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My Legal Case Coach is a legal coaching service designed to assist individuals representing themselves in a Virginia civil court matter. We offer comprehensive DIY case form packets and one-to-one virtual coaching sessions with a licensed attorney.

If someone names you as the executor of their estate, your job is to ensure the provisions of the Will and other affairs are properly handled and the named beneficiaries receive their inheritance. However, you'll want to prepare for the potential challenges you might face in this role. Some common ones include:

- Dispute with beneficiaries
- Time/travel commitment
- Personal liability if debts and tax obligations are not met
- Out-of-pocket expenses

For more information on handling such executor challenges, check out our blog post:

When you said "I do" to your spouse, you weren't anticipating a divorce. But life is complicated, and sometimes things don't go as planned. But sometimes, things also fall apart so something better can come together.

Trust your journey and understand that divorce does not mean failure. Ask yourself what you learned. How can you use this time to develop more self-love? How can you grow from this experience?

If you need legal support through your DIY Virginia divorce, book a free consultation with My Legal Case Coach:
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Divorce can be messy, especially if you have minor children. You want what's best for your kids, so it's important to agree on a custody and visitation arrangement that works for your children, your spouse and yourself.

My Legal Case Coach can help you achieve this. We offer one free hour of virtual legal coaching with a licensed Virginia attorney when you purchase any of our convenient DIY case form packets.

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Drafting a Premarital Agreement: Questions to Ask

Many engaged couples who had planned a 2020 wedding have been forced to postpone their celebration in light of COVID-19. Now, these couples have a lot more time to ponder the legal aspects of marriage rather than just focusing on the big day.

While you and your fiancé are quarantined, take some time to consider creating a prenuptial or premarital agreement to protect the assets you're each bringing to the marriage. Here's what you need to know about prenups and what to include in yours. A premarital agreement helps couples define and divide their assets, but knowing what to include isn’t always clear-cut. Here's what you need to know.

When you're representing yourself in a court case, it might feel like all the pressure is on you. That's why we offer 1:1 support with our legal case coaching services.

By working with MLCC, you'll get legal case form packets with in-depth instructions, one FREE hour of virtual coaching with an experienced attorney, and continuous support throughout your case when you need it.

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Because Virginia Courts are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, couples who are contemplating divorce may be stuck in the same home. If you're in this boat, you might be wondering: how will the pandemic impact our divorce timeline?

Fortunately, there are ways to take action and keep the process moving along:

- Work with your spouse to draft a settlement agreement.
- Establish a clear separation timeline so both you and your spouse’s attorney (if applicable) are on the same page.
- Start thinking about custody and visitation arrangements if you have minor children.
- Be kind to yourself and open with your partner.
- Book a free consultation with My Legal Case Coach to discuss your case (

Read our blog post to learn more:

Every child deserves a safe and supportive environment with a loving family by their side. As the parent of a child with special needs, ensuring that your child remains safe and supported throughout their adult life may mean setting up a guardianship/conservatorship arrangement.

If you have questions about a Virginia guardianship/conservatorship matter, contact My Legal Case Coach. During a 15-minute free consultation, we can discuss your concerns and determine whether our legal case form packets and virtual coaching services are right for you. Book your call today:

Marriage is an important commitment. Because of the promises you made to your spouse, you may not feel that walking away is an option when you realize your relationship isn't working anymore. But you always have the choice to do what's right for yourself and your happiness.

If you're contemplating separation and divorce in Virginia, My Legal Case Coach is here to support you as you represent yourself and file your case with the Court.
Visit to learn how we can help you take the first steps toward a new beginning.

Representing yourself in court? You don't have to go it alone. My Legal Case Coach offers case form packages and 1:1 virtual legal coaching for many common family law matters, from divorce to legal name changes, as well as probate and guardianship matters.

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During this quarantine, many families have been spending a lot more quality time together. Your bonds with your stepchildren may have grown stronger, and a step-parent adoption can ensure that your familial bond is legally recognized.

Are you and your spouse are ready to explore step-parent adoption? If you are, then consider visiting to discover which of our legal case form packets is right for your circumstances.

With your purchase, you'll receive one free hour of 1:1 virtual legal coaching to with an experienced Virginia attorney to ensure you feel prepared to present your case. If you need more assistance, prepaid hourly blocks of coaching time are available at a reasonable price to ensure you succeed with DIY adoption matter.

Separation During COVID-19: What Couples Need to Know

You and your spouse were contemplating separation before the pandemic. Now, you're quarantined together in the same house until further notice.

You may be wondering how COVID-19 could impact your timeline for filing for divorce. Here's what you need to know about legally separating from your spouse and beginning your divorce proceedings in Virginia during quarantine. For couples who are contemplating separation during COVID-19, here's what to know about starting the divorce process right now.

