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Super Kicks Karate


I’d like to challenge Master Don Alley to a Superman push up contest. Pretty sure last time I saw him do it was almost 10 years ago now!! I’ve been practicing.
Graduation day!
Some things take time but hard work Pays off
Tonight is Episode #1 of The More Than Just Karate Show!! 👊🥋😃 LIVE on our page tonight! Bully tip: The Gobbledygook Technique Live teaching from CIT student! And a free giveaway you won’t want to miss! Tune in at 8:30pm tonight!! 😃
Check out our newest CIT students!! 👊We have been encouraging these guys to join the ranks of instructors in training, and I’m STOKED!! We hand-select students, and teach them our secret sauce... how we teach, how we connect, and how we change lives.
Congratulations to the Beginners class!
First tournament and I think we're hooked.
Look at this awesome lady training hard today!! 😃 LEG HOLDS... building the precise muscles it takes to be a Super Kicker 😃 These are TOOOUGH, and she was working like a champ! Great job ma’am!
Benjamin. universal 7
Josh and Bob in his Halloween Costume.
Blade vs Robot
What is today graduation location?

Super Kicks Karate is a family martial arts school! All of our classes are family based, so moms and dads can train with their children, and we teach a variety of styles of martial arts, from Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, and Krav Maga.

Come try the most exciting, empowering martial arts center in Ashburn, VA! We dare say even the best place for youth karate classes in Loudoun County, VA! Believe it or not, we are also offering all of our new students a FREE 30 Day Guess Pass! We are offering everyone a free 30 day guess and a free private one-on-one class. Come in, meet the instructors, take a tour and see if Karate is for your family! Visit our website to learn more. Right now we are offering a Little Leaders Class!! In addition to our Children, Adult and Family classes, our Little Leaders class is for ages 3 and up. It helps to develop the basic skills Little Leaders need to balance, express confidence and become a little black belt. We teach kid karate classes and adult karate classes in a safe, friendly, clean environment. We have classes specifically for kids and families who want to train a few times per week, and we also have an after school program to help working families. We teach adults only Krav Maga, Bootcamps, and Jiu-Jitsu, for those adults who want an amazing workout without kids around. Whatever program you choose, you're going to love Super Kicks Karate! We can't wait to see you!! So if you live in Ashburn, or are close to Brambleton, Leesburg, Sterling, Aldie....our karate and after school martial arts program is exactly what you are looking for! We also teach Krav Maga. So if you are an adult in Ashburn, VA, looking for an incredible workout and a great way to stay in shape, call or text now! Aprender Artes Marciales en Ashburn, Va Aprender Karate en Ashburn, Va Aprender Taekwondo en Ashburn, Va Campamento de Verano en Ashburn, Va Programas de Karate despues de la escuela en Ashburn, Va Se Habla Espanol Llama al 571-293-2467 o manda un correo electronico al [email protected] para recibir un mes gratis y entrenar con nosotros! After School Programs in Ashburn? You found the right one! Karate After School? See above :) Youth Karate Classes are our specialty!

What does stretching help with? 🤔
🥋 Range of motion
🥋 Circulation
🥋 Flexibility
🥋 Calm your mind!

Oh my goodness.... it’s a new human in our building ❤️❤️❤️❤️

9 students + 1 Instructor = COMPLIANT! 😎

We are so happy and excited to see our amazing martial arts family, starting today! ❤️

Outdoor classes, starting at 3:30pm!!


❤️ First, students and parents, I’m SO grateful for your patience and support and commitment to our program during this closure. From a business standpoint, my mindset through this whole ordeal has been: this is just a blip.

I plan on doing business for the next 60 years, and so 3-6 months will be a blip on our radar. We will comply, we will do what the health experts suggest and recommend, we will be kind to everyone regardless of the position they take, and this too shall pass.

And it’s starting to pass! 👊😎

With Governor Northam putting Nova into Phase 1 starting tomorrow, Super Kicks, being in fitness, must remain closed to the public. HOWEVER!! We can have groups of 10 in OUTDOOR CLASSES!!

I have secured permission to have TWO roped off areas for Ashburn in the parking lot, and ONE roped off area in Leesburg in their parking lot.

We can only have 9 students per class, plus an instructor, in order to stay compliant with 10 in a group. And below are all of the guidelines we’d like to ask everyone to follow:

➡️ One class per week. I don’t know how many students are going to take advantage of the times we are offering, so for now, we are asking that you only take one class per week. And I may have to limit it to once every two weeks.

➡️ Schedule your class in advance. There is a link in the Members Only page to use to reserve your times. And keep it handy, it will be the link you use the whole time we have to preplan classes like this.

