Josh Morimoto, Realtor

Josh Morimoto, Realtor

Just moved to Weichert Realtors--Loudoun County/Ashburn. Email: [email protected], Cell: 703-967-8679,

Providing real estate information and services to home buyers and sellers located in and around Winchester, Virginia.

Honoring Carmel Whetzel, World War II Veteran & [email protected] DC Memorial Day 2019. He and 11 other WW II Veterans were honored in the 2019 Washington DC Memorial Day Parade. Each World War II Veteran sat in the front seat of a very expensive Restored Antique Car. I could not be in the parade since I had to drop Carmel off at the start of the parade route and park my car in a "Reserved Parking Area for Caregivers" to pick him up at the end of the parade route. Some of these photos was last years parade that I took as we rode in restored military vehicles with the Korean War Veteran Assn Chapter 313. You get a "birds eye view" of the parade from a Military 2 1/2 ton truck looking down at the parade attendees. Josh Morimoto.

Honoring Carmel Whetzel, World War II Veteran & [email protected] DC Memorial Day 2019. He and 11 other WW II Veterans were honored at this Memorial. They also aid Wreaths to honor these who died in this War along with thoses who served. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, who got this Bill passed to authorized the WW II Memorial also spoke at this this Ceremony. His wife--Carol & I spoke with Congresswoman. We thanked her for her presistent in getting this WW II Memorial authorized into law (signed by Pres Clinton) and she indicate this Memorial Day Ceremony was a good day to honor those who died and others who served. Carmel was in the line of WWII Veterans who Served the Wreath. One Veteran who came to see him still is in the Special Forces. Last two photos was by Prayoon Charoe, a Volunteer photogralpher for this event. Josh Morimoto

I am a member of Am Legion Post 2001 and we were at the Ashburn Giant Market distributing red poppies and getting customers to donate monies for the Loudoun County Veterans in Need. This program is run by Tom Grant from the Veterans Support Office, Loudoun County. It helps veterans who have surgery and cannot pay couple months of rent, who are faced with large car repair bills, need propane gas for their furnaces in the winter, and many other needs. WE DO NOT WANT OUR VETERANS TO BECOME HOMELESS PEOPLE. 3 Photos are members, their children, and Boys and Cub Scouts who came out to Giant Market to help raise funds for our veterans. You can also make donations to our WEB site:, point and click at the DONATE Button and make a donation via Pay Pal or send a check to Am Legion Post 2001, Attn: Richard Ryan, Treasurer, P.O. Box 1243, Ashburn,
VA 20146.





Veterans Appreciation at Greenwood Baptist Church in Winchester VA . Members of this church invited military veterans for a luncheon and recognization. I sponsored Carmel Whetzel, A World War II Veterans, who also was a Prisoner of War (POW) in two German Prison Camps call Stalags. He served with the 26 th Infantry "Yankee" Division. His battalion was over ran by a Germany Counter Offense in France when when the the Tank Company supporting them had to withdrawn since they were low on gas. Remember Gen Patton (in Movie Patton) was always complaining that his tanks were low of fuel and hampered his offensive. He was honored today with this framed World War II Wall Photo. His next stop will be the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.. He will be one of 8 Veterans who will present Wreaths to the Fallen on Monday, May 27 Memorial day at 9 am. He also has a press conference at 8 am with the press and other Veterans. He will also participate in the Washington D.C. Memorial Day Parade which starts at 2 pm. He will be riding an Red Chev Camero Convertible. WE NEED TO GET HIM RECOGNITION FOR WHAT HE DID FOR OUR COUNTY WHILE HE CAN STILL MOVE AROUND. Josh

ENJOY THE NIGHT LIFE OF LEESBURG, VA. BE THE 1ST TO PURCHASE THIS HOME. ATTEND OUR OPEN HOUSE THIS WEEK END: Sat, May 11 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. and Sun, May 12 Mothers Day 1:00 pm - 6:pm YES, BRING HER TO OUR OPEN HOUSE AND PURCHASE A NEW HOME FOR HER. PICK UP BROCHURES AND MAPS of restaurants, dinner theaters, speciality shops, wineries, breweries, coffee supplies, farms with petting animals etc. , Josh Morimoto, Team Leader, Weichert Realtors-Loudoun Cty, Cell: 703-967-8679, Email: [email protected], Office: 703-726-3909 Ask for Josh. .

ATTN: REAL ESTATE INVESTORS !. Looking for homes to flip--purchase, renovate, then sell. How about purchasing properties to Rent--Distress Properties, other fixer uppers, those completely turn key, 4-Plex or larger, and those below market price ? Need financial help to purchase these properties ? Do you need lesson on how to evaluate a property to determine what profit you will make ?

