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He Moved This Hammer With Ease, But Others Couldn't Do It

He Moved This Hammer With Ease, But Others Couldn't Do It

People couldn’t resist the urge to try when asked to move a hammer sitting on the ground after telling it was Thor's hammer.

daily-newstrends.com People couldn’t resist the urge to try when asked to move a hammer sitting on the ground after telling it was Thor's hammer.


Laugh Out Loud What This Baby Does During Bath Time

Laugh Out Loud What This Baby Does During Bath Time

It's so pretty easy to surprise a baby. Babies adorable little brains are still getting used to the world and all of its wonderful weirdness.

daily-newstrends.com It's so pretty easy to surprise a baby. Babies adorable little brains are still getting used to the world and all of its wonderful weirdness.

Cute newborn.. Bulldog puppy..




We love animals when they are tiny small, when they are cute and not dangerous, when they act like people… The Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, the “black and white cat-foot“), also known as The Giant Panda, is a bear, native to China. It is…



From Cute Dog To Adorable Kitties Here Are Top Cute Animals Which You Would Like To Cuddle Now!

From Cute Dog To Adorable Kitties Here Are Top Cute Animals Which You Would Like To Cuddle Now!

Cute animals? Yes, the world is full of cuteness and it’s not always the babies or the soft and furry little creatures that hit our cuteness radar (but mostly it is). We think…

daily-newstrends.com Cute animals? Yes, the world is full of cuteness and it’s not always the babies or the soft and furry little creatures that hit our cuteness radar (but mostly it is). We think cute animals give us a lift and feel good and we think these are some of the cuddliest things around.

There is an animal in this cup which animal is that, can you guess?

How did you find me?

Can you see me now?

AA.. Aa.. aa.. Chee....

I forgot I am allegic to this flower..

my mommy thinks I look cute in this but I don't think so, what do you think?

Are you stalking me? because I am cute..

Wish Me Happy Birthday...

Cute Doggie..

New Hubble Space Telescope images reveal faint galaxies from the early cosmos

This amazing collection of ancient galaxies is fainter than anything previously seen by the Earth-orbiting space telescope.

An international team of researchers, led by Hakim Atek of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, captured the galaxies using a technique called gravitational lensing.

This technique takes advantage of the ability of gravity to bend light -- a property predicted by Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity -- to peer back in space-time.

The astronomers used this property to focus Hubble on massive clusters of galaxies which generate immense gravitational fields.

By using these foreground galaxy clusters as gravitational lenses, the researchers were able to see the far more distant and far fainter galaxies behind the clusters, making it possible to study them for the first time.

How Brie Larson created magic for her performance in 'Room'

If you're like most moviegoers, Brie Larson probably snuck up on you while you weren't looking.

Well, you were looking, actually, and right at her — but the woman is a chameleon. When Larson, 26, gets an Oscar nomination for her performance in the movie Room, people may well be surprised to recognize the actress from Trainwreck, Short Term 12, Don Jon, The Gambler or The Spectacular Now. Maybe you saw Larson in 21 Jump Street or Rampart, or on TV's United States of Tara.

What you remember are the characters she portrays.

Larson stars in Room as Ma, a young mother who has been held captive for several years and whose son was fathered by her abductor. Ma, now 24, and her child Jack, five, live by themselves in a small garden shed. They have no contact with the outside world except visits from the kidnapper; as they can never leave, Ma has created a whole world for Jack in their tiny space. The film, which is based on Emma Donoghue's bestselling novel, is a thriller as well as an homage to maternal love and the power of the imagination.

The awards buzz started for Room even before the movie played at TIFF and won the People's Choice Award, considered an important Oscar predictor. (Previous winners include The King's Speech, Slumdog Millionaire and 12 Years a Slave, all Academy Award winners.)

Larson, who was at TIFF last month to promote Room, is pleased by all the Oscar talk but sees it as the icing on a pretty terrific cake.

"The movie has already meant so much to me," she says. "I knew it had the potential to have great, magical, powerful abilities, but it's like capturing lightning in a bottle — there's a big difference between filming something and having it transcend the screen. It's very rare that that actually happens, and so, to be part of a film that does that, and is really connecting people to themselves, to something very deep inside of them — that's when film is at its absolute best."

Larson says the creative process is what she's after, a passion that led her to acting while she was still a child. She started at age seven. "It became a playground for me to be able to express all these things that were confusing to me, or things I wanted to know more about, to try on different people, different ways of doing things."

