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Treat Osteoporosis, Reduce Joint and Back Pain, Increase Strength and Bone Density. All Ages. Holistic Health & Wellness Center in Ashburn VA.

Welcome Scott to the "100 Club". 100% Increase in strength based on the 4 Spectrum Osteogenic Loading Machines. Building strong bones and increasing strength.
Scott originally came to us with 13+ years of lower back pain. He tried many different ways to relieve his chronic condition. After one session of OsteoStrong had instant relief. Scott has been with us for 4 months now and is happy to say he is "Pain-Free".
Definitely not always the case, but 1 of 4 members with similar results.

What would you do to get joint and/or back pain relief?
7-10 minutes Once a week!
Make a Free 1st Time Appointment today.
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Weight Bearing Exercises for Osteopenia: Benefits and Alternatives


medium.com Getting a diagnosis for osteopenia may feel overwhelming. Strong bones are the foundation of a healthy body, but once your bones have…

OsteoStrong Midtown Albuquerque

Woohoo! In just over a year at OsteoStrong Midtown Albuquerque, Dan Medrano, OT has gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia.
9.7% increase in his spine and over 5% increase in his hips.

OsteoStrong Shadyside East Liberty

OsteoStrong Ashburn
[email protected]
(571) 291-9392

Build your foundation with #osteostrong. Users see rapid and measurable results in strength and power, balance and agility, the elimination of back and joint pain and reversal of diseases like #osteoporosis. #valentines2019 #lovestrong #freeoffers #ageisjustanumber #osteostrongpgheast

A great testimonial from OsteoStrong Kansas City.

Meet Pat, from OsteoStrong St. Louis. “My doctor has been monitoring my bone density for over 10 years when my scan showed I had osteopenia at 52 yrs old. My last scan before starting OsteoStrong was when my doctor and I became really concerned, because I decreased more than ever before, which put me at -3.3 in my spine, and -2.2 in my hip. I checked out OsteoStrong at the recommendation of my doctor and I’m so glad I did! I increased in both my hip and spine! Spine increased 6.9% and hip increased 2.5%! I still have a ways to go but I’m just thrilled that my bones are getting stronger!”

Way to go Pat! You can get stronger bones, even if you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Call us for a free session, and find lots of helpful information on our website www.osteostrongkansascity.com!

Great Day at the Sterling Women's Luncheon!
Awesome table, Great speaker, Laura Di Franco, MPT, Bravehealer.com, and even won a door prize from Worth, Fashion Studio in Mclean.

Thank you Kristina Bouweiri for a chance to share the OsteStrong experience at the podium with Suzi Serene.
It's always inspiring to meet so many motivated-successful business women from the area.



6 Medical Conditions Linked to Osteoporosis and Bone Loss


webmd.com Some fairly common medical conditions are among the causes of osteoporosis bone loss. Assess your risk, and find out what to do.

OsteoStrong Northeast

#didyouknow ... worldwide, #osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually, resulting in an osteoporosis #fracture ever 3 seconds? Let’s break that down — statistics show that 1 in 3 women + 1 in 5 men worldwide will experience an osteoporotic fracture. *Most importantly* Osteogenic loading can reverse this condition in people of all ages.

Step Sisters

What if you get there, and your body can't do what You want to do?

In our 20s and 30s we felt indestructible. What would you do today, to feel that way in your 60s and 70s?

Only 7-10 minutes, Once a week!
First appointment is on us.
(571) 291-9392
[email protected]

Step Sisters' Ribbon Run

Our list of sponsors is growing by the day! Is your business interested in getting involved? Email [email protected] for details.

[02/01/19]   Podcast with the OsteoStrong Inventor, John Jaquish
If you like the podcast share it with a friend.

Interested in how OsteoStrong can help you?
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#biohack, #bulletproof, #weightbearingexercise

If you could reverse the direction of this bone density chart for you, in 7-10 minutes, Once a week, Would you?

Make an appointment today.
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The Science Behind PEMF Therapy and How It Can Fix Your Pain

PEMF Sessions Now Available!
#osteostrong, #biohack, #bulletproof


blog.bulletproof.com PEMF therapy is a non-invasive way to help with pain and injury. But does it work? Read on to find out the mechanism behind PEMF, whether it’s harmful like the EMFs you hear about, and whether it can help you.

New technology improves bone and muscle strength in just 7 minutes


There are 206 bones in your body, and it is more important (and easier) to keep those bones healthy than you may think. Besides mobility, the skeleton protects the brain,

I had the pleasure of running Stephanie Brennan (2 time Crossfit Masters Games Athlete) through an Osteogenic Loading Session Friday!
Stephanie came in to experiance a PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) Session, and was able to fit in an Osteogenic Loading Session as well as a 10 minute HydroMassage..

