Cait Giles - Redken Certified Colorist

Redken Certified Colorist, Redken Artist in training. Salon Education Director. Cait Giles, Level 2 stylist at Eclips Salon- Ashburn. (703)327-9408

This is the home page of Caitlin Giles, a Redken specialist and Pureology certified hairstylist. Caitlin has been a licensed hairstylist for over 4 years and holds a cosmetology license in both Georgia and Virginia. Some of her specialties include, but are not limited to, men's cuts, fashion colour, red hair colour, balayage and other blonding techniques. Caitlin is also working on the process to become a Redken Artist; this would allow her to share her knowlege and experience with other stylists through classes and hair shows. Starting in November, she will be a Redken Certified Colorist. For additional pictures and information, you can visit

Operating as usual

September appointment availability.
Call, text, or send me a message here or on Instagram (caitgiles.stylist) to schedule your appointment.

I just wanted to share a quick video with you explaining what I spent my afternoon doing. I took @Redken Exchange Live class with @seangodard. In this video, you’ll find details on how a digital hands on class works, cost, and upcoming class opportunities. In the next few weeks there will be cutting with @samvillahair. Colour with @lorizabel. Colour formulation with @julie_lahr. I hope that you take the opportunity to continue your professional growth with these incredible educators and enjoy it from the comfort of home.
Thanks to @suzsturm @coachchrisbaran @twyllajane @hairbyryanr @hairbykatec @rosacn_redkenartist @yidah_pellerito @vargasbros1 for helping to create such an excellent experience. Thanks also to @electricunicorntattoo and @tashinaleeredken for their ongoing commitment to helping Redken Artists.
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Cait Giles - Redken Certified Colorist

✖️ Here’s part 2 of a walkthrough video of how I transformed the mannequin seen in my main feed from drab and splotchy to a brunette babe. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #colorcorrection #brunette

✖️Here’s a walkthrough video of how I transformed the mannequin seen in my main feed from drab and splotchy to a brunette babe. ✖️#caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #colorcorrection #brunette

✖️ E A R T H Y ✖️ That’s what the new Matte series in @Redken Shades EQ is built for, a beautiful, earthy tone in blonde or brunette hair. ✖️ Having used these shades on both mannequins and my guests, I love them. They’re beautiful alone, but they also help create some of the most interesting tones when mixed with other shades such as T and GI. ✖️ For this mannequin, I highlighted the top of the head in a triangle section that was most narrow at the hairline and widest at the crown (thanks @hairbykatec), and for the hair around the sides of the face, I took one large balayage section vertically on each side (thanks @worldofjustinisaac). I used Flash with Bonder inside and 29 volume pro-oxide developer.✖️In the back and between every other foil, I glossed with 04M. I didn’t touch the hair at the back of the balayage sections or between every other foil to leave a mid-light, if you will. ✖️ After processing, I washed using Color Extend Brownlights and glossed her all over with 07M and processed for 20 minutes. ✖️ I then dried her and curled her using some new techniques I learned from @lindsey.marie.olson. ✖️ If you’d like to see most of my process, slide over to my IGtv tab and it’ll be there soon. ✖️ What have your go to techniques been since going back to work? ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #brunette #colorcorrection #correctivecolor #redkenbrownlights @ Washington D.C.

✖️B R O W N L I G H T S✖️ Okay, we pretty much all know about purple shampoo to keep blondes from getting yellow. But what about our brunette babes that tend to get orangey or reddish? They need colour care too! ✖️ Enter @Redken Color Extend Brownlights. A blue toned shampoo and conditioner designed for darker hair to help combat unwanted warmth between colour services. This is also incredible for natural brunettes that don’t love the tone their hair turns in the summer from the sun. ✖️ This is especially great for those ladies that don’t like to see a lot of warmth in their dark hair. It can be used 1-2 times a week as light maintenance or for each shampoo to really keep those neutral and cooler tones at their best. ✖️ Being part of the Color Extend family also means being colour protecting, which is so important for at home care. ✖️ Are you using or suggesting Brownlights for guests? Do you love it? Let me know! ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #redkenbrownlights #brunette #haircare #colorcare

✖️ C O R R E C T I O N✖️ While having three months of downtime and being out of the salon, I took a ton of classes from @redken and many Redken Artists. Many of them focused on corrective colour and express colour. ✖️ I either followed along during classes, or practiced afterwards, applying the newly gained techniques and information. ✖️ This was one of my projects and I had a lot of fun combining some of the techniques I’d learned into one look, as well as using the new M series from Shades EQ to accomplish the final result. ✖️ I combined techniques I learned from @hairbykatec and @worldofjustinisaac on a mannequin with a haircut learned from @rogermolinahair. ✖️ You can swipe for the before. ✖️ Also stay tuned for information on how brunettes can maintain their colour as home, as well as a more detailed breakdown of what I did. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #correctivecolor #colorcorrection #brunette #10kredkenchallenge @ Washington D.C.

