Whitney Engstrom, Real Estate Professional

Whitney Engstrom, Real Estate Professional

A local real estate professional dedicated to helping you love life in Northern Virginia. Associate Broker, Weichert, Realtors. Licensed in Virginia.

A local real estate professional dedicated to helping you love life in Northern Virginia. (Weichert, Realtors- Loudoun County office).

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This Family Transformed Their Home Into A Star Wars Lovers' Paradise (9 Pics)

May the fourth be with you, too!

bestrealestateblog.com It’s like they’re living in The Death Star.

And, action!

If parking at the tidal basin isn’t your style, WalkArlington’s Bloom Watch guide has you covered! The blossoms are coming (peak bloom is expected as early as April 1), so plan accordingly!

Use WalkArlington 's Bloom Watch guide to find the best spots to see Cherry Blossoms in Arlington. #cherryblossom


15 Hardwood Floor Tips Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Genius or madness? You be the judge (after doing your homework, of course).

bestrealestateblog.com If you've got wood floors, you need to know this stuff!

Finally...something good about those old brass doorknobs?!

I just love a good Venn diagram.


3 Things Real Estate Apps Commonly Get Wrong

Sure, there’s an app for that. But can you trust it?

bestrealestateblog.com … and what you as a buyer or seller should do about it.



3 Reasons Your Real Estate Agent WANTS You To Bother Them

Yep, you read that right. Go ahead and “bother“ me.

bestrealestateblog.com You’re probably not even aware that you should.


The Lifespan of 20 Essential Household Items

While conditions and maintenance can affect the length of use of many household items, having an estimated range for the lifespan can help with budgeting for replacement in your current or future home.

bestrealestateblog.com Has your air conditioner ever failed on a hot summer day? It’s a struggle no homeowner wants to deal with. When you own a home it’s important to budget annually for repairs that might be needed and anticipate when things might need to be replaced. If you take care of your home, your appliances a...


What Kind Of Energy Is In Your Home?

Have you ever seen those quiz bowl shows on TV? You know the ones that feature teams of local students answering obscure and inane trivia questions on Saturday mornings and get abysmal ratings? Yeah, I was on one of those and lived to tell the tales. But, I still love quizzes. Check this one out, and tell me what you think. Don’t love the energy in your home? Happy to brainstorm with you on easy changes to your home, or help you find a new one with the energy you crave!

bestrealestateblog.com Have you ever wondered?

Matchmaker, negotiator, facilitator of life transitions. Just a few of the roles I love!


These 15 Stylish, Space-Saving Furniture Designs Are Oddly Satisfying To Look At

Planning to take advantage of the President’s Day furniture sales? You might want to check these out first. In no universe could my type A self handle #6.

bestrealestateblog.com #9 is especially cool

Policy in action. What weird laws are on the books in your locale?


What In The World Do Groundhogs And Real Estate Have In Common?

Punxsutawney Phil, while adorable, is no Oracle at Delphi...and he doesn’t even reside in Virginia! Don’t let his forecast drive your real estate decisions.

bestrealestateblog.com Do you believe whether a groundhog sees its shadow or not is a true indication of when Spring will come? A lot of people aren’t even sure, which means we’re going to have more winter. But even if you do, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If it’s sunny, and he sees his shadow, that means ...


There’s A Storybook Town In Holland With Streets Made Of Water


bestrealestateblog.com Can you imagine growing up here?

Shutdown Sharing! If you've been affected by the shutdown, please feel free to drop by 20135 Lakeview Center Plaza Suite 100 (Ashburn) or reach out to inquire about a pantry refresh kit!

The Furloughed Food Pantry is now open at Weichert Loudoun! If you or your family are not receiving a pay check due to the Shutdown, we can help.

We have ready-to-go "Shutdown Pantry Refresh Kits" that you can pick up today! Contact any of our Weichert Loudoun agents to arrange a pick up. Know of someone that can use our help? Please share this post with them or have them call/message us.

Thank you to the amazing Weichert Loudoun agents for organizing and contributing to this food pantry! We are committed to keeping this food pantry going as long as this shutdown lasts. If you would like to help us keep these "Shutdown Pantry Refresh Kits" stocked, please reach out to Managing Broker, Omni Casey at 703-725-5279, or message us on Facebook.

