HSU (High School United), Ashburn, VA Video August 16, 2018, 1:46am

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U-Nite food challenge - Gummy Worm Rescue!

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Charades was the game of the evening. Can you guess correctly?

Just a sampling of the epic Rock, Paper, Scissors tourney happening at U-Nite!

A spontaneous tribute to a classic has broken out at Sunday Night at the Bales tonight 😂

Worship Team warm-ups in HSU!

New version of Cotton Eye Joe!😄

Backwards three-legged race! The Finals!

Backwards three-legged race! Round #2

Introducing....Unita! #visioncasting

If you had a soundtrack to your life...

Snapple on the Hill

Their continued efforts to stay in sync!

"Who knew rocks could be so fun?!"

U-Nite food challenge - Gummy Worm Rescue!

Final race for group 2!

Final race for group 1!

U-Nite food challenge!

U-Nite food challenge!

U-Nite food challenge!

U-Nite shenanigans...not even going to offer an explanation!

Food challenge at U-Nite last night!😂

Just a little glimpse of Winter Camp 2018!

Last week at U-Nite...the clear winner of Milk Box Races: Hunter!

Your love never fails!

Unexpected series, advent devotions and HSU Progressive Christmas Dinner sign ups this weekend at HSU!

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