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Manners classes and Tea Parties for children and youth.

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What a great story 🤗 Share it with your kids today😉 #HappyFriday

This beloved school janitor got the surprise of a lifetime when he arrived at work and saw 800 kids waiting to celebrate his 80th birthday with him ❤️️ https://cbsn.ws/2ZhXWXT


Predictions for the Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 Are Out–And They Might Surprise You

Who's having a baby this year? I have two friends that are expecting, one this Summer and the other one this Fall. Let's check what names are on 2019 list!

realsimple.com Top baby names tend to stay the same year after year, but not this time.

Have you signed up your 5-8 year old yet? This week receive 10% Off from entire registration. #Manners101 #Ashburn

Happy Sunday FB Fam! Tomorrow #KindnessRocks Paint Night is on. This is a FREE Event. Just come on out and lets paint together.
Anytime between: 6 - 8:30 PM
Where: Ridgetop Coffee in Sterling, VA
What I Supply: Everything Except the Rocks
What You should bring: Rocks to paint or share
See you mañana 😉

Hey FB Fam, Join Us COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTEand LEGALSHIELD at The Women of Loudoun County Annual Business Expo on April 27th at Play To Win Athletic Center - PAC with over 80 local businesses! This year there is a section for #LoudounSummerCampFair, among dozens of family-friendly businesses in a new kids area with fun activities for all ages 🤗
Enjoy some great networking, shopping, door prizes, mobile escape room, face painting, henna, massages, beauty demos, princesses and MUCH MORE.
Oh and the first 50 attendees will enjoy an AWESOME swag bag💗


Are you kidding me? If he can do I may be able to do this too 😉 How about you?

Attractive paintings by creative drawing

George Takei

Well if this doesn’t make you tear up a little I don’t know what will. What a bittersweet story with the most endearing outcome💗 #Family #Love #Adoption

A powerful story about a sister's love and a father's sacrifice.

Hello Parents, I thought you may want to learn about our #Teen #Tween & #Kids COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE Good Manners & Etiquette Classes for Ages 13-17, 9-12 and 5-8 are coming up to Ashburn, VA in July! Please RSVP early, small groups classes are forming now. A portion of these classes benefit Irene's PROM Closet. #ComeLearnWithUs #Loudoun #Manners #Etiquette Please share 👩‍💻Thanks!

We need to teach our children to be inclusive but most of all to respect everybody, starting with themselves. Parents, teachers, community, we should all come together and not allow this type of actions to happen. Where did #kindness and #civility go? That’s why we teach what we do, to make sure we preserve respect and kindness and spread it everywhere we go.

“You know that feeling when you walk up to somebody, and they don’t really give you eye contact, because they don’t want to talk to you? Well a few of the kids in school started treating me that way. Other people saw it happening and it spread so fast. Because everyone learned that it was the normal way to behave. And everyone wanted to be normal. It jumped from grade to grade until the whole school was avoiding me. I’d get cyber bullied. My phone would vibrate all night with mean messages. I had such a negative view of myself. I was self-harming. I felt so trapped in the moment. It was so hard for me to realize that eventually it was going to stop. Then one day I was out on the playground and the usual group of kids were picking on me. And an older boy walked over. He knew me from cycling. He had a bit of power because he was from a higher grade. He said: ‘Stop this now. Don’t you understand what you’re doing to her?’ The whole playground saw him do that. And after that things began to turn around. Because people learned that was the normal way to behave.”

(Special Olympics World Games, Abu Dhabi, UAE)

South China Morning Post

Well this is what I call coordinated dancing 🤗 What an amazing proncipal these kids have!

