes down to what the Judge thinks. The final say is an explosion of excitement!

We Live #4

Tala, Hototo, Humbo and Alice are almost to the train! But a crazy cult could end their trip to Megalopolis Mother 9. Things continue to create chaos and tears for the group and a happy ending feels out of reach for our travelers. - Rob

Future State Nightwing #1
The Magistrate tightens his grip on Gotham, even setting traps for heroes. But Dick Grayson isn't fooled! With Batman dead, Nightwing is working overtime to free the city. Will he get along with the new "Batman"? Gotham's future continues to unfold here! “Kevin”

Super fast Wednesday preview!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Ascencia #1
What would you do to become immortal? Who would you abandon? Who would you betray? The city of Ascencia is a city of immortals and in this tale we will see what people will do to attain such power! - Rob

Future State Dark Detective #1
Batman is dead. Bruce Wayne is dead. And as the Magistrate tightens its grip on Gotham City, only one person can solve those murders: Bruce Wayne! Find out what one man does as a "ghost" to save his city! - “Kevin”

Space Bastards #1
A man down on his luck gets fired from his accountant job. He then sees an ad for the Intergalactic Postal Service, and sees a way to turn his life around. Soon he will find out that it's kill or be killed for each of the packages. Will David S. Proton be able to adjust to this new job? - Chad

Future state: Green Lantern #1 Three stories show what the multiverse looks like when the Green Lantern Corps' rings stop working. Stewart is knee deep in the blood on the battlefield and it's still rising! Cruz is alone trying to keep a space station running when it is boarded by fearsome pirates and Guy Gardner is taking his time learning a lesson about how important even the most menial tasks a lantern must undertake are important. A special guest star will pique many a readers interest (looking at you Uncle Gary). - Rich

Future State Superman Wonder Woman #1
Good morning Metropolis! The New Man of Steel and new Amazon Warrior team up in this exciting Future State book. Yara Flor and Jonathan Kent are doing their own thing until they have to unite to combat a solar threat. No problem Superman is basically powered by our sun, he has got this right? Well you will have to read this captivating team up to see how they deal with their hot new threat! - Kristin

Check out Comic Logic Books & Artwork.

Sorry we're late to the party on this, be we are happy to be nominated for Best of Loudoun again! Please give us a vote! You can vote daily until January 22nd! We appreciate your support! We're in both the Bookstore AND Specialty Retail Store categories! Vote once per day for your favorites in and or all categories now through Friday, January 22. Then, come back in March to vote to determine the ultimate winners and finalists. Spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors to show some love for local businesses when they need it most!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Future State The Next Batman #1
It is a dark time for Gotham. The Magistrate has taken over and people in masks are to be shot on sight! It's up to the new holder of the Mantle of the Bat to free the city of tyranny! - “Kevin"

Future State The Flash #1
Speedsters with no powers! Flash and the rest of the Flash Family find themselves with no speed... thanks to Wally West?!? Barry and the crew have to use the Rogues' technology to stop crime, and now must find a way to stop (and save) Wally and get their speed back! - Rob

Future State Harley Quinn #1
Following the events of Death Metal we get a glimpse of another universe in which the Future State series takes place. Harley Quinn has been captured by law enforcement as she has been restrained Harley is greeted by a familiar face, Dr. Crane aka The Scarecrow. In this universe he is helping the GCPD capture well known villains in Gotham and he wants Harley to help him do that. Will she be sane enough be able to help Crane capture his most wanted foe Black Mask? - Chad

Scouts Honor #1
Years after an apocalyptic event a new society has risen from the ashes. Their new bible is an old Ranger Scout manual! Upon discovering a terrible secret lost to history, our young protagonist ranger scout Kit must go on a dangerous quest. He must uncover the truth behind the Ranger Scouts’ doctrine. - Kristin

The Last Witch #1
Saoirse is thinks she's ready for adventure and she is about to find out if she's right. This is a beautiful story about magic, potions, duty and family. Originally slated to come out as a graphic novel Boom is releasing it as a 6 issue mini and creator Conor McCreery has a second book in the works that will finish the story. - Rich

Harley is having a talk with Father Time and Baby New Year. She says 2020 was even rough for Mr. J! Here is to a better year for everybody! Happy New Year!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Jinny Hex #1
Jinny is heading back home to take care of some unfinished business. Jinny gets to reconnect with her family and friends. The problem is a super-powered gunslinger called Three-Eyed Jack throws a wrench in the works. Check out what crazy conflict she has to deal with now! If you like Jonah Hex, are a fan of westerns or just a great story check this book out! - Kristin

Batman Annual #5
It's the origin of Clownhunter! James Tynion IV joins forces with James Stokoe to continue the story they started in the pages of Batman: Joker WarZone! See the tragedy and Batman's failing that lead to Bao's transformation into Clownhunter! This is an annual you don't wanna miss! - Rob & Chad

Tales from the Dark Multiverse Dark Nights Metal #1
What would have happened had Barbatos defeated the Justice League during the events of Dark Nights Metal? Find out here as it's up to the Last Monitor aka Duke Thomas to gather Nightwing and others to form the Final Justice League and save the Multiverse!-“Kevin"

Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1
Earth has been taken over by sentient black goo and no one is happy about it. Tony has a spiffy new armor to try out and Victor sees some potential there and just when you think all is well they have to face one of the most powerful sorcerer's Earth has to offer. Unless it's not him and it's just a guy in a suit whose venomized. Are you a true believer? Find out who is in this secret Christmas special. - Rich

Merry Christmas from all of us at Comic Logic!

Check out this weeks staff picks!

Murder Hobo All Inn at Dragon's Shaft #1:
If you enjoy D&D and crude humor boy do I have a book for you.. In the Lands of High Adventure, adventurers are becoming more and more aware of several "heroes" in their midst. These "heroes" only put people in harms way in order to get the treasures or rewards for each quest. We meet three more of these Murder Hobos who have different methods but the same goal to satiating their desires by drinking, drugging, and other things to keep all the loot for themselves. +18 year old required. - Chad

Scumbag #3
Scorpionus's bomb is about to blow, and Sister Mary's gotta get ol' Ernie Ray to save the day! But will he stop the bomb or just #^@% it up royally? I mean, he is a scumbag after all! - Rob

Picture of Everything Else #1
The story takes place around the turn of the century when photography started to become more mainstream. Two starving artist have an additional source of income. Unfortunately one of these young men witnesses some thing that will change their lives forever. Read about the true power and horror of art while following along on this journey with our protagonists Alphonse and Marcel! Great read! I'm looking forward to issue two! - Kristin

Undiscovered Country #11
After the revelation of what's behind Unity the crew have a confrontation. Then its time for an Apple iPod 1. This book continues to thrill. Pick up the first trade and catch up of you've been missing out! - Rich

Batman White Knight Presents Harley Quinn #3
Harley's on the case looking for who tried to kill Starlet! The investigation leads her to something that reminds her of Joker's worst obsessive behaviors - and could compromise the whole case. Sean Murphy's White Knight universe continues here! “Kevin”

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