Surprisingly, Larson says she was very shy growing up. "So I'm not sure why I pushed my mom to get me acting lessons, but I'm so grateful for it, because I can see myself in an alternate reality as this kind of recluse, who just writes all day and never sees the light of day." She laughs.

Larson is also a singer/songwriter. She released an album in 2005 (Finally Out of P.E.); more recently, she sang with the band Metric in the 2010 movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

"But I don't think I could have got that far, or been anything public, if I hadn't, at a young age, been put in a situation where I'd get on a stage and do monologues," she says. "And eye contact was always very difficult for me, so being in a situation where 80% of my job is eye contact and reading someone's pupil — I mean, I know how Mark Wahlberg's pupil dilates! Like, you get very close with people and you see the way things are expressed. I don't think I could have been comfortable with all that had I not been doing this career."

Unlike some of her peers, Larson managed to get through adolescence without having any growing pains in public. Home-schooled, the actress describes her teen self as straight-laced and not particularly interested in the scene.

"I love art, and philosophy and folklore, and I believe in the medium," she says, "and I believe in living my own life and having a very colourful, interesting experience, for the sake of knowing all the colours and all the different ways life can be, so I can bring truth back into cinema."

She continues, "The work I do, and what makes me feel comfortable as an actor, is seeing it as an act of service. It's not about me, it's not about my face, it's not about furthering my personal gain. It's about creating a magical experience, so audience members can go through a journey and I can help participate in what that journey is, and what they feel, and what conclusions they get to at the end of it."

Room opens in Toronto this Friday. It will expand to other cities throughout the fall.

Shania Twain gives back to kids in Regina

Thousands of people will be clamouring to see Shania Twain light up the stage on Sunday and Monday nights in Regina, but on Saturday she took to a smaller stage - helping to open a new Shania Kids Can Clubhouse.

"I'm very happy to be able to give back directly through my music, and through what I do every day professionally," said Twain. She stood, beaming, in front of a packed room filled with teachers, onlookers from the school board and the Dilawri group, and the kids currently in the program.

The clubhouse is at Judge Bryant School in east Regina. It's a program meant to give underprivileged kids a leg-up and help confront adversities like poverty, abuse, and dysfunctional lifestyles - things Twain knows about all too-well from her own childhood.

"I wanted to do something I could relate to. I wanted to give back in a way that was personal for me, and that I could genuinely share my experience ... it was a promise: someday I will change things for people like me and people like my family."

Twain said if she'd had a program like this when she was a kid, she might have had more confidence.

"Maybe that would have given me a little more self-confidence to ask questions, or read in front of people ... I would have been grateful, I think, just to not feel alone and to be with everybody as a group."

The kids presented her with gifts: a gratitude jar, and a t-shirt with all their handprints on it in red paint to thank her for bringing the program to their school.

One of the kids who got to meet Twain was Rakia Kaiswatum. She bounced back and forth on her heels with excitement after she learned they were all invited to the concert Monday night. The nine year old said she listens to Twain all the time, and her favourite song is 'Man! I feel like a woman.'

"I think this is the best day of my life, that I saw her," said Kaiswatum with a grin.

As for the clubhouse, Kaiswatum said she likes how they get to go on field trips, and that she gets to play with other kids and make new friends.

[10/20/15]   Coat check melee leaves some concert-goers in the cold

Chaos prevailed at the Enercare Centre at Exhibition Place on Saturday night, when hundreds of people lined up at a coat check only to find that their coats had been stolen or rummaged through after a Disclosure concert.
According to an Instagram post by user “nikki_nevs,” one of these items was a Canadian passport. The account has since gone private.
The exact reason for the lost items is unknown, but one concert-goer blamed it on poor organization and mismanagement by security.
Melanie Langevine said that after having to wait in an extremely long line for 10 to 15 minutes, people started to break through coat check barricades to search for their belongings.
“I was shocked when I first saw it,” said Langevine. When she turned to event security for help, she alleged, they did nothing.
“It was laughable. I thought that they were going to go in and intervene and you know, fix the situation, but they didn’t do anything to stop people from going in and going to get their coats.”
The event was promoted and run by Embrace Entertainment Inc.
Jacqueline Wilson, manager of events at Embrace, said in a statement that the company is doing everything it can to find lost belongings.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience that some of our patrons experienced,” said Wilson. “We are working closely with the coat check provider to resolve this situation.”
Embrace has asked those who lost belongings to email the coat check provider, Coat Connexion, at [email protected] .
The event hosted about 9,000 people, according to Langevine. A few hundred were standing in line to get their coats, but there were only two people working at the coat check.
She said she saw several people walking home coatless, and saw someone crying outside.
“The situation did not need to happen at all,” said Langevine. “If they’re going to bring on big acts like this, they’re going to need to clean up their act in terms of how they deal with situations like this.”

