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Treat Osteoporosis, Reduce Joint and Back Pain, Increase Strength and Bone Density. All Ages. Holistic Health & Wellness Center in Ashburn VA.

[06/10/19]   Great post by Elite Wellness Performance and Recovery in Sterling!
Dr. Chip drives to OsteoStrong Ashburn and Elite Wellness all the way from West Virginia. Strengthening your skeletal system, increasing bone density at OsteoStrong and Recovery with Cryotherapy...the Ultimate BioHack combination.


Bone density loss symptoms appearing in younger patients

7-10 minutes once a week Now can determine what lifestyle you will have in your 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s ....
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upi.com About 28 percent of men and 26 percent of women between ages 35 and 50 years who received scans had osteopenia, which can lead to osteoporosis.

Photos from OsteoStrong Ashburn VA's post

Working with Greg Wells of The Greg Wells Team Keller Williams Loudoun Gateway and other golfers for adding distance, strength, and balance for the upcoming season.

Schedule an appointment and see how we can help your game.

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Come Join OsteoStrong Ashburn for the Ashburn Village Center Wellness Day May 18th 11AM -2PM.

Come into OsteoStrong Ashburn VA for FREE Osteostrong Sessions, PEMF Sessions, X-3 Bar Demonstrations, Snacks, Beverages, Giveaways and Wellness Day Specials!

While you are there Saturday, May 18, 11 am - 2 pm, please stop by other participating Ashburn Village Center stores for tours, screenings, demonstrations giveaways and more!

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💪 Fact: Ten million Americans are living with osteoporosis today. Globally the number is staggering - over 200 million are affected. For many this diagnosis will have a devastating impact on their lives and physical freedom.

💪There is help. OsteoStrong’s cutting edge musculoskeletal strengthening technology is revolutionizing the way people prevent and remediate bone density loss. Our members are reporting incredible results after follow up Dexa Scans.

The best part? They feel energized and vibrant again. 🔥

💪Come in for a free session and experience it for yourself. It just might change your life.

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Great Day St. Louis

In case you missed Medical Monday this morning, here's a recap about OsteoStrong Ballwin. 💪

May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month!

We all lose 1% bone mineral density every year after the age of 30. 10% loss by the age of 40.
Back pain, degenerative discs, loss of height...can all be associated with loss of bone density in the spine.

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WELLNESS DAY Ashburn Village Center.
Saturday May 18th 11 AM-2 PM.
Join OsteoStrong Ashburn and the Ashburn Village Center for Free Sessions, Demonstrations, and Giveaways!

Another great Sterling Women's Luncheon with Dr. Tinnell Priddy and Kristina Bouweiri. Networking and $10,000.00 to Loudoun Hunger Relief.

It was a great day featuring Dr Tinnell Pridy and $10,000 award to Loudoun Hunger Relief!

OsteoStrong Santa Barbara

Kris lived in fear of breaking her bones because of osteoporosis until she committed herself to making a change with OsteoStrong. Ten minutes per week earned her 18% more bone density in her spine!

"I highly recommend OsteoStrong! I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis three years ago. I tried physical exercise, diet and medication and still I continued to lose 8% of my bone density per year. Then I started with OsteoStrong and it’s been amazing! Because of OsteoStrong my bone density has improved by 18% in only 9 months! I came for bone strength but that wasn’t all I got. My physical strength, balance and agility have all greatly improved, something I didn’t think was possible. All aspects of my life have been improved. To be the best version of yourself you need OsteoStrong!"

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💪 Fact: Ten million Americans are living with osteoporosis today. Globally the number is staggering - over 200 million are affected. For many this diagnosis will have a devastating impact on their lives and physical freedom.

💪There is help. OsteoStrong’s cutting edge musculoskeletal strengthening technology is revolutionizing the way people prevent and remediate bone density loss. Our members are reporting incredible results after follow up Dexa Scans.

The best part? They feel energized and vibrant again. 🔥

💪Come in for a free session and experience it for yourself. It just might change your life.

