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Leigh Yates - Real Estate Agent


Hello Leigh. I would like the home on your cover page. Hugs and best wishes!
Wow...it's been a year and what an amazing year it has been! Thank you to all my clients, family and friends for your support, help and trusting in me to handle such an important decision in your life! This Real Estate business has been a whirlwind but such a blessing to work with people and help them through a sometimes stressful ordeal. I pride myself in the service I offer my clients. Please contact me if you need help selling, buying or renting a home! I'm here to help! I love referrals! LeighYates.com [email protected]

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[04/14/20]   Yes people are still buying and selling homes during this time. This is a question I am getting on a daily basis. Rates are down and buyers still are looking to buy. If you need assistance or have questions with buying or selling your home please contact me and I would love to assist you!


Some of the Greatest Laundry Hacks on the Planet

👕👚 Hate doing laundry? You’re not alone.

👇 Use the hacks listed below to make the chore less dreadful.

homes.propertyspark.com Hacks to Make Laundry Less of a Chore


How to be an Effective Property Manager

😥 Property management is a tough job.

✨ Whether you’re a new investor or you’ve been managing a portfolio of rental properties, the following tips will help you be a good property manager and reduce your stress at the same time.

homes.propertyspark.com What It Takes to be a Good Property Manager The job of a property manager is a challenging one. With tenants coming and going, late rent payments, and virtually endless maintenance requests, it can be the most stressful part of owning investment properties.  The good news is, managing your own rent...


The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing vs. Investing in Stocks

💭 If you’re thinking of investing in something, the information below will help you decide whether real estate or stocks is right for you.

homes.propertyspark.com Which is better? Real Estate Investing or Stock Investing The question of which is better – investing in real estate or investing in stocks – has no definite answer. It all depends on the personality, preferences, and lifestyle of the person doing the investing. In fact, it even comes down to th...


The 4 Types of Real Estate Investments and How They Differ

🔍 If you’re interested in getting started in real estate investing, but you aren’t sure which niche is right for you, the following information describes the four main types of investment properties and how they differ.

homes.propertyspark.com Which Type of Real Estate Investment Property is Right for You? As a new real estate investor, you’re going to have to purchase property eventually. Which type of property you buy could set the course for your future as a real estate investor. While every investor has his or her own way of doing ....


How to Organize Your Home Like a Professional

🏠 Take a look around your home. Is it chaotic with stuff just thrown here and there, or is it neat with a spot for everything?

💡 If you have a hard time finding things when you need them, it’s likely your home could use a little organization. Here are a few tips to get you started.

homes.propertyspark.com 5 Tips to Get Your Home Organized


How to Choose a Contractor

🤕 It can be difficult knowing if you’ve chosen a good contractor or not.

🔨 As an investor, you want to spend as little money as possible but still receive quality work.

🔻 The tips below are designed to help you choose the right contractor for the job, so you get the most out of your investment.

homes.propertyspark.com Things to Consider when Choosing a Contractor Depending on the initial cost of your investment property and your ability to do home improvement projects yourself, it may become necessary to hire a contractor to help with specialty jobs that you can’t do yourself. Finding a reliable, competent cont...


6 Tips to Make Decluttering Your Home Less of a Chore

🏆 Do you hate decluttering and organizing your home? For some people, it’s a labor of love. For others, it’s a chore they’d rather not do.

👇 If you’re of the latter group, the post below will make decluttering your home less of a chore.

homes.propertyspark.com How to Declutter Your Home the Easy Way There are many benefits to living a life with less clutter. For example, there is less to clean and it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. Life seems less stressful when you have less clutter around you. For some people, however, the mere thought of ...


6 Qualities of Successful Real Estate Investors

🖋️ Do you aspire to be a successful real estate investor?

✨ It’s a competitive business but you can make a go of it by adopting these important qualities that all successful real estate investors possess.

homes.propertyspark.com Successful Real Estate Investors Possess These Important Qualities There are many ways investors can make money in real estate. Wholesaling, property management, and joint ventures are a few of the ways an investor can profit in real estate. While the potential to make a lot of money is great in thi...


To DIY or Not to DIY – Does Do-it-yourself Pay?

🧰 Thanks to social media, the do-it-yourself craze has taken off.

👉 These days, everyone and their brother is a DIYer.

👌 There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to show off something you’ve made or something you’ve done yourself and saved big on.

homes.propertyspark.com Find out if doing it yourself is worth it Thanks to social media, the do-it-yourself craze has taken off. These days, everyone and their brother is a DIYer. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being able to show off something you’ve made or something you’ve done yourself and saved big on. A...


5 Ways To Add Color To Your Rental

🎨 One of the downsides to renting is that you can’t paint the walls.

✨ With these clever tricks, however, you can add color to your heart’s content – even if you rent!

🖐️ Here are five ways to take that drab color up a notch!

homes.propertyspark.com 5 Clever Ways To Add Color To Your Apartment For many people, renting is a smart choice. One of the downsides of renting, however, is the fact that you can’t paint the walls. Many renters simply live with the drab, neutral colors and chalk it up to part of being a tenant. For those …


6 Ways To Get Great Furniture At A Great Price

💸 Buying new furniture can be quite the expense.

