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I’d like to challenge Master Don Alley to a Superman push up contest. Pretty sure last time I saw him do it was almost 10 years ago now!! I’ve been practicing.
Graduation day!
Some things take time but hard work Pays off
Tonight is Episode #1 of The More Than Just Karate Show!! 👊🥋😃 LIVE on our page tonight! Bully tip: The Gobbledygook Technique Live teaching from CIT student! And a free giveaway you won’t want to miss! Tune in at 8:30pm tonight!! 😃
Check out our newest CIT students!! 👊We have been encouraging these guys to join the ranks of instructors in training, and I’m STOKED!! We hand-select students, and teach them our secret sauce... how we teach, how we connect, and how we change lives.
Congratulations to the Beginners class!
First tournament and I think we're hooked.
Look at this awesome lady training hard today!! 😃 LEG HOLDS... building the precise muscles it takes to be a Super Kicker 😃 These are TOOOUGH, and she was working like a champ! Great job ma’am!
Benjamin. universal 7
Josh and Bob in his Halloween Costume.
Blade vs Robot
What is today graduation location?

Super Kicks Karate is a family martial arts school! All of our classes are family based, so moms and dads can train with their children, and we teach a variety of styles of martial arts, from Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, and Krav Maga.

Come try the most exciting, empowering martial arts center in Ashburn, VA! We dare say even the best place for youth karate classes in Loudoun County, VA! Believe it or not, we are also offering all of our new students a FREE 30 Day Guess Pass! We are offering everyone a free 30 day guess and a free private one-on-one class. Come in, meet the instructors, take a tour and see if Karate is for your family! Visit our website to learn more. Right now we are offering a Little Leaders Class!! In addition to our Children, Adult and Family classes, our Little Leaders class is for ages 3 and up. It helps to develop the basic skills Little Leaders need to balance, express confidence and become a little black belt. We teach kid karate classes and adult karate classes in a safe, friendly, clean environment. We have classes specifically for kids and families who want to train a few times per week, and we also have an after school program to help working families. We teach adults only Krav Maga, Bootcamps, and Jiu-Jitsu, for those adults who want an amazing workout without kids around. Whatever program you choose, you're going to love Super Kicks Karate! We can't wait to see you!! So if you live in Ashburn, or are close to Brambleton, Leesburg, Sterling, Aldie....our karate and after school martial arts program is exactly what you are looking for! We also teach Krav Maga. So if you are an adult in Ashburn, VA, looking for an incredible workout and a great way to stay in shape, call or text now! Aprender Artes Marciales en Ashburn, Va Aprender Karate en Ashburn, Va Aprender Taekwondo en Ashburn, Va Campamento de Verano en Ashburn, Va Programas de Karate despues de la escuela en Ashburn, Va Se Habla Espanol Llama al 571-293-2467 o manda un correo electronico al [email protected] para recibir un mes gratis y entrenar con nosotros! After School Programs in Ashburn? You found the right one! Karate After School? See above :) Youth Karate Classes are our specialty!

Operating as usual

💵Bring a friend.... get free cash!💵

Do it this week, and your friends will NEVER forget their first class! 😂


We are wearing our costumes every day this week.

Come join the fun! 😁

This young lady was SUUUUUPER nervous about trying class with us. First time in, she wouldn’t talk to an instructor.

By the end of the second lesson... she’s loving life ❤️ I think we won her over 😊

We love how tenacious our students are when it comes to training and progressing. Not even wearing a mask can stop them. 😷😷🥋🥋

We can't get enough of training and helping them EARN their Black Belt. Oh yeah, we have have, too. 🥋🥋

We learn how to defend ourselves against others...

But what happens when THIS happens?! 😳


🔥🔥This young man is on FIIRREEEEEE!!!🔥🔥

We are constantly out looking for new members to join our school.

Most people respond more kindly than this gentleman here... 🦆

We love the fact that we see martial arts in everything. This is one of our favorite examples. Despite being small, it is fierce. Praying manti are beautiful and elegant, but don't be fooled. Mess with one and you will learn an unforgettable lesson. That is actually why there is a self defense system created after it's movements. We are the same in a way. We strive to be kind and caring, but if need be, the intensity comes out. Beautiful, but lethal.😎😎

In life, we tend to find exactly what we are looking for.

