Fitness Image Results, Ashburn, VA Video May 31, 2019, 11:59pm

Videos by Fitness Image Results in Ashburn.

I have to brag on our newest bootcamp out in Brambleton, Loudoun Valley. This is a super scrappy group.

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Welcoming back Ms. Nancy from knee surgery at the 9:30 Bram boomers class. Lots of legs and cardio today!

Fitness Flash! Client of the Month!!

I have to brag on our newest bootcamp out in Brambleton, Loudoun Valley. This is a super scrappy group.

8:00 am working hard!!!!

Fitness Flash! Dead Bugs!!

Fitness Flash! The bicycle - excellent core exercise

Purcellville 640pm BOOT CAMP Dynamic Duo!

Fitness Flash! Single leg deadlift - great for glutes, hamstrings, posterior core and balance

9:30 boomers. Celebrating 2 birthday girls for Mary’s 68!! And Stacy’s 50!!

8:00 worked hard today!! Cardio/core.

Long Run Day At 530am Bram Boot Camp!

Fitness Flash! Plank toe taps

May Client Spotlight! Ann Marie 3 year Boot Camp Senoir Class Program.

Lovettsville 6:30PM team - hip hinges - switching at the top

Fitness Flash! Planks with an upper body and aerobic component! Plank shoulder taps and plank up-downs

Charlotte's New Exercise for kids (Adults can try too). Challenge yourself to do 10 reps! Coach Charlotte


Fitness Flash! A more challenging plank

Fitness Flash!! Pushups - part two!!

9:30 Boomer class. Circuit training.. deadlifts, lateral raises, biceps, light jog to chair push ups. Have to be creative on a rainy day!

Ricardo Aviles- April Client Spotlight 2 Year Client to FIR Coach.

Fitness Flash! Full body workout on a park bench!!

Purcellville 8:15AM team. Tic Tac Toe!!!

Another great workout working with the exercise dice!

Louden Valley rocking the bootcamp on Tuesday’s!

Fitness Flash! Romanian split squats!!

Purcellville 6:30PM team - second time jumping rope EVER! Doing amazing!!

Purcellville 6:30PM team - jump ropes!!

Purcellville 6:30PM team - some of us like to jump rope backwards!!

Purcellville 6:30PM team - jump ropes tonight!!

Hip Hinge Heavy Dbell Toss! Love 630pm Rocking the workout!

Fitness Flash! Coach Connie’s favorite stretch!!

Congrats to Bootcampers Fred & Sarah! This was Fred's 1st race ever and maybe there will be more in the future:) what do you say, Fred?

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