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I love to create. Be it art, little clay sculptures, or my myriad DIY projects. Follow my journey on FB or come join my class for some creative fun.

Hi! My name is Nidhi. I am a self employed artist, crafter, DIY'er as well as a full time Mom to my two not-so-little munchkins. I adore art & crafting and making fun, unique, quirky things. I believe in simple yet almost perfect things (Ya right! like that ever happens!), learning along the way and keeping an open mind! I also run art classes for children of various age groups out of my home studio. Follow my creative journey on Etsy, FB, Pinterest, Instagram, Wordpress or see me outside of the virtual world and join my art classes. Follow me on my blog at or find me on Pinterest and Twitter as well, keyword: GiddyNiddy.

RIP #GrumpyCat 😢 #TardarSauce aka Grumpy Cat, the ubiquitous internet celebrity whose permanent scowl made her a sensation around the world, died on Tuesday. She inspired countless hilarious memes and became an iconic cat of scarcasm. We will miss you Grumpy Cat ❤️

This past weekend my 11 and 14 yr olds participated in Acton Children’s Business Fair in DC. They made all sorts of interesting hand crafted products and did a great job pitching it and made some money too! 😁 Such a great and fun experience for them. @ActonFair #ChildrensBusinessFairDC #KidEntrepreneurs

Chewbacca Actor Tweets Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Original Star Wars Trilogy

#PeterMayhew, the actor who played #Chewbacca in the #StarWars movies passed away yesterday. Mr. Mayhew — who was 7-foot-3 — donned a shaggy costume to play Chewbacca, the menacing yet cuddly Wookiee who was a sidekick to Han Solo and the co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon. He appeared in all three films of the original trilogy, as well as in “Revenge of the Sith” in 2005 and “The Force Awakens” in 2015. RIP Wookiee ❤️ Peter Mayhew, the actor behind (or inside of) Chewbacca the Wookie, recently revealed images on his Twitter from the creation of the original Star Wars trilogy, one of the greatest movie trilogies ever made. Some of the images are fascinating because they reveal how movie magic was performed in a da...

Mechanic and Machines

This is hilarious and just too cute to not share!

Ok, YOU'VE GOT TO SEE THIS! Every morning, retired 72 year-old Stephen Mckears kept finding his tools that he'd left on his workbench the day before, stored back in his toolbox. He put a camera on his workbench overnight. It revelead a mouse that spent two hours every night putting everything back in the toolbox!

When you do your #SpanishHomework like a boss! Love that my 14 year old does his school work, that sometimes involves a mix of art and creativity with academics, with such enthusiasm. #Homeworkwins #SpanishClass #Schoolwork #Art #Artwork

#EarthDay2019 Let’s celebrate this beautiful planet of ours everyday and promise to remember that Earth Day is not a joke, but rather, a reminder of the fact that the Earth's fate is held in our hands. #DoYourPart #EarthDayEveryday #GoGreen

And it’s done! This #RobotCart is ready to rock n roll. Kudos to my 14 yr old for relentlessly working on it for the past few days. Turned out spectacular 😀

What does a 14 year old who is obsessed with #Robotics do for #SpringBreak? Build a wood cart for the robot of course! 😆 Excitement over Lowe’s trip to get lumber is only matched by the excitement over the use of power tools! Love my boy! #Handykids #DIYprojects

The Enchanting History of Notre-Dame Cathedral’s Famous Gargoyles and Grotesques

What a colossal loss for the world! #Notredame was completed in 1345 and stood strong all these years. It was not just a place of worship but a piece of art history as well. #heartbroken How much do you know about the gargoyles of Notre-Dame Cathedral?

