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Don't Tell Me You Can't Jump Rope at Age 90! Lovettsville morning class crushing the jump rope circuit this morning. Look at John age 90 rocking the rope. Great job Team! Coach Jeff

You could use a dumbbell for your core could love your Baby Boy AND do your core at the same time:) Great job Katie! And...this Super Momma is 6 months pregnant with Baby #6! Katie is pretty incredible! Coach Jeff

Fitness Flash! Lateral lunge slide - excellent for quads and glutes

February Clients Spotlight Traci Pasqualone. TP had been doing Bootcamp for over 3 years now. She's been taking her workouts to the next level the last 3 months. Great job Traci!!!

Amazing start to February at the new athletic bubble! Amazing job 530am Team!! Come join us for a FREE class! Coach Jeff

Fitness Flash! Ankle, calf, hamstring and glute stretch!

Youth Boot Camp Tonight- Heavy Kettlebell Suitcase walk with Medicine Ball wall slams!

Exciting New Boot Camp Location and Schedule Launching February 2020. The Community Church Athletic Bubble is located right off Rt 7 in Leesburg/Ashburn. Perfect for local residents and commuters heading to work. Click for the NEW Coaching schedule

Purcellville 830 Team1

Proof of survival after conquering the Hill 5 miles later!

530am Boot Camp Hill Training Today!

Congratulations Mary Greb, from Brambleton Boomers Bootcamp for being our spotlight FIR bootcamper.

Fitness Flash! Balance

Sat workouts LV2

LV2 rockin in the new year!

Fitness Flash! Good mornings!!

Brambleton 930am class crushes the 2020 workout today!!

First Boot Camp Class of the Year 2020. Start time 525am! I hope this motivates you Team!! Happy New Year! Coach Jeff

2020 Live at 530am Brambleton Boot Camp!

Fitness Flash! Squat press with bands

Fitness Flash! Chest press with an exercise band

Boot Camp for Youth 530pm Tonight at Lovettsville Community Center! For all the crazy kids out there with cabin fever.

Fitness Flash! Lateral arm raises

Boomers up and at em after the party with some weighted punches!!

Way to go Stacy from Brambleton Boomers class!!! Spotlight client of the month!

Fitness Flash! Overhead press with bands

Bootcamp 8:00 am Sat LV2. Did I mention beasts!!

Loudoun Valley 2 finisher with 10 lb weighted ball, 2 burpees every time they throw for 3 mins

Loudoun Valley 2 awesome combo’s tonight!

Fitness Flash! Bicep curls with bands

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