➡️ Online classes will still continue! Some families don’t feel safe to come out yet, and we understand you and hear you. So virtual, online classes will go on!

➡️ We will play this week by week, so we can make decisions in real time.

➡️ Uniforms. Wear your uniform! Or, you are welcome to wear a Super Kicks t-shirt with your pants and belt! Don’t have a Super Kicks shirt? Curbside pickup!!

➡️ Bring a water bottle. And keep it close to you.

➡️ Wear your shoes, we’ll be on concrete.

➡️ Wear sunscreen. After all, it’s… the sun.

➡️ Sunglasses are fine. Wear them if you prefer.

➡️ What happens if it’s raining that day? Then stay home. It’s raining. No one wants to train in the rain, and jump into online classes.

➡️ No touching. No handshakes. No highfives. But lots of smiles.

➡️ Masks aren’t required, per the governor. We are outside, will be 10 feet apart at all times, and we are exercising. However, if you feel more safe in a mask, by all means, please wear one.

➡️ No Little Leaders. You won’t see any classes for Little Leaders on the schedule. The reason is we would only be able to have 4 students (add a parent), plus an instructor, and we’re full. PLUS, we’ll be in a parking lot. I don’t want them running.

➡️ No runners. We will have space marked off with rope, and each student will basically have their own parking space. If you can’t trust that your child will be able to stay on their chalk mark we put down, this class option may not be for you. Use your judgement, but we can’t touch anyone. They have to be able to follow our directions to stay in their spot.

➡️ Parents, please stay in your cars, close by. I am VERY concerned about the perception about what we are trying to do. I want to be in compliance with the government at ALL TIMES. Which means, we can’t have more than 10 people in the group. Please don’t watch from outside your car. Or park elsewhere and come and watch. I don’t want the public driving past and see 20 humans congregated outside. Bad look for us. Stay in your car. We really appreciate it. This is temporary, and we are doing what we can to open safely, and stay in compliance.

➡️ And don’t leave. Not only am I asking that you stay in your car, I need to ask you to not use the class time to go shopping or drop off your child. If something happens, the instructor needs to be able to quickly get your attention to help your child.

➡️ Dismissal policy. Again, I can’t have more than 10 human beings together at one time. So when you show up for your class, please wait until everyone from the last class has left and is in their car. And wait for the “SIGNAL” from the instructor to exit your car and make your way to your chalk line!

➡️ Bathroom breaks. Unfortunately, we can’t open our doors to the public. However, Giant is open. If you need to use the bathroom, you can use theirs, but you will need to wear your face covering. Governor’s orders.

➡️ No stripes. We can’t touch you.

➡️ Testing. It may or may not happen, based on class size and… I don’t know. No promises. We will try.

➡️ No new members. Just so you know, we won’t be enrolling new members during this phase. Due to the limited amount of space “per class,” I want to make sure we keep as many options available to YOU as possible. You have stuck by us. We are committed to serving you.

➡️ This doesn’t count as us opening. From the beginning, we have asked that you continue to pay monthly tuition, as many of our expenses haven’t gone away. And, in return, we would give you all of the FLOOR TIME you were promised by extending your contract time. The online classes we have been offering are just a way for us to connect. Whether you have been using them or not, that hasn’t been counting as time for your contract. And neither will these 9 person classes. This is us, trying our hardest to bring you a safe solution for training, while staying in compliance with the CDC and Virginia’s guidelines.

Some of these guidelines may sound unnecessary, but please remember this is short term, and this will pass! Attitudes high! Spirits up! We get to open!

If you have ANY questions, please fire away. I tried to address everything we could think of, but if we missed something, let me know!

We can’t wait to see you soon! 🤗🤗🤗

[05/27/20]   Our students have begun their testing for their graduation coming in June🥋

We strive, train, and push so we achieve our standard😤

It comes down to one day where we can celbrate our accomplishment together. We take every chance we get to celbrate our students. However one day every two months we can ALL celebrate together🤩 !

We just don’t teach martial arts. We are Martial artists🥋
What ever you are good at... did it take Practice, training, learning? We practice our new material so we can give you best explanations. So we all get better every day 😀

🌞 Happy Saturday 🌞

What’s your favorite morning show? 🥋

Starting our morning out right with some...
✔️ Warm Ups 🥵
✔️ Stretching 🧎
✔️ Some 👊🦶🤜🥋
✔️ Strength training 💪

What a great start to the day! 😃

Having a good partner to practice with can be very helpful👍

Bob is definitely one of the best partners out there

What are some tips to get your jump spinning hook kick down so that it feels more natural and looks better?

💥Jump higher! This will increase your air time, giving you more time to execute the kick.

💥Kick harder! In order to fully bring your body around kick harder than you think you are kicking.

