Cait Giles - Redken Certified Colorist

Redken Certified Colorist, Redken Artist in training. Salon Education Director. Cait Giles, Level 3 stylist at Eclips Salon- Ashburn. (571)290-9274

This is the home page of Caitlin Giles, a Redken specialist and Pureology certified hairstylist. Caitlin has been a licensed hairstylist for over 4 years and holds a cosmetology license in both Georgia and Virginia. Some of her specialties include, but are not limited to, men's cuts, fashion colour, red hair colour, balayage and other blonding techniques. Caitlin is also working on the process to become a Redken Artist; this would allow her to share her knowlege and experience with other stylists through classes and hair shows. Starting in November, she will be a Redken Certified Colorist. For additional pictures and information, you can visit

Operating as usual

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This list containing DMDM Hydantoin 👇🏻

✖️ S H A G G Y✖️ One more of this cut on my love @_hairbymelissa__. ✖️After finished her cut, I blow dried with @Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer, Velvet Gelatine 07, and Oil for All. ✖️ I finished with Triple Dry for some added visual texture. Some other fantastic options for getting the most texture/ piecey-ness out of a shag are Rewind 06, Wax Blast 10, or Rough Paste 12.✖️ I’m so into all the varieties of this haircut that are popular right now and hope to do more once we get moved and I start work (somewhere) in Atlanta. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #atlantahairstylist

Alright Folx, this is it. The homestretch before we move.
My last day in the salon is Saturday, November 21st.
I still have some availabilities.
Please let me know if you would like to get in before I leave!

✖️S H A G G Y✖️ I think one of the keys to a good shag is to let it be disconnected. If you blend everything out, you don’t get the piecey, texture heavy feel that is so much of what makes this cut what it is. ✖️ Sometimes it’s hard to let the layers sit so disconnected, especially from the length. I know I have a ton of guests who don’t want to see their layers, and a shag is the exact opposite. ✖️ This is definitely an instance of forget what you know and just cut the darn thing. ✖️ If you’re looking for inspiration for shags or how to cut them, I highly recommend @justbhair, @mandaziegelman, @pinkdagger, and of course @samvillahair. There are many others out there, but I know these folx know what’s up when it comes to fun and funky hair design. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #shag #shaghaircut #hairdesign

✖️ S H A G G Y✖️ Okay. I’m gonna say it. I love a good shag. I love that this cut is coming back into popularity and that it’s taking on so many different variations. ✖️ I was so excited when my sweet coworker @_hairbymelissa__ said “I want to chop it off. I want a shag”. Done. I got you girl. ✖️ Melissa has naturally textured hair that gives this cut an even more piecey, undone vibe, but it also looks so good styled like this. ✖️ Give me all the shags to cut and I’ll be happy forever. I’m so thankful that I’ve been getting to have more fun with the thing that made me fall in love with hair: DESIGN. It’s not everyone’s favourite thing, but it sparked my fire. ✖️ Cut done with various Sam Villa shears. Styled with @Redken Oil for All and Velvet Gelatine 07 and @samvillahair round brushes. ✖️Finished with Redken Triple Dry 15. #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #shaghaircut #shag

Final October availabilities. And then only 3 more weeks left at the salon after that! I’ll post November availability soon.

✖️V E R S A T I L E✖️ Another angle on this fun textured bob. ✖️ After enhancing her natural waves, I used @redken Triple Dry 15 to give it some extra grit and amplify the texture.✖️I used to do bobs and short hair all the time. I definitely think that hair design is a skill that if you don’t use it, you can lose it, or at least get rusty. ✖️ Do you enjoy haircutting? What are your favourite types of cuts to do? ✖️#caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #shorthair #bobhaircut #bob #hairdesign

✖️V E R S A T I L E ✖️ I don’t talk about this enough, but I love design (cutting). I think a great haircut is the foundation to everything else we do to the hair. The look of beautiful can be make or break if the haircut isn’t right. ✖️ In this case, my guest wanted to chop it all off. It’s weird to say that someone has a nice neck and shoulders for a Bob, but it is what it is. ✖️ If this haircut were styled straight, it would just look like a blunt cut, but because of her hair density, I created a ton of internal texture so that it will move nicely and also not be so bulky. ✖️ For the finish, I played off the natural wave she has and just enhanced it in the sides, middle, and top using a flat iron. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #bluntcut #bobhaircut #texturedbob #hairdesign

