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Thank you AVFRD for being our frontline heroes.. Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion and Ashburn Village thank you for everything you do to keep us safe.
Hi! Many,many...many years ago, when I was running the Explorer Post, we did a controlled burn at the intersection of (now) LoCo Parkway and Waxpool Road where all the data centers are. The house was sitting by its lonesome on the SW corner. Do you all have a "before" picture by ANY wild chance?
January 18th -12:00-4:00pm. AVFRD CHILI DAYS Fundraiser - we're back for our 6th year at Old Ox Brewery, Guilford Drive, Ashburn!!- Come and join the fun. Family Friendly. Celebrity chefs and you pick the “Best of” Chili and enjoy our special AVFRD brewski. see our website for more details: Sponsorships available, contact [email protected] or 703 405 7137.
CFC Season has officially begun!!! Be sure to sign up and share with all your friends ! Our CFC number is 51668
thank you for helping Mike last night. your service was prompt and appreciated! this is why we donate each year. Mike is doing well today. his collar bone was badly broken and scapula is fractured. he never would have gotten off the trail with out your help! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
HAPPY SNOW DAY!!! It's a perfect time to think about throwing an amazing holiday party. Let us help you host your event or let's take some pressure off and cater it! #tistheseason #holidayparty #catering #delivery #happyhour #festive #meetmeatthefinn #blackfinnashburn #FINNFAM *** also all first responders get 15% off all food ALL THE TIME*** Thank you for all that you do and we hope to see you soon!!!
James O'Donnell shared their photo. Published by Michael Martin · A Good Friend of mine, Lt. James O’Donnell has written a new book titled “ Sons Of Valor Parents Of Faith” In his book Lt. O’Donnell looks at the lives of Ten First Responders, Nine Of which were Members of the New York City Fire Department and One a Member Of the New York City Police Department whose lives were Tragically cut short due to the Terrorist Attack on September 11 , 2001 at the World Trade Center and how their Families have had to cope with the loss of a Loved One on 9-11; exploring their spiritual and emotional journeys Please Everyone Like and Share this Page Lt O’Donnell is donating All proceeds from the Sale of this Book to Various FDNY 9-11 Charities. Book available @ Amazon and Barnes and Noble .
Thanks for letting the Sterling Lions join you this morning to sell or remaining Florida Oranges and Grapefruits. We will be there about 9, need time to pack up and move our inventory. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the community.
Another great Boy Scout Troop 58 lawnmowing service project for the firehouse today! Just a small token of appreciation for all of the support our Troop gets from the firehouse team.
December 7-8, 2017 Grant Management Class Hosted by Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
THANK you all , for your services.

Welcome to the Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department page! The Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department (AVFRD) is a volunteer fire & rescue department that provides fire and emergency medical services to the citizens and visitors of Ashburn, Lansdowne and surrounding communities.

Like all fire & rescue companies in Loudoun County, AVFRD is part of a combination career and volunteer system. Loudoun County Fire & Rescue career personnel staff both stations between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., and volunteers staff both stations between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Station 6 also houses a twenty-four hour career Medic. Currently, AVFRD has approximately 200 active members. We are your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and the "strangers" you chat with in line at the grocery store. We represent a wide range of occupations, with a wide range of skills, but we share one professional goal: to be there when you need us. AVFRD is always looking for hardworking and dedicated members. Take the time to read our membership section ( to learn more about volunteering in your community.

Since 1944, the Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (AVFRD) has been answering your calls. We are a part of the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue system, responding from Station 6 (Ashburn) and Station 22 (Landsdowne). Our community is growing and so is the need for volunteers to become trained firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). We also need administrative volunteers to assist with community outreach, public education, fundraising, publicity, building maintenance and clerical duties. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the community that we serve to support us. Visit our website for more information on how you can support us through our fundraising events and general donations.

Mission: The Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department (AVFRD) is committed to protecting the lives and property of Ashburn and Loudoun County residents and visitors by providing the best possible fire, rescue, emergency and medical response services. We pledge to perform our duty with courage and dedication. We also strive to be active in our community and proactive with public education and prevention campaigns.

Operating as usual

We’re now on TikTok! Follow us @ashburnfire.

Check out our Thursday Night Crew’s training on Rural Water Supply. This is what we do when fire hydrants aren’t nearby. #volunteerfirefighter #volunteeremt

In March/April of this year when COVID-19 drastically changed all of our lives, the community we serve stepped in to offer support. Even though they were struggling themselves small businesses and individuals alike donated meals or money to cover the cost of feeding our members on duty. We were blown away by the outpouring of generosity and thank you doesn’t begin to cover our gratitude. On this #thankfulthursday we would like to take time to say “Thank You”. #AVFRD #volunteerfireandrescue #fireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEmt #neighborshelpingneighbors #community #extendedfamily #valueofthevolunteer #thankyou #gratitude

Last night our President, Josh Townsend, had the opportunity to address the county Board of Supervisors on a decision they made that threatens the future of volunteer fire and rescue departments in Loudoun. Please contact your BOS supervisor to voice your support for volunteer firefighters and EMTS.