Getting a divorce does not mean you're giving up. It doesn't mean you and your spouse didn't love each other enough. It simply means you both need to go your own ways in order to progress and find happiness.

Making this decision is never easy, but we're here to support you through any challenges you might face in the process. If you need guidance on drafting a settlement agreement or filing for divorce in Virginia, contact My Legal Case Coach today:

Family law cases can be difficult to navigate on your own, but retaining an attorney to represent you may not be in your budget. That's why My Legal Case Coach offers support for Virginia residents handling a DIY legal case. With our easy-to-use case packet forms and 1:1 virtual legal coaching sessions, you can confidently represent yourself, while benefitting from your coach's years of legal experience.

Visit to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your legal matters.

Conservatorship: What It Is and When to Consider It

If you're the parent or relative of a child with special needs, or have a family member or friend who becomes incapacitated, you will need to make a legal plan for their long-term care and well-being. A legal guardianship and conservatorship arrangement may be the right option for you.

Here's what you need to know about a conservatorship arrangement in Virginia and how to file your case with your local Circuit Court. Conservatorship often goes hand-in-hand with legal guardianship for an adult with disabilities or special needs. Here's a basic overview of the arrangement.

The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting us all in ways we never could have anticipated. With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in effect, dealing with custody arrangements can be tricky right now.

Legally, you can and should continue with your typical custody arrangements if everyone in both households is healthy and following the appropriate recommendations for reducing illness and risk of exposure. However, it's important to use your best judgment during this time, especially if one parent works on the frontlines or is at higher risk for COVID-related complications.

Have questions about how coronavirus might impact your custody arrangements? Book a free 15-minute consultation with My Legal Case Coach to discuss your circumstances. We can help you with drafting a temporary agreement to protect yourself from a future accusation of custodial interference or violation of a court order:

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Divorce is not something to be ashamed of. It's not synonymous with "failure," nor is a step backwards. It's simply a part of your personal growth journey, a phase of your life that must happen so you can move forward, closer to where you are meant to go.

What served you once might not serve you forever -- and that's OK. It's OK to change your mind. It's OK to choose yourself. It's OK to start over.

If you're ready to begin the journey of separation and divorce in Virginia, contact My Legal Case Coach to learn how we can help. Visit to get started and book your free consultation call.

Being a single parent is a job like no other. You're a role model, a caregiver, and a source of love, support, and security for your children – and it's not easy to do it on your own.

You may mess up sometimes, but you don't need to be perfect. You just need to be present and lead with love. As your kids grow up, they might not remember those little mistakes, but they'll never forget how much you love them.

My Legal Case Coach is here to support single and soon-to-be single parents as they navigate their divorce, custody, support, and visitation cases. Visit to learn more about our legal case form packets and 1:1 virtual legal coaching services.

DIY legal doesn't mean doing it alone. My Legal Case Coach offers easy-to-use legal case forms and personal coaching sessions to guide you through the entire process. Visit to get started and book your free consultation call.

You love your stepchildren like they're your own. If their other biological parent does not play an active role in their lives, you and your spouse may wish to file a step-parent adoption case to secure certain legal rights for your family.

My Legal Case Coach was designed for Virginia residents who wish to represent themselves in family law matters like this. We offer templatized legal case forms packets for most common step-parent adoption circumstances, and if your case is more complex, we can help you craft your own customized forms. Whatever the situation, you can benefit from the free hour of 1:1 virtual legal coaching that comes with any packet purchase.

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Visitation During COVID-19: Can We Continue Our Regular Visits?

Virginia's current stay-at-home order has raised a lot of concerns about exercising visitation during COVID-19. Parents are wondering if transporting children back and forth between households is safe, and whether should it be continued while a stay-at-home order remains in place.

The short answer is yes…as long as proper precautions and protocols are followed.

Read our latest blog for an overview of what parents should know about visitation arrangements during the quarantine. Divorced parents may be wondering if it's safe to continue their regular court-ordered visitation during COVID-19. Here's what you need to know.

As a parent, you want what's best for your children. This should be your "North Star" when you and your soon-to-be ex are negotiating a plan for legal and physical custody of your children. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Is one of you in the better position to provide a consistent home-base, schooling, routine medical and dental care, etc., or are both of you able to effectively provide two strong home-settings and amicably share these responsibilities?
2. What arrangement will cause the least disruption to your child’s life, given your work-schedules, commute, and the distance between your separate residences (or expected separate residences if one of you has not yet established a separate residence)?
3. Is your child old enough to express his or her preference?
4. What kind of relationship do you want your child to have with their other parent?

