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https://quotemycontractor.com QuoteMyContractor.com™ provides residential property owners, managers, renters and others with a quick and easy way to get instant online quotes for home-related projects and services from a trusted group of pre-screened professional contractors in the Washington, DC metro area. Our patent-pending p...


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Loudoun County Small Business Awards

We are honored to be recognized as a Finalist for Loudoun County Technology Business of the Year


A recap of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce's 2013 Small Business Award presented Nov. 8, 2013.


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Timber! Tips on Tree and Stump Removal


quotemycontractor.wordpress.com When a trees falls in your yard, does it make a sound? Trees can come down for numerous reasons; wind, ice, snow, heavy wind, disease and old age. Calling on a professional Tree and Stump removal c...

[06/27/13]   What is a General Contractor?

According to Wikipedia, a general contractor is “responsible for the day to day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of a building project.”

So what are some of their responsibilities?

The general contractor or GC will pull the necessary permits and interacts with municipalities to make sure all aspects of the job comply with county, state and/or federal building code.

Most if not all of general contractors will be present during the inspections to ensure everything has been approved and there are not any problems with the work done thus far.

The GC is responsible for scheduling and paying any subcontractors involved with the job.

He or she will participate in actual demo or construction depending on their skill set.
They are responsible for the bid, budget, timeline of work, including the projected date of completion.

The general contractor is the go to person for the client’s questions and concerns.

What kind of education and training should a general contractor have?

Although it is not a requirement to have graduated from a College or University, many general contractors will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management or Civil Engineering.

Most have participated in an Internship or Apprentice Program.

One of the most important items a general contractor must have by law, is a state issued Contractor’s license to operate in a specific state.

Many contractors are members of AGC of America, The Associated General Contractors of America. This is an organization to provide training, continuing education, safety procedures, new product information and LEED Construction and Green Building guidelines and support for general contractors to stay informed on an ever changing and advancing career.

When you are ready to start your project, make sure you talk with your general contractor on all aspects of the job, their background, education and training. Verify they are insured, bonded (if applicable) and licensed, as well as the subcontractors they use as well.

Author: Carolyn Dobson, QuoteMyContractor.com

[06/24/13]   Summer time Storms – Safety Tips for Using Your Generator

Summer is here and so is unstable weather in the form of severe thunder storms and hurricanes. When there is a power outage, many people rely on generators that are wired into your home or portable generators.

What is the difference between a generator that is wired into the home and a portable generator?

Generators that are wired into your home can supply power for the length of the outage in order to prevent the loss of heating or cooling which could lead to frozen pipes or mold, as well as supply power to your sump or ejector pumps to prevent flooding. Generators are available in natural gas or liquid propane. Installation includes wiring the generator directly into a subpanel transfer switch that will automatically sense the power outage, thus starting the generator.

A portable generator runs on gasoline and can only operate a few items such as a light and refrigerator at one time, for a limited amount of time. With a portable unit, items must be plugged into the generator in order to run any electric devises.

The National Safety Council recommends these safety tips to ensure your use of a portable generator is not dangerous for you and your family:

Follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions for set up and use.

Portable units emit carbon monoxide. Never use in a portable generator in your home, garage, crawl space or any other enclosed areas. Toxic fumes can build up which can cause serious injury or death.

Only use your portable generator outdoors, away from windows, doors and vents.

Do not operate under a wet environment. Protect your unit from the rain or snow.

Use a battery powered carbon monoxide detector in the area where the generator is being used and inside the home to detect any harmful fumes.

Never operate the unit by explosive materials.

If you have to use extension cords, make sure they lay flat, are grounded and rated for the application.

Finally, never try to power the house by plugging the portable generator into a wall outlet, known as backfeeding. This will create a high probability of electrocution for you, your neighbors on the same electrical line and any workers trying to restore power.

Talk to a professional about the benefits of having a generator installed into your home, especially if you are in a high storm area and lose power often. Most companies can offer a warranty on the installed generator and can provide a maintenance agreement to ensure the generator is in working order prior to a power loss.

Author: Carolyn Dobson, QuoteMyContractor.com

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