✖️ W H I S P E R✖️ So often when talking about haircolour techniques, @Redken refers to whisper, talk, or shout; the notion that colour can range anywhere from very subtle to very bold depending on the actual tones chosen. ✖️ I’ve had many occasions where a guest wanted a subtle hint of something fun and unique. And whether they want subtlety because of work, or being unsure of committing to the change, I very often reach for Shades EQ Gloss. ✖️ Knowing your canvas can really help you get creative with tone. ✖️I personally love all of the pastel shades (Peach, Pink, Silver Green, and Aqua Blue) for super different but soft pops of colour. ✖️I also love using 08VB on very light hair because it gives a purple finish that is just gorgeous. ✖️ Or 09AA + Pastel Pink for a beautiful rosy gold. ✖️ The new VRo series is how I created this look, and had I gone with one of the darker levels, it would have upped the contrast and intensity. ✖️ I’ve found that mixing Yellow Kicker and 09B make for a rocking bright green. ✖️ With over 100 different shade options, and almost countless combinations, if you can imagine it, you can make it and give your guest the bespoke colour of their dreams. ✖️ What do you like to use when a guest is looking for something that whispers rather than shouts? Drop your fave combinations below. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #pinkhair #framar #samvilla #10kredkenchallenge

✖️ D E T A I L ✖️ Creating pops of colour doesn’t have to mean using a vivid colour. ✖️ When I have guests looking to add that little detail that gives their hair a little something special, I often reach for some of the unique shades from @Redken Shades EQ. It also reduces the amount of commitment the guest has to make to this new look. ✖️ Check our my next post to see some of my favourite colours to use when creating these pops. ✖️ What do you like to use for added detail? ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #pinkhair #samvilla #framar

✖️ ! @ $ % IT ✖️ Caution to the wind was the theme to this colour. This was one of my last guests before we closed back in March. ✖️ A little bit of work frustration plus some inspiration led us to using @redken’s newer VRo series as a lowlight. ✖️ 09VRo was a great lowlight because it gave a subtle pop of unconventional colour without overwhelming the entire look. ✖️ #Caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #pinkhair #10kredkenchallenge #samvilla #framar

✖️ P A R T 3, P R O C E S S✖️ Okay, now onto how I got my guest to this. Truth be told, her previous stylist put in a lot of the work to lighten her from what she had previously. ✖️ When she sat in my chair, she had about 3-ish inches of her natural white regrowth and the ends were level 9 golden. Honestly, if you covered her white, the ends were still a nice colour, but not quite where we needed them to be. ✖️ Instead of going straight in with lightener, I decided to use the @Redken Flash with Bonder decolorizing wash that I learned in a class with @blakereedevans. This decolorizing wash consists of 3 scoops Flashlift with Bonder inside, 3oz deionized warm water, 2oz 20 volume pro-oxide developer, and 1oz Extreme shampoo. ✖️ I started my application from the line of demarcation down to the ends, separating with foil as I went. Saturation is key here. I let her process for about 40 minutes, then we washed with Color Extend Blondage shampoo. ✖️ I then applied her shades EQ gloss using 15g 010T, 15g 010P, 15g 09V, 10g 010Gi, 30g 000 (crystal clear) + 85g processing solution and processed for 29 minutes. ✖️ After rinsing, I conditioned with Extreme conditioner. For finishing, I used Redken Pillow Proof Express Blowdry Primer, Guts 10, and Glow Dry oil. She’s the only person I’ve blown out since returning to work, but it was needed since she was new guest and I needed to do wet and dry cutting. I didn’t have all of my regular tools for drying, so it’s definitely not my best blowout.✖️ If you have any questions about this process drop them below ✖️#caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #whitehair #grayhair #colorcorrection @tatt005 @tashinaleeredken

✖️ P A R T 2 ✖️ Aftercare. In my previous post, I explained all of the things that go into going from coloured to gray or white. It’s a deep dive. ✖️ That process doesn’t stop at the salon, it continues into home care. ✖️ First of all, I would recommend that the guest limit their hair washing as much as possible so their gloss can be true to tone as long as possible. ✖️ Second, I would absolutely send them home with @redken Color Extend Graydiant shampoo and conditioner? Why? Let me tell you. ✖️Graydiant consists of a purple shampoo and silver conditioner. Silver conditioner is pretty obvious, I think. You may be asking “what makes this purple shampoo different from Color Extend Blondage, or other purple shampoos?” Graydiant as a line is designed to care especially for the needs of gray and white hair. It helps to soften what can tend to be drier or more wiry hair and enhance strength, all while helping maintain tone. ✖️ Did you know that even naturally silver or white hair can still yellow over time? ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #grayhair #whitehair @tatt005 @saloncentric @tashinaleeredken