20 minute PEMF Sessions can be purchased Individually or in packages.


Bulletproof, #osteostrong

Congratulations!! and a Big Welcome to Gayle Terrio, Facilty Director of the Ashburn Village Sports Pavillion to "The 100% Club"!!!
104% Increase in strength as an average of all 4 Musculoskeletal Development machines.
Keep it up!
Increase Strength
Increase Bone Density
Improved Balance
Improved Posture...7-10 minutes Once a week!!

So blessed to have such great members!
Jennifer, who was my 1st appointment today, brought me a "Medicine Ball", based on a conversation we had last week.
Thank you!
Starbuckscoffee, @osteostrong.me


Prolia TV Commercial, 'Make or Break Moments'

When is it too late to think...

Love the idea of this commercial. Unfortunately, over half of the 1 minute commercial is spent warning of all the possible side effects.
Do not wait until it is too late!
We see our members reversing their osteoporosis and osteopenia without pharmaceuticals.
Call for an appointment today to strengthen your bones, NATURALLY, in 7-10 minutes, once a week.
Phone: (571) 291-9392.
Email: [email protected]


ispot.tv Prolia is a prescribed medical injection that is intended to treat women who suffer from osteoporosis when taken regularly as ordered.

Maximize your Bone Health with Proper Nutrition and Osteogenic Loading!

Osteostrong Ashburn is now working with Susan Brady, MPT and Doctor of Integrative Medicine. Susan has 19 years of experience working with a wide variety of muscle and skeletal disorders.

A powerful program with a:
Nutrient Rich Diet
Targeted Supplementation
Osteogenic Loading

Call today for an appointment.
(571) 291-9392.
[email protected]

Coaching the Coach!
I had the pleasure of coaching (recently engaged) Gretchen Kittelberger @glkitt and Brenton Stone @bstone34 at OsteoStrong Ashburn. Gretchen is the President at International Functional Fitness Federation, 3x Crossfit Games Athlete, Mid Atlantic Regional Champion and one of my first coaches at Crossfit Reston.
First session is always Free!
Call for an appointment.
(571) 291-9392




January 2019 Special!
20% off monthly rate
Hydromassage included
PEMF Mat Session Included

Call today for a Free Session.
(571) 291-9392

No long term contracts, Just Results!

Happy Holidays to our OsteoStrong Family!!


Beautiful Survivor Art Prints, Apparel and Accessories by Amanda Hard

tigerlilyfoundation.org Check out the link to the Beautiful Survivor Collection online! Portion of the proceeds will be donated to Tigerlily Foundation to support programs and events! www.penny-prints.com A message from the artist: My name is Amanda Hard and I


Sterling Women January 2019 Networking Luncheon

eventbrite.com Note date and location changes Thursday, January 10, 2019 River Creek Club, 43800 Olympic Blvd., Leesburg VA 20176 FEATURED SPEAKER: Hope Katz Gibbs, Inkandescent Public Relations LIMITED SEATS AND VENDOR TABLES! See Sterling Women Website for more details: www.sterlingwomen.org SCHEDULE: 10:00 AM t...

OSTEOSTRONG sessions 7-10 minutes once a week.
The most effective-time efficient "weight bearing" exercise to do as it relates to osteopenia (low bone density) and osteoporosis.
Call to book a Free Session at OsteoStrong Ashburn: (571) 291-9392.

Please share if you know someone who could use our help.

Great information from NIH about exercise and bone health:
"The best exercise for your bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces you to work against gravity. Some examples of weight-bearing exercises include weight training, walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing. Examples of exercises that are not weight-bearing include swimming and bicycling."


Thank you to Kristina Bouweiri CEO of Reston Limousine for hosting the December Sterling Women's Luncheon. Facebook.com/SterlingWomenVA

Many great takeaways from speaker Elaine Espinola Katz:
"Your energy introduces you before you speak".
"If not me, then who?"
Surrounded by inspirational-highly motivated business owners.

Perfect door prize from Designs by Debijo !

OsteoStrong Ashburn


A huge Thanks to the Ashburn Village Sports Pavillion Facility Director and Swim Coaches for stopping by to check out OsteoStrong Ashburn!
Increasing Athletic Performance for all ages!
Stronger Bones
Increased Strength
Better Balance...



Sadly, over 30 million people across the US are afflicted with diabetes. Having high blood sugar can result in many serious health complications such as cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, hearing loss, and Alzheimer’s disease. And if that isn’t enough to worry about, diabetics are also at greater risk for developing osteoporosis. Luckily, a lot of the same holistic approaches used to prevent and manage diabetes can also effectively preserve bone health.