Here are his remarks in full:

“Good evening, Chair Randall and members of the Board.

My name is Josh Townsend – I’m a voter, taxpayer and neighbor residing in Ashburn Village. I am also a Volunteer firefighter, EMT, and the President of Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. I take great pride in being a neighbor who is always ready to help my neighbors, alongside hundreds of other dedicated volunteers in Ashburn and in other neighboring stations in Sterling, Leesburg, Arcola, Purcellville and other locations across the County.

It has been established, thanks to a 2018 study requested by Supervisor Letourneau, that Loudoun’s Volunteer Fire and Rescue companies deliver over $27.6m of value to our taxpayers per year. Loudoun County has a proud history of providing the community with fire suppression and emergency medical services through the Loudoun County COMBINED Fire Rescue System. Loudoun County’s combined system is nationally regarded as a model to uphold. Unfortunately, many in the volunteer departments fear that the proud tradition we helped to build is now being dismantled.

In November 2019, the Board of Supervisors approved a last-minute change to convert all LCFR career firefighters to a 24-hour shift schedule when adopting classification and compensation improvements for county employees.

Before I go further, let me be clear that I, as well as the volunteer community, cheered the increased pay and benefits for our career counterparts. Our working relationship with the career women and men on the front lines is strong.

But about that 24-hour shift directive…. The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Loudoun County Department of Fire Rescue, and other County leadership did not introduce, discuss, or otherwise seek input on the significant change’s impact to the Combined System’s volunteers – who nearly outnumber career staff by 2:1 – with the defined governance structure codified in Ordinance Chapter 258.

The vote occurred without any apparent analysis of the impact to the volunteer contingent of the Combined Fire and Rescue System, including recruitment and retention of volunteers, ancillary costs to the system and taxpayers, or impact to the morale of your constituents who volunteer their time to serve the community.

Loudoun County Fire Rescue leadership communicated with career staff before, during and after the 24-hour directive, while communication with the volunteer leadership and membership has been insufficient. The System’s governance structure put in place by the Board of Supervisors has been ignored in this matter – a disturbing trend already seen in other system matters from changes to the Chain of Command, to forcing a LOSAP software system with “fundamental product, process, and support flaws” on to the Volunteers despite vigorous protest from Volunteer leadership within the System’s governance structure. This does not align with the ‘Teamwork – Integrity – Professionalism – Service’ values of the system.

The change to the shift schedule places at least 50 extra paid personnel on duty each night despite the fact that volunteers are already freely serving between 1800 – 0600 every night. LCFR leadership is still asking themselves, “where will these personnel be assigned/how will they be utilized?”

As such, we, as both taxpayers and Volunteers are concerned that Career firefighters may be staffed at volunteer-staffed stations at night, even though there will be volunteers already on duty – Ashburn alone has a minimum of 14 volunteers on duty nightly across two stations and often over 20 firefighters and EMTs per shift. This decision could waste taxpayer dollars by paying for these extra career firefighters to sleep – to the tune of around $5m per year – while volunteers are already providing essential, front-line coverage to our neighbors across Loudoun County.

Furthermore, Volunteer system members share the concern that the addition of career staff during volunteer shifts could also force volunteers to second-tier or supplemental staffing, thus eliminating the value we provide to the community. This is a waste considering that volunteers are certified at the same local, state and national levels as our career counterparts.

This change in staffing may cause many volunteers to reconsider the time they invest as their status in the system, their ability to directly serve our neighbors, and the number of calls they can respond to (which is essential for maintaining skills) are eroded by this change. Such changes to career staffing models in neighboring combination fire rescue systems (Fairfax, Prince Georges, Prince William, and Montgomery County) have led to the loss of their volunteers.

What happens if we lose our volunteers?

A reduction or loss of the volunteer contingent of the Combined System may effectively eliminate emergency/surge staffing capabilities within the System by displacing highly trained volunteers who live and work in Loudoun County, and instead relying only on daily career staffing and the availability of the 74% of career firefighters who reside outside of the County (as far away as Sherburne, NY and Virginia Beach) to respond in times of local, regional or national crisis.

We lose diversity within Fire Rescue. Because our volunteers are our neighbors and your constituents, our diversity and inclusion is far greater than what the County has been able to achieve in career Fire Rescue hiring.

