Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Ashburn, VA Video June 2, 2019, 11:26am

Videos by Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Ashburn. Download our Tropical Reward App from ITunes & Google. We offer fresh fruit & veggie smoothies & amazing food. B, L, D - ALL day EVERY day - AND we cater!

Watermelon Mojito!

It’s getting closer. And closer. And closer! That’s right, the Watermelon Mojito is on its way back. Your fresh watermelon fix returns on June 5th. #SmoothieLove #DMV

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What's for Lunch?
It's a fan favorite for a reason! Don't eat meat? You can substitute chicken with our PlantFare plant-based protein. Chipotle Chicken Club - it's #whatsforlunch! #EatBetterFeelBetter #DMV #TheCafePost

Grilled Cheese
The weather outside is frightful, but the cheese is SO delightful! Grab a melty and delicious Grilled Cheese to warm up your winter!

Smoothie Lovers Unite!
For World Emoji Day, let's fix a great oversight. Join us in demanding a smoothie emoji now! Smoothie lovers unite! #WorldEmojiDay #DMV

Happy Birthday USA!
Happy Birthday USA! We put together a spectacular (and delicious) show in your honor! #DMV

National Flip Flop Day
It's the free-smoothies day of the year: National Flip Flop Day! Wear your faves from 2-7pm today to get a free 16oz Sunshine Smoothie! Donations gladly accepted for #CampSunshine. Learn more at

Ready to flip out? We have a free smoothie for you! Wear flip flops Friday, June 14, 2-7 pm for a free 16 oz Sunshine Smoothie. #CampSunshine #DMV

It's Back!
Oh, hey. It’s me. Watermelon Mojito Smoothie. I’m back for the summer.. Let’s chill.

Watermelon Mojito!
It’s getting closer. And closer. And closer! That’s right, the Watermelon Mojito is on its way back. Your fresh watermelon fix returns on June 5th. #SmoothieLove #DMV

This one should be easy! No matter how you pronounce it, this one is delicious. And it's one of our Fan Faves! Who can solve this emoji math? Acai+🍓+🚀= _____! #DMV

Go Nuts!
Our NEW Mango Turmeric and Strawberry Granola Almond Milk Smoothies are made fresh right in front of you. So go nuts, in the best possible way. #SmoothieLove

Good Greens
Being green with envy is a complete waste of energy. Filling up on good greens is an energy builder! And it tastes great! Get your greens with us! #EatBetterFeelBetter

Flavors that Feel Good
In honor of #FlatbreadFriday, we give you flavors that make you feel good! #WhatsforLunch #SoGood

Order Ahead. Skip the Line!
Our Tropical Reward App does more than reward you. Order ahead and skip the line! #WinWin

A Few of Our Favorite Things!
The best days include your favorite things. Here's to #summer! #EatBetterFeelBetter #NotJustSmoothies #SundayFunday

Tropical Smoothie Caters
With the gang all together for the #WorldCup Championship on Sunday, call in the #SmoothieSquad! Fresh food and amazing smoothies for the win! #FreshTastesBetter #TSCCaters #SundayFunday

Pressed Cuban
You could have a ham and cheese sandwich or you could have our Pressed Cuban Sandwich. "Born in Cuba and educated in Key West" this is #whatsforlunch! #NotJustSmoothies #Pressed #TropicalSmoothie

Happy 4th of July
Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the day with friends and family. Need something for the party? We're here for you! #4thofJuly2018 #EatBetterFeelBetter

Hello Summer!
It's the First day of summer AND #NationalSmoothieDay! Celebrate with a Watermelon Mojito today! #SipUpSummer #TasteofSummer #SummerSolstice #TropicalSmoothie

National Flip Flop Day
Today is the day (6/15/18)! FREE 16oz Sunshine Smoothie from 2-7pm. Wear your Flip Flops - and thank you for supporting #CampSunshine! #NationalFlipFlopDay #SmoothieLove

Watermelon + Strawberries + Lime + Mint = Watermelon Mojito #TasteofSummer

So Happy Together
Our Smoothies and Flatbreads are meant to be together. What’s your perfect pair? #EatBetter#FeelBetter #DestinationFlavor #SoHappyTogether

Cali Chicken Club Flatbread
It's early, but we're thinking lunch! See you in a few hours! #whatsforlunch #notjustsmoothies #destinationflavor

Crazy for Cactus
We are #CrazyForCactus! Try our NEW POP UP Smoothie, Citrus Cactus. Fresh cactus, orange, apple, mango, pineapple & freshly squeezed lime juice. Available at participating cafes for a limited time! #SmoothieLove

Smoothie Love in Action!
It's amazing what people will do for a smoothie. Please forgive the lower resolution, but you'll get the gist! #EatBetterFeelBetter #SmoothieLove

Power in the Palm of Your Hand
The power to tackle hanger or transport to a tropical oasis in the palm of your hand! Get any Flatbread with side for $5 through March 31, 2018! #EatBetterFeelbetter #NotJustSmoothies #OrderNow

Hummus Veggie Bowl
Our Hummus Veggie Wrap or Bowl is full of good stuff and it's not just for vegetarians! #WhatsforLunch #NotJustSmoothies #TheGoodStuff #Vegetarian #EatBetterFeelBetter

Fuel to Keep You Moving
Fuel to keep you moving! #SmoothieLove #EatBetterFeelBetter

Clean Your Room
Your body is the keeper of all things. Tell your body to clean it's room. #DetoxIslandGreen #SmoothieLove #EatbetterFeelBetter

Hummus Veggie Bowl
What's your favorite reason to like Hummus? #EatBetterFeelBetter #thegoodstuff #notjustsmoothies

Feel Good Food
What goes in makes a difference to what you can put out! #EatBetterFeelBetter #FeelGoodFood

Today's the last day to support NBC4 Washington's #Food4Families at local Tropical Smoothie Cafes. Get your favorite smoothie for just $.99 when you donate 2 nonperishable food items and purchase a sandwich, wrap or flatbread! #tsc4good #notjustsmoothies

What's For Lunch!
Food that makes you feel good with flavors you love to eat. #EatBetterFeelBetter #WhatsforLunch

Tropical Smoothie Cafe & NBC4 Food4Families
Now through Nov. 19, 2017 we're collecting Food4Families with NBC4. Bring in 2 nonperishable food items to your local participating Tropical Smoothie Cafe and get any smoothie for just $.99 with the purchase of any sandwich, wrap or flatbread!!

Hail to the Kale
All hail to the kale! So many choices. Which is your favorite? Order ahead and avoid the line #SmoothieLove

Fans Favorite - the Chipotle Chicken Club
There's a reason that our Chipotle Chicken Club is our fans favorite! The good stuff is in there! #Whatsforlunch #NotJustSmoothies #eatbetterfeelbetter

20 Years of Tropitude
We've been serving up #Tropitude, fresh ingredients and big, bold flavors for 20 years! What an incredible privilege. Thank you to all of our fans! #freshtastesbetter #eatbetterfeelbetter

Detox Island Green
The 24 oz. Detox Island Green has 180 calories. Seriously! #SmoothieLove

Fresh Looks and Tastes Better!
Fresh not only tastes better, it just looks better too! #What's for lunch! #wrapandbowl

This or That
Do you like your cocktail mixed with watermelon, mint and strawberry in our Watermelon Mojito - or is it avocado, pineapple and lime from the Avocolada? #SmoothieLove

Watermelon Mojito is HERE!
Our Watermelon Mojito Smoothie is here! Quench this summer heat with fresh watermelon perfectly blended with sweet strawberries, lime and mint! Download our app to order & go!

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