Food Pantry Pick Up is at the Weichert, Realtors Loudoun office located at 20135 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 100, Ashburn VA 20147. Main Office line: 703.726.3909

#WeichertLoCo #WeLiveHere #WeInvestHere #CultivatingCommunity #WeichertCares #CommittedtoCommunity #AMillionContributions #InvolvedforImpact #JoinUs


13 Weird Real Estate Facts To Entertain Your Brain

Is number 6 super cool or scary as heck?

bestrealestateblog.com Bet you didn't know half of these. Or even a third.

With deep gratitude.

Celebrate his life and remember his dream. Reflect on his teachings and serve others in his honor. #MLKDay

Challenge accepted.

Arlington County Virginia – Government

Sharing for those affected.

Are you a furloughed federal staff worker or contractor, looking for help with your budget? Are you a County resident looking for resources during difficult financial times? Join us Thursday: https://arlingtonva.libcal.com/event/5037165


They Say The Door You Pick Gives Deep Insight About Your Personality. Try It And See.

One of my favorite things about traveling is seeing how people in different areas frame their entryways. Who knew those doors could also be so revealing? (Eeek! Apparently my new year’s resolution about pun usage lasted a whopping 14 days.)

bestrealestateblog.com Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy.

So many to from which to choose! By decade (for me):
B.W. (before Whitney) - North by Northwest or To Catch a Thief
1980s-Designing Women or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
1990s- Sleepless in Seattle
2000s- no points for originality on this one, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment
2010s- Parenthood (two awesome ones in this series) or Ozark.
What about you guys?


The Fast, Easy, And Affordable Home Renovation That Can Fetch Nearly 20,000% ROI

Check with your HOA first, but this one might be worth an application to the architectural review committee!

bestrealestateblog.com Do this to add some serious value to your home.


12 She Sheds Cheryl Should See

New Year, new trend on the horizon? Will She Sheds Stand the test of time in 2019? If you’re not ready to give up dreaming of your perfect She Shed, here’s a few for inspiration. (My personal favorite is #4, Cheryl!)

bestrealestateblog.com Try to say that 12 times fast!

Hoping to go fully paperless soon! Looking forward to a year with fewer...uh, remarks, from the hubby about the state of my second home, I mean vehicle.


How to Say "Cheers" in 10 Different Languages

May your new year's celebrations be filled with cheer (and a safe ride home)! Looking for something other than the traditional "happy new year!" toast? See how one of these rolls off your tongue. Our favorite toast picked up while traveling in Venice a couple of years ago isn't listed, but I'll raise a glass with "alla tua", to you (and your health) in 2019!

apartmenttherapy.com While stateside we like to ring in the New Year with champagne and a congenial "cheers," different cultures around the world have their own distinct celebratory toasts.


Northern Virginia's National Landing Selected for Major New Amazon Headquarters - Newsroom

Big news and it’s not just about Amazon!

newsroom.arlingtonva.us Represents unique multi-jurisdictional partnership and new regional approach to economic development

Congratulations 🍾🎉 to my fabulous clients (you know who you are) on the sale of your 🏡 in Madison Crescent! Time to celebrate after all your efforts to prepare the house for the lucky buyers. You will be missed, but we wish you all the best!


A Killer Strategy for a Tidy Home When You're Time-Squished

Love the strategy re: optimizing your time watching sports...just not during the season opener. Perhaps during next week's games?!😀 (Oh, and if you've found expired prescription meds, be sure to properly dispose of them. Check out the FDA's site for more info: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/resourcesforyou/consumers/buyingusingmedicinesafely/ensuringsafeuseofmedicine/safedisposalofmedicines/ucm186187.htm).

houselogic.com Quick cleaning tips for getting rid of clutter, how to clean out your closet from HouseLogic. Get super quick tips for cleaning your house.


Metropolitan Median Area Prices and Affordability

Dreaming of cooler climes? (Fret not, football, all things pumpkin and cardis are closer than you think!) Wondering whether the latest HGTV episode truly showcased a typical home is like in, say, Cleveland, Boston or Tampa? Explore this interactive map with median home prices across the country!


nar.realtor NAR’s quarterly Metropolitan Median Area Prices and Affordability report provides a breakdown of condo and co-op prices by metro market.


15 Home Decor Trends That Are On Their Way Out

Though I admit to being somewhat conflicted on the tufted headboard (who doesn't love a comfy headboard?!), for once, I think I'd be comfortable saying "au revoir" to all of these trends. Pastel mixers don't count, do they?

bestrealestateblog.com Leave these trends in the past for a modern, sophisticated home.


