Huzzah Hobbies Huzzah Hobbies offers a wide range of tabletop historic, fantasy and futuristic battle-games, miniatures, card and board games.

Huzzah Hobbies Manufacturer/Product List This list is of our general stock items. Other manufactures are available for special order so please ask. ACADEMY GAMES – Conflict of Heroes, Birth of America ACRYLICOS VALLEJO, S.L. - Paints ACTION SPORTS - Playmats ALDERAC ENTERTAINMENT GROUP (AEG) – Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), Thunderstone, Nightfall AMARILLO DESIGN BUREAU – A Call to Arms ARCANE WONDERS – Mage Wars ARES GAMES – Sails of Glory, Wings of Glory ARMS KEEPER – Aobby Acc. Magnets ARTIZAN DESIGNS – 28mm Miniatures ASMADI GAMES – We Didn’t Playtest This at All ASMODEE EDITIONS – Dixit, Formula D ATLAS GAMES – Once Upon A Time, Lunch Money, Gloom BATTLEFRONT MINIATURES – Flames of War, Wargames Illustrated Magazine, Dust Tactics BATTLEFOAM – Carry Cases BAUEDA WARGAMES – Terrain, 15mm Miniatures BEZIER GAMES BROTHERWISE GAMES – Boss Monster BULLY PULPIT GAMES – Fiasco RPG CALLIOPE GAMES - Tsuro CATALYST GAME LABS - Shadowrun RPG, Battletech CHESSEX MANUFACTURING - Dice CLASH OF ARMS - COMIC IMAGES - COOLMINIORNOT – Zombicide, Ravage Miniature Gaming Magazine, Relic Knights, Super Dungeon Explore COPPLESTONECASTINGS – 28mm Miniatures CORVUS BELLI – Infinity, 15mm miniatures CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT - The Big Bang Theory Party Game, Food Fight Card Game, DC Comics: Deckbuilding Game, CRYSTAL CASTE - Dice DAYS OF WONDER - Ticket To Ride, Memoir 44, Shadows Over Camelot, Small World, Relic Runners DREAM POD 9, INC – Heavy Gear Blitz DV GIOCHI – Bang! ESCAPE POD GAMES - Gunship: First Strike! ESSEX MINIATURES – 15mm EVIL HAT PRODUCTIONS – Fate RPG FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES – Andriod Netrunner LCG, Star Wars X-wing, Anima Card Game, Anima RPG, Black Crusade Warhammer 40K RPG, Battlestar Galactica Board Game, Cosmic Encounter, Civilization, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Descent, Warhammer 40K Dark Heresy RPG, Dragon Shields, Deathwatch Warhammer 40K RPG, A Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings LCG, Only War Warhammer 40K RPG, Star Wars RPG, Rogue Trader Warhammer 40K RPG, Arkham Horror, Talisman, Warhammer Invasion LCG FIREFORGE GAMES - Deus Vult Rulebook, 28mm miniatures FIRESIDE GAMES - Castle Panic, Dead Panic FLYING FROG PRODUCTIONS - Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game, A Touch of Evil, Conquest of Planet Earth FRANK TIANO ENTERPRISES - Zap A Gap GALE FORCE NINE – Firefly, Sparticus, Terrain GAMES WORKSHOP – Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K), Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit GAMING PAPER - GLOBAL GAMES - Krosmaster: Arena GMT GAMES - GREATER THAN GAMES - Sentinels of the Multiverse GREEN RONIN PUBLISHING - Dragon Age RPG, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG, GREX– Air Brush GRIPPING BEAST – 28mm Miniatures HAWK WARGAMES – Dropezone Commander IELLO – King of Tokyo, INDIE BOARDS & CARD - Flash Point Fire Rescue, Resistance IRON WIND METALS – Classic Battletech Miniatures IRONGAMES - JR MINIATURES - Terrain KOPLOW GAMES – Dice KR MULTICASE - LEGION SUPPLIES – CCG Supplies, Card Sleeves LITKO GAME ACCESSORIES – Bases, Game Accessories LOONEY LABS - Flux MANTIC ENTERTAINMENT – Dreadball, Kings of War, Warpath MARGARET WEIS PRODUCTIONS, LTD. – Marvel Heroes RPG MAX PROTECTION – CCG supplies, Card Sleeves MAYDAY GAMES INC – CCG Supplies, Card Sleeves, Get Bit MAYFAIR GAMES - Settlers of Catan, MICRO ART STUDIO – Bases MONGOOSE PUBLISHING – Traveller RPG, A Call to Arms: Star Fleet OLD GLORY 15s – 15mm Miniatures ON MILITARY MATTERS - Miniature Wargames Magazine OSPREY PUBLISHING - PAIZO PUBLISHING – Pathfinder RPG, Pathfinder Card Game PEGASUS HOBBIES - Terrain PERRY MINIATURES – 28mm Miniatures PLASTIC SOLDIER COMPANY – 15mm, 1/72 & 28mm Miniatures PRIMAL HORIZON - Magnets PRIVATEER PRESS – Warmachine, Hordes, High Command Q-WORKSHOP - Dice REAPER MINIATURES - RIO GRANDE GAMES – Power Grid, Dominion, SABOL DESIGNS - Armytransport SCARAB MINIATURES - War and Conquest SECRET WEAPON MINIATURES - SLUGFEST GAMES – Red Dragon Inn STEVE JACKSON GAMES – Munchkin, Castellan Castle Game STONE BLADE ENTERTAINMENT - Ascension STRONGHOLD GAMES - STUDIO 2 PUBLISHING - TESTORS – Model Master THE ARMORY - Tools THE ARMY PAINTER – Paints, Tools, Scenic TOY VAULT - ULTRA-PRO – Top Loaders, CCG Supplies UPPER DECK - Legendary DBG: Marvel, CCG supplies USAOPOLY – Monopoly, Yahtzee VALLEY GAMES – D-Day Dice VICTRIX LTD – 28mm & 54mm Miniatures WARGAMES FACTORY - 28mm miniatures WARLORD GAMES – Bolt Action, Hail Caesar, Black Powder, 28mm miniatures WINSOR & NEWTON BRUSHES - WIZARDS OF THE COAST – Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Axis and Allies, Robo Rally, Risk, Betrayal At House On The Hill, AD&D WIZKIDS/NECA – Heroclix, Star Trek Attack Wing, Quarriors!, DC, Marvel, Mage Knight WOODLAND SCENICS - Terrain WYRD MINIATURES - Malifaux Z-MAN GAMES – Agricola, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Carcassonne, Pandemic ZVEZDA - 15mm miniatures 4GROUND MINIATURES - Terrain

