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myhealthybiz is a work from home opportunity. Nutrition that fills the gaps! Independent Distributor RCN: 7357350901 703 728-4611 1 877 777-1235

This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. Reliv products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

For people of all backgrounds who want to lead healthy, self-directed and meaningful lives, Reliv offers exceptionally effective nutritional products, a simple and profitable business opportunity and the chance to change lives and provide hope to people around the world. Reliv is the nutrition epigenetic company that has changed our life. We work hard every day, trying to show others the importance of filling the gaps our current food supply leaves us with as we prevent the preventable and change lives, one family at a time. Join our team, with this work from home opportunity. We build international distribution networks and help others do the same. We have purpose, we have passion, we have fun! We are in the industry of well care, not sick care as we promote healthy care for families and work to build financial and time freedom.

Mission: To nourish the world!


Is your body getting all the nutrition it needs from the food you eat? For more than three decades, Reliv has been sharing our nutritional supplements backed by science with people just like you who want better health. Learn more!

Live Action


Thanks to the abortion pill reversal regimen, Alexis was able to save her twins. Now, with the help of her mother, she is raising two beautiful baby girls!

#kalogris 💛 #kathleen

The children of Haiti receive the gift of nutrition from the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. Donate today to help us continue this mission!

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Reliv Asia Pacific

Do you know The Reliv Story?

Reliv Kalogris Foundation

It's time to share Emmanise's story with you again!

When a Haitian child's hair turns red, it is the first sign of malnutrition. When their hair turns red, and their bellies and eventually their bodies become bloated, that child is suffering from Kwashiorkor Malnutrition.

Emmanise’s Amazing results due to Reliv Now® for Kids

[06/22/19]   Fit3 Fudgesicles

1 ½ cups Coconut Milk

1 ½ scoops Fit3 Active™ or Reliv Now® for Kids (chocolate flavor)

1 Tsp. Vanilla

1 Tsp. Cocoa Powder

Blend ingredients and pour into popsicle molds. Freeze overnight and enjoy!

Tropical Green 💚💚

Add a little green to your smoothie with the kale in this Reliv Tropical Green smoothie with Fit3 Active. The banana, peaches and pineapple make it a delicious blend!

Reliv International

Craving a PB&J, but want to skip all the carbs and sugar? Here’s a recipe for a Reliv PB&J shake that will leave you satisfied and smiling!

Reliv International

RLV Hemp Extract is available! Learn more and shop now!

Dr. Alfredo Galvez

Our behaviors, our habits good or bad are learned by our DNA. Epigenetics;how we evolve by adjusting what the world throws at us. Our Lunasin protein helps regulate that. What are the implications for generations living in poverty, addiction? ❤️.

Mechanism of epigenetic inheritance

Using nematodes as a model system, researchers from Tel Aviv (Israel) and Princeton Universities have discovered that an epigenetic mechanism, involving small RNAs, is involved in the transgenerational inheritance of behavioral traits acquired from environmental exposure.

This study further reinforces the growing body of evidence that transgenerational inheritance is NOT hard-wired to DNA changes/mutations in germline cells alone, but acquired traits can also be passed down to future generations through epigenetic mechanisms.

Reliv International

Craving a PB&J, but want to skip all the carbs and sugar? Here’s a recipe for a Reliv PB&J shake that will leave you satisfied and smiling!

Keep Your Joints Healthy for the Long Run

May is arthritis💜 awareness month. Let Reliv nourish you joints. Joint health is becoming an increasingly important issue for adults of every age. In the US, more than 30 million adults have osteoarthritis—a condition which causes severe joint pain when cartilag…

Reliv Kalogris Foundation

Patiently waiting . . . for their Reliv Now® for Kids!

💛💛Donate right from the shopping cart.

Reliv Kalogris Foundation in Haiti ~

Thank you loyal RKF Donors, your dollars are going where they are needed.

Reliv Kalogris Foundation

My Reliv Now® for Kids shake makes me feel like Superman!

Dr. Alfredo Galvez

Dr. Galvez typically loses me after about the 7th word. What sticks are the words breast cancer cell death. I pray for the passion he lives life with every day. It makes the world a healthier place for all of us. 💙

Role of H3-lysine 14 acetylation (H3-K14ac) in epigenetic signaling and health

It has been 13 years since I filed and was granted a patent on the epigenetic mechanism of lunasin ( The patent describes in part the ability of lunasin to bind specifically to histone H3-lysine 14 (H3-K14) and inhibit its acetylation (H3-K14ac) by histone acetylase enzymes.

Science is finally catching up to my discovery.

A recent Nature publication on research using chemical inhibitors to bromodomains – conserved protein modules that recognize and read acetylated lysine (Kac) in histone tails, has discovered that H3-lysine 14 acetylation (H3-K14ac) is the key epigenetic signal involved in cell metabolism and proliferation of triple-negative breast cancer cell lines. By inhibiting bromodomain readers of H3-K14ac under conditions of glucose deprivation, triple-negative breast cancer cell lines undergo apoptosis or cell death.

Reliv International

What do you think about this? 💚

Turn up your volume and get excited about this!! The first look at the new RLV Hemp Extract product line coming soon!


These purple popsicles are a sweet treat you can make at home and enjoy! Delicious!

Reliv International

When you support the Reliv Kaloris Foundation, you help children around the world get the nutrition they need! Thank you for your generosity!

Teen Health Week Starts Monday! These 14 Resources Can Help Young People Stay Healthy 💜 Growing up is hard. But staying healthy shouldn’t be.