Create an Outdoor “Living Room” at Your House | Home Buying Resources | ABR

Just employed a few of these tips myself! I adore vintage globe/string lights and decided they would be the perfect addition to add a bit of ambiance to our evenings. If you're lucky enough to have outdoor space in Northern Virginia, why not make the most of it?!

homebuying.realtor It's summertime! Now is the time to enjoy the great outdoors, leave the indoors behind, and start living and entertaining outside. Creating an outdoor “living room” is one of the best ways to extend your living and entertaining space.

Whitney Engstrom, Real Estate Professional

Open today, Sunday, July 15, from 1-4 PM. Stop by, say hi and see this beautiful, welcoming home!

New to market in fabulous Madison Crescent! So much to love in this 3500+ sq. ft. Miller & Smith beauty! You can even leave the car at home for trips to pool, Harris Teeter, dining & shops!
https://www.weichert.com/78020406/ for more information or to schedule a showing.

Required Disclosure: Whitney Engstrom, Weichert, Realtors - Loudoun

Fall in Love with 15829 Lee Carter Rd.

New to market in fabulous Madison Crescent! So much to love in this 3500+ sq. ft. Miller & Smith beauty! You can even leave the car at home for trips to pool, Harris Teeter, dining & shops!
https://www.weichert.com/78020406/ for more information or to schedule a showing.

Required Disclosure: Whitney Engstrom, Weichert, Realtors - Loudoun


Landscaping: Striking the Right Balance for Resale Value | Home Buying Resources | ABR

Thinking about sprucing up your yard before you list it? Buyers are looking for the right combination of loveliness and low-maintenance! Consider a few of these tips before you head to the garden store!

homebuying.realtor If you have a green thumb, you want to let it show. After all, it’s not only your personal passion, but it’s also a skill most people envy because so few of us have one! Having a beautiful yard full of landscaping and color is a good thing, right? It improves the value of your home as well as th...


7 Online Money Management Tools for Current and Aspiring Homeowners | Home Buying Resources | ABR

Looking for some cool financial tools to help you bank that hard-earned cash? I've used Mint for about 10 years - so helpful for budgeting and keeping my husband and I on the same page. I'm interested to check out some of the others mentioned in the article. A word to the wise: if you're in the process of qualifying for a loan or already under contract on a house, be sure to talk to your lender BEFORE you open any new bank or credit accounts. Your lender can help you avoid pitfalls and is a critical part of your team to help you close on your dream home!

homebuying.realtor Saving up for a down payment on a house has always been one of the biggest challenges for first-time homebuyers. Owning a home, and budgeting for additional expenses usually doesn’t make money management any easier.


Housing Market in Loudoun... seller's market or buyer's market?

This week's weather has been crazy - a bit like our housing market! Need help riding out the storm? I can help you navigate the hot spring market!


whitneyengstrom.realtor Here's a sneak peek at latest on the housing market in Loudoun County. Closer in? I've got you covered for Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax, too!

Whitney Engstrom, Real Estate Professional

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Whitney Engstrom, Real Estate Professional



Residents rejoice! You can add Trader Joe’s to the list of grocery stores in Ashburn, along with Aldi, Whole Foods, Lidl (much progress here, but no official opening date yet), Wegman’s (well, it’s close enough), multiple international grocers, a plethora of Harris Teeters, and, of course, Giant.

theburn.com The first building permits are in the pipeline.


How I Bought a Modern Bungalow on a Writer’s Budget

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Alice in Wonderland. 💕 this author’s story of persistence and achievement. Teamwork to make your dream work!

apartmenttherapy.com Buying a home just didn't seem possible as a single woman in my 30s with a fluctuating income. But then again, I like a challenge.


November Housing Market Update - Loudoun County

How's the Market - Holiday Edition! Are you ready to be the life of your neighborhood holiday party? Here are 4 easy steps to success: 1) Click for the latest housing stats in Loudoun County 2) Review 3) Memorize in its entirety 4) Forget #3 and call me. I'll provide as much real estate trivia as you think is necessary to win that possibly hideous door prize. Want to know about other Northern Virginia markets? I've got you covered. Oh, and I can certainly help you or your neighbors buy or sell if you'd like to take advantage of these market conditions.


whitneyengstrom.realtor Here's a sneak peek of the latest housing market data for Loudoun County.

Want your business to be the top-listed Realtor/realty Service in Ashburn?

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Fall in Love with 15829 Lee Carter Rd.
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