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Values Statement: Complete Professional Connections is committed to honest service with high integrity. We have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to help our clients create complete, professional business relationships with the right connections. Mission Statement: We strive to educate businesses and individuals on the power and importance of networking. We offer our expertise in management, marketing, business development, and relationship building to help expand the capabilities of our clients globally. Vision Statement: To support our clients in forming trusting, long-term relationships within their sphere of influence, and to give back globally by spreading positivity.

Mission: We strive to educate businesses and individuals on the power and importance of networking. We offer our expertise in management, marketing, business development, and relationship building to help expand the capabilities of our clients globally.

[04/19/19]   How do you honor people when you are networking?

Super excited to be a part of Manifest Bliss! Join us next Friday!

Too good not to share

[08/03/18]   83% of household decisions are made by women. If you sell residential products or services where should you go to meet women? Women’s Conferences.
Become a vendor and talk to the attendees....who are women and make most of the decisions in a household.

[06/22/18]   Focus. One of the three “F” words that will help you grow your business.
Focus on your target clients. Focus on getting face to face meetings with them.
Focus on building relationships!
If you have difficulty with any portion of Focusing call me to set up a one hour session. Together we can put together a strategy.

[06/03/18]   Family get-togethers are the perfect way to network. We often forget how many people our family members know. Talk to them about WHO you would like to meet.
Let me know the details.

The Inspired Women Podcast

This week's interview is with someone I admire greatly, Gale Paige of Complete Professional Connections. You will love hearing Gale's story and how you too can become a better you.

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[03/21/18]   Spring is the perfect time to plant seeds. What seeds are you planting to build new (or existing) relationships?

[05/25/17]   Off to visit a new networking group. I love meeting new people. Are you connecting this week? If yes, with whom?

[05/24/17]   Stuck inside because of the weather? Are you ready for a challenge? Write ten (10) notes to clients you haven't seen or spoken to in a while.
Let me know when you finish.

[05/23/17]   Working on a new Networking 101 event for a June speaking engagement. Thrilled when helping other business owners succeed. What's your superpower?

[03/31/17]   Let's do a drill: Pick a person to partner with and sit still facing each other. Now person #1 I need you to sit and have no response....person #2 I need you to close your eyes for 10 seconds and then open them. Person #2 please smile.

Let me know what happens.

May 5th. I'll be the opening speaker for the #MFM2017 conference. I am excited. Join us at Modern Femme Movement.

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Modern Femme™ Radio Why Women Need Community to Thrive: Ditch the Inner Critic

Did you miss Monday's radio show? You can catch it again right here: Let's face it. We're our own worst enemies! We constantly battle fierce inner critics who dish out an endless supply of misplaced insecurities, false assumptions and brutal judgements. We allow ourselves to believe these lies, unfairly labeling ourselves as unworthy, incapable and not good enough. H...

[02/09/17]   February is a time for love. Let's spread love. Give the gift of "feeling good" and compliment everyone you see today.
Let us know how it goes for you.

[02/07/17]   How do you break the ice with someone you are trying to meet at a business event?
a. walk up and introduce yourself?
b. give them a compliment?
c. ask someone to introduce you?
d. wait for them to notice you?

Let us know.

[02/02/17]   What steps are you taking to make a difference in your business?

What does your handshake tell me?
Everything. Have questions, reach out through our website

It is important to step out to achieve your dreams.

[01/28/17]   Save the Date: April 8th 2017. Phoenix University at Virginia Beach Town Center.
Our next workshop:
Build your business through successful Networking.

This four hour workshop will help you focus, develop/refresh your emotional intelligence and give you a strategy to hit your goals this year.

[01/25/17]   Wasting time and money going to events that aren't producing results? Set up a consult with our CEO, Gale Paige. She can help direct you to events that will be full of your ideal clients and start saving you time and money......doubt us? Check out the testimonials

[01/23/17]   What part of your body do you actually listen with?
I often ask this question when presenting about networking. People get confused and look at me like I am crazy. I often notice that people are not with the person they are "listening to". Their eyes are darting, they are looking at their phones or have that blank look in their eyes that tells me they just aren't "with the other person".
Start listening with your entire being. Be 100% with the person you are with. You will be surprised at what you will learn and retain when you are fully present with another human being.