Bust a move – with your school principal. 🕺

#Spring and #Summer Manners and Etiquette classes are here! Ages: 9-13 - Locations: #Sterling and #Ashburn two different dates. Let us now if you have any questions. #ComeLearnWithUs

#Spring and #Summer Manners & Etiquette classes are here! Ages: 5-8 - Locations: #Sterling and #Ashburn two different dates. Let us now if you have any questions. #ComeLearnWithUs

A Mighty Girl

Moms and Dads, get your children inspired and motivated!! #GirlsRock

When NASA announced its newest class of astronaut candidates, it included five inspiring Mighty Women! NASA received a record-breaking number of applicants for the current astronaut class — over 18,000 in all. The astronaut candidates are in the midst of the two years of training required before they're ready to break Earth's atmosphere, but in the meantime, space-loving Mighty Girls have five new role models to look up to! In our blog post, we introduce you to these remarkably talented women. And, to inspire children who dream of their own careers in space, at the end of the post, we've showcased a variety of girl-empowering books and toys about shooting for the stars!

To read our blog post on these five incredible role models, visit https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=15516

To inspire kids of all ages with books starring girls and women who love science, check out our blog post, "Books to Inspire Science-Loving Mighty Girls," at https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=13914

And, for toys and kits to encourage your Mighty Girl's interest in science, visit our blog post, "Science Toys for Mighty Girls" at https://www.amightygirl.com/blog?p=10528

Développement personnel et confiance en soi

#HappyNewYear 🎆 Lets teach our littles the importance of 💕#Sharing!

Cette vidéo se comprend dans toutes les langues TROP BEAU ❤

The start of a new year seems like the perfect time to declutter and make room for new and better things!

It’s a start! 🤣

60 Second Docs Presents

I think we need more young men like this one not afraid of speaking up and sharing the importance of mental health.

10-year-old drops knowledge about life and loss.


Love to learn and know more about #Autism! #Inclusiveness is our motto 🤗

There's no such thing as "looking autistic." (via Iris)

We are starting the year with our Ages 5-8 and Preteen 9-12 Manners classes! Reserve your child's seat NOW and save. Details on the graphics. Feel free to PM us if you have any questions. Our classes are educational and fun and parents can join us at no extra charge (as long as they participate.)

Try Not To Cry

Good morning! Have a wonderful #Monday! Chevk this video that for certain will bring a smile to your face 🤗

I want to be as happy as this baby trying solid food for the first time! 😂 😍

[11/19/18]   Hi FB Fam, I’ll be Live at 8 pm tonight at the Girl Boss Networking of USA page! Don’t miss it. Tips on becoming a positive influencer & more!

UNILAD Fitness

This looks adorable, fun and hard but worth it to keep our littles engaged and healthy🤗

I dare you to try and attempt this 👀🔥


What a wonderful way to teach children positive ways to interact. I wish my pre-K teacher would have thought about this 😉

We could all learn something from this Pre-K class. (via Humankind Stories)

Humankind Stories

Is this wonderful or what?

They didn’t know if their son would be able to find a job, so they created a bakery and he was their first employee. That little bakery grew into a business that the entire community loves to support.

Miss Abilities Organization

This is a great video of this amazing organization! I had to share with you guys. #Enjoy #MissAbilities

Check out Miss Abilities Beauties, Volunteers and Board Members in our This Is Me Lip Sync video! So proud of these young ladies - They are truly putting the ABILITY into disability!
Visit missabilities.org for more information!

Credit: Sung by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman soundtrack produced by Atlantic Records and 20th Century’s FOX

Special Agent Bobbi = Special Needs Mom + Real Estate Agent

Awesome Halloween tips from Special Agent Bobbi = Special Needs Mom + Real Estate Agent 💙

🎃 Halloween is just around the corner, and if your kids are anything like mine, everyone is very excited.

But I have a couple of tips and "Halloween tricks" for you!

Regarding what you pass out at your door - believe me, I love me some chocolate, but there are kids out there allergies - some severe. 🍬 One of the things I always try to do is participate in the #tealpumpkinproject - you display a teal pumpkin (painted or purchased, doesn't matter) at your doorstep indicating that your home is #allergyfriendly.

Now you can absolutely still pass out candy, but what I like to do is have a second basket of goodies - things from the dollar tree that aren't edible, but are still Halloween themed - glow sticks, erasers, pencils ✏, sunglasses🕶️. Check out Party City or Dollar Tree for some great stuff!

