Ashburn Crossfit, Ashburn, VA Video November 14, 2018, 9:28pm

Videos by Ashburn Crossfit in Ashburn. Ashburn CrossFit is for everyone, not just elite athletes. We are a complete fitness program that can be adapted for all fitness levels and ages.

Reebok Nano 8 Review = clutch
🎥 work = amateur at best 🤣

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Another awesome podcast with Jason Ackerman, one of the hosts of Best Hour of Their Day, and one of the elite Level 4 Certified CrossFit Coaches. Listen 👉🏻 Jason is an accomplished writer, business owner, CrossFit Coach, and Podcaster. Learn how to become a better Coach, and check out Best Hour Of Their Day and their new Mastermind Program! #crossfit #besthouroftheirday #beyondtheboxpodcast #crossfitopen #ashburncrossfit

20.1 Strategy & Guidelines
CrossFit Games Open 20.1 10 Rounds for time 8 Ground-to-overhead 10 Bar-facing burpees Have a listen as Coach Brandon & Matty discuss how 20.1 went and how to approach the workout. 1. Break the barbell up, even if it feels light. You're oppurtunity to recover is in between sets on the barbell. 2. The burpees are tough. They are going to catch up with you and are a tough place to try to recover (see tip above). 3. Snatch is going to be the fastest movements to get the barbell overhead. 4. Other movements for ground-to-overhead: clean & jerk, clean & push press, clusters...(MAYBE NOT THAT ONE) Good luck all on 20.1!

Achieve Your Goals
Change starts here! Come try a free class or get a free fitness consultation and let us help you achieve your goals!

‼️INTRODUCING FLIP FACTORY‼️ - Looking for a new fun class for your kiddos to keep them busy and active this summer? - We are now offering a kids tumbling and acrobatics class for kids 6-12 years of age on Monday and Wednesdays 11am-noon. - Coach Amy Fissmer will lead students through, tumbling and handstand basics, teach them new tricks on circus apparatuses like the lyra and silks, and improve balance and strength while challenging kids to find comfort upside-down. - No previous experience necessary. Dont miss out! Cost is $187 for a 12 pass punch card. Follow the link to register. - REGISTER ➡️

Identify the movements you’re not good at and ATTACK them, don’t shy away! A recent workout braught me a good slice of humble 🥧 Core endurance isn’t my thing, and while some parts of me were disappointed, most of me was STOKED. I found a movement I am really weak at, and therefore my next best opportunity to better my fitness. Have a 🎧 - Coach Brandon AKA “Thumbnail Extraordinaire” 😝

19.5 Strategy & Guidelines
19.5 Strategy & Guidlines 1. You have a lot more time than you think you have. 2. Break up both the Thrusters and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups early and often. 3. In the scaled workout, breakup your Jumping Pull-Ups, this will get harder than you think. 4. Cue yourself when your over halfway (its after the set of 27, the majority of the work will already be done). 5. Find a rythym, this one is long. Do whatever you need to in order to keep moving. Count down from 5 or 3, have someone cue you to keep going, but ensure you keep moving and keep breaks to a minimum. 19.5 33-27-21-15-9 Thrusters (#95/65) Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

19.4 Strategy & Guidelines
19.4 Strategy & Guidelines 1. Leave it on the floor, this one is GO! 2. Have a plan for the Bar Muscle Ups & Pull Ups. 3. Keep moving on Burpees. 4. Be prepared to breath hard! Cap 12 3 Rounds: 10 Snatches (#95/65) 12 Bar Facing Burpees - Rest 3 Min - 3 Rounds: 10 Bar Muscle Ups 12 Bar Facing Burpees

19.3 Strategy & Guidelines
19.3 1. Keep a steady pace and try to keep moving through the lunges and the box step-ups. You don't have to move fast, but if you can continously move you will make up a lot of ground. 2. Break up your Strict HSPU or DB Strict Press early and often. Take short breaks. 3. Be prepared for your legs to get really tired. 4. If you make it to the bear crawl or the handstand walk that's a huge victory. 200' Overhead/Front Rack Lunge 50 DB Box Step-Ups 50 Strict HSPU/Incline/DB Strict Press 200' Handstand Walk/Bear Crawl GOOD LUCK!

