Lakeshore Condominium Unit Owners Association

Lakeshore Condominium is located in Ashburn, VA next to the Ashburn Village Community Sports Pavilion and is comprised of 246 condos in 16 Buildings.

Lakeshore Condominium is beautifully located in Ashburn, VA next to the Ashburn Village Community Sports Pavilion. Lakeshore is conveniently located in walking distance from the Ashburn Village Shopping Center. Lakeshore Condominium is comprised of 246 condominiums in 16 Buildings. Homeowners enjoy the use of the area pools and the Pavilion. Floor plan options are three-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-bedroom condominiums. Lakeshore Condominium is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of homeowners.

Lakeshore Roof Repairs and Replacements

The March Windstorm did a lot of damage to Lakeshore roofs. All of roofs suffered damage, but several will require a total replacement. After completing a drone roof survey and meeting with C2 construction and our Nationwide Adjuster, the following building have been targeted for a total roof placement:
Building 1 (44082, 44084, 44086 Natalie Terrace)
Building 2 (44090, 44092 Natalie Terrace)
Building 4 (44104, 44106 Natalie Terrace)
Building 7 (20586, 20588, 20590 Cornstalk Terrace)
Building 10 (44114, 44116, 44118 Natalie Terrace)
Building 11 (20585, 20583 Snowshoe Square)
Building 15 (20582, 20584 Snowshoe Square)
Lakeshore Clubhouse (44190 Natalie Terrace)

We hope to start the work in early May and be complete by mid-June. We will keep residents updated as the information becomes available.

New Lakeshore Pet Waste Stations
To create a more pet friendly community, Lakeshore has installed 3 pet waste stations on the property. They are located in front of Building #4, on the Corner of Natalie and Cornstalk, and on the Island in front of the Lakeshore Clubhouse.
We would like to remind owners not let their dogs urinate and do their business in front of the Lakeshore Buildings. Please bring your dogs to the rear of the buildings or the island areas of the property. We are attempting to renovate the grass in front of the buildings.

Lakeshore Recycling Guidelines


Depending on the snow accumulation projection, the snowplow will typically come by the property and do an initial clearing at 2-3 inches. The snow plow will then come back after the snow has fallen and depending upon how much snow was received, will need to make several passes throughout the property.

Snow is plowed and not actually removed from the community. This means there could be big piles of snow in some places which will likely affect parking. Be prepared that some spaces may be unavailable unless shoveled out by hand or until the snow melts.

The Lakeshore sidewalks will be cleared within six hours after the snow has stopped falling.

Please only use the Snow Melt provided at the front entrance for the sidewalk areas and porch areas. Please do not use the Melt to spread throughout your parking space.

Shoveling of individual parking spaces, around and behind cars is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Please do not shovel snow back into the street.

Landscaping Committee Meeting

We are looking forward to a wonderful green and colorful season.

Saturday, April 7, 2018 – 11:30 AM
@ The Lakeshore Clubhouse

The First Meeting Project will be discussing the Spring Flowers at the Lakeshore Monument and Entrance Ways

We also begin discussing a long-term plan landscaping plan for the Lakeshore Community

The committee is open to both owners and renters.

If you’re interested in joining, please email us:

Lakeshore Residents,
Lakeshore community has suffered major structural damage from this weekend’s high wind storm Riley. We have documented damage on all 17 Lakeshore Buildings. We will be contacting our insurance adjuster at Nationwide this week and completing a roof and structural survey. We hope to begin repairs as soon as possible in order to prevent additional damage.
We are asking residents to report any damage to the Lakeshore Site Managers.
Dave Camp, (540) 751-1888 ext. 56609
Joseph Barrows, (540) 751-1888 ext.56610

Please provide as much detail as possible. (photos are best)

Thank you for your help!

Lakeshore Board of Directors

Storm Riley Wind Damage at Lakeshore

Storm Riley Wind Damage at Lakeshore

Storm Riley Wind Damage at Lakeshore

High Winds Warning!!! We are requesting all residents to secure their patio furniture and items on their decks and patios. This high wind event can quickly turn this items into dangerous projectiles.

Loudoun County, VA - Official Website

LCSO Reminds Residents of County Ordinances Regarding Peddlers and Solicitors

Loudoun County- The warmer weather brings an increase in door-to-door solicitors to our area. While some door-to-door salespersons are honest, the chance does exist that you may be taken advantage of if you are not cautious and informed.

All solicitors that operate inside the county are required to register with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office per County Ordinance 828.04, except any person that is affiliated with non-profit organization registered in Virginia, places of worship, and community services. As part of this registration, a background check is completed and information on their employer is obtained. Through this process, anyone approved to solicit is issued an identification card showing they are a registered solicitor. All solicitors are required, upon request, to provide their identification card to any person they are contacting as a solicitor. This identification card shall contain the following information:
(1) The permit number;
(2) The name and address of the applicant;
(3) The date the permit was issued and the date of expiration;
(4) The name and address of the employer or principal;
(5) A physical description (height, weight, color of hair and eyes, complexion) and the date of birth of the applicant and the presence and location of marks and scars on the applicant;
(6) The signature of the County Sheriff; and
(7) A brief description of the nature of the business and the goods to be sold.

