Custom sewing & embroidery for all with a small collection of ready-to-ship items at http://droolist.etsy.com

Some families have small gymnasts, scientists, or artists. Our family ... we had a droolist. Our third child was a soaking wet mess from 4 months until he was over two years, and I developed some super absorbent dribble bibs to save myself some laundry! Fortunately for me, my solution was able to become a solution for others, and my sewing and embroidery work grew from there. Currently, most of my sewing and embroidery work is done to order with some ready-to-ship pieces from the original line of my dribble bib & baby accessory collection at Etsy (http://droolist.etsy.com). My favorite work is custom work -- bibs for adults and older kids with special needs, special outfits, creative solutions, and "I saw this on Pinterest" project work! From memory animals and pillows to baptismal dresses, and from baby gift sets to birthday shirts, and everything between, I love working to make unique items that are fashionable, functional, and -- of course -- drool-worthy! I look forward to hearing from you! Britta Sincerely, Britta

Amid the chaos and commotion, an amazing package arrived from Raspberry Creek Fabrics today containing a print my actual human friend Courtney designed for them! 🥰🥰🥰 I am so excited for her, and I am thrilled RCF is tapping into her work. Needless to say, Mila approves.

It’s that time of year! Preparations for Ramadan are underway in many households! If I can help, let me know. Any listings with shipping included come at a discount for local clients who pick up—I’m always happy to invoice over PayPal as well.

Oh my gosh!! Spring is... springing?! I’ve been busy, busy, busy and I’ve finally been able to put out The Magic Box! Local clients who do drop off and pick up, it’s that spectacular time of year when you can let me know you’re leaving your unfinished project in The Magic Box and then I can tell you when it’s finished and ready for pick up inside The Magic Box! Ohhh! Aahhh! Sooo fancy!

I love it when a wonderful plan comes together! It was my pleasure to make several of these for a local fundraiser.

I’ve had several people asking lately about memory or keepsake bears and other animals, and —YES— I’m happy to work on these for you.
They’re labors of love. I need at least one adult shirt OR other similarly sized items (2+ children’s items, 3-4 baby items, or one hospital blanket) to make most. Current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, but I expect that to extend a bit again as we head into my busier spring season. With over twenty individual pieces for several of the commonly requested patterns, I work these in between other orders and treat them with the care I’d want my own loved ones’ items treated with—These aren’t ever rushed. All fabrics are stabilized for durability, stitched twice for the same, and stuffed firmly.

These little ladies are heading to their homes soon. Memories of the young lady the clothing belonged to are sure to be present every time they’re looked at and held.

For everyone celebrating love and friendship across the miles today, here’s to you!

When baseball is your daddy’s bread and butter, you’re automatically on the team!

Home again! Home again! Back from a spectacular week of training, and rolling through lots of wonderful weekend work!

Thank you all for your patience with me this week while I’m away from my own studio and in St. Louis courtesy of Precious Hiyas-Lopez’s shop, Sew Magarbo for the Baby Lock USA full-line training. I am so excited to bring all of this knowledge back to you next week!

Marie Kondo clearly doesn’t have a sewing business. Today’s urgent order of business is to alphabetize my custom pattern special needs bib orders from 2018 so I can file them. These aren’t my standard patterns (because there’s a nice, organized set for those), only the ones for clients with special requests for particular sizes, closures, or fabric combinations. It’s a little overwhelming to see this much work laid out at one time.
There’s not one of these I pick up without feeling something good. Clearly, I’ll be keeping them all!💗

I love supporting my local shops, and hope you do, too—wherever you happen to live.
For my sewing friends, here’s the forecast— I know you’ll sacrifice as you must. 😂🤣😂

Just in case you're wondering.....

So much lovely embroidery heading out in the coming days! A favorite this week was this custom order.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but these weeks with snow days and school delays leave me at loose ends. I’m so thankful for your projects that keep me grounded. I got to ship out a special needs order yesterday that included these gorgeous bibs among others—I love them so much that I’ll be adding them to my regular Etsy offerings soon!

Sometimes the projects take control and I am just along for the ride. This was one of those cases.
I knew glow in the dark thread was a must, and it didn’t disappoint.

Custom projects have been peppering my studio this year, and I’m always happy for the creativity they allow me!
Here’s a reminder to save a few baby clothes or blankets from the kids or to collect a couple items from parents & grandparents. Bears aren’t the only keepsake animal you can create. This lion from baby sleepers is a new favorite.