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May is Osteoporosis Awareness Month!!
OsteoStrong Ashburn is helping our members improve their bone density with 1-time per week Osteogenic Loading Sessions. Start building Healthy bone today...Naturally!
Call for a Free Session and other May Specials.
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OsteoStrong Nashville

Great news for Testimonial Tuesday! Another success story for a breast cancer survivor! We love helping you reach your health goals so you can live a strong and independent life of health 😘🎉🙏💪 #breastcancer #osteoporosis #survivor #strongme #bonedensity #holistichealth #agestrong


Ribbon Run | Step Sisters

Come visit the OsteoStrong Ashburn Booth supporting the Step Sisters' Ribbon Run this weekend at the Brambleton Town Center!
There is still time to register and support a great cause, USATF certified 5k and Kid's Fun Run.

"Step Sisters’ mission to improve the quality of life for those impacted by breast cancer by funding needed support services in Northern Virginia".



Increase Athletic Performance
Reduce Joint and Back Pain
Reduce Chances of Injury

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Doctors are blasé about bone health, and it’s leading to more broken bones in the elderly

Why we need OsteoStrong!


vox.com Osteoporosis could spiral out of control if we don’t get serious about these screening and treatment issues.

Love The Mountains

Last quote in the video:
"We know that if we empower women, they can do anything"
-Kathrine Switzer

Imposter changes the course of history.

OsteoStrong Los Angeles

Internationally renowned natural health physician @drmercola sheds some light on the dangers of consuming poisonous diphosphonates like Fosamax.
Such drugs are promoted as Osteoporosis cures when in fact according to Dr. Mercola, " ...These drugs make the bones denser, but ultimately also weaken their structural integrity, in turn increasing the risk of bone fracture..."
Check out the entire video using the link in our bio!
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Our first follow up DEXA scan!
My favorite part is how excited our member was when she came in today!!...and the words "Statistically significant increase since the prior study" on the results.
Months earlier "T" was scared, adamant not to take the medication, and looking for a new Doctor. Today she is happy, very optimistic, has a better quality of life, and has a new Doctor (excited for her also).
167% Increase in Strength on Spectrum Circuit.
Better Balance
Less Joint Pain


Growing Young Through Skeletal Strength Conditioning

In 10 years do you want to have the bone density of a 10 year older you or you 10 Years Ago?

For a Free Session:
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nadallas.com We don’t often hear people talking about the significance of skeletal strength conditioning for a couple of reasons.

Pure power. Want to level up your performance? Learn more about how OsteoStrong can take you to the next level.
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Friday Night Date Night!
Dave and Pam are our Friday Night members.
Dave experienced relief from chronic back pain BEFORE we even finished his 1st session.
Pam has seen a significant decrease in her A1C (despite holiday diet), can now easily carry the 25# bird seed bag, forgot to schedule her doctor visit for back pain, and dropped the morning heating pad routine.

Although "it's not a competition"...it might be on Friday night.
Dave 51% increase in Strength.
Pam 90% increase in Strength.

Welcome Susan to the "200%" Club!!!
Our first member to reach a 200% increase in Strength based on our 4 machines.
Consistent increases and Crushing it since day 1!

Stronger Bones
Improved Balance and Posture
Improved Athletic Ability
Increased Strength

OsteoStrong Carrollton

Bone Density Success!

Linda no longer has osteoporosis in her spine & is dang near there in her hip, as well!

Since joining in the fall of 2017, Linda's L1-L4 T score improved from -2.6 to -2.1. In addition to that, her hip scored improved from -3.1 to -2.6!!

Congratulations Linda! We couldn't be happier for you!!

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Celebrating International Women's Day!!

Welcome Scott to the "100 Club". 100% Increase in strength based on the 4 Spectrum Osteogenic Loading Machines. Building strong bones and increasing strength.
Scott originally came to us with 13+ years of lower back pain. He tried many different ways to relieve his chronic condition. After one session of OsteoStrong had instant relief. Scott has been with us for 4 months now and is happy to say he is "Pain-Free".
Definitely not always the case, but 1 of 4 members with similar results.

What would you do to get joint and/or back pain relief?
7-10 minutes Once a week!
Make a Free 1st Time Appointment today.
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Weight Bearing Exercises for Osteopenia: Benefits and Alternatives


medium.com Getting a diagnosis for osteopenia may feel overwhelming. Strong bones are the foundation of a healthy body, but once your bones have…

OsteoStrong Midtown Albuquerque

Woohoo! In just over a year at OsteoStrong Midtown Albuquerque, Dan Medrano, OT has gone from Osteoporosis to Osteopenia.
9.7% increase in his spine and over 5% increase in his hips.