💥Excercises like squat jumps will help improve your overall vertical and will help your jump kicks. 🦵

What is your favorite jump kick in karate?? 🥋

🥊 Kickboxing for the WHOLE family 😁
👉 Jump Rope
👉 Boxing Combos
👉 Strength Training
👉 Pad Work
👉 Endurance Training

It’s a great workout 🥵😃

🎁 LIVE Online Karate & Kickboxing Classes! FREE! 👉

We miss being in our community! ❤️ But we are still training, and still teaching, and still having fun! 😂

✨ Are your kids bored since they’re stuck inside? Are YOU?! Take some karate & kickboxing classes with us, TOTALLY FREE! Get some energy out, have fun doing something new, and learn to defend yourself.

📹 We are teaching LIVE Karate classes for your entire family each day, and LIVE Kickboxing classes for parents each week, and also loading them on demand so you can access them if you miss the live times.

❤️ This is totally free, just for our Ashburn and Leesburg community, so we can support you and give you some options while life is still up in the air.

👇 Click on the link below, fill out the form, and it will take you to a private website that will give you access to our schedule for this week, the LIVE online class link for Karate and Kickboxing, and a handful of other goodies that you will enjoy! 👇

Don’t forget to share this with your friends! 🤗

“SEE” you soon! ❤️

“In auto parts, either you’re growing, or you’re dying.”
-Tommy Boy

This week ALONE we have:
✅ Changed the schedule to better use our
✅ Updated the CIT quadrant poster with new
logo and updated attributes to match the
way we teach.
✅ Completely revamped the CIT program to
better serve and teach our future leaders.

Those are just the changes in two days.

🤪Why?? 🤪

Easy, either you’re growing, or you’re dying.

🥋Some of our current Black Belt students had to take 6 tests on all of the curriculum, some had to do 2 tests.

Some of our current staff never had a CIT program at all, some of them had hour long CIT classes each week at a table.... with a binder and a pen....📚

🧑‍🎓Some of us graduated on Saturday morning when we were ready to test, some of us had the same set of cycles you have now.

⭐️We change. We grow. We get better. ⭐️

We PROMISE to never settle for “yea, that’s good enough” or “let’s keep it like that, it works”.

We will grow, we will learn, and we will always evolve to being better than we were yesterday.


Want to see some of the instructors doing their midterm?! 🤯

Check it out! 👇

Leg Holds!

🆗 We lock the kicking leg and squeeeeze every muscle
🆗 Apply as little pressure as possible to the wall (if any)
🆗 Look over our shoulder at the target
🆗 Pivot our standing leg HARD
✅ And HOLD

Develop steel thighs, insanely strong kicks, and the balance of a monk on an empty water barrel! 🥋

A really close friend who is a martial artist has been in an online technique challenge with me. Let us know what you think.

First stretch of the morning, it's a doozy.😜😜😜

GREAT Horse Stance, Mr. Turner!

Your core is so important to strong kicks.

Why do we bounce when training? Because if you are already moving, it is easier to be mobile, and harder to get hit.

Working with dual weapons is not easy, especially if they are jointed.

Jumping rope is such a GREAT way to become a better martial artist! Check out these benefits:

☑️ Improves timing for fighting.

☑️ Increases your endurance.

☑️ Builds strength in your legs, arms, and core.

☑️ AMAZING for cardio!

👉 Grab a jump rope and try these exercises. Ideally, you want to be able to do multiple rounds, 2-3 minutes per round.

Have fun! ❤️

Remember, it's okay to stretch yourself out before, during, and after you workout.

Okay! Students will know what these are 😭
Each class you take with us you earn a stripe that goes on your belt.
You have a visual of your progress 🥋 And one person earns the red stripe for the attitude of the day 💪
We can’t wait to give these stripes out again 🤗

In traditional martial arts, deep stances are a staple. Solid stances build leg strength and EXPLOSIVE kicking power. 🦵🏽🦵🏽🦵🏽💥💥💥

I think it's about time B.O.B started wearing his uniform.

Look at Mr. Turner keeping "the tech in check".⌨🖥🖱


Watch out for the right cross punch!😵😵😵

Super Kicks Karate is ready for virtual class.

Can I tell you a secret? 🤫
Little Leaders is one of our favorite classes 🤩
These little 2, 3, and 4 year olds are fierce 🥋

Watch out for that left hook. 😳😳😳

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Say “Chase”
Cubias: 🧀

We practice in the air to develope proper body mechanics.

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"Because I'm happy"

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Wonder what Mr. Turner is thinking? 🤔🤔🤔

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🎁 LIVE Online Karate & Kickboxing Classes! FREE! 👉
Machine Gun Kicks!

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