[10/14/15]   Rihanna – 8 Things We Know About Her Long-Awaited New Album 'Anti'
Read more at http://www.nme.com/#LdLf3uW74Ee3eOCZ.99

Warning about riding 'hoverboards' in public

Police are warning that people using "hoverboards" on public roads and pavements in the UK are breaking the law.
It's because they don't meet the requirements to be used safely amongst traffic.
The rules are being pointed out by the Crown Prosecution Service, because more people are using them.
Instead, they say you need to be in your own backyard or on private land to legally use them.
When did they become popular?
Despite the fact that they don't hover, they're known as either "hoverboards", "rideables" or "self balancing scooters" and are becoming more and more popular.
They evolved from Segways, which are a bulkier version with handles to hold on to.


UK jobless rate drops to pre-crisis low - FT.com

UK jobless rate drops to pre-crisis low

High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email [email protected] to buy additional rights. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/dc6e1330-7254-11e5-a129-3fcc4f641d98.html#ixzz3oXwNUds3

Britain’s labour market has perked up, pushing down unemployment to a seven-year low and propelling the employment rate to a record high.
Unemployment fell in the three months to August from 5.5 per cent to 5.4 per cent, the lowest since early 2008, official data show. Meanwhile the employment rate — the proportion of the adult population that is in work — rose to a fresh record of 73.6 per cent.

ft.com Britain’s labour market has perked up, pushing down unemployment to a seven-year low and propelling the employment rate to a record high. Unemployment fell in the three months to August from 5.5 to 5.4 per cent, the lowest since early 2008, official

The Whisper Challenge with Brie Larson

Yet Another Reason We Love Brie Larson: She Adorably Almost Nails Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge

Brie Larson might be scoring praise for her role in the upcoming drama Room, but the actress is nabbing all the laughs for participating in The Whisper Challenge on Thursday.

The actress stopped by The Tonight Show to play the hilarious game, which finds guests hooked to headphones with host Jimmy Fallon. While the star did not exactly pass with flying colors – she did, however, guess a good chunk of the first answer – Larson had us totally charmed, giggling throughout each round.

Jimmy and Brie Larson take turns guessing random names and phrases while wearing noise-canceling headphones. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy...

LogMeIn changes passwords

Boston-based cloud computing company LogMeIn Inc. is about to make it even easier for its customers to log themselves in, with a $125 million purchase of Marvasol Inc. of Fairfax, Va., maker of LastPass, a popular Internet-based password manager.

The deal will allow LogMeIn to offer an easier, more secure way for its customers to access their Internet services, including those offered by LogMeIn. The company makes a variety of cloud-based offerings to let workers collaborate on projects, remotely control distant computers, and store large amounts of data online.

In all these activities, it’s vital that only the right people can get access. Last year, LogMeIn acquired Meldium, a company that made a password management system for teams of workers. LastPass is mainly designed for use by individuals.

LastPass gives the user an online “vault” for storing all kinds of sensitive data — bank account numbers, for instance. But it’s mostly for recording passwords. A downloadable LastPass browser app can record the passwords when the user logs onto favorite sites. On the next visit to a site, LastPass enters the password, so the user doesn’t have to memorize it.

This makes it possible to use extremely complex passwords, rather than the easily memorable kind like “abc123” that criminals can quickly break. LastPass has a password generator that instantly supplies such tough passwords, then remembers them so the user won’t have to. In addition, users can download LastPass apps for phones and tablets, making it easy to log onto accounts from mobile devices.

LastPass is a “freemium” product; a simple version costs nothing to use. The premium edition, with more features, is sold by subscription at $12 a year. About 7 million people use the free version of LastPass, while about 500,000 have bought the premium.


Hulu's virtual reality app is set for its close-up next month

Hulu's virtual reality app is set for its close-up next month

Tim Connolly, the streaming-video service's head of distribution, said Hulu's VR experience is "ready to go" in November when Samsung's $99 Gear VR headset starts to reach consumers.


Clouds are reflected in the cupola of the Reichstag building that houses the lower house of parliament in Berlin, on September 29. The cupola was designed by British architect Norman Foster.

The Hanson Brothers, from left, Dave Hanson, Steve Carlson and Jeff Carlson pose with the little Hanson Bros from left, Jackson Rupert, Gavin Hockenberry and Parker Lavis at the morning hockey practice before the NHL pre-season hockey game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lighting.

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