19.2 Strategy and Guidelines
19.2 1. If you're capable of Toes-to-Bar push the envelope and go out a little faster than you think, the goal for you is to beat the 8-minute clock. 2. If Toes-to-Bar are not your jam, break them up early and often and take very quick breaks. 3. When the barbell starts to feel heavy, perform quick singles. 4. Relax on the Double-Unders 8-minutes to complete: 25 Toes-to-Bar 50 Double-Unders 15 Squat Cleans (#135/85) 25 Toes-to-Bar 50 Double-Unders 13 Squat Cleans (#185/115) If completed before 8-minutes, add 4-minutes to the clock and proceed to: 25 Toes-to-Bar 50 Double-Unders 11 Squat Cleans (#225/145) If completed under 12-minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to: 25 Toes-to-Bar 50 Double-Unders 9 Squat Cleans (#275/175) If completed under 16-minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to: 15 Toes-to-Bar 50 Double-Unders 7 Squat Cleans (#315/205)

19.1 Strategy & Guidelines
19.1 AMRAP 15: 19 Wall Balls 19 Cal Row Coach's Brandon and George discuss 19.1 right after performing the workout. Suggestions: 1. Wall Balls 1-2 sets 2. Don't go out like a mad man in round 1 3. Quick transitions - don't waste time in between movements 4. Step on the gas the last 2-3 minutes Good luck and have fun everyone!

Long time in the making. Holly gets her first Pull Up! 💪🏽 #hwpo

Fitness Classes for Kids
CrossFit KIDSTRONG are fitness classes for kids. We like to say we fill the gaps of fitness that youth sport or sedentary lifestyle may present! When kids are in our program they will run, jump, learn to move well, train major lifts starting with a PVC pipe, perform pull-ups, squats, and jump roping AND SO much more! FREE Class Sign Up We believe in instilling lifelong love of fitness at an early age to promote physical literacy and health into adulthood. There is something for every kid in our program to excel at! FREE Class Sign Up

Attacking Your Weaknesses
We offer personal training and skill sessions in addition to our group training classes. This is a great way to hone your craft on a movement that is particarly tricky or one that you would like to improve. 1 on 1 Coaching allows us to dive deeper into the technicality of a movement and personalize it towards you. Also, if you’re a little apprehensive of jumping into group classes right away, 1 on 1 training is a great place to start.

Sure, lifting heavy weights and throwing around medicine balls is fun, but we want your fitness to be useful OUTSIDE of the gym too! Whether it’s helping a friend move, playing with your kids, or just looking and feeling better, we want to help you get there!

*Cut squash in half and scoop out seeds *Drizzle with oil of choice (olive, avocado or other healthy option) *Prick the outer shell with a fork *Season as you wish-any grinder will do. This is seasoned with pink Himalayan sea salt and black pepper. *Place face down on baking sheet and bake at 375 until outer shell is soft. *Allow to cool then using a serving fork...shred the inner flesh away from the shell. Store in an airtight container and use with your favorite, compliant pasta sauce...MANGA😁

We offer personal training and skill sessions in addition to our group training classes. This is a great way to hone your craft on a movement that is particarly tricky or one that you would like to improve. 1 on 1 Coaching allows us to dive deeper into the technicality of a movement and personalize it towards you. Also, if you’re a little apprehensive of jumping into group classes right away, 1 on 1 training is a great place to start.

