PMI Loudoun

PMI Loudoun

PMI Loudoun's steadfast focus is to serve our property owners and tenants with professional management services and to build long-term relationships.

PMI Loudoun's steadfast focus is to serve our property owners and tenants with professional management services and to build long-term relationships.

How Property Managers Can Ensure Tenant Safety

How secure is your rental property? Rental units come with specific security issues that you need to address in order to keep your buildings marketable.

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Safety Tips Your Landlord Wishes You Knew This Christmas - RENTCafé rental blog

Wishing you a safe Christmas season. In order to avoid troubles during the holiday season, take note of the following safety tips to prevent holiday disaster.

Landlord tips: how to keep your reliable tenants happy

Make your tenants feel appreciated and welcome in your property. Keeping great tenants is always easier and cheaper than finding new ones. With that in mind, here are 7 easy tips for keeping your tenants happy.

Top Complaints from Tenants and Solutions for Them | Rentometer

You'll undoubtedly have tenant complaints, but you can help resolve many of them while maintaining a positive relationship. Paying too much for rent or charging too little? Get rental comps and find apartments with Rentometer.

When is rent considered received?

Mailing your rent check on the last day of the grace period doesn't mean the rent is in on time. It's best not to push the limits on your monthly rent calendar if you want to avoid landlord-tenant friction, or worse yet, eviction.

Tips For Moving in Winter

How to plan for winter moves, whether you're moving to or from a cold area. Summer and spring are peak moving seasons.   It makes sense; the sunny days make for dreamlike road conditions and with so many kush plants and flowers in bloom, there’s no wonder it’s the time to entice new dwellers.   That all said, whether by design or by circumstance, peopl...

When It Comes to Lead Paint Disclosure, What Should Landlords Do?

It's required to disclose the presence of lead paint if your rental has these attributes. If you’re a landlord with a property built before 1978, it’s very likely your apartment or building contains lead-based paint. If that’s the case, you need to provide lead paint disclosure information to all of your tenants.

Five Ways To Tell If You're Cut Out To Be A Landlord

Real estate investing is both challenging and rewarding. When teamed up with a property manager you can really come out on top. Investing in real estate by purchasing rental properties can be a smart way to balance your portfolio, hedge against inflation and build long-term wealth.

How to Choose the Best Management Option for Your Rental - Landlord Station

What you need to know when you're looking for a property manager. The decision between hiring a property manager and managing the property yourself is one you will need to weigh carefully.

Phantom Renters And Scammers Equal Serious Losses For Landlords

Renter scams can really eat into your bottom line. Renters aren’t the only ones losing money to fraud and scam artists. According to new data, a whopping 80% of property managers have fallen victim to fraud in the last two years.

4 Ways A Landlord Can Improve Communication With Tenants - Rental Housing Journal

Landlord/Tenant communication can always be improved. 4 ways a landlord can better communicate and handle the challenges of communication with tenants and some suggestions on how to improve

Just finding a tenant isn't enough. Your screening process needs to find the best tenants.

Should You Allow Pets in Your Rental Property | Pros and Cons

Why you should consider allowing pets at your property. Whether or not you choose to rent your property to families with pets is a personal decision. However, with more and more people adding at least one pet to their home, it is wise to at least give serious consideration to including a pet policy to your rental agreement.

Property Maintenance: What the Best Property Managers Do to Get the Most Money for their Clients

From the first report to completion you need an efficient maintenance process for your rental. Property Maintenance: What the Best Property Managers Do to Get the Most Money for their Clients

9 Low-Cost Ways to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property

These low cost tasks will increase the value of your property. Want to put your rental in tip-top shape for easy rentability without breaking the bank? Add these 9 low-cost tasks to your to-do list!

A biyearly maintenance schedule for busy landlords

Regularly doing maintenance in spring and fall can cut down on emergency maintenance throughout the year. Busy landlords can accomplish most maintenance tasks at rental properties with a maintenance schedule that includes a visit in the late fall and another in the early spring.

5 Home Repairs To Handle for Your Tenants - Landlord Station

You or your vendors should handle these repairs for you tenants. Your tenants have needs -- including maintenance on the space that they rent from you. If you’re lucky, you have reliable contractors who are

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Three Tips For Top-Tier Tenant Selection

Are your tenants cycling in and out of your property or are they staying for a while? Quality tenants are worth the added work and wait.

9 Habits of Top Real Estate Investors | PropertyTalk

Real estate investing isn't easy, but when done right it's well worth the effort. The top real estate investors don’t walk blindly. They develop these 9 habits to ensure they’re successful. Click here and memorize these habits.

Tackle these fixes first at your rental property

Prioritize your repairs and upgrades on your rental property. When it comes to your rental property, it can be hard to decide which projects to tackle first, especially if multiple things need to be fixed or upgraded. Here’s how to decide.

Things You Should Know Before Renting | Rentometer

Check for these things before signing your lease. Paying too much for rent or charging too little? Get rental comps and find apartments with Rentometer.

We pride ourselves on finding the best tenants for your property.