In addition to registering, all solicitors must uphold a code of conduct (County Ordinance 828.08). If a solicitor is found in violation of this code, their privileges will be revoked and they will not be authorized to solicit within Loudoun County for a period of one year.

Solicitation hours in the county are weekday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Soliciting is not permitted on Sunday’s or state or national holidays. Solicitors must leave when asked by the property owner. Solicitors must conduct themselves in a lawful and orderly manner and must identify themselves and their purpose of being on the property.

The Peddlers and Solicitor Ordinance can be viewed at:
Any person who witnesses a violation of this code of conduct or encounters a solicitor who refuses to provide their county issued solicitor permit, or does not have a permit should contact the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office by calling the 24-hour non-emergency number at 703-777-1021.

Comfenergy is on the property to add insulation to the attics in Buildings 1-6 to protect the sprinkler pipes from breaking.

They will be working on the property for the next 2 weeks.

They have temporally parked a truck in front of Building #3 for staging materials. Please don’t park around the truck so they can complete their work without issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this work is necessary to protect our buildings.

The Lakeshore Board of Directors and Management


During cold weather spells, we have seen pipe breaks around on the Lakeshore property.

o The Fire Department can quickly shutoff the water to your building and prevent additional water damage.


o If you see an open utility closet door, please try to alert the homeowner or call the Lakeshore site manager at 540-751-1888. The exposed pipes can quickly freeze and break.
o When the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe - even at a trickle - helps prevent pipes from freezing.
o Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. Be sure to move any harmful cleaners and household chemicals up out of the reach of children.
o The Lakeshore Board STRONGLY suggests wrapping the pipes around your hot water heater. You can either purchase pipe wrapping from a local hardware store or hire an AC/Heating professional.
o If you will be going away during cold weather, leave the heat on in your unit, set to a temperature no lower than 55° F.

Merry Christmas Lakeshore! We hope you have a safe and happy New Year!

[12/16/17]   Gas Leak Reported at Building #3 on Natalie Terrace. All Clear given by the Fire Department

The hose from the second pond has broken off and management was forced to shutdown the fountain pump. SOLitude Lake Management is working to resolve the issue.

Water Leak? If you Live in a Condominium Association Who is Responsible? When you live in a condominium association who is responsible for maintenance when there is a water leak - the owner, the condo association or even a neighbor?

Join Us for the Lakeshore Community
Holiday Cookie Swap

Saturday, December 16th
2:00pm – 5:00pm
The Lakeshore Clubhouse

It's the time of the year when the best cookies are made.
What fun to make extra to bring and trade.

• Bring at least two dozen of your best homemade cookies.
• Print and share your cookie recipes with the group.
• Coffee and Apple Cider will be provided.

All residents and guests of the Lakeshore Community are welcome!
Hope to see you there!!

Crime Alert: Stolen Packages at Lakeshore!!

The Lakeshore Board received a report about stolen packages on the Lakeshore property.

With the holiday season approaching, we would like to share the following tips about package and parcel theft from the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office.

1. Make arrangements to pick up packages at the package store
or postal service.
2. Request a specific delivery times.
3. Ask a trusted neighbor to take delivery of your packages.

If you see someone or something suspicious, please contact
the Sheriff’s Office immediately at non-emergency number

Let's keep Lakeshore safe during this holiday season!!

Congrats to our newly elected Board Members!

The 2017 Annual Meeting Presentation is available online at:

SQUISITO PIZZA & PASTA OPENS DOORS TUESDAY » The Burn The new Ashburn restaurant features an extensive menu of Italian dishes.

The Top 3 Pet Policy Problems (And How To Solve Them) IKO Community Management counts down the top three pet policy violations and how to solve any neighbor disputes that come from them.

ASHBURN VILLAGE/ROUTE 7 INTERCHANGE OPENS WEDNESDAY » The Burn The new overpass will allow traffic to move quickly through the often congested area.

Larcenists targeting schools, daycare centers in Loudoun County |

SQUISITO SIGN UP AT ASHBURN VILLAGE » The Burn The new Italian restaurant is planning on opening in September.

HOCKEY STAR ALEX OVECHKIN SHOOTS COMMERCIAL IN ASHBURN » The Burn The Washington Capitals star spent the afternoon at a local Papa John's pizza shop.