👌 The good news is, however, that you can replace your old, worn-out furniture with new and vibrant pieces without breaking the bank.

👇 Here are six ways to get great furniture at a great price.

homes.propertyspark.com How to Upgrade Your Furniture on the Cheap If you’ve been dreaming of someday replacing that old chair or worn-out sofa with something new and exciting, get your shopping shoes on because today’s the day. While purchasing new furniture is usually a big investment, there are several ways to do it...


Tips on How to Build a Real Estate Investment Portfolio

🔍 Looking to invest in multiple properties?

👇 Here’s how to build a larger real estate investment portfolio.

homes.propertyspark.com Tips for Building a Sizeable Real Estate Investment Portfolio So, you think you’ve mastered the art of real estate investing, have you? You’ve already obtained and are successfully managing one or two properties and are thinking it’s time to buy a couple more.  There’s a lot to do when it c...


6 Ways to Build and Maintain a Strong Real Estate Network

✨ Success in real estate investing begins with knowing the right people.

⬇️ Here’s how to build and maintain a strong real estate network.

homes.propertyspark.com 6 Tips To Help You Build A Strong Real Estate Network One of the most important aspects of real estate investing is building and maintaining a strong network of professionals. These people will be your go-to team for advice, financial help, repair work, etc. in your quest for success as a real estat...


How You Can Manage Rentals From Anywhere

📍 Do you own a rental property in another city?

👁️‍🗨️ If so, here’s how you can manage rentals from anywhere!

homes.propertyspark.com Tips For Managing Rentals From Anywhere Today’s technology makes it easier than ever before to manage your rentals without ever setting foot on their property. You can collect monthly rent payments, make repairs, conduct lease agreements and more regardless of your proximity to your rental propert...


6 Ways to Create a Healthy Home

👉Spending a lot of our lives indoors, we rarely consider how our homes impact our wellbeing.

💨 With just a few changes inside the home, you can create a healthier space that promotes good mood and improves relationships.

👇 Here are six ways you can create a healthy home.

homes.propertyspark.com 6 Tips For Making Your Home A Healthier Place A majority of the population spends as much as 90 percent of their lives indoors. Two-thirds of that is spent inside the home. Sadly, very few of us consider how much our homelife impacts our wellbeing. With just a few changes inside the home, you …


6 Features A Profitable Rental Property Should Have

🤔 Ever thought of buying a rental property.

👉 If yes, consider these six features a profitable rental property should have!

homes.propertyspark.com Important features of any profitable rental property. While investing in real estate is a great way to increase your income, the practice is rife with pitfalls that can decrease your profits dramatically if you aren’t careful. Buying an income property can be a challenge for the first time investo...


5 Ways to Manage Your Time When Working from Home

🏠 Do you work from home?

👌 Here’s how you can manage your time and be more productive.

homes.propertyspark.com How to be more productive when you work from home When you work from home, managing your time can be tricky. From work deadlines to daily household chores to taking care of the kids, there never seems to be enough time in a day. Time management is a skill that can be learned, so …


5 Ways To Make Money By Investing In Residential Real Estate

💭 Thinking of becoming a real estate investor?

🔻 Check out these five ways to make money investing in residential real estate.

homes.propertyspark.com Find out the many facets of residential real estate investing. 5 Ways To Make Money By Investing In Residential Real Estate Investing in residential real estate is one of the easiest and most lucrative ways to make money. There are several ways to make money when investing, with some ways being more...


5 Ways To Prepare For The Ultimate Staycation

⌛ Got some time off?

👇 Here’s how to prepare for the ultimate stay-at-home vacation.

homes.propertyspark.com How to create the ultimate staycation There’s a lot to be said for traveling vacations. Falling asleep on a plane only to wake up halfway around the world is thrilling or driving several hours for a stay in the next city can be fun. There’s a downside to vacations like these, though. The jet …


How to Know When to Hire a Property Management Company

👌 Real estate investing is a great way to increase your income, but with it comes responsibilities that require a great deal of the investor’s time.

👇🏻 Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned one who’s ready to hand over the reins, the following five points can help you decide if it’s time to hire a property management company rather than tackle the task yourself.

homes.propertyspark.com 5 signs you should hire a property management company 1. You Own More Properties Than You Can Comfortably Manage Alone If your goal is growing your portfolio, you’ll probably reach a point where you can’t manage the day-to-day requirements of multiple properties all by yourself. For many investo...


Tips to Make Your Small Bedroom Look More Spacious

🛏️ If you aren’t blessed with a big bedroom, here are a few tips to help yours feel more spacious.

homes.propertyspark.com 6 ways to make a small bedroom feel bigger All of us can’t be blessed with sprawling bedrooms. If yours barely gives you enough room to get dressed in each day without having to stand half inside the closet, you’re not alone. The good news is, there are several things you can do to …


How You Can Turn a Negative Rental Property Situation into a Positive One

💭 Is your rental property lacking in some areas?