➡️ If we look for negativity, you’ll see it everywhere.

➡️ If we search for things to feel grateful for, our heart stays full.

➡️ If we expect problems, they abound.

➡️ If we seek solutions, they have the tendency of falling at our feet. 🤗

When you come to karate class, from now on, start coming with the expectation of finding a “nugget.”

And then for the rest of your life, decide what you want to experience the most of....

And look for it.

It’s exactly what you will find ❤️

I remember when I was small enough to get into a bag like this.😢😢😂😂

Teach Your Kids How to Set & Achieve Goals and Persevere! Click Here for More Info! 👉

How do we teach our kids to set and achieve goals in their lives? Or to work hard, especially when things get tough? How do we teach them to see something through to completion?

Keep reading.

The answer is to give them a long-term goal to shoot for and make sure they can measure their progress along the way.

And, give them a coach (that isn’t you!) that can motivate them and encourage them through their journey.

Imagine your child working towards earning their black belt...

➡️ They learn to set small goals along the way. Each belt represents another level of achievement.

➡️ They learn to set action goals, not just an end goal. “I will earn my black belt” is an end goal. “I will practice 15 min per day and come to class twice per week” is an action goal.

➡️ They practice to pass their tests, and sometimes they fail. And then have to deal with the emotions associated with failure. “What does this mean? How can I improve? What could I have done differently?”

➡️ They learn to take responsibility for their successes AND failures.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Students who train to become black belts actually end up taking TWO journeys:

The journey of achievement. Progressing from white belt to black belt.


The journey of transformation. Who they BECOME as a result of the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of accomplishing their goal.

After teaching for 23 years, the transformation is ALWAYS more valuable than the achievement. ❤️

If you ever wanted to give your kids an edge in life, enroll them in our martial arts school, and let us guide them.

Try our 30-day guest pass for FREE and see if it’s right for your family! Click “Learn More” and we will send you the voucher through Messenger!

We are so proud of our students. It's like they know KARATE. 🥋🥋🥋

It’s wonderful watching young ladies learning how to HIT HARD and defend themselves!

Did you know some classes are almost ALL GIRLS?!? 😃

This is only true because we make it a point to stay AWESOME for our students. Not just in karate, but in setting a GREAT example. Train hard, Super Kicks. Train hard. 🥋🥋🥋

"I will remain goal oriented, motivated, and dedicated."

With these uncertain times, it is a little difficult to stay on task. We all have had to pause, regroup, and restart.

We have 3 students who have not taken their eyes off of their prize. They told us that they want to test for their blue belts, and they have already started testing.

They have accepted this challenge and are attacking it with everything they have.

We at Super Kicks can't wait for them to EARN their belts so that we can GIVE them their belts.🥋🥋

If you know this quote, say it with me:

"I will teach this class as if it's the most important class I will ever teach."

Here at Super Kicks Karate, we want our students to be their absolute best. This is why we try so hard in every class to encourage our students. We firmly believe that they are the future and as such, we ensure that we give 100 percent to every class.👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲

Often times, students ask why are we sweating so much. It is important to us that they see that we really do care. It's also important to us that they see we are still striving to perfect and improve our own skills.😁😁

Paying attention to detail while training will help improve any and all skills. The details are what makes or breaks anything we do in life. So next time we are in class, let's think about making that class the most important karate class we will ever take.🥋🥋

We love our mail delivery human! So much so, we gave him a shirt!

And he wears it about once per week! ❤️

Hey parents! 👋 Think you can work full time, focus, AND coach your kid on math and science? AND still like them at the end of the day?! 🤪

Kudos if you can! No judgement if you can’t! ❤️

🎁 That’s why we are giving away a FREE 1 Week voucher to our Distance Learning Program!

Check out all the reasons families are choosing our program:

➡️ 7am-6pm drop off and pick up time availability, so you can work and your kids can get their school done.

➡️ Social distancing according to the CDC. We are operating our facility at 30% capacity to keep everyone safe.

➡️ All COVID cleaning measures you’d want in place are in place.