✖️D U S T Y R O S E✖️ Okay, so now that you’ve got a pretty pastel haircolour, how do you take care of it? ✖️ First, let me start by saying that pastel tones are higher maintenance. Because they start out lighter, there’s much less wiggle room in the “fading” department. I hate to use the word fading, but it is what it is. ✖️ One of the top things to keep your colour pristine for longer is to wash it as little as you possibly can. Once a week would be great, but I know that’s not feasible for everyone. Really try to not wash more than 3 times a week. Dry shampoo will be your best friend; I recommend @redken Deep Clean dry shampoo. ✖️ Another huge priority is limiting the amount of heat used on the hair, as well as making sure you’re using a heat protectant every time. This is crucial for all haircolour, but especially pastel or vivid tones. If you blowdry, I recommend Redken Pillow Proof Express Blowdry Primer. If you’re more of a curling or flat iron human, then Redken Play Safe 450° or Iron Shape 11 are my go-tos. ✖️What other info would you like to know about having pastel toned hair? ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #pinkhair #rosehair #fallhair

✖️ D U S T Y R O S E✖️ As I mentioned in my previous post, for this hair, I used all @redken shades EQ gloss. This helps Brit change her hair up without major commitment, while also conditioning her previously highlighted hair. ✖️ For her root extension, I used 06VRo alone. I also added a few foils of this as lowlights for added dimension. ✖️ For her ends, I used a combination of 09VRo, 09AA, and Pastel Pink. 09AA is a hidden gem that I feel has so many uses. Here, I used it to keep her hair from looking flat out pink/ purple. Not that those are bad, it just wasn’t what we were going for. ✖️ Just have to thank Brit for always trusting my ideas for her hair. ✖️ Up next: best practices to maintain pastel hair. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #pinkhair #rosehair #fallhair

✖️ D U S T Y R O S E✖️ Brit is leaving for a new adventure in Texas, but before she leaves, she had to have new hair. ✖️ Early disclaimer, we work together and this was late and in a separate part of the salon, hence no mask. Don’t come for me. ✖️ Brit wants to give her hair a break from highlighting, but her new growth was driving her a little crazy. We chose to do a root extension and gloss her ends, but make it pink. ✖️ All @Redken shades EQ gloss. Stay tuned for what I used and how to take care of pastel tones like this. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #pinkhair #rosehair

✖️B U T T E R Y✖️ Back to warm blondes, especially with balayage. Traditional, open air balayage almost always yields warmer tones, which is why there are so many techniques out there to mimic that lived in look, but that can offer lighter blonde. ✖️ Did you know that warm blonde appears brighter than it’s cool toned counterpart, even at the same level? I use the comparison that we think of the sun as warm toned and bright, versus the moon as cool toned and dark. ✖️ I think that taking advantage of warmer tones in blonde help them look more natural. ✖️ What blonde team are you on, warm or cool?✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #balayage #warmblonde #fallhair

✖️ A N N O U N C E M E N T ✖️
October will be my last full month at Eclips. We are moving back to Georgia in December. ✖️ To my guests that I haven’t been able to tell in person, I do apologize, but I didn’t want to sit on this for too long in case I have some people that would like to get in before I leave. ✖️ I don’t have an exact date set for my last day, but it’s looking like the weekend before thanksgiving. ✖️ I want to thank you all for being part of my time in Virginia and helping me grow as a person and a professional. I will be either scheduling you with your next stylist at your last appointment with me or leaving notes about who I recommend. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. ✖️ Onto the next adventure and here’s to going home to be closer to my friends and family. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #atlantahairstylist

✖️B U T T E R Y✖️ I’ll say it. I wish I had more blondes that didn’t mind being more neutral or even warm toned. I love a warm blonde. ✖️ Also, I don’t know if people still say that balayage has to be curled to look good, but I don’t think that’s true. I will say, curls do help the dimension in balayage really pop. ✖️ Lightened with @Redken freehand lightener and glossed with Shades EQ. ✖️ What type of blonde do you love the most? ✖️#caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #balayage #warmblonde #fallhair