Taxpayers pay more – hundreds of dollars more per year in property taxes for the average Ashburn homeowner – if the value of the volunteers is needlessly lost.

We lose community. We believe that when neighbors help neighbors, our community becomes stronger, safer, more inclusive, more… home.

What do we want?

Volunteers do not want simple lip-service thanking us for our service. We want to serve. In our community. We want to lead. In our community.

We ask that the Board of Supervisors instruct the System Chief to build a workgroup of volunteers and career staff to benchmark successful combined staffing practices of other jurisdictions, and to analyze the potential impacts of those practices against the volunteer aspect of our Combination System, and report back to the Board in 120 days.

We also ask that the Board of Supervisors direct the County Administrator and System Fire Chief to delay the implementation of 24-hour staffing until such report is rendered and the governance structure defined in Ordinance 258 has agreed upon appropriate implementation of system changes.

Finally, we ask that the Board direct the County Administrator and the System Fire Chief to immediately study, identify, and implement methods and programs of growing and strengthening the volunteer component of our Combined Fire Rescue System with the collaborative input of the Combined System’s governance structure.

The return on investment and many benefits offered by the volunteers in Loudoun County are too great to ignore and too valuable to let slip quietly away.

Thank you for your attention. I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have at this time.”

#AVFRD #volunteerfireandrescue #fireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEMT #neighborshelpingneighbors #community #extendedfamily #supportourvolunteers

Watch our president’s speech about how the County’s recent decision threatens the future of our volunteer fire department. Unfortunately, our president was cut off before he could deliver his solutions and facts. His full statement will be available tomorrow on our website. Contact your local County Supervisor to voice your support for volunteer firefighters and EMTs. You can find your Supervisor here:

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Voices: Dave Bryant

David Bryant serves his country as a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army and his community as a volunteer firefighter. Our volunteers come from very diverse professional, educational, and social backgrounds. Our strength lies in our diversity. #AVFRD #volunteerfireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEMS #neighborshelpingneighbors #community #extendedfamily #Firefighter #EMT #volunteering I like to serve others. I’ve always carried tow straps, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and spare water in my truck — in case I come…

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Voices: Erica Quijano

Erica Quijano grew up visiting her firefighter father, Miguel at Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department. A year and a half ago she continued the family's tradition and became a member of AVFRD to serve the community she loves. #AVFRD #volunteerfireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEMS #neighborshelpingneighbors #community #extendedfamily #Firefighter #EMT #volunteering I volunteered because I love my community and the people in it. I want to be a comforting presence to my neighbors, friends, and family on…

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Voices: Sergeant Brian Romola

A consultant by day and firefighter by night, Brian Romola has been an Ashburn volunteer for 8.5 years. Ashburn is his hometown and he is dedicated to helping Ashburn residents however he can. #AVFRD #Volunteer #Firefighter #EMT Every emergency call matters, no matter how big or small.

We've lit our 6 in orange to celebrate the season. While this isn't the autumn we all wanted, we're grateful for our awesome Ashburn neighbors, beautiful weather, and fall colors. Be well and take care of each other. #neighborshelpingneighbors 🎃🍁🚒🚑👻


Monique Hamm has been a member of Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue since 2007, when she was just 16 years old. Every week she volunteers to ride the ambulance in Ashburn because of her appreciation for the community. Ashburn is her hometown and it's her honor to serve the people who live there. #AVFRD #volunteerfireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEMS #neighborshelpingneighbors #community #extendedfamily #Firefighter #EMT #volunteering

“Bikers Back the Blue” started at Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue. They will ride by Loudoun County Sheriff’s Offices in Ashburn and Leesburg, before heading west to Leesburg, Purcellville, Middleburg and Berryville PD. Give them a wave and plenty of room! Stay safe! #AVFRD #volunteerfireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEMS #neighborshelpingneighbors #community #extendedfamily #backtheblue

[10/15/20]   Ever wonder what to expect after you join as a new member or recruit with AVFRD? Are you ready to put on that "Red Shirt" and train to be put in the game? Here is a brief view of what you can expect in training. #AVFRD #fireandrescue #volunteerfirefighter #volunteerEMT #neighborshelpingneighors #community #extendedfamily #valueofthevolunteer #newrecruit #training

We're so proud of all of our chaplains! These wonderful, compassionate people take such good care of our volunteers and our community members in their times of need.

Clergy Appreciation Week
Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue System is honored to recognize our volunteer Chaplain corp. Our chaplains are available 24/7 to support our first responders and community. Please join us in thanking our chaplain corp.
For more information

Loudoun County Fire and Rescue

Hey guess what? You have a second chance to sign up for the 5K. You’ll receive a t-shirt and commemorative medal (while quantities last). Best of all you can run, walk or not whenever fits your schedule.