Happy 2019!
I started the year yesterday with an urgent poncho make for a little girl who broke her clavicle, and did another today for a smaller one with a fractured arm. Other life surprises aside, it’s Etsy orders and planned makes for the rest of the week!

Local friends, I have three pillow lounges (for 4 standard pillows) remaining and ready for pick up before Christmas! Let me know if you need one so I can hold it for you. $40 cover only/$50 with pillows.
—Dots [SOLD]
—Llamas [SOLD]
—London [SOLD]

When people wonder what it’s like living with a maker of things this time of year, I usually say it’s an adventure. Truthfully, though, it’s barely controlled chaos and the maker’s wares have exploded beyond the studio and have taken over the whole house. Orders are printing, labels are being affixed, photos are underway, lists are being checked twice and pick ups (starting at 6:30am!) are being organized.

‘Tis the season of giving! Today I’m swooning over this custom gift order.
And, yes, I *can* work with any state.

Among the Etsy orders going out today are a few Dumpster Fire ornaments. And because it’s 5am and I’m on four hours’ sleep, I’m laughing too much at this gift note from a buyer:

Amidst the madness and hustle, when I see the love emanating from those I’m privileged enough to work for, I take a deep breath and say, “THANK YOU.”

This elf is busy, but not too busy to share a few highlights. Four big memory bears, two little onesie keepsake bears, two onesies, 13 stockings, three backpacks, one car seat canopy, a customized robe (featuring an avocado ...), and 20 of the remaining 50 special needs bibs down. Send my magic-making machines good vibes!

These are the busiest weeks of my year each year. I’m so grateful to all of you for trusting that it will all get done. Shipping keepsake bears, special needs bibs, an extra long table runner, and embroidery orders today, making another 50 special needs bibs over the next week to fulfill existing orders, and working on memory pillows and more ...
🎄🎄 For the curious, fifty special needs bibs mean 250 pattern pieces and 400 snaps are still on my list!

In the midst of all the holiday hustle, I’m glad to have made time for this. A mom handed over her wedding gown to have a replacement made for their family Christening gown & slip after hitting multiple roadblocks with other makers.
Just a little hand-sewing to go so it’s ready for its debut this weekend.

At the Sanders Corner Holiday Shop & Craft Fair tomorrow, I’ll have things for the kids, too! Stop by 9-1, and take care of the stocking stuffers AND bigger gift items!
#unicorns #penciltoppers #stampede

It must be the holidays... 4:30am calls for a little snark. 😂
I’ll hope to see at least a few of you at our local elementary’s Holiday Santa Shoppe & Vendor Event this Saturday from 9-1!
Link in comments.

My only public appearance this season will be at the kids’ elementary craft show THIS SATURDAY! I’ll be bringing my dumpster fire ornaments, pillow beds for kids (awesome for reading!), and a limited supply of my original SCES-inspired ORNAMENTS! I hope to see you there!


After a month of very limited work beyond the activities that made days feel normal for the kids, I’m FINALLY back to your work! I won’t be running full bore until 2019 because 2018 was a dumpster fire of a year if ever there was one.
Which brings me to the project at hand... I’m splitting proceeds with our local Fire & Rescue Dept this year because - all kidding and self-protective sarcasm aside- they saved my husband’s life one night before the bypasses happened.
I cannot wait to share a check with them.

I try not to mix business and pleasure too much, but since this is neither... My clean-eating, triathlon-finishing, hard-driving 44 year old husband with a strong family history of heart disease (genetically high cholesterol, bypasses, valve issues on his dad’s side) has had his own reckoning.
I’m here to say you cannot outrun genetics in the long term, but being on top of things will let you catch things before the really awful stuff happens.
I’m occupying my hours at the ICU stitching (“Bless Your Heart”) while he recovers from quintuple bypass. I hate seeing him this way, but having him alive is awesome.
Send us the good vibes for a standard, by-the-book recovery and a healthy happily ever after.

Reversible project bag! This commissioned piece was a perfect quick sew project for a friend. She sourced the fabrics and I put them together. Love it! Perfect for all the crochet, knitting, and needlework that needs a portable home while in progress!
#droolist #projectbag #projectbags #knitting #knittingaddict #harrypotter #fangear #hp #wristlet #reversiblebag #sewingproject #wipbag #crochetwip #knittingwip

How perfect is this #panda pashmina for fall and winter?! OMG!! It has put all the warm fuzzies into my #fridayfeeling mood!

#droolist #warmandcozy #fallaccessories #pashmina #blackandwhite #giftideas #custommade #pandas #giantpanda

TGIF! How sweet is this little shirt?!