✖️C R A N B E R R Y✖️ Okay, so now that you have beautiful new colour, especially if it’s red or copper, because fall, how do you protect it? ✖️ Haircare is insurance for hair colour and it all starts with shampoo and conditioner. All of @Redken’s shampoos are colour safe, but if you’re looking for the best protection, especially for a vibrant shade like this one, Color Extend Magnetics is the way to go. It helps protect the longevity and vibrancy of haircolour so that wow effect lasts as long as possible. ✖️ Also, for more vibrant tones and reds, washing less frequently is super important too. I’m copper and wash once a week. ✖️ As far as the issue of sweat fading colour like I mentioned before- if you work out but it’s not wash day, still rinse your hair really well to get the sweat out. Then condition the middle and ends of your hair. This will help get some of that sweat out so that it doesn’t impact your colour as much. ✖️ One more key factor in protecting haircolour is heat protection. If you’re blow drying or using other hot tools, you need a barrier. I recommend Redken Pillow Proof Express Primer, Extreme Play Safe, or Iron Shape 11. There are several other options from Redken, but those are my go-to’s. ✖️ For this guest I used Pillow Proof, Guts 10, and the new Oil for All for her blowout. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #fallhair #redhair

✖️C R A N B E R R Y✖️ What to do when a guest wants to refresh her burgundy colour, have lower maintenance, and help revitalize the condition of their hair? @Redken Shades EQ all the way. ✖️ Since she already had lighter pieces and liked the dimension she had, plus having minimal gray, I opted for shades EQ cream to give life back to her colour. Shades EQ cream and gloss also help give tonal shifts to natural haircolour, while not permanently altering it, so there’s a softer grow out. ✖️ For this colour, I used the RV, RR, V, and BR families. Cream gives more opaque coverage than gloss, which can also help with longevity. ✖️ This process is also really quick, because once applied, shades EQ processes for 20 minutes and you’re good to go. It made her previous highlights pop, and made her natural become a lowlight. ✖️ Check my next post for how to care for this colour ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #redhair #fallhair #burgundyhair #magentahair #shadeseqcream

✖️C R A N B E R R Y ✖️ This guest had her colour done elsewhere between times in my chair. When she came to me, it looked like she’d had some highlights done that were then over laid with a vivid color line. Because of months of fading, and sweat from working out, the colour was faded unevenly. We were looking for a refresh that would still leave things low maintenance. ✖️ Did you know that your sweat can affect your haircolour? Since it’s basically salt water and salt pulls out colour, often there will be more fading around the hairline or anywhere the hair comes into contact with sweat more. ✖️ Check my next post for what I used for this colour and how to address fading ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #redhair #fallhair #burgundyhair #magentahair

Upcoming October availabilities. Call or text (571)290-9274

Final September openings. I’ll post my October availability soon.

✖️ D A P P E R✖️ The mister’s hair has been the same for a while now, with the exception of the line above his left ear. I started doing that to give a pretty standard haircut a little flair. ✖️ Cut with @samvillahair shears, @babylissprousa trimmers. Styled with @redken Rewind 06. ✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #ladybarber #barber #menshair #menshaircut

✖️ A C H I E V E M E N T U N L O C K E D ✖️ What’s the obnoxiously large number 3 balloon for, you ask? I level jumped. This means despite the craziness of being out of work and then coming back to working the middle of a pandemic, I earned a promotion at work. ✖️ I couldn’t have done it without all of my guests who sit in my chair and trust me with their hair. All the thanks and gratitude goes to them because without them, this achievement wouldn’t be possible. And a huge thanks and all my love to my partner for always being my cheerleader, and for pushing and encouraging me, and for taking my pictures.✖️ It’s funny how the world works. A little less than a year ago, I found out I was excepted into the @Redken Artist induction program, and now earning a promotion on the heels of that. ✖️ It has been a hard year for everyone. Everyone has been impacted in their own unique ways. I promise you’re taking on your challenges like a boss, so don’t get down about it. We will all come out on the other side of this stronger, smarter, and more driven. Until we reach that point, take joy in all the good you can find; seek it out. As Redken says “celebrate ALL wins”. ✖️ I’m celebrating this milestone because it felt like an uphill battle to get there, but the view from this peak is a good one. ✖️ p.s., there were no people within at least 100ft of us while we were taking pictures, hence no mask. Otherwise, wear your masks. And yes, that obnoxious green thing in the background is my pride and joy.✖️ #caitgilesstyles #redken #redkenobsessed #redkenready #redkenshadeseq #redkenelitesalon #redkencertifiedcolorist #redkencolor #redkenhaircare #showusyourshades #saloncentric #ittakesapro #diabetichairstylist #level3stylist #summitsalon

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