If you're going through a divorce with minor children, we are here to support you. Visit to learn more about our 1:1 virtual coaching services and schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a licensed Virginia attorney.

When you're in the middle of divorce, there may be some negative emotions between you and your spouse. You may treat co-parenting as a competition for who can "win" the kids' affection and be the "favorite" parent.

Instead, look at your current situation as a way to come together and offer the absolute best care for your children. Never try to pit your children against their other parent, and unless they are in danger, you should always respect the co-parenting arrangement you and your spouse have worked out.

Remember, when co-parenting is done right, it can provide children with two loving households and the support they need to flourish and grow.

Executor Challenges You May Face in a Virginia Probate Matter

So you've been named as a loved one's executor in their Will. You may feel honored that they trust you enough to carry out their final wishes. However, there are some challenges associated with this role that you may not be expecting.

Check out our latest blog to learn about four challenges you may face if you've been tasked with managing a loved one's estate. You can also contact My Legal Case Coach for 1:1 virtual coaching and guidance for your Virginia probate matter. An executor ensures that a deceased person’s last wishes are fulfilled. Here are four executor challenges you may face if you're serving in this role.

The costs of consulting with an attorney can add up, but getting the appropriate guidance can be absolutely critical for someone handling a DIY family law or probate matter. That's why My Legal Case Coach offers one free hour of virtual, 1:1 legal coaching with the purchase of any legal case form packet. Visit to see if one of our packets is right for you.

Naming a legal guardian for your minor child is usually as a precaution, in the unlikely event of your premature death or incapacity. However, in times like this, you may be concerned about the health and safety of your children in your home.

If you are an essential on-the-job worker and are worried about exposing your children to COVID-19, you may wish to consider signing a Designation of Standby Guardian agreement or filing a petition with the court, along with an agreed order to grant temporary guardianship of your children to a trusted family member or friend who is able to work from home to provide a safety-net for your children’s short-term or long-term care.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your circumstances and learn how My Legal Case Coach may be able to help:

For many women seeking a divorce, changing back to their maiden name is an important part of the process. Taking this step can help you reclaim your personal identity and symbolize the beginning of the next chapter in your life.

My Legal Case Coach offers all the legal forms you'll need to initiate a divorce-related name change. With your packet purchase, you'll also receive one free hour of 1:1 legal coaching with a licensed Virginia attorney to answer any questions you may have about your forms.

Just want to change your legal name? We can help with that, too. Visit to take our 30-second quiz and find the right packet for your needs.

DIY Legal No Longer Means Doing It Alone

My name is Patricia E. Tichenor, founder and principal attorney with My Legal Case Coach. I've spent most of my career working with Northern Virginia families on a variety of family law and estate planning matters, including divorce, settlement and prenuptial agreements, child custody and support matters, step-parent adoption, guardianship and conservatorship, probate and estate administration, and more. I earned my law degree from American University, Washington College of Law, where I graduated cm laude in 1996. After five years with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of the General Counsel, I opened my own law practice in Leesburg, Virginia in 2001. My primary focus was providing strong personal advocacy and compassionate legal advice to clients in various legal matters.

In my nearly two decades of practice, I met many individuals who simply did not have the financial means to hire an attorney to fully represent them in their civil court matter. I found it very difficult to turn away these individuals, and, at times, I would try to provide "advisory only services" to assist them in representing themselves. In 2018, I decided to take the forms and documents I developed over my many years of legal practice, along with my prior case coaching experience, and launch a first of its kind, online DIY legal case coaching platform: My Legal Case Coach (MLCC). Many people filing civil cases choose to represent themselves to save on attorney fees, but it can be confusing and intimidating to navigate the court system all on your own. The key to success for any DIY legal matter is having someone in your corner to hold your hand through the process; specifically, an experienced attorney who has been there, prepared the kinds of documents you might need to prepare, and understands what you will need to do to properly prepare your own case in a logical, step-by-step manner. Let's face it, handling your own legal case comes with extraordinary stress and anxiety. The key to your preparation is not just having the right packet of forms but, also, having the right mindset to get through what may be one of the most difficult times in your life. MLCC is here to help you keep proper mental focus by offering the kind of hands-on coaching you may genuinely need to get through the challenges of handling your own DIY legal case. With MLCC, you will get more than just a packet of forms. You will also receive one hour of complimentary coaching services with me or another experienced attorney with any packet purchased from MLCC. In addition, you will have the option to purchase reasonably priced blocks of additional pre-paid coaching time, should you have a legal case that you feel requires more hand-holding or customized assistance from us. Lastly, you will have access to complimentary webinars intended to provide further guidance and support.

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