Flags of Valor

Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated, Combat Veteran Made.

Every flag begins its journey as raw wood specifically sourced from southern pine forests. Our artists hand select each plank for its grain, knots, and natural characteristics, then assemble into a blank canvas. Once the reverse is stained, they transition to the fine detail work of painting the 13 stripes, laying out the blue union, and delicately filling the field of stars. Each flag then goes through a lengthy antiquing process to highlight the intricacies of the wood until it is finally finished with polyurethane to protect it for many years to come. We are privileged to work with America's best. Our artists aren't just veterans, they are all combat veterans...many service disabled. Producing this beautiful product is more than a job. For some, it has even become a purpose and a therapeutic transition.

Mission: Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated, Combat Veteran Made...

Veterans Day AND every day, we honor the men and women who defend us... past, present and future. On behalf of our team of veterans, THANK YOU. If you haven’t worn our nation’s uniform; we ask you to take time this Veterans Day to learn a veteran’s story. If you are a veteran, take this opportunity to share your journey. The veteran experience is foundational to our shared American ethos. Thank you!

HOUSTON, TX - Hayden (9) and her brother Ethan (6), spent some time with the local fire department on Saturday. The North Houston fire station — in an effort to engage local youth — put on a special event just for kids. We love to see communities getting involved with First Responders. We also love the shirts kids... keep up the great work! #thinredline #firstresponders #firefighters #houston

It's RED Friday! RED is an acronym that stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. R.E.D. Friday was created to remind people of our heroes overseas and show that we are thinking of them. People across the country wear red every Friday to serve as a reminder and spread the message of how important it is that we keep our troops in our thoughts. #redfriday #veterans #marines #army #navy #coastguard #airforce #reserves #nationalguard #military #America

Ashburn, VA - Isky found at least five deadly IEDs and 10 weapon caches as an explosive-detection dog deployed in July 2013. Isky spent a year protecting U.S. political leaders, including President Barack Obama. He saved countless lives overseas and earned the first-ever K-9 Medal of Courage. Isky is enjoying the sun and chasing squirrels in our home state of Virginia. Much respect! #workingdogs #K-9 #military #courage

National Day of the Deployed honors all of the brave men and woman who have been deployed, are sacrificing, or have sacrificed their lives to defend our country. Help us recognize the selfless men and women of the United States Military today. #DayOfTheDeployed #RED

Meet "Uncle Joe" AKA Super Man... one of our favorite teammates who served from the Vietnam War through the Gulf War. Yes, he outworks some of the guys half his age.

Inside the workshop... getting these beauties ready for their new home. The team did incredible bringing them to life.

Today, the United States NAVY turns 244 years old. Please help us recognize the brave sailors from the mightiest armada in the world. Happy Birthday shipmates!

TOMBALL, TEXAS - On 27SEP19, Tomball Fire Station 1 celebrated a new member in their family… Ladder 4. A beautiful engine that will aid these amazing firefighters in their ongoing mission. Flags of Valor was able to attend that morning and deliver one of our flags in honor of the occasion. The smiles were many and the mad scramble took place shortly after a call came over the radio. Be safe and God bless!

“Working at an organization that hires so many veterans makes me feel proud and honored to have walked in the same boots as my brothers here at FOV. This is not just a job, this is family and every day we have each others’ back and do something bigger than ourselves” - Dylan - Craftsman

Proud to partner with the @theUSO and excited about the many great things we get to do for our nation's heroes! Fantastic meeting at your headquarters and can't wait to get started on next steps. Thank you for always remembering our men and women in uniform, both at home and overseas!

On 24SEP19 — Houston Firehouse, District 6, received a custom Thin Red Line Flag from a longtime customer of Flags of Valor. Unbeknownst to the Firefighters of District 6, they were presented the flag in a small ceremony, orchestrated by Mr. Bill Fife. Mr. Fife has been an avid supporter of the Houston Fire and Police Department(s) for many years. His first hand experience with their professionalism and heroics propelled him to give back as often and as much as he can. Flags of Valor would like to recognize Bill for his tireless effort to honor our First Responders. Salute!

29SEP19 — Is not just another day before we transition into the fall months. It is a day for reflection, remembrance, and testaments to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day (aka: National Gold Star Mother’s Day) is observed on the last Sunday in September. This day was established during World War I. It was created in an effort to recognize and honor mothers and families of fallen military service members.

Remember those who came before us, those who are deployed now, and those brave souls who will deploy tomorrow. Remember and honor their memory with us today. At Flags of Valor everyday is an opportunity to give back to those who have given so much, please join us in that endeavor.