✖️ D I S C L A I M E R✖️ Okay. Let’s talk for a minute. “Going white” or “going gray” from previously colouring. Seems great right? There are some details that I think need to be given when people are interested in this service. ✖️ First of all, it doesn’t always happen in one go. And if someone is wanting that magical one day transformation, you have to have a plan. Do test strands, figure out exactly what they want, figure out your method and how much product it will take. Also, prepare not only for the time cost, but the monetary expense of a service like this. Doing this is one day is going to feel a lot more painful to the purse than doing it over time. ✖️ Expectations. Matching white hair is honestly a little easier than gray or salt and pepper. It may still look a little different than what grows from the head naturally. Also, removing old colour to a point that the hair can be made gray of white can be intense on the hair and will require treatments and possible a good haircut. ✖️ Maintenance. I think it’s a big misconception with people that they’ll have the service done and boom, that’s it, no more having to get colour done. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly the case. Until all that old colour is grown out, at minimum glosses will need to be done to maintain the desired tone, otherwise whatever tone is under there will show through again. ✖️ It’s an involved service, no matter how you look at it. Watch out for my next couple of posts to find out what I recommend for at home care and how I got this guest to where she is. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #whitehair #grayhair

Full time hairstylist, part time maker by AdvoCaitCrafted

Not hair related, but an additional endeavor I’ve just jumped into.
I’ve been making masks since March, and I’ve donated around 500.
I figured I could continue making them and selling them to have a little extra income for myself. You searched for: AdvoCaitCrafted! Discover the unique items that AdvoCaitCrafted creates. At Etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. Each Etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. By supporting AdvoCaitCrafted, you’re supporting a small business,...

✖️ C R E A T E✖️ Rainbows represent a lot of things to a lot of people. Pride, babies after loss, losing a pet, magic, however you choose to look at them. It’s the calm and beauty after a storm. The storm in the country is still raging, but I hope that change is finally going to come from it. I’ve been trying to learn more, and I hope many of you have, too. ✖️ A lot of things fell into place for this. I used my @pivotpointintl mannequin that I got in Miami at RAC. ✖️ The cut is a modified version of one that @coachchrisbaran taught in a class I was fortunate enough to attend digitally. ✖️ The entire colour was made possible by @redken shades EQ. The rainbow side was accomplished a glossing technique that @lorizabel taught at RAC called radial glossing. I used Pastel Pink, Yellow Kicker, Pastel Peach, Yellow Kicker + 09B for the green, Pastel Aqua Blue, 08VB, 010VV, and repeated the pattern until I finished the section. ✖️For the silver side, I shadowed the root with 09B, and then glossed the ends with 010T.✖️Last, but not least, because finish is everything, I used finger curls that @lamajbackwards taught during the digital spring RAC. ✖️ Creation is collaborative. Love is collaborative. This was a passion project made possible by knowledge gifted to me by amazing artists. Thank you for your driving forces and commitment to bettering this community and all of the people in it. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #silverhair #rainbowhair #shaghaircut @ Washington D.C.

✖️ D R E A M ✖️ When the idea for this colour came into my mind, I knew I only had one shot to get it right. I only had the one super blonde mannequin. I took a sheet with head forms and carefully planned out my placement and what shades I planned to use and where. Now that it’s all done, it makes me think of a hair version of the idea that rainbows follow storms. ✖️ A lot of things fell into place for this. I used my @pivotpointintl mannequin that I got in Miami at RAC. ✖️ The cut is a modified version of one that @coachchrisbaran taught in a class I was fortunate enough to attend digitally. ✖️ This side of the colour was made possible by the new @redken 010T, as well as all of the Pastel Shades EQ Glosses, plus yellow kicker, 08VB, and 010VV. The colour duo side was accomplished a glossing technique that @lorizabel taught at RAC called radial glossing. ✖️Last, but not least, because finish is everything, I used finger curls that @lamajbackwards taught during the digital spring RAC. ✖️ Creation is collaborative. Love is collaborative. This was a passion project made possible by knowledge gifted to me by amazing artists. Thank you for your driving forces and commitment to bettering this community and all of the people in it. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #silverhair #rainbowhair

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