➡️ Our team monitors their online school and helps to keep them focused.

➡️ Planned activities during down time, so that when they aren’t in a virtual class, they’re having fun and burning energy!

➡️ Martial arts is included in the tuition if you want your child to participate!

If your kids can’t be in school learning right now, give them the gift of social interaction. Get them out of the house! And don’t try to learn Common Core! 🤪

Grab a voucher for a FREE 1 week pass to our Distance Learning Program, and start the year strong with us! Space is limited, so grab yours NOW!

Message us or comment below for details! 🤗

What does perseverance mean to you?🤔🤔

To us, it means giving up is not an option. It means having the mental fortitude to push through our challenges.🤨🤨

It means that no matter what obstacle presents itself, it is simply that... an obstacle. We may have to pause, go over, go under, go around, or sometimes, even go through.🥴🥴

We love the fact that our students have that same mettle of spirit. They desire to strive for excellence.😎😎

This young man literally tested on Universal 3 at least 50 times over the period of a week. No exaggeration, there! He really did that many attempts. I had to tell him to take a break from karate for a day and let your body recuperate.🥵🥵

When he came back, he still fell short, however, he had the tenacity of a true BLACK BELT. After a few more attempts (at least 7 or 8), he passed without any mistakes!😳😳

The look of accomplishment and joy on his face was immeasurable. He was truly happy with himself and what he had done.😁😁

We love it when our students don't quite reach the mark, but they return and surpass that mark. That is what LEADERS do. 🥋🥋

Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

Ready for this week’s Life Skill!!

Jessica has a day where she's feeling ... really good about her life. ++++FAQ for this video ++++ Q: How old was Jess at the time of the video? A: She'd turn...

I saw this sign today and then I realized the only reason it caught my attention is because it has "kick" in it.🦵🏽🦿

It made me stop and think: How many other signs have I noticed only because it has a marital art technique in it?🤔

I honestly don't know. I do know that I am glad that martial arts is on my brain on a consistent basis.🥋🥋

So I am asking you, since beginning YOUR path to YOUR black belt, have you noticed more things in the world that are martial arts related, even when it's not?👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲

This is how we feel about our Saturday mornings! 😃

"Master Holeman, I really want to show you my Transformers coloring book!"🤩🤩🤩

I am so HAPPY that our students think that highly of us. This young man woke up at 8:30 a.m. telling his parents that this is what he wanted.😁😁😁

I feel so privileged to be able to impact someone's life in such a positive manner. I enjoy the fact that our LEGACY is our students love and appreciation for all we do. 🥋🥋🥋

Super Kicks Karate

Super Kicks Karate

Want to be a black belt? Want to be an achiever? Want to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself?

It starts in your head ❤️

"You are literally adding years to your life. This isn't your wife speaking to you, but a doctor." This is a quote from one of the dads who loves Super Kicks. You know who you are. 😉😉

As you all know by now, I have a young baby boy. I plan on being around for a long time, and martial arts has helped me to stay fit and in shape.👶🏽👶🏽

Being able to train, guide, and help others to earn their Black Belt is a truly rewarding experience. I am inspired and awed by the students who want to be better. They are not just looking to learn how to kick and punch, they are looking for fulfillment in all aspects of their lives. I am humbled that I get to help.👨🏾‍🦲👨🏾‍🦲

Train hard, Super Kicks family, train hard.🥋🥋

I was late to work this morning, and this is what happens when you’re late! 😂

Every second = a leg lift with the resistance loop 😊

As a team, we all decided this would be the punishment for tardiness. We all want to get stronger, and none of us want extra leg lifts. So we are usually all on time!

But sometimes Saturday mornings... ya just move a little slower! 🤪

I am left speechless. I am so HAPPY that I am getting to teach all of these beginners karate.😳😳

They come in ready to train. They follow our guidelines and restrictions without any discourse. They make me feel so lucky.😎😎

Register for in-person classes. Come in and train with the instructors. We miss all of you and can't wait to see you face-to-face (while still following state and CDC guidelines).🥋🥋🥋

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Teach Your Kids How to Set & Achieve Goals and Persevere! Click Here for More Info! 👉

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