What an incredible honor to present an Australian flag to Prime Minister Morrison Scott Morrison (ScoMo) and Chief of Defense Force General Angus Campbell Defence Australia during the Australian State Visit to the United States. We had the privilege of discussing veteran hiring initiatives and veteran entrepreneurship with Bunker Labs PenFed Foundation. Thank you Australia for serving alongside our veterans overseas and for a century of "mateship!"

Thank you, Brigadier General Roger Suro, for your decades of selfless service to our Nation. Thank you, as well, for the honor of including our company, our mission, and our work in this ceremony. We can't think of many things cooler than having our work on permanent display in the "heritage room" of the 303 Fighter Squadron/442 Fighter Wing.

Our Why, Flags of Valor - PenFed Digital Stories

A deeper look at the mission and the people at Flags of Valor.

Thank you Washington Business Journal for honoring us with the "Veterans in Business" award. We are thrilled to receive this on behalf of our entire team and appreciate you taking the time to highlight the many veteran companies succeeding in business. Master Sergeant Cedric King your remarks at the breakfast were inspiring!

Purple Hearts Reunited INC.

We've been fortunate to support a wide range of non-profit organizations the past few years. One of the most unique, and truly impactful, is Purple Hearts Reunited INC.

Purple Hearts Reunited INC. is in the midst of a 24-hour fundraising campaign. Please take a few minutes to learn about their mission and considering supporting their work with a small donation.

Our Return Valor Campaign starts NOW! Thanks to our Veteran owned business partners at Flags of Valor and Sword & Plough you have an extra incentive to give! Donate $10 or more over the next 24 hours and receive a
one time 10% discount code from Flags of Valor and 15% from Sword & Plough. The codes will be emailed to you by our team so please be sure to include your email address when donating. Thank you for your support! www.charidy.com/returnvalor


The American Flag: Our Nation’s Family Crest

The American Flag: Our Nation’s Family Crest https://hubs.ly/H0kC9rw0

flagsofvalor.com These are our stars and stripes, the 50 stars and the 13 stripes that are recognizable across the world by billions of souls. A symbol of not only freedom, but justice as well as equality for all. It is a piece of art and history that has changed millions of lives and shaped the fate of countless na...

Incredible honor and experience to take a behind the scenes look at the United States Capitol with the team from Congressman Dan Crenshaw. This Texas Flag is going to look great in your office! Veterans continuing to serve together!

Tribute Lights.

Thanks to the security guard for letting us breach your perimeter.

On this day, we remember. We remember where we were. We remember how we felt. We remember those we lost. As the years pass, we must also recognize those still with us, whose lives were forever changed on this day 18 years ago. Many were called to serve, many were eager to fight, many never came home. On this day, with their sacrifice so inextricably linked to the events of this solemn day, we remember them. We remember the heroism and selflessness of those who fearlessly ran to the horror, confronting evil head-on, focused only on their duty.

It is our responsibility to remember.

It is also our duty to do more. To share, with our children, our memories of this day. To pass on the countless stories of courage, bravery, and valor to a generation learning about September 11, 2001 in text books. This simple act helps honor those lost. This simple thing ensures their sacrifice is not forgotten.

Never Forget? How could we?

As we approach the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, a date that deeply impacted so many of our lives, a date that led so many to fight for our nation's banner of freedom and values, please remember the thousands who lost the most and the thousands who rushed to the aid of others. We cherish our first responders, veterans, and law enforcement!

Read more, written from our guest, Melissa Beigh:

We saw this emotional piece of American history at the National Museum of the Pacific War. We are grateful for this generation of heroes, their love of country, and their devotion to our nation's crest!
"Paul Spain, Joe Victoria and Eddie Lindros were ordered to burn the American flag that was flying over an air base at Del Monte on Mindanao in 1941 to prevent its capture by the Japanese. Before the flag was destroyed they decided to remove the 48 starts and hide them. For the next 42 months the 3 men were moved to several different prisoner of war camps and eventually taken to Japan on a "hell ship." During this time they concealed the stars in their clothes, barracks and a steel factory. In the days before their liberation they sewed together a new flag using a rusty nail for a needle, an old sewing machine, parachute material and the stars they had saved. The new flag was flying over the camp when the American troops arrived on 7 September 1945."


Grateful to PenFed and PenFed Foundation for their continued partnership and shared values! So proud to be featured by PenFed Digital and a joy to spend the day together producing this short film. Happy Labor Day America!

Flags of Valor is dedicated to empowering and employing veterans. Based in Winchester, Virginia, this veteran owned and operated company is proud to create beautiful handcrafted wooden flags that are made in the USA!

Starting Monday, September 9th, PenFed will be giving away one of these veteran-made flags every week until Veterans Day. Watch this page every Monday to learn how you can win.

Our supporters are an important part of why we do this everyday.