It made me take a little break to look for local tea spots and I think I’ve found the perfect place to venture out to with my own fancy little human as a reward for lots of hard work... once the hard work is completed, of course. 💖
#droolist #birthdayshirt #teafor2 #2ndbirthday #toddlerbirthday #teatime #dressup #littlefashionista #applique #embroidery #embroiderylove #birthdaygirl #arbblanks #stitchtopia #rivermillembroidery #embroiderydesign #embroiderywork

Totally loving all the special needs orders that I have in right now. These are part of a twenty bib resupply for a client, and other dozens and half dozens are underway as well. 😅
Dawn ‘til dusk and beyond!

Finally falling into a school year routine at our house now that Labor Day is in the rearview. Systems and routines keep me sane as the work ramps up going into holiday madness.
Special needs orders are on the agenda today along with some finishing work for embroidery and sewing orders. And coffee. ☕️
Extra coffee.
#droolist #specialneeds #bigkidbibs #bibsforkids #swallowingdisorders #customorder #madetomeasure #custompattern #differentnotless #momthemaker #madeinvirginia #sewloutions #bibs

Shopped Thursday all day solo. Shopped Friday with one of the BFFs of 30+ years... both were great days, but if you can shop the fashion district with a friend, it’s like visiting heaven.
#droolist #lafashion ❤️#fabrics #fabricaddict #fabricshopping #buyallthefabric #bettertogether #oldfriends

Goodbye sweltering swampy Dulles! I’ll see you in a few days! LAX and the Fashion District are calling. Time for a fabric buying trip!!! Eeek!!

After Labor Day, all the littles Head back! Pre-K and more special needs orders are flowing. Time for more coffee.
#droolist #backtoschool #prek #embroidery #embroideredtote #limegreen #librarybag #bookbag #personalized #preschool #preschooldays #madeinvirginia #imadethis #momthemaker #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort

Happy (almost) Fall, y’all!
Prepping a family for cooler weather and warmer clothing, and loving pumpkins on navy!

If your day job is making, this is a great mail day! KAM snaps, key fobs, Raspberry Creek fabric, another hat hoop... life is good!
#droolist #mailday #kamsnaps #fabricaddict #rileyblakedesigns #sewingsupplies #readysetgo #maker #fromscratch #planning

I’ll give you all ONE guess what I was making at 6:30 this morning. 😂🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
1st day of Kindergarten and 4th for these two. 66% in full day school. Time flies!


#droolist #momthemaker #kindergarten #4thgrade #lastminute #1stdayofschool

Back to school looks different for everyone. Every day this week, in addition to the BTS shirts, backpack monograms, and other requests, I have special needs orders going out.

💖 Each order is made from patterns I have drafted and then customized to meet repeat client needs.
💖 Each of this week’s orders is a repeat client ordering multiple items for BTS.
💖 Partnering with each family to have their child looking and feeling his or her personal best motivates me to get up early to make it all happen.

📆 Today it’s a dozen reversible ivory big kid bibs for a middle schooler over a thousand miles away.

📣There’s no reason a swallowing difficulty should have anyone looking or feeling out of place, regardless of age. Customized solutions are age appropriate and fashionable.

Time to topstitch, close these up and get their snaps set!
#droolist #specialneeds #adaptiveaccessories #inclusivedesign #bigkidbib #specialneedsbibs #abilitynotdisability

I’ve fallen in love with my own creation. 😂🤷‍♀️😍 What crazy sorcery is this?! No turning back now... I already ordered more of the fabrics from Raspberry Creek Fabrics .
This is just too precious!
#droolist #babygift #newbaby #newborngift #babyboyclothes #nautical #redwhiteandblue #applique

It’s going to be a great week! Send the kids (and their parents) some good vibes, though. School starts Thursday for our district, and it’s move-in weekend coming up for UVA and a few other area schools. Combined, there will be many a backpack under the needles here before Friday. 🎒🕶🎓
#droolist #backtoschool #1stdayofschool #monogram #monogrammedbackpack #southerncharm #madeinvirginia #artisansofloudoun #makingtheordinaryextraordinary

For anyone feeling stressed with all the last minute things, you’re not alone and I promise: we will make it through.
I worked right up until the hour before we left for our beach weekend... then I worked half an hour for myself on this cover up. It was perfectly beachy, I had a much needed 48 hours away, and now I can lean in to our back to school projects full force! 🏝 🌞 🌊

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