🚪 Next up - ages. A few people think that 12 and over is too old to be going door to door, but think of it this way. A lot of special needs kids are over the age of 12, but it means a lot to them to participate in this tradition and go door to door. Consider that when an older child knocks on your door next week.

🤡 Lastly - "Trick or Treat" - it's awesome to hear when the little trick-or-treaters ring your doorbells, but some kids may not be people to say it. Non-verbal, lack of language skills - but if their heart's in it, they're smiling - go ahead and give them the candy.

That's it for this week's #TuesdayChallenge! What's everyone dressing as!? 👹

If you have been thinking about how to navigate a table at upcoming dinner for business or social events, this is a great opportunity to learn not only about dining skills and etiquette but communication at the table as well. Save the date for November 7th when we have a Dining Tutorial and Dinner on November 12th. Details are below. If you have a questions please call 703-825-4226, text 703-582-6654 or send us a PM. Thanks and have a great week!

Invest in yourself. #DineLikeADiplomat
Did you know that at least 50% of business and social events are conducted over food—coffee, lunch meetings, dinners, parties? Savvy dining skills play a major role in today’s business arena. Right before Thanksgiving and end of year holiday parties we bring you a dining tutorial to brush you up on your dining etiquette skills. Treat yourself to a wonderful Dining Tutorial and Celebration Dinner. First Dining Tutorial workshop will be held in Sterling, on Wed 11/7 and Dinner on Mon 11/12 at Cheesecake Factory DTC at 6:45-8:15 PM. Fee is $65 and the cost of your food+beverage+tip at the restaurant. RSVP Now at Paypal.me/BelindaCermola
For questions or comments please contact us at 703-825-4226 or text us at 703-582-6654. Thank you!


Precious siblings holding their little siblings or meeting them for the first time 🤗. We hope you enjoy 😉

When we first meet our new sibling, it's a moment of pure love 😍❤️ (via The Daily Heartbeat)

Kindness Rock Painting Night tomorrow Monday 10/1/2018 at Ridgetop Coffee in Sterling, VA from 6:30 until 9 PM (we start cleaning up at 8:45 PM.) Open to adults only. Please LMK if you can make it. *Bring rocks* I will bring everything else. Thanks 🙋🏻‍♀️

Teach your Littles not to comment on other people's physical characteristics unless, they are going to compliment them. Teach them that people come in all sizes, colors and heights and are these differences make us diverse and wonderful!
COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE #LoudounManners #MannerClassesForKids #KidsFirst #MannersAndKids

Remind your child that part of manners and civility is to ask for permission to do something they are not sure if you would approve of. It shows respect for you and also it is important to be safe. COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE #LoudounManners #MannersForKids #MannersClassesForKids #KidsFirst

Teach your child that if they need to get somebody's attention right away, the phrase "excuse me" is the most polite way for them to use and enter the conversation. But in the same token, if it is not urgent, they should wait until you are done. And now, let's cross our fingers they get the hang of it :)
COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE #MannersCount #LoudounManners #MannersClassesForKids

How young does your child need to be start learning manners? As soon as that baby starts handing you things, you always say "thank you," and when you ask for an item you always must add the word "please." They will model after you, trust me! COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE #MannersCount #StartThemYoung #BeARoleModel

Loudoun Manners


This video is beautiful 💕 This principle of inclusivity is important and it seems that we sometimes forget. Let love be our guide. Yes, love for our neighbor and embrace them.

This mom wrote a letter to the New York City Ballet on behalf of her disabled child. It resulted in the most beautiful program. ❤️


Good morning, you know we love good stories and especially if they involve children. Sooo happy to share this one with you. Everybody deserves some fun and even creativity when our conditions are different. This is oir #FeelGood video of today. Have a wonderful weekend. 🤗

Kellan Tilton is a 6-year-old paraplegic cancer survivor. But that doesn't stop him from following his passion: rock climbing. (via Fatherly)


This 👇🏼 is too cute and funny? Have you ever tried something like this?