2017 Annual Meeing Notice - Candidacy Declaration Form - Lakeshore Condominium

2017 Lakeshore Annual Meeting and Call for Candidates

The 2017 Unit Owners Association of Lakeshore Condominium Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, October 26th at 6:30 PM at the Lakeshore Clubhouse. The purpose of the Annual Meeting will be the election of three unit owners in good standing to serve on the Board of Directors.
If you are interested on serving on the Associations Board of Directors, please fill out the Candidacy Declaration Form on the link below and return it to Joe Barrows the Association’s community manager at or mail it to Lakeshore Board of Directors c/o Sentry Management, Inc. 4401 Ford Ave. Alexandria, VA 22302 by the close of business on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 in order for your name and candidacy form to be included in proxy form mailing the week of October 2nd, 2017. 2017 Annual Meeing Notice – Candidacy Declaration Form 2017 Annual Meeing Notice - Candidacy Declaration Form By lakeshoreadmin | September 3, 2017 | ← Previous

Lakeshore would like to welcome our new site manager Joe Barrows from the Sentry Office in Leesburg. He has over 13 years of property management experience. Joe is also a Certified Manager of Community Associations® (CMCA) and Association Management Specialist® (AMS). He can be contacted at (540) 751-1888 x56610 or

How to Save on Home & Renters Insurance in Your Homeowners Association Comparison shopping for the best insurance rates for your homeowners association will save you some money, but you also can save by following these tips.

Mailbox Replacement Notice

To All Owner/Residents: Building 16, 44152, 44154 & 44156
Natalie Terrace

Mailbox Replacement: Please be advised on Tuesday
8/29/2017 between the between the hours of 10:00 AM and
3:00 PM workmen from CertaPro Painters will be removing
the existing mailboxes and installing new mailboxes in your

New Mailbox Keys: In order to access your new mailbox you
will need to pick up and sign for your new mailbox keys.
You will need to pick up and sign for your new mailbox keys
at the clubhouse on Tuesday 8/29/2017, between the hours of
5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Please be advised that all Owner/Residents will be issued 2 keys to their new mailbox,it is the Owner/Residents responsibility to maintain copies of the new mailbox keys as duplicate key will not be available to you.

Mail Delivery Service Interruption: Mail will not be
delivered by the USPS to your mailbox on Tuesday
8/29/2017. Mail delivery will resume on Wednesday

Thank you for your cooperation during this entry stairwell
painting project.

The Board of Directors and Management

[08/25/17]   The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) is asking for your assistance in sharing our social media posts to help prevent crimes of opportunity. In the last two weeks, the LCSO has seen an increase in larcenies from vehicles due to the doors being left unlocked. It is our hope that educating our residents to secure their belongings will ensure they are not a victim of theft.

In the beginning of the summer, the LCSO joined the nationwide effort of posting a message every night to remind residents of locking their doors, securing windows and removing belongings under the #9PMRoutine. In addition, we have been releasing surveillance videos of these “car hoping’s” to deter larcenies and help identify the suspect(s).

We also ask that you please encourage residents to immediately report all suspicious activity and vandalism, such as graffiti and damage to mailboxes, by calling the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at 703-777-1021.

Please find our social media sites under @LoudounSheriff and share our message

Lakeshore Condominiums Community Poll Survey

Lakeshore Condominiums Community Poll

Please take a few minutes to respond to the following survey. This will give the Lakeshore Board of Directors a sense of what we are doing well, and what we need to improve upon to be responsive and accountable to the owners. Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.


To help residents keep up with community news, Lakeshore will be setting up a monthly email newsletter.

To sign up for The Shoreline, please send an email to the address below with the subject “Shoreline Sign up”.

Loudoun County, VA - Official Website - Make an Animal-Related Complaint

Pet waste is a subject everyone likes to avoid but we are seeing more and more of it along the pathways and common area throughout the community.

Pet waste is ugly and smelly. But even worse, it poses a health risk to pets, bodies of water, and people. Pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, trails, and grassy areas is immediately flushed into the nearest waterway when it rains. Even if you can't see the water near you, the pet waste goes into a storm drain where it travels untreated to your neighborhood stream or lake.

Like human waste, animal waste may contain harmful bacteria and viruses, making the receiving water unfit for drinking and recreation. In addition, pet waste contains nutrients that will accelerate the growth of nuisance algae.

Be responsible and clean up after your pets. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Bring a bag (or use one of the bags that are provided form the doggy stations throughout the Village).
2. Use the bag to pick up your pet's waste.
3. Dispose of the bag properly in the trash...and not in the lakes or down the storm drains!


Codified ordinances of Loudoun County, Chapter 612.19, Section a (9).

The following shall be deemed unlawful and enforced by proceedings before a Judge of the General District Court in like manner and with like right of appeal as if such violations were Class Four misdemeanors.

Dog waste. For the owner of any dog to fail to remove immediately the dog's feces from any property.

For more information and to make a report, please visit the Loudoun County website at: Make an animal-related complaint

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