For an Appointment to learn how OsteoStrong, in 7-10 MINUTES- ONCE A WEEK, can benefit individuals with TYPE II DIABETES and a FREE OSTEOSTRONG SESSION
Please contact us at
(571) 291-9392 or
[email protected]

A healthy diet and #OsteoStrong increases #bonehealth. You only have ONE body. Take care of it!
First session is always on us! (571) 291-9392.

OsteoStrong Ashburn VA

Dr Oz PEMF Show

Best Video to describe the benefits of PEMF Therapy and how it works. Individual sessions and packages available at OsteoStrong Ashburn!

"Changing the practice of medicine".
-Dr. Oz

Reduce Back Pain
Joint Pain


Dr Oz PEMF Show


"I have a core belief that everyone deserves to live in a healthy body." Listen to #OsteoStrong Mar Vista co-owner, Sarah, talk about the benefits of our revolutionary Spectrum technology. #StrongMe


Cut your workout time in half with the Vibe Plate - Hailey Rowe

Vibe Plate
Proprietary Spectrum Osteogenic Loading Equipment.

Only at OsteoStrong! Call for a Free Tour and Loading Session.
(571) 291-9392.


haileyrowe.com Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT) allows you to recruit more muscle fibers in a shorter period of time. Learn the benefits and how to use a vibe plate.

OsteoStrong Ashburn VA

"Women who have had breast cancer treatment may be at increased risk for osteoporosis and fracture." https://bit.ly/2yLZH5F Anne-Marie Amos, an OsteoStrong franchise owner, is a survivor and a beautiful example of what it means to inspire and encourage others. "I want to reach out and give those struggling with adversities and pain a hope and strength that they WILL shine again, even better than before," she said. All October, we are giving breast cancer survivors an exclusive, FREE MONTH of OsteoStrong. Find a location near you: www.osteostrong.me

October is breast cancer awareness month so we wanted to feature breast cancer survivor Jaime Zografos, an OsteoStrong franchise owner. Her purpose in life is to "Shine my light, Embrace my Story, and touch as many lives as I can." Read Jaime's full story here: http://cozybreast.com/our-story.html We honor and welcome all breast cancer survivors to our locations for a free month of OsteoStrong. Find a location near you at: www.osteostrong.me


Breast Cancer Treatment and Bone Loss


In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month: OsteoStrong Ashburn is providing Free October Sessions for all cancer survivors and patients about to or currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

If you know someone who has undergone chemotherapy treatment Please Share.

By appointment please call for scheduling.
[email protected]



breastcancer.org how breast cancer treatment affects bone loss in women developing osteoporosis

Had a great day at OsteoStrong Ashburn!
Got to meet Kelly Spraragen Young today of Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy. Absolutely the BEST place to get your workout on in South Riding, Awesome boot camp based community. @Kelly's Bootcamp & Inergy.
Gave her a tour of our center and explained how we can help increase bone mineral density, reduce joint and back pain, reduce A1C, and strengthen the foundation of our body.
When you enjoy helping others, it's great to meet like-minded people!


Sterling Women October 2018 Networking Luncheon

eventbrite.com THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 2018 | 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Belmont Country Club, 19661 Belmont Manor Lane, Ashburn VA 20147 FEATURED SPEAKER: Deborah Addo, Inova Loudoun Hospital LIMITED SEATS AND VENDOR TABLES! See Sterling Women Website for more details: www.sterlingwomen.org SCHEDULE: 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM: V...


Increase Athletic Ability for Any sport.
High school, College, Olympic Level Training.


Olympic hopeful, Luke Pechmann, on his #OsteoStrong journey to the 2020 Olympics. #SwimStrong #StrongMe #2020Vision


Sterling Women of Sterling

Ashburn OsteoStrong would like to congratulate our newest OsteoStrong member, Suzi Serene! Suzi won a three month OsteoStrong membership while attending the Sterling Women’s 10th Anniversary Luncheon Celebration on August 2nd. https://sterlingwomen.org/sterling/
OsteoStrong of Ashburn provided a 3 month gift certificate that provides Suzi with weekly Osteogenic Loading sessions, Vibe Plate training, and Hydromassage Therapy sessions while at the center. We're thrilled to have Suzi join us at Ashburn OsteoStrong and look forward to working with her over the next three months.

Stronger Bones | Better Balance | Increased Strength


National Achievers Congress: A great Recharge and a chance to finally meet Tony Robbins, our Business Consultant and Partner in OsteoStrong.

Want your business to be the top-listed Autos & Automotive Service in Ashburn?

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OsteoStrong The Ultimate Biohack



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