New from Games Workshop!

The motherload has dropped this weekend, featuring the return of the Sylvaneth for Age of Sigmar, two new Start Collecting boxes featuring the eternal enemies of the 40k universe: the Space Wolves and the Thousand Sons, the Acastus Knights for Adeptus Titanicus, a new campaign book for Lord of the Rings, and the arrival of the Wood Elves to Bloodbowl!
As an added bonus, we also have the Warcry Demo box open and avaliable for viewing! Place your pre-orders now!

Be sure to get it all 10% off at Huzzah Hobbies!

#gamesworkshop #ageofsigmar #warhammer40k #adeptustitanicus #bloodbowl #lordoftherings #middleearthstrategybattle #warcry #gwgames #huzzahhobbies

New Late War US FoW now in stock!
#Historicals #Huzzah

New Wargame Rule Set SPQR now available!
#Huzzah #Historicals

Congrats to the winners of the Star Wars Armada Quarterly today! It was a close game folks!

1st: Jason Dedrick
2nd: Jason Huffstetler
3rd: Mark Walden

#starwarsarmada #huzzah #huzzahhobbies

Having a good time with our Star Wars Armada Quarterly Tournament!

#starwarsminiatures #starwars #starwarsarmada #armada #ffg #fantasyflightgames #swarmada

HONOR THROUGH ANNIHILATION! New Chaos Knights out today! The Codex, Datacards, and Knight Desecrator! Also out, the Blackstone Fortress Traitor Command! Get it 10% off here at Huzzah Hobbies!
#warhammer40k #warhammer #gamesworkshop #gamesworkshop40k #gwgames #blackstonefortress #chaosknights #huzzahhobbies @ Huzzah Hobbies

Magic Core 2020 Draft Weekend is in full swing!!!

#magic #mtg #mtgdraftweekend #m20 #coreset2020 #wizardsofthecoast #wotc

D-Day American FoW in stock today! Come and check it out now!

Out today!

X-Wing Wave 4 is ready to be picked up and flown out the hangar!

#Huzzah #FFG #Starwars #SWZ #XWing

Need something awesome to do this weekend? Then come on by and pick up one of these fantastic new games released today!
Unlock! Heroic Adventures
Ticket to Ride: New York
#Huzzah #Boardgames #Asmodee

Great new products out today from Catalyst Games!
Shadowrun Sixth World Beginner Box, Shadowrun Sprawl Ops Boardgame, and Battletech Alpha Strike Commander's Ed!
#Huzzah #Shadowrun #Battletech

Gunpla restock!

Gunpla Build night is in full swing !!

The Noon Magic the Gathering core set 2020 pre-release is underway!!

We have another pre-release at 4pm so hope to see you then!

Congratulations to the winners of the Warmachine Tournament we ran today! It was great having you all play in our store.

1st: Rich Owens
2nd: Brad Park
3rd: Justin Du

And a final thank you to the event organizer Eric Siegel!

#warmachine #huzzah #huzzahhobbies

Warmachine tournament and A Song of Fire & Ice Gameday going on in the war room. Still some tables available for open gaming. #warmachine #huzzahhobbies

Apocalypse has come! The exciting remake of the classic rule set has finally returned to the Warhammer 40k universe! Be sure to pick it all up 10% off at Huzzah Hobbies!