Call or send me a text message to get together to discuss for a private session or group seminar. My cell phone/text messages: 703-967-8679 or email: [email protected]. U.S. Army Veteran. Weichert Office: 20135 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 100, Ashburn, VA 20147.

Congratulations to Victor and Angela for purchasing a Rehab Home in Lovettsville, VA. Scott Lee, MBH and Josh Morimoto and Omni Casey, Weichert Loudoun Cty Office, assisted Victor and Angela to purchase this home. Home will be renovated and resold.

ATTN HOMEOWNERS: Let me sell your Northern Virginia Home so you can purchase a single family/Townhome/1-Level Condo home near Rehoboth and Lewes, DE beaches. Great way to have your family/friends--Grandchildren, Close Friends, etc. all wanting to come and visit you. GREAT Swimming, Golfing, Fishing, Hiking, and Bike Riding. Delaware has no Sales Tax; very low property, and income taxes; much lower home cost; and very good medical support with a Regional Hospital close by. Call or text me for a more detail discussion of retiring in Delaware and to sell your home--703-967-8679, Email: [email protected]. 20135 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 100 in Ashburn, VA.

ATTN HOMEOWNERS: Let me sell your Northern Virginia Home so you can purchase a single family/Townhome/1-Level Condo home near Rehoboth and Lewes, DE beaches. Great way to have your family/friends--Grandchildren, Close Friends, etc. all wanting to come and visit you. GREAT Swimming, Golfing, Fishing, Hiking, and Bike Riding. Delaware has no Sales Taxes; very low property, and income taxes; much lower home cost; and very good medical support with a Regional Hospital close by. Call or text me for a more detail discussion of retiring in Delaware and to selling your home--703-967-8679, Email: [email protected]. 20135 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 100 in Ashburn, VA.

Real Estate Investors: Learn now to find and purchase an investment like this in the Loudoun County country-side, renovate these homes, then re-sell it for a nice profit. Come to my one-on-one Presentation or a Seminar with other investors so you can hear other questions about how to do these investments. If you are a Home Contractor, this is a ideal project for your business. Text Message to me: 703-967-8679. Leave your name and a phone number.

The Principal of Rachael Carson Middle School, Gordon Stokes (four from left), scheduled a Veterans Day Event at this middle school and invited over 100 + veterans to tell their stories about their their military experiences. Each Veteran(s) was taken to four different class rooms to speak to that class. ALL classes participated. Individuals from left to right--MSG Todd Gallant and SSG Ray Cheronis both served in the Army and are Realtors with Weichert--Loudoun; LTC Exequiel Seville who served in the Army, Gordon Stokes, Principal, and LTC Josh Morimoto, who served in the Army and is a Realtor with Weichert--Loudoun. Principal Stokes said to us that this was a great learning experiences for student in his Middle School.

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The South Korean Embassy sponsors a Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony where Wreaths donated by various Veteran Organizations and the Embassy are Laid to honor the 46,000 soldiers from 21 countries that died in this war.

As a Korean War and Defense Veteran, we were hosted by the Gen Walker Memorial Foundation to a lunch at the Sheraton Hotel next to Fort Myers. As usually, the Military Veterans were fed a GREAT meal on Memorial Day. Women wearing Korean Formal Attire sat at my table to have lunch with us. They marched in the Memorial Day Washington D.C. Parade then were bused with us to the Korean War Veteran Memorial for Wreath Laying Ceremony--see next Post.

Everyone is looking for this Idaho Potato Truck. Here it is on the Washington DC Mall in line for the Memorial Day Parade.

I particated in Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. We rode on a 5-ton Military Truck and waived to a lot of parade attendees. PBS broadcasted this event.

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My name is "Max". I am a black Shelty. We have had "bad" lighting and thunder close to our home in the evenings and nights. My safe haven is under my father's feet while he sits on our sofa. I can also hid my eyes under his blanket. Please let the "Thunder" and "Lighting" go away.

I go to Loudoun, Frederick, and Clarke County Middle and High Schools giving briefings to their history classes (7th and 10 Graders) on the Korean War, How we stopped communism from Communist China and North Korea to allow South Korea to become the 8th largest economy in the world, and what "bad" things the North Korean Dictator is doing to the US and South Korea. I have I also have a Korean War Veteran who served in as a Prisoner of War (POW) in a Communist China Prison Camp located in North Korea tell his story on how GOD saved his life through a Communist China Army Officer who interogated him when he was captured. Very interesting and amazing story.

We promote Veteran Owned Business by giving their company presentations to other Veteran Businesses Owners. Here Kevin Knight inviting others to bidding on new contracts with the Veterans Administration, and commercial building work with local Construction Companies.

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