Happy Monday!!

[10/10/20]   Our 2nd Annual 5K that is scheduled for today is still on, but like everything else these days virtual. If you’re not participating this year, hopefully you’ll join the fun next year!!

[10/04/20]   Today is the start of Fire Prevention Week 2020 and what would normally have been our Fall Open House. Due to restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic we are unfortunately unable to host one this year. So instead here is a look at some footage from 2010 (maybe you can see some familar faces). Enjoy this "virtual" Open House. We look forward to hopefully see you soon back at our house.

Last few hours to register to ensure we have a t-shirt waiting for you on October 10th! Come run for us, to help us run for you. ( can always walk, no one will know 🤫)

We still have a few of these in stock. For the fire buff in your life this would make an excellent gift!!! To order visit our website.

Explore the 70-year history of Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, from our founding in 1944 in a then small farming community to the busy, densely-populated suburban area that is Ashburn today. This book tells the story of Ashburn, VA and greater Loudoun County through the experiences of our growing and always improving volunteer fire and rescue department. This hard-covered book is loaded with black & white and color historical photos of Ashburn and AVFRD serving our neighbors, as well as interesting facts about our community and what was happening around the country and around the world as Ashburn grew. Binding: Hardcover Pages: 164 Publisher: Walsworth Commemorative History Books Title: Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, 1944 ~ 2014 70 Years

AVFRD is planning another great event - Virtual BINGO ! We have the time frame (mid November to early December) in mind, but need your help in picking the best day of the week.

Tell us what would work best for you:


Deadline to sign up is fast approaching! Don’t be left in out of this incredible virtual race!! And after still come and grab a beer at House 6 Brewing Company.

Calling all current and retired Federal Employees.The 2020 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway! Please consider giving to the Ashburn Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department (AVFRD) through the CFC.

We still have ornaments available, but you need to get them before they are gone! To order go to our website and click on the link.

We want to thank everyone who made our Labor Day Chicken BBQ To Go event a smashing success!! For our first time hosting this event it went off extremely well and we look forward to hosting one again! If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you to everyone who ordered!! We are SOLD OUT!!!

Grilled Chicken (PA Firehouse Style) Meal - Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

Don't forget to pre-order your old fashioned Labor Day fireman's chicken barbeque dinner! We're serving up a traditional fireman's BBQ recipe that is loved by many in NY, PA, and other states - and now right here in Ashburn, VA! Your meal will include a choice of sides and a beverage, prepared for you to take home as a picnic-to-go. Pre-orders end on Friday, September 4th. If you prefer a Vegetarian meal, please make sure select "Yes" for Vegetarian Option. Don't forget to purchase a 2020 AVFRD Christmas Ornament! Purchased ornaments will be available when you pick-up your Picnic-To-Go order.

As a reminder, tomorrow is the last day to order your yummy Firehouse Chicken Picnic-to-Go! Don’t fire up your grill...let us cook for you!

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Our Story

We believe that when neighbors help neighbors, our community becomes stronger and safer. The Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (AVFRD) has been serving our neighbors since our founding in 1944. Today, our 150+ volunteers freely give of their time and energy - often at the expense of family time, overtime pay and sleep - to respond to our neighbors’ calls for help from Station 6 (Ashburn) and Station 22 (Landsdowne) as part of the Loudoun County Combined Fire and Rescue system. We are a diverse group of men and women, with ages from 16-90, representing the wide variety of cultures, professions and families in our community.

Our volunteers, past and present, share a common set of values - pride, dedication, sacrifice, family, diversity, duty and a sense of community. If you share these values and are looking for a challenge, a way to give back to your community or to be a part of something that truly matters, come, be a part of our tradition; Volunteer as an EMT or Firefighter. You don't need to be a resident of Ashburn to join us, and no experience is necessary - we'll provide all of the training you need. The skills and experiences our volunteers gain through their training and service are taken back into the community where they benefit our day jobs, our families, our neighbors and ourselves.

Our volunteer ranks also include administrative members. Want to be part of the action, but not interested in running into burning buildings or riding on an ambulance? Our Administrative Members provide administrative and fund-raising support for the operation and the business of our department. From accounting, computer support, public relations, marketing, maintenance, IT, community education and administrative functions – there’s plenty to do behind the scenes. Anyone who does not have the desire to participate directly in operational services, or those who cannot meet the physical demands for serving as a Firefighter/EMT or EMT are encouraged to bring their unique skills to the community as an Administrative Member of AVFRD.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the community that we serve to support us. Visit our website at for more information on how you can support us through our fundraising events and general donations.

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Honor Flight Returns
Broad Run Freshman Pledge - Spartans to the Rescue



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