ICE Collaborative Arts, Ashburn, VA Video July 19, 2019, 12:07am

Videos by ICE Collaborative Arts in Ashburn. Performing Arts Company for Youth and Educational Theatre in Ashburn, Virginia.

Here’s a sneak peak of “Oh The Thinks you can Think!” Come see all of these students’ hard work!! This song was only taught six days ago! They truly amaze me. Come join us on Saturday!!

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Come on down and “Do the Twist” with the Addams Family! Oct 17-19 at Franklin Park Arts Center. . Http:// . #getyourtickets #addamsfamilyyoungatpart #icecoabaddamsfamily #educationaltheatre @trwmusicals #musicaltheatre

Check out some of our rehearsal clips! These students have created one of the best shows I have ever been a part of. It is so emotional, raw, and hilarious. I can’t get enough. Come see their hard work! Saturday 2pm and 7pm at Franklin Park Arts Center! Ticket link: Video editing credit to Gabi!!

Heathers Family!!! Thank you so much to Maddy for talking to our students today about mental health awareness. It’s important to us to understand that Heathers is a great, fun, and exciting show with dramatized events and emotions. But under the dramatization there is a root issue. We want to be sure that our students fully understand what’s going on in our show so we can treat it with respect. We had an amazing talk after the call with Maddy where we all shared how much the Heathers family means to us. I can’t wait to continue this journey with our new family. #heathersthemusical #mentalhealthawareness

First Heathers rehearsal with this amazing cast! Blown away by their talent! Make sure to come out and support this wonderful cast on August 17th! 💙❤️💛💚 #theatre #theatrelove #musical #singer #actor #actress #director #song #broadway #summershows #auditions #newyork #offbroadway #icecollab #heathers #heathersmusical #howvery #veronicasawyer #singing #theatrekid #acting #obtc

Here’s a sneak peak of “Oh The Thinks you can Think!” Come see all of these students’ hard work!! This song was only taught six days ago! They truly amaze me. Come join us on Saturday!!

Jojo is caught in a whirlwind of excitement as we get closer and closer to our show day!! Almost all of Act one have been blocked and choreographed! The students are rocking this! They’re already memorized without even being asked! #seussicaljricecollab #showonsaturday

Seussical Jr Rehearsal #2!! We’re so excited for this cast are you? Two songs and a read through. Lots to learn and more to do! Look for a ticket link later today. Follow our story for more info each day! #seussicaljr #seussicaljricecollab #icecollab

We are getting excited for Frozen Jr. next weekend - some sneak peak clips from our vocal run throughs today! Tickets on sale!

Now THAT’S what I call a ripple! Thanks @jack.darnell and Jackson for working with us yesterday!!

HUGE SHOUTOUT TO OUR GUEST CHOREOGRAPHERS! Riverside High students, Jack, Jackson, and Alex! You all are so wonderful to work with. So grateful to have you working with us💫⭐️🌟❄️☃️

Meet the cast part five: Gabi has had a blast playing Jenny and the Grandma in this production!! She is a freshman at Riverside High School and this is her 16th show but she loves to help out behind the scenes ! She is also in her school’s production of Mamma Mia! Gabi loves directing, acting and singing in her vocal group! She has won an NYA award for directing and a nomination for Airy in the Love Note! Come see her and her friends March 9! #meetthecast #theinternetisdistractohlookakitten #dressrehearsalday

Meet the Cast Part Four: Finn has has a great time playing Taylor and Mark in the this production! He is an 8th grader at eagle ridge middle school. He was taking a break from doing musicals for a while but is starting to get back into it. He likes drawing, skateboarding and computers. He also wants to remind you to sub to pewdiepie. Link to tickets: Show is this Saturday! 7pm with a performance showcase before the show! #theinternetisdistractohlookakitten #icecollab #internettheatre

Meet the cast Part 3: Beau is excited to be playing Google in this show! He is an 8th grader in middle school and has done 9 productions with ICE Collab. He likes directing, writing, and acting. He hopes you enjoy The Internet is Distract - Oh Look a Kitten! on March 9th. Tickets are now available at- #eduationaltheatre #performanceshowcase #theinternetisdistractohlookakitten

Today’s featured cast member of our show and performance showcase next weekend is Heather! Heather is thrilled to be playing Micah’s Mom, Cat/Catsby, and Fiona in our upcoming production! She is a freshman at Riverside high school and has done 11 shows! Heather enjoys dancing, acting, and writing. Come see her and her fellow cast mates in our production of The Internet is Distract-Oh Look a Kitten! March 9th at 7pm at Franklin Park Arts Center! #theinternetisdistractohlookakitten #performanceshowcase