#apocalypse #warhammer #wahammer40k #apoc #gamesworkshop #gwgames @ Huzzah Hobbies

Our 7:00 prerelease has gone great! Be sure to tune in to the rest of prerelease weekend starting at 12 on both Saturday and Sunday for all the Magic 2020 action!

#magic #prerelease #m20 #core2020 #mtg #huzzahhobbies #wotc #wizardsofthecoast

3:00pm Core 2020 Prerelease is a go! Super glad to be able to host earlier prereleases so we can cram this holiday weekend with even more Magic action! Be sure to join us for any of our other 5 prereleases this weekend!

#magic #core2020 #m20 #wizardsofthecoast #huzzahhobbies

Our 1st Friday afternoon Magic Core 2020 Prerelease is underway!!! #mtg #m20 #huzzah #prerelease

New Fantasy Flight releases today!

Happy 4th everyone. We will be open noon til 4pm today!

While we may be closing early for the 4th of July, all through the weekend in celebration of the Holiday we will be offering a special deal in the Snack Bar!

For only 5 Dollars you will receive your choice of Hot Dog or Sausage, a side of either Potato Salad or Cole Slaw, a bag of chips of your choice, and a canned soda or water! Be sure to cash in on this sweet deal for all of our events throughout the weekend!

Happy Independence Day weekend!

Shout out to Team Value, one of our store sponsored teams, for putting up a good showing this past weekend at SCG Pittsburg! If you see them at an event be sure to wave and say hello!

#teamvalue #huzzahhobbies

We got a small restock of Root! Come and grab a copy of this amazing game!
#huzzah #boardgames

Huge restock of FLG gaming mats!!

Swap meet in full swing!

All kinds of games going on in the War room. Plenty of open tables for your game today! #Huzzahhobbies

Adepta Sororitas Sister Superior Amalia Novena & Nightvault Power Unbound cards available today. #Huzzahhobbies #gw

Malifaux 3rd edition is finally here! Be sure to pick it up!

New Star Wars Legion and Star Wars RPG Products out today!

Out today! Signature Spellbook: Gideon is out and avaliable for purchase. We are selling it for 21.99 while supplies last, so be sure to get it at Huzzah Hobbies!

#magic #mtg #signaturespellbook #gideon #ssgideon #restinpeace #wizardsofthecoast #huzzahhobbies

We have an awesome Gudam restock today!!!
Also as a reminder we have our Gundam Build Nights every Monday night!!!
#Huzzah #Gunpla #Buildnight #Gundam #Bandai

Gunpla Build night is happening. Grab your model and get rid of that backlog!

GW Lord of the Rings game: Fall of Khazad-Dum.

Winners of the 40k RTT

1st: Ted Cantu
2nd: Matt Schuchman
3rd: Ryan Christensen
4th: Ronnie Snider

Best painted Army: Benjamin Hunt
Middle Paint : Charles Craig
Lower paint: Colin Tisdale

Smokin boots: Mike Bartlett

Thanks to all who came out and a special thanks to Phil for running a very smooth and awesome event !!

We have an amazing Warhammer 40K RTT today in the War Room! Come check out the action if you have time!
#Huzzah #WH40k #RTT #GW

Out today is the update to Age of Sigmar's General's Handbook!

The General’s Handbook is an essential update for all gamers in the Mortal Realms, packed with content for every kind of player. Expanding on the core rules, it’s an essential companion to matched play, toolbox for open play and treasure trove for narrative play all in one!
#Huzzah #AoS #Warhammer #GW

We are back and bigger than ever with Friday Night Magic! Tons of modern, standard, and Modern Horizons draft going on at Huzzah Hobbies.

#huzzahhobbies #mtg #magic #modernhorizons #modern #fnm #fridaynightmagic #wizardsofthecoast #wotc

In observation of Independence Day, we will be closing at 4pm on July 4th, 2019.

We hope you all have lovely holiday.

We have some great releases today! Come by and grab a few for this weekend of gaming and fun! Inis and Captain Sonar expansions also two new LCG packs for L5R and Game of Thrones!
#Huzzah #FFG #GoT #L5R

The D&D Penny Arcade Crossover book Acquisitions Incorporated is out today!!!

Set yourself up for success when pursuing your own fantasy-business endeavors, using all the ingredients you need to include Acquisitions Incorporated in your D&D campaign, to establish your own franchise, and take on specialized roles therein. Plus, there are always openings coming available, Just try not to think about why.
#Huzzah #DnD #WotC #AcqInc

Restock and new items.
SAGA AoM book and Chaos dice.
AK Weathering pencil sets and singles.

Congratulations to the winners of our X-wing Quarterly Tournament!

1. Larry Turnbull🥇
2. Johnathan Proctor🥈
3. Miguel Justiniano🥉
4. Al Otohnen

#xwing #fantasyflightgames #fantasyflight #starwarsminiatures #starwars #huzzahhobbies

X-wing Quarterly Tournament today! Be sure to come out and play on our Wednesday game days!

#ffg #fantasyflightgames
#starwarsminiatures #starwars #xwing #xwingminiatures #xwing2e #huzzahhobbies @ Huzzah Hobbies

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