ICE Collaborative Arts, Ashburn, VA Video July 19, 2019, 12:07am

Videos by ICE Collaborative Arts in Ashburn. Performing Arts Company for Youth and Educational Theatre in Ashburn, Virginia.

Here’s a sneak peak of “Oh The Thinks you can Think!” Come see all of these students’ hard work!! This song was only taught six days ago! They truly amaze me. Come join us on Saturday!!

Other ICE Collaborative Arts videos

Message us for the link to see the Premiere of "10 Ways to Survive Life in a Quarantine!" Written by Don Zolidis. These students worked so hard and are hilarious! If you want to laugh, join us!! Trailer edited by Jack Darnell

Have you ever had a role that was “small”? One line? No lines? And you felt wow, maybe this is it?! Maybe this is all that I can do? We’re here to show you the beauty of “small” or ensemble roles. Every Character is Important. Come share you stories, receive guidance on how to shift your mindset, find gratitude in every role. Join workshop teacher, Taylor Body, this Friday at 5pm for this awesome open discussion and tip session. Ages 11 and up! This video is a clip from our blooper reel of our next online show which premiere is this Saturday at 7 PM. How to Survive Life in a Quaratine

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! . ICEcollab’s: The Show Must Go Online! Premieres at 7pm!! . Send us a message for the zoom link! We can’t wait to share all of our students hard work!! The show is around 45 mins. We hope to see you there! 💚💙💜@bbbpress #theshowmustgoonline #beatbybeatpress #onlineshow

We are so lucky to have the amazing Tiffany Byrd Harrison teaching a Self-Taping workshop tomorrow. Tiffany is an amazing performer and creator. And did you know Ms. Emilie grew up right down the street from her! We rode the same bus and learned from the same incomparable theatre teacher growing up. I’m so glad to be able to have our students learn from her. If you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?!!!! We would love to have you!

Show premieres at 7pm on June 13th!!! Trailer edited by Emma Healy!! Get link access at Beat by Beat Press

Another huge step for our @princessperfect.parties friends! Keep on reaching new heights Princesses!! We are so happy for you!! 👑💕👯‍♀️🎉🎊

Important announcement about this summer and our upcoming opportunities. We’re in this together. Let’s forge a path together through this new territory.

For Wil’in out Wednesday Gabi teaches us a Tik Tok dance! No Tik Tok needed. Just send us your video and we will edit them together. Let’s have fun and dance together!!

Some special messages to Emilie Fletcher for her special day!!

Eli is excited for our online classes to start this week. ARE YOU?!! We have students in every age bracket, 4-18. We are sooo excited to start!!! #onlineclasses #eliknowswhatsup

Today we have monologues from Brigid Randolph, Arden DiManno, Cailor MacIntyre, Heather Stuart, and Elizabeth Salmon. Thank you all for sending videos in! Great work!!

A compilation of some of our students having fun (before the quarantine). We’d love to see your goofy videos of you performing or just having fun!

Gabi’s technique for getting into character.

Heathers technique: Where Are You Going?

Technique Tuesday: Emma edition!

Gabi’s interpretation is Harold Pinter’s The Lieutenants ‘S Wife

Alex’s take on a monologue from Ohio by Nick Zagone

Monologue Monday - Jackson’s rendition of Cruella de Vil’s monologue from 101 Dalmatians

Please have your kids join Mary Poppins for a free Instagram Live at @princessperfect.parties tomorrow (Tuesday 4/14) from 1-1:45 pm ET!! Hear a special message from Mary attached!

Having rehearsals on zoom is not the same. It’s challenging, it’s draining, and it’s not ideal. But we have the GREATEST group of resilient students. We meet once or twice a week, go over music, go over lines, and even learn blocking. But most importantly we connect. I look forward to these days every week. It brings a sense of normalcy to these abnormal times. I am impressed every day by these kids who email questions, send in vocal videos, sign on with smiles, who spend hours off screen practicing. I am so honored to have two AMAZING directors on this show. Directors who have never once said is it even worth it. Directors who keep adapting and creating challenging content for their actors. I’m one proud producer. I love this cast. I love this group. #wearewarriors #togetherwhileapart

Ms. Emilie’s Patio Time 1
Check out the first of our new online series: Backyard Theatre Time! What exercises do you want to see next?

We have been doing yoga each morning with @cosmickidsyoga each morning. This is a great way to use your imagination, stretch and use your body, and practice storytelling skills! I’m having fun doing these as an adult. They are fun for all! How are you staying active?

Come see Miss Nelson is Missing and our Performance Showcase: Saturday Jan 18th at 2pm and 7pm. These young students are seriously rocking this show! We hope to see you there! Tickets are available at the door and at:  Video cred to one of our student directors: Heather Stuart

Come on down and “Do the Twist” with the Addams Family! Oct 17-19 at Franklin Park Arts Center. . Http:// . #getyourtickets #addamsfamilyyoungatpart #icecoabaddamsfamily #educationaltheatre @trwmusicals #musicaltheatre

Check out some of our rehearsal clips! These students have created one of the best shows I have ever been a part of. It is so emotional, raw, and hilarious. I can’t get enough. Come see their hard work! Saturday 2pm and 7pm at Franklin Park Arts Center! Ticket link: Video editing credit to Gabi!!

Heathers Family!!! Thank you so much to Maddy for talking to our students today about mental health awareness. It’s important to us to understand that Heathers is a great, fun, and exciting show with dramatized events and emotions. But under the dramatization there is a root issue. We want to be sure that our students fully understand what’s going on in our show so we can treat it with respect. We had an amazing talk after the call with Maddy where we all shared how much the Heathers family means to us. I can’t wait to continue this journey with our new family. #heathersthemusical #mentalhealthawareness

First Heathers rehearsal with this amazing cast! Blown away by their talent! Make sure to come out and support this wonderful cast on August 17th! 💙❤️💛💚 #theatre #theatrelove #musical #singer #actor #actress #director #song #broadway #summershows #auditions #newyork #offbroadway #icecollab #heathers #heathersmusical #howvery #veronicasawyer #singing #theatrekid #acting #obtc

Here’s a sneak peak of “Oh The Thinks you can Think!” Come see all of these students’ hard work!! This song was only taught six days ago! They truly amaze me. Come join us on Saturday!!

Jojo is caught in a whirlwind of excitement as we get closer and closer to our show day!! Almost all of Act one have been blocked and choreographed! The students are rocking this! They’re already memorized without even being asked! #seussicaljricecollab #showonsaturday

Seussical Jr Rehearsal #2!! We’re so excited for this cast are you? Two songs and a read through. Lots to learn and more to do! Look for a ticket link later today. Follow our story for more info each day! #seussicaljr #seussicaljricecollab #icecollab

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