Introducing Kirsten! She is playing Micah in our upcoming show The Internet is Distract- Oh Look a Kitten! She likes writing, drawing, and listening to music. She is ecstatic to share the show with you! March 9th 7pm #icecollab #performanceshowcase #oneact #theinternetisdistractohlookakitten

Some of our cast for The Internet is Distract—Oh Look A Kitten has officially become distracted. They started choreographing a dance during one of our breaks 😂 #thesecrazykids #theatrekids #theinternetisdistractohlookakitten

20 minutes into learning our first song. I’m utterly impressed! What a great group🤩#frozenjr #eduationaltheatre #frozenjricecollab #musicrehearsal #rehearsalday1

Please give a warm welcome to our Student Teacher for our Creative Threatre class! 👏👏👏Heather has been an amazing leader for our first few classes. We are so happy to have her on our team. #studentteacher #buildthatresume #creativetheatreclass #eduationaltheatre

Little Autumn is practicing “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” to get ready for Frozen JR. Who else is running through the soundtrack?? #frozenjr

One month ago yesterday, we shared with the world our first Senior Production- Nunsense. We miss this group immensely and had such a great time working on this musical. Check out some of our Dress Rehearsal photos taken by Hannah Keller Photography, LLC. #icecollab #nunsenseicecollab #nunsense #lookingback #missthisgroup #onemonthago

Building Light Cues! #Underthesea #littlemermaidjr

Peek a Boo- We SEA you!!! And we hope these coral will corral you into coming to our show! Jan 19 @ Franklin Park Arts Center 2pm and 7pm #littlemermaidjr

Congratulations to ALL of our sisters on a show well done! We are so proud of each and everyone one of you. Cast and crew! #prouddirector #nunsenseicecollab #curtaincall #theatrefamily

We are glowing with pride for our Nunsense girls. Both casts exceeded all expectations. And talk about a great turnout for both shows. Sending out a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support these talented students. Congratulations sisters!

Memorization tip #1- Keeping your hands and mind busy while rehearsing your lines can help you memorize more soundly! Practice your monologue while doing a remedial task like dish washing or puzzles. #activityexercise #meisnertechnique #privatelessons #icecollab

Autumn says “Woo, go play snow!” And what Autumn says goes! NO REHEARSAL TODAY! Go have fun and don’t forget to practice your lines!😊🤩😘❄️☃️

Sisters Hubert and Leo rocking the rhythm today. Great choreography from our Assistant Director Beau! Can’t wait to see the final product! #studentdirector #choreography #hamboning #nunsense #icecollab

Let the celebratory dance commence as we wrap up our midterm monologue performances! Great job everyone! #advancedacting2018 #icecollab #actingclasses #monolgues #peerreviews

What a great day! Thank you Sam for working with us, and creating this challenging, fast-paced, and fun dance! One song down, lots more to go. Love this show, love these students!

Our students were recognized on Sunday by the National Youth Arts for their stellar performances with Imagine, Create, Explore Collaborative Arts. They were honored to perform for the amazing arts community! Junior Artist of the Year: Madison Chase (Tallulah in Bugsy Malone, Jr. with Imagine Create Explore Collaborative Arts, Brittany in The Love Note with Imagine, Create, Explore Collaborative Arts and Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Riverhawk Productions) Outstanding Lead Performance (Junior Division): Elizabeth Salmon as Jessie in The Love Note (Imagine, Create, Explore Collaborative Arts) Outstanding Ensemble (Junior Division): The Love Note Madison Chase Gabriella David Beau Dolan Isaac Goldman Ilana Goldman Sarah Lehner Elizabeth Salmon Anna Salmon Kirsten Schaffer Madison Whitbeck Nominations: Outstanding Supporting Performance (Junior Division): Gabriella David as Airy in The Love Note Outstanding Supporting Performance (Junior Division): Alexander Footen as Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone, Jr. Outstanding Supporting Performance (Junior Division): Madison Whitbeck as Blousey Brown in Bugsy Malone, Jr.

Tomorrow is the day! Are you ready? 7pm COME SEE OUR SHOW FOR FREE!

Fall Class Info
Info on our Fall Classes. (recap of our live session yesterday) Classes start this week. It feels like Christmas!!

Want to learn how to make a papier-mâché prop tree?

Working hard getting ready for our first show next weekend- sneak peak at backdrop!

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