This is why I don't let my family pick me up from the bus anymore

Scary Mommy Time Out

Something to brighten your day!

If these babies don't brighten your day, we don't know what will. #tbt

Inside Loudoun

Good morning 🙋🏻‍♀️ If you are a #LoudounCounty resident you need to check this👇🏼 out. What a wonderful school and facility. #LCPS #TradesRock

The brand new Academies of Loudoun High School in Leesburg is unlike anything we have seen!! We were BLOWN AWAY by the facilities. The public high school will be opening its doors next week but we got a sneak peak thanks to Loudoun County Public Schools, Read more: http://bit.ly/aoloudoun

Thanks to our contributor Beth Barts.

Attention Parents, our Fall Classes are back👇🏼 RSVP Now!
#MannersClasses #EtiqueteClasses #Manners #Etiquette #DiningManners #DiningSkills #WhichIsForkIsMine #Kids #Youth #Adults #CommonGroundEtiquette

Hi Parents🤚 Do you have a child that loves to perform? Check what Studio Bleu Dance Center has in store for them👇🏼

Audition Alert! Bleu is honored to host A CHRISTMAS STORY, THE MUSICAL!

Looking for Boys and Girls ages 9 -14 years old.

Sunday, August 19, 2018
11:00 AM Sign Up
Auditions will be at Noon. Be warmed up and ready to dance.

Bring Tap Shoes and Jazz Shoes/Sneakers
Bring Audition Song or Learn SOMEWHERE HOVERING OVER INDIANA, email [email protected] for music. If right for RALPHIE, I can send RED RYDER BB GUN as well.

Callback Dates: August 25 and 26 in NYC
Rehearsal Date: October 3, 2018
Opening Date: November 19, 2018
Closing Date: December 23, 2018
Rate: Principal Kids: (Ralphie and Randy) $600 week Salary.
Ensemble Kids - $400 a week salary.
All Kids - $280 week per diem
Location: New York rehearsals, tours around US
Note: We can see older than 14 as long as the heights are under 5 feet, but we cannot hire anyone under 9 years old.

[RALPHIE]Principal. Caucasian. Age: 9-12 to play 9-10. MALE. Under 5 feet tall. A regular boy. Appealing but not necessarily a handsome boy. Can have some extra weight on him. Strong presence, honest actor. Not “show-bizzy.” Experienced on stage and a great strong singing voice, high belter voice must be UNCHANGED. Must be a clear singer with a great range. Range is low f# to high D. Huge lead role. Will be casting 2 boys to play Ralphie.[RANDY]Principal. 9-10 to play about 7-8. Must be smaller than RALPH. MALE. CUTE and FUNNY little boy. FUNNY in the sense that he is awkward and off-beat. Must be physically comfortable onstage and have a lot of strong concentration….but, like Ralphie, not show-bizzy. Vocally, voice is unchanged and height belter low F# to high C#.[FLICK/ENSEMBLE]9 to 12, MALE he will sing a song with his tongue “stuck” to a flag pole. Must be funny and natural. Strong singer. VOICE: Belter (unchanged voice) low B to high C#. Must be able to tap. Must be 4’11” or shorter.[SCHWARTZ/ENSEMBLE]9 to 12. MALE VOICE: Belter (unchanged voice) low B to high C#. Must be able to tap. Must be 4’11” or shorter.[DILL/ENSEMBLE]9-12. MALE Farcus’s sidekick. He is smaller kid. VOICE: Belter (unchanged voice) low B to high C#. Must be able to tap. Must be 4’9” or shorter.[FEMALE CHILDREN ENSEMBLE]FEMALE, All ethnicities. 9-12. Children’s chorus. Must be high belters. Sings from a low B to high D#. Must be a strong/engaging performers. Must be able to tap. Must be 4'11" or shorter.[TAP DANCE SPECIALTY/ENSEMBLE]9-12, MALE. Should be 4'9" or shorter (would love very small) EXCELLENT TAP DANCER. Singing a plus.

TOUR INFO: achristmasstoryontour.com

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