Don’t throw your money away with New Year Resolutions that only last a few weeks. Commit to something that works, and join our 8 Week New Year “New You” Challenge!! Link in bio

New toys! Courtesy of @coach_mckenna_smet and Reactor 😂

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3 days away from Thanksgiving and the commencement of the holiday season. Remember, make time for yourself. Yes, you deserve it :)

Reebok Nano 8 Review = clutch 🎥 work = amateur at best 🤣 Grab new nano’s and other fitness gear here:

Here’s a GREAT option for recovery after a good workout (or 3!). Check out @elite_wellness_dmv @coach_mckenna_smet

“Jackie”: 1000m Row 50 Thrusters (empty bar) 30 Pull Ups Scaling options: Reps - 30 Thrusters Movements -Jumping Pull-ups

You vs You
I think a lot of individuals are in your place. "I've thought about going to the gym and changing my lifestyle, but I'm afraid to take that leap". If you've ever had these thoughts: "I'm not healthy enough", "I need to change my life", "I have no idea where to start". Start here.

Rowing Tips and Tricks with Coach Brandon and Coach Nick
Review of common mistakes seen while rowing, and how to fix them!

Shelby has been doing CrossFit for five years. She has been a part of the team here at ACF for a few of those. Shelby coaches to spread smiles and laughter to others (she’s pretty talented at this). You will not only see her giving detailed and great instruction, but possibly dancing as well. Hear her story.

CrossFit Stories: Tiphaine
A year to the day, Tiph picked up her life from France and came to America to gain some experience in her field, and to see what life was like. We were fortunate to have her be a part of this place for several months.

A Day in the Life @ Ashurn CrossFit + FREE Consult or Class!
Move better. Feel better. Live better. Live a healthy happy life into your 90’s. Start here ➡️ #movebetterfeelbetterlivebetter #ashburncrossfit

CrossFit Stories: Drew
Drew came to us on referral from a friend who had lost 60 pounds doing CrossFit. Three months in, Drew has dropped 26 pounds and his joints are pain free for the first time in a long time.

Meet the Coaches: Coach Brandon
Brandon came to us from Grand Rapids, MI. His mission is to become the best trainer/coach he can be in order to maximize the quality of life of the individuals that come through the doors at Ashburn CrossFit. Check out his story.

Free Class On Us
No more excuses - you deserve to be healthy. Free class on us!

Summer Fitness Challenge
Summer is here - it's time to get the body you've wanted. Use code '6WEEK' for $50 off on this program!

CrossFit Stories: Eric & Andrea
After being lost in the gym and working through multiple injuries Andrea decided to give CrossFit a try. Now, she's injury free and loving the family atomsphere Ashburn CrossFit provides. Eric was talked into CrossFit by his loving wife (Andrea). In his first six weeks he lost 18 lbs and 5 inches in his waist size.

Coach Brandon giving Cryotherapy a go! Check out Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery.

CrossFit Stories: Joey
Prior to Ashburn CrossFit, Joey struggled to get his body weight under 200 lbs. After a few months he's gone from a 36 to a 33 inch waist and is under 200 lbs for the first time in years.

CrossFit Stories: Holly
She hadn't been to a gym in 20 years. She was diagnosed and struggled with vertigo...18 months later CrossFit has changed Holly's life.

How to approach the WOD "MURPH": Scales & Strategies
Every memorial weekend thousands of CrossFit affiliates all over the world gather to perform the famous hero WOD "MURPH". We do this workout in honor of those who have served our country. Here Coach Brandon goes over scales for multiple levels and which strategies would be best used in this workout. In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. This workout was one of Mike's favorites and he'd named it "Body Armor". From here on it will be referred to as "Murph" in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is. #CrossFit #USArmy #USNavy #Marines #USAF #USCG #MURPH

Get Better at CrossFit Without Adding Time
Here's an opportunity to get better at CrossFit and the movements you struggle with most, without having to put in extra time or increase the numbers of days you attend class. Practice vs Competing. Speed vs Quality. Benchmarks vs Class WOD's.

How to fix your jumping pull-up
Pull-ups are tough! The jumping pull-up is a great scale to allow your athlete to eventually be able to perform a strict pull-up. However, are you doing them correctly?

How to improve your Overhead Squat
If you struggle with the Overhead Squat this video is for you. Here, Coach Peter walks you through Warm up to movement on how you can improve your Overhead Squat.

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