Contact — HealthFamilyLife

Our new website! Check out our team!
Promoting and working for a Culture of Life, by using our gifts
to help families be restored to health in body, mind, and spirit.
We offer assistance in the following areas:

Marriage & Family Support

Nutrition & Lifestyle Support

Health & Fitness Resources

Addiction Support

Pregnancy & Parenting Resources

Home Based Business Opportunity Contact

Wearin the ☘️green☘️

Give your St. Patrick's Day a healthy start with this Shamrock Shake with Fit3 Active, mint leaves and almond milk! Lucky you!'s cover photo

Reliv Kalogris Foundation💜

RKF Nutrition Programs
Bontoc Mountain Province & Bataan, Philippines
460 kids ~ 23 adults

Pastor Lin Ruiz, with the help of her husband Raul, her two grown children and fifteen volunteers, oversees ten RKF nutrition sites in the Philippines.

Asked what inspires her to do what she's doing, she said, "being an RKF Site Coordinator makes me a catalyst of change to the lives of the children and their families. It is always a joy to see them smile upon knowing that they are loved. We find it very gratifying to know that they see Jesus through us and feel the love of God through the way we care for them. And this compels us to continue doing what we do. We are so honored to be part of the Reliv Kalogris Foundation."

Thank you Pastors Lin & Raul to you and all your helping hands in distributing Reliv Now® for Kids!

CardioSentials — Takes Heart Health to Heart!

Go RED ❤️ Go Reliv

Be good to your body by incorporating a nutritional solution for total heart health. Reliv’s CardioSentials® has been clinically shown to reduce total…'s cover photo

Reliv International

❤️It's about flexibility and being able to put our family first, just about every day. We don't have to give up on our dreams to become mothers. Our dreams just make us better ones. Take it from Katie

Motherhood and entrepreneurship are not an easy feat, but Master Affiliate Katie Moore makes it look so easy!

The Best Way To Add Extra Vegetables To Your Day By Director of Product Development & Fit3 Trainer Tina Van Horn I am incredibly lucky that both of my kids love vegetables. They will eat Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, and cauliflower …

Reliv International

We burned through it, but now it's back in stock! If your last Fit3 Burn purchase was temporarily out of stock, you can expect your shipment soon!

24K @ the cabana!💜❤️💚

It's BACK and Better than Ever!
Healthy energy, focus and stress relief
Feeling zapped? Don’t turn to high-sugar energy drinks that will only take your energy and focus on a rollercoaster ride. 24K® is formulated synergistically to tap into your body’s natural vitality without the sugar found in other products.

With 24 powerful ingredients including B vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, 24k offers a healthy alternative that addresses both physical and mental fatigue.

Add 1 scoop of delicious mixed berry flavor to 8 oz. of water and get your edge the healthy way with 24k!

How Commitment Leads To Success how commitment leads to success's cover photo

Shepherd tricks that kick those head cold, flus and sinus issues. 💚 Be well in 2019. Please share your comments below. 😉

Reliv Fit3 ❤️💚 BOGO. HURRY!!!
Active💜 Burn💜 Purify💜
Christmas List
Shannon and Christine
Me and Kristen L.
?? Who can you split this with ??

Reliv International

As promised, here is your holiday shake recipe sheet to share with your friends at your holiday parties! You can download and print it here:'s cover photo


As promised, here is your holiday shake recipe sheet to share with your friends at your holiday parties! You can download and print it here:

Reliv International

Dr Galvez.💜. These two ❤️❤️ helping us change lives all over the world.

Surprise Facebook Live with Dr. Galvez!

Why You Need To Follow Up

We come with the "goods" By President of Sales & Marketing Tom Pinnock Successful Distributors do the things that others don’t necessarily like doing. One of the basics is following up with customers. Learn to be tenac…

5 Reasons Giving To Charity Makes YOU Rich By Copywriter Dena Molen and President of Operations and International & Reliv Kalogris Foundation Chairman Scott Montgomery As we embark upon the holiday season, my hope is that you take a mom…

Reliv International - The Reliv Podcast

Don't let November get away without listening in on on the November podcast. How can I manage my blood sugar? This is excellent! Lots of recipes to control and prevent diabetes in Reliv. My Dad has remained medication free for over 10 years. The Reliv Podcast covers everything from nutrition to fitness advice and all things health and wellness! Listen today and get inspired!

More 2 Life - with Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak

💜Sharing this book with everyone I know who struggles with anxiety to the point it makes life hard for you or someone you love. Starts with Anxiety First Aid-- 1.Relabel, 2.Re attribute(relax) 3.Respond.

Tired of worrying? Say no more! Discover how you can life "a life without anxiety."

FROM THE COVER--How can we stop worrying and start living an anxiety-free life? As you'll learn in Unworried: A Life Without Anxiety, the answer isn't "just pray more" or "just read more Scripture" or, worst of all, "just stop worrying." If we learn to respect how God made us, we can build new habits of thinking, communicating, and acting that will help set us free from worry.

Dr. Gregory Popcak integrates insights from our Catholic Faith with cutting-edge psychological research to help the anxious reader form a comprehensive plan for conquering anxiety and living a life of true peace

Reliv International - Reliv Nutritional Products: The cutting edge of nutritional science

Step 1: Start with Core Nutrition
Our delicious shakes with flavors like creamy vanilla and rich chocolate go way beyond the minimum daily requirements giving you more of the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs your body needs. Core nutrition is at the center of everything we do. It's our multi-vitamin, protein shake,, and essential herbs and nutrients in one scoop. For kids, expecting moms, athletes and everybody in between. You pick your flavor. Reliv will do the rest. 💜 I will pay your shipping all week. Get healthier and thrive every day with Reliv's customizable nutritional solutions! We make advanced nutrition simple. What's your wellness goal?

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