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Stocks End Lower as Late Rally Falters; Bonds Gain: Markets Wrap

Good news for renters! U.S. stocks closed lower for a fifth day, as an afternoon rally from the lowest levels for the S&P 500 since May fell short of pushing benchmark indexes back into positive territory. Treasury yields declined and crude oil tumbled.

Which Apartment Amenities Actually Matter For Potential Tenants? - Rental Housing Journal

Wants and needs. Choosing which amenities to provide your tenants. A dishwasher, toilet, shower, heating, locks that function properly ― these are basic apartment amenities that a tenant expects when they rent an apartment.

5 Habits You Didn't Know Were Essential for Landlording

These habits will help you as a landlord. Not all landlords are created equal. Some landlords are effective and earn far higher returns because they bring the right qualities to the job. Here are five habits all landlords need to succeed!

Rewarding Good Tenants for Their Behavior Makes Sense

Good tenants make your rental more profitable. Doing something for them in return can increase their retention.   As landlords, most of us know the pain of having bad tenants and the process and legal actions that sometimes have to be taken when dealing with them. We know what to do when we

Inspecting Properties Before You Even Leave The Car

Take a good look at the exterior when considering a new investment property. Property inspections can be very basic or very thorough. I visually inspect all the properties I plan to buy and that starts when I drive to them. You can easily begin inspecting properties before you even leave your car. This post describes what to look for before you get out of the car.

Should I accept credit card payments as rent?

The pros and cons of using a credit card to pay rent. Paying rent with a credit card makes sense in certain financial situations. Learn the pros and cons of credit card payments for rent.

No Tricks! Halloween Safety Tips for Your Rental Property

Happy Halloween! Stay safe tonight! Follow these safety tips and establish a few rules to help protect your rental property, residents and guests from Halloween tricks.

7 Questions New Investors Don't Know to Ask (But Definitely Should)

Know the advantages and disadvantages to a property that you plan to invest in. New real estate investor? You're juggling a million questions, and are bound to miss a few. Here are 7 key questions you should ask before buying your next deal!

How to Evict a Tenant: 3 Ways Landlords Can Get the Legal Advice They Need - FindLaw

Eviction is a delicate and difficult process. In the unfortunate event that it's necessary you need to carefully follow your state's laws. The eviction process is fraught with legal pitfalls. If a landlord evicts a tenant without adequate cause, or fails to follow the state's eviction procedure, he or she could face a lawsuit.

Illnesses You Can Get from a Poorly Maintained Air Conditioner

This is one reason your A/C needs to be properly maintained. If the lease states that it's your responsibility to maintain, make sure you're on top of it. Air conditioners can cause illnesses if they’re not properly maintained. Find out how to ensure your HVAC system is safe for you and your family.

3 Ways to Enhance Rental Property Security

You can make your rental more secure for your tenants with a few steps. As a landlord, you have a duty to protect the best interests of your property and the tenants residing within. If you’ve never given security a thought, now may be a good time to reconsider. There’s a lot to gain from stepping up your efforts.

Rent Collection: What The Best Property Managers Do To Get The Most Money For Their Client

Effective rent collection is a top priority for both property managers and owners. If an owner has hired a competent property manager, receiving payments from their rental property is the last thing a property owner should need to worry about. There are three factors that the best property managers consider in order to keep the process of rent collection and owner payment distribu...

The Best Way to Collect Rent From Your Tenants

There are many ways to collect rent. Which method works best for you? One of the most important policies you will need to create when deciding to rent out a property or drafting your lease agreement, is developing a rent collection policy. Your lease should say how much

Professional Property Management vs. Self-Management: A Look at the Pros & Cons

Pros and cons of property management and self management. If you are a real estate investor or buyer, you have two options when it comes to managing your property. The question of which between the two makes for the better option has no right or wrong answer. It all depends on an individual investor’s circumstances.

Considering buying an investment property to rent?

Looking for an investment property? Consider this: In the current housing market, real estate investors should proceed with caution. Here’s what to consider when buying an investment property to rent.

Who are Today’s Apartment Renters? | RP Analytics

In the nation's apartment market, there are several different types of renters. See the breakdown here. In discussions about the nation’s apartment market, renters often get lumped into one large group. But the reality is far more nuanced.

How to Navigate Electrical Repairs With Your Tenants | Rentometer

Electrical repairs are common, but knowing who has the responsibility to do the work can cause confusion. Paying too much for rent or charging too little? Get rental comps and find apartments with Rentometer.

The New Era of Property Management

Property management will continue to be a profitable industry. With technological advances of recent years you'll need to make some adjustments. Can property management continue to be as profitable in the future as it has been in the past?

Communicating with Contractors: How to Start the Relationship Off Right

Here's how to start a relationship with a contractor. If you want to present yourself as trustworthy to a contractor you don't have a standing relationship with, the best way to do that is to present yourself as a long-standing professional.

What Do Renters Really Want? - The Official AppFolio Blog

If you provide what renters want in your rental you're more likely to have them renew their lease. What do renters really want? As property managers and other real estate professionals look for solutions to boost closing and...

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