"In 2015, my dad was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, with full military honors. This year, one of the horses from his funeral procession was put up for adoption by the Caisson Platoon. After a long application process, a flight to Fort Myer, a site inspection by The Old Guard, and a lot of waiting and praying, we were awarded one of the lead horses in my dad's procession. We are beyond honored and thrilled. As a thank you to Lieutenant Colonel Kehoe and the Caisson Platoon board, I am hoping to do an American flag. We toured the barn and I'd love to see it displayed there someday. Looking for something super classy; these soldiers gave my dad a hell of a send off. Perfection. Sincerely, Jolie Larsen B."

Thank you, Jolie, for trusting us to create a piece to permanently remember your Father's life and service.

Rest in Peace, sir.


Join, or Die Flag

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Join, or Die Flag on our online store. We've had a lot of interest in this historic flag from our supporters. We love the history of the original graphic and its deep roots in the American Revolution.

flagsofvalor.com Originally a political cartoon by founding father Benjamin Franklin in 1754, the "Join, or Die" image became a symbol of the dangers of disunity to the early American colonists. Each wooden Join or Die flag is meticulously crafted by hand by our team of combat veteran craftsmen.


Veteran Leaders in Business - A National Necessity

We had the privilege of speaking at the BRAVO conference today hosted by U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Hiring Our Heroes , and @capitalone. Photos to follow. This Blog posted today captures some of the content. We need more Vets in Business. We need more companies dedicated to growing them into influential positions. We need more veteran representation in elected offices. It must be a shared commitment.

flagsofvalor.com America continues to be free and prosperous because veterans have taken disproportionate risk to defend the nation. Continued prosperity and freedom can only be assured by having a military that can protect the nation here and abroad, yet over time veterans who have taken the risk on society’s beh...

Help Eric get 13 Feet of American Freedom in our nation's Capitol! Share this with your elected officials! #FOVinCapitol #GiantFlag

That’s a big flag! 13 vertical feet of pure patriotism!! In the Northern VA area? Please stop by and check it out in person. Need one for your home or office? Hit us up!



Portraits of Valor Nomination

We want to hear YOUR story. Nominate yourself or someone else to be featured on our Portraits of Valor collection. By sharing a story with us, we are able to continue to highlight our heroes.

page.flagsofvalor.com Nominate your hero for Portraits of Valor. Courage in action and lives of service; military veterans, law enforcement, first responders, public servants, federal agents. Portraits of Valor features heroes from all walks of life to memorialize sacrifice and heroism for others.

Military Makeover

Thanks Military Makeover for giving us the opportunity to honor Cody Willett and his family!

Flags of Valor is a veteran owned and operated company that was founded on three simple truths:

🇺🇸 Combat veterans deserve opportunity.
🇺🇸 Made in America matters.
🇺🇸 We should never stop giving back.

Flags of Valor teamed up with Under Armour Freedom to present United States Air Force veteran Cody Willett with a beautiful piece of American art as a token of appreciation for his service.

Stay tuned as we are preparing to hang the largest flag we've ever created. It will proudly stand 13 feet tall in memory of the 13 original states that fought so bravely for our nation's independence. This is just the frame! Fingers crossed we have it safely up next week.

Our team of veterans proudly handcraft your flag in Virginia. We are proud to be Made in America.

Making Flags of Valor come to life would not have been possible without your support. We are a proud small business crafting wooden American flags, handmade by our heroes, right here in American.

Team red, white and blue forever and always.

Proud to call this great nation our home as we continue to celebrate America's birthday.

America is another name for opportunity.

Home of the free because of the brave

Happy Birthday, America!

We are proud to create beautiful Betsy Ross Flags with our American Veteran hands. We love our country with all its triumphs and tragedies...its scars...its warts...and its beauty. The hardships and bruises of the past, make us what we are today. We value our shared history, its many lessons learned, and the hope for an even brighter future.

1 Day Until America's Birthday! #IndependenceDay2019

As we approach Independence Day, remember the service of over 40,000,000 American Veterans that have fought to preserve our nation's freedom.

3 Days Until America's Birthday. How are you celebrating our Nation's 243rd birthday?

Find out the 3 Best Practices to for choosing the Right Charity to support veterans. Read our latest blog post to learn more. https://www.flagsofvalor.com/blogs/news/supporting-our-veterans-through-charity

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Our Why, Flags of Valor - PenFed Digital Stories
This Memorial Day Weekend we are a part of the effort to Stop Soldier Suicide. 15% of all sales this weekend will be donated to Stop Soldier Suicide. Please watch and share this video as we honor those who have serve
Veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers. We are proud to announce our partnership with Stop Soldier Suicide as we are committed to supporting their military suicide prevention efforts. Watch the p
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