HSU (High School United), Ashburn, VA Video August 30, 2018, 1:23am

Videos by HSU (High School United) in Ashburn. One Family One Mission One Focus

Snapple on the Hill

Other HSU (High School United) videos

Charades was the game of the evening. Can you guess correctly?

Just a sampling of the epic Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney happening at U-Nite!

A spontaneous tribute to a classic has broken out at Sunday Night at the Bales tonight 😂

Worship Team warm-ups in HSU!

New version of Cotton Eye Joe!😄

Backwards three-legged race! The Finals!

Backwards three-legged race! Round #2

Introducing....Unita! #visioncasting

If you had a soundtrack to your life...

Snapple on the Hill

Their continued efforts to stay in sync!

"Who knew rocks could be so fun?!"

U-Nite food challenge - Gummy Worm Rescue!

Final race for group 2!

Final race for group 1!

U-Nite food challenge!

U-Nite food challenge!

U-Nite food challenge!

U-Nite shenanigans...not even going to offer an explanation!

Food challenge at U-Nite last night!😂

Just a little glimpse of Winter Camp 2018!

Last week at U-Nite...the clear winner of Milk Box Races: Hunter!

Your love never fails!

Unexpected series, advent devotions and HSU Progressive Christmas Dinner sign ups this weekend at HSU!

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