OsteoStrong Shadyside East Liberty

OsteoStrong Ashburn
[email protected]
(571) 291-9392

Build your foundation with #osteostrong. Users see rapid and measurable results in strength and power, balance and agility, the elimination of back and joint pain and reversal of diseases like #osteoporosis. #valentines2019 #lovestrong #freeoffers #ageisjustanumber #osteostrongpgheast

A great testimonial from OsteoStrong Kansas City.

Meet Pat, from OsteoStrong St. Louis. “My doctor has been monitoring my bone density for over 10 years when my scan showed I had osteopenia at 52 yrs old. My last scan before starting OsteoStrong was when my doctor and I became really concerned, because I decreased more than ever before, which put me at -3.3 in my spine, and -2.2 in my hip. I checked out OsteoStrong at the recommendation of my doctor and I’m so glad I did! I increased in both my hip and spine! Spine increased 6.9% and hip increased 2.5%! I still have a ways to go but I’m just thrilled that my bones are getting stronger!”

Way to go Pat! You can get stronger bones, even if you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis. Call us for a free session, and find lots of helpful information on our website www.osteostrongkansascity.com!

Great Day at the Sterling Women's Luncheon!
Awesome table, Great speaker, Laura Di Franco, MPT, Bravehealer.com, and even won a door prize from Worth, Fashion Studio in Mclean.

Thank you Kristina Bouweiri for a chance to share the OsteStrong experience at the podium with Suzi Serene.
It's always inspiring to meet so many motivated-successful business women from the area.



6 Medical Conditions Linked to Osteoporosis and Bone Loss


webmd.com Some fairly common medical conditions are among the causes of osteoporosis bone loss. Assess your risk, and find out what to do.

OsteoStrong Northeast

#didyouknow ... worldwide, #osteoporosis causes more than 8.9 million fractures annually, resulting in an osteoporosis #fracture ever 3 seconds? Let’s break that down — statistics show that 1 in 3 women + 1 in 5 men worldwide will experience an osteoporotic fracture. *Most importantly* Osteogenic loading can reverse this condition in people of all ages.

Step Sisters

What if you get there, and your body can't do what You want to do?

In our 20s and 30s we felt indestructible. What would you do today, to feel that way in your 60s and 70s?

Only 7-10 minutes, Once a week!
First appointment is on us.
(571) 291-9392
[email protected]

Step Sisters' Ribbon Run

Our list of sponsors is growing by the day! Is your business interested in getting involved? Email [email protected] for details.

[02/01/19]   Podcast with the OsteoStrong Inventor, John Jaquish
If you like the podcast share it with a friend.

Interested in how OsteoStrong can help you?
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If you could reverse the direction of this bone density chart for you, in 7-10 minutes, Once a week, Would you?

Make an appointment today.
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The Science Behind PEMF Therapy and How It Can Fix Your Pain

PEMF Sessions Now Available!
#osteostrong, #biohack, #bulletproof


blog.bulletproof.com PEMF therapy is a non-invasive way to help with pain and injury. But does it work? Read on to find out the mechanism behind PEMF, whether it’s harmful like the EMFs you hear about, and whether it can help you.

New technology improves bone and muscle strength in just 7 minutes


There are 206 bones in your body, and it is more important (and easier) to keep those bones healthy than you may think. Besides mobility, the skeleton protects the brain,

I had the pleasure of running Stephanie Brennan (2 time Crossfit Masters Games Athlete) through an Osteogenic Loading Session Friday!
Stephanie came in to experiance a PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) Session, and was able to fit in an Osteogenic Loading Session as well as a 10 minute HydroMassage..

20 minute PEMF Sessions can be purchased Individually or in packages.


Bulletproof, #osteostrong

Congratulations!! and a Big Welcome to Gayle Terrio, Facilty Director of the Ashburn Village Sports Pavillion to "The 100% Club"!!!
104% Increase in strength as an average of all 4 Musculoskeletal Development machines.
Keep it up!
Increase Strength
Increase Bone Density
Improved Balance
Improved Posture...7-10 minutes Once a week!!

So blessed to have such great members!
Jennifer, who was my 1st appointment today, brought me a "Medicine Ball", based on a conversation we had last week.
Thank you!
Starbuckscoffee, @osteostrong.me

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