[01/20/17]   When networking: when you ask a question exercise your silence power and WAIT for the answer before answering.

[01/18/17]   Silence:

[01/17/17]   The power of silence.
You must be comfortable with yourself to earn this power.
No need to add to a conversation. No need to respond when others are upset or confrontational. No need to respond...period.

What are you learning today?

[01/11/17]   We all have a great deal to share but how well do you listen? Do you listen to respond, listen until it's your turn? A very important part of networking (and life) is your ability to listen.
How are your listening skills?

The Love Project - Book Launch & Workshop Series

Saturday morning, February 11, 11am-2pm we get together again for brunch catered by Chefs Dedra and Debra, and experience "The Love Project" in depth with Shani leading the discussion and with guests Latrece Williams-McKnight, Tier-ra Henry of Royalty Styling and Famira Green of Famira Media Group.

Guests receive a copy of the book and will also experience our preferred vendors after the brunch.

Early Bird tickets are available now through Monday. VIP and general admission are also available via Tired of winning in life, but losing in love? You're not alone. In her debut book, The Love Project: 365 Ways to Love Yourself and Get the Love You Deserve Atlanta author and Hampton Alumni, Shani Godwin, offers readers a refreshing approach to finding true, intimate and enduring love by encouraging...

[12/29/16]   It is December 29th. Have you laid out your marketing plan for 2017? Start with the top ten people you would like to meet....and let us know who they are. Remember the more specific you are the more likely you are to meet them.

[08/27/16]   What is your network? That question came up with a new client today. After some gentle nudges we uncovered a very well connected, web of connections that can propel her career.
If you have questions about who is in your network call us today.

Donna Lyons Interviews Gale Paige CEO Of Complete Professional Connections

Listen in tomorrow!

Gale Paige, the CEO and Founder of Complete Professional Connections is known as the Queen of Networking, Gale's passion for making human connections that spark success and opportunity for both her clients and her community drives her commitment and personal goal to help one million women during her...

[05/05/16]   How are you connecting with others today?

Pixifi - Photography Studio Management Software

Awesome Blab with Tim Hussman of Pixifi. Check it out at Also, just in....Modern Femme Convention 2016 has a few vendor spots available. If you want to get in front of 300+ women get your table at [email protected] Ready to get organized? Pixifi is the ultimate studio management tool for professionals. Manage clients, events, online booking, appointment scheduling, workshops, payments, invoices, leads, packages and so much more.

First step in #networking is asking your sphere of influence to help you. Thank you to everyone that has LIKED our page! We appreciate you!

HOME - Complete Professional Connections

I was repeatedly asked today what "assisted networking" means. Simply put "outsourced business development" CPC will represent you and your organization at events. For more information please visit our website Complete Professional Connections is a client-centric company that provides extensive training in Networking and Business Development. Our focus is to help our clients create trusting, long-term relationships within their sphere of influence. Our team takes the time to teach each of our clients the…

Tuesday Tip: Remember it is not about you. At networking events do your best to acknowledge others.

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[04/06/16]   Wednesday tip: Reach out to your network and ask for help! Ask for introductions. It will help your business grow! It will also help you grow as an individual. Trust me, try it.

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Monday Motivation: Don't Give Up. Just because something isn't going as planned doesn't mean you give up. Sometimes the road to get where you want to go just changes...and that's okay.

[02/12/16]   Happy Valentine's Day weekend. What does Valentine's mean to you?

[02/04/16]   Thursday is a great day to do something new. What are you doing today that is new to you?

[01/28/16]   Exciting news for us here at CPC. We are updating our website, increasing our service offerings AND adding team members. Woo hoo It's a great year already.

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