🔻 Here are four solutions to some of the most common negative issues with rental investments.

homes.propertyspark.com 4 solutions to common rental investment issues Most rental units have negative aspects. From not having on-site laundry to a lack of outdoor space, apartment living can be a little challenging. The trick to overcoming these negatives is to turn them into positives. For both tenants and landlords ali...


How To Protect Your Home From A Water Damage Loss

🌊 Water damage can be devastating.

👉 Here’s how to deal with it if a leak or flood has caused damage to your home.

homes.propertyspark.com Do’s and Don’ts for Dealing with a Water Damage Loss in Your Home Most homeowners don’t give water damage a second thought until it happens in their homes. In fact, many homeowners don’t even have flood insurance to cover the major loss.  Water damage can be caused by many things. From a sm...


Optimize Your Bedroom to Have the Best Sleep Ever

🛌🏽 Here’s how to turn your bedroom into an oasis of sweet dreams and restful sleep.

homes.propertyspark.com How to Make Your Bedroom Conducive to Great Sleep Studies suggest that the bedroom environment can affect how well – or how poorly – you sleep. From its lighting to its temperature and more, all must be just right to incite restful sleep. Whether you hope to overcome sleep issues, or you simply ...


5 Ways to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Spacious

🛀 Want to make your tiny bathroom look more spacious?

👇 Try these simple tricks!

homes.propertyspark.com Simple hacks to make a tiny bathroom look spacious 1. Make The Room As Bright As Possible A bright room always looks and feel bigger than a dark, dreary one. Make your tiny bathroom as bright as possible using the tricks below. Colors – paint the walls and ceiling the same light color. Using …


5 Ways To Buy Your First Investment Property For Cheap

🤔 Are you considering real estate investing?

🔻 Check out these five ways to buy your first investment property for cheap.

homes.propertyspark.com 5 strategies for buying investment property on the cheap Investing in real estate requires you have plenty of available cash. The average mortgage lenders prefer borrowers to have 20 percent down, which can quickly deplete your financial resources, especially if you buy multiple properties. It can t...


5 Traits A High-Quality Tenant Should Have

💭 Want to be able to find good people to rent to?

⏬ Here are the traits of a high-quality tenant you should look for.

homes.propertyspark.com Characteristics of a high quality tenant The tenants you choose to live in your rental properties determine whether you make or lose money with your investment. This could be the single most important decision you’ll make concerning this venture. As a landlord, there will be times when you regret ...


How To Set The Correct Rent Price For Your Rental Properties

🤔 Unsure what to charge your tenants for rent?

💰 The tips below can help you figure out how to set the correct rent price for your rental properties!

homes.propertyspark.com Here are 3 tips for setting the correct rent prices! As a landlord, you already understand the delicate balance between charging too much for rent and not charging enough. You want to make sure the monthly rent covers the mortgage payment plus expenses, while still giving you a positive cash flow ev...


5 Ways to Conceal Your Dishwasher and Match it to Your Decor

🍽️ If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, don’t forget the dishwasher.

👇 Here are several clever ways to hide this kitchen appliance so it matches the décor.

homes.propertyspark.com 5 Clever Ways to Hide Your Dishwasher 1. A Fake Marble or Granite Top You can help your dishwasher blend in seamlessly by replacing its cutting board top with a granite or marble one to match your countertops. The only challenge here is getting the existing counters and your dishwasher top the same....


How To Clean Your Couch

🛋️ Furniture can be tough to clean, so here’s a helpful guide to cleaning your couch.

homes.propertyspark.com Couch Cleaning 101 After months of lying on it, eating on it, and sitting on it, your couch could probably use, at the very least, a good vacuuming. It’s amazing how many crumbs and other debris find their way in between the cushions, isn’t it?  Whether you’re looking to freshen your couch up...


Lessons Every Millennial Real Estate Investor Should Know

✨ Life lessons every millennial real estate investor should read for success

homes.propertyspark.com 4 life lessons for real estate investing millennials Lessons Every Millennial Real Estate Investor Should Know As the oldest millennials begin their careers, and the youngest ones are just graduating high school, they will be making important decisions about their finances. They will question their....


Stylish Ways You Can Makeover Any Room On A Budget

💸 Looking to breathe new life into a room without spending a fortune?

🔻 Here are several ideas to help you makeover any room on a budget.

homes.propertyspark.com Budget-friendly decorating ideas for any room Whether you live in a sprawling home or a small apartment, you can give any room a makeover without spending a fortune to do so. With a little planning and creativity, you can give that room a fresh, new look on even the tightest budget. Here are some .....


7 Things You Need To Toss From Your Bedroom

🛏️ If you’ve decided to clean and organize your bedroom this year, you’ll want to pay attention.

🔽 Check out these 7 things you need to toss from your bedroom now!

homes.propertyspark.com Make your bedroom a great place to be! Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. For many, however, it’s a “catch-all” room that gets cluttered very quickly. It’s hard to be comfortable with piles of stuff surrounding you, so here are a few things you could probably do withou...

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