High five to the astronomers/astrophysicists/scientists for giving us the first glimpse of a black hole ever captured in pictures by humans. What an incredible achievement of science by these relentless individuals. #blackhole #NASA #astrophysics #space #wormhole #einstein

When your 11 year old bowls you over with her art that’s also packed with so much love ❤️ Absolutely adore this sketch she did for me. #Daughtersarethebest #proudMom #ArtTeacherWins #DIYKids #artistickids #love

There is tons of art around DC that I haven’t even explored yet. Here is a list of some spots that give you a visual treat. I absolutely love the #Hirshhornmuseum and #Renwickgallery for their amazing #artinstallations. These are the museums where we were able to view #YayoiKusama and #theartofBurningMan
The next spot on my DC list is the #BlindWhino #CultureHouseDC

Ready. Set. Compete 😊 Custom shirts designed by #GiddyNiddy for the littles (well not so little anymore tho) to look sharp for their presentations tonight for the #StepUpLoudounYouthCompetition
Good luck to the kiddos. So proud of them for their hard work and dedication in making an impact in their community to make it a better place for all. #Championsinmybook #MakinganImpact #CommunityWarriors #GrubArmy #StudentCounselor

From their first album in 1973 to today, the magic of #Queen and #FreddieMercury lives on. Their biographical music tribute that came out in 2018 has sparked renewed interest in their phenomenal music for young and old alike. The breadth of musical contributions Queen has made, goes to prove that music really has no bounds. Queen, a legendary musical phenomena. Here is my tribute to #Freddie and #Queen and their iconic song #BohemianRhapsody 🤘🏽#CustomWallBoards

#HappyHoli Wishing everyone tons of love, laughter, and vibrancy of colors this Holi. May it be colorful and bright. We are celebrating with colors of art and craft and look forward to some homemade traditional Indian sweets 😋 #yummyinmytummy #Holi2019 #colorsofcrafting

Hooray! It’s the first official day of #Spring and the colorful Indian festival of #Holi! What better way to celebrate than a burst of intensely colorful #paperflowers and some bright #artwork. Well #HelloSpring We have been waiting for you 😊

Happy #PiDay to all the math enthusiasts out there. The boggling fact about Pi is that the decimal is seemingly endless. In recent history, Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits past its decimal. What’s more is that the numbers that make up Pi are completely patternless. You don’t have to be a math nerd to be amazed by the infiniteness of Pi. And sometimes, if you are lucky, you get to use your love of Pi in the most creative ways 😉 (See the picture)

Don’t think you all will be able to guess that my 11 year old likes crafting 😂 All of this here, happens alongside homework, school, music, and sports! I love it! I would take this over spending time on devices anytime! I must be doing something right 😉 #STEAM #Creativekids #perlerbeadcrafts #DIYkids #Yarnbasketweaving #pipecleanercrafts

Google doodle today celebrates the Russian mathematician Olga Ladyzhenskaya. Three cheers for women who have changed the course of math and science in the past and for those who continue to change, challenge, inspire, and shape the future of STEM around the world!! #GirlPower #womeninSTEM

I think my houseplants have a sinister plan to take over my home....well, there’s strength in numbers they say and this one has taken the lead. I can only hope that the other 70 won’t follow suit 😆#iamthecrazyPlantLady #houseplants #indoorplants #creepers #cardinalvine

Team Bionic Bears are off to State Robotics competition second year in a row! Of course, they had to have team shirts to show their pride. Good luck #Team #BionicBears Hope next stop is the #worldcompetition Custom shirts and graphics made by yours truly 😬 #GiddyNiddy #customshirts

These beautifully illustrated #India stamps depict the story of #Ramayana and #LordRama. A gift from my Dad for my 14 year old to add to his philatelic collection. I told him that I will explain to him the significance of each of these depictions. An interesting way to tell the story of Ramayana and I absolutely adore these illustrations. #Philately

A train journey, a wedding, some shopping, and an overwhelming stirring of all possible senses. That was my two week trip to India. Sorry to have been MIA. When I travel, I try to stay away from social media.
Here are some brief snippets of my trip. India is a sensory overload to say the least. The colors, the sights, the smell, the chaos, the love, the spirituality, the traditions, the eclectic food, the people, and so much more. All of these make India a truly unique country and one that is so endearing to me. #IncredibleIndia #Indiatravels #Indiantrainjourney #BigFatIndianWedding

When you get snowed in on your birthday but have the yummiest cake to keep you warm #happybirthday to #myhusband love ya His #favorite #cake since #forever #homebaked #fresh #pineappleupsidedowncake #macademianuts #pineapple #cherries #ginger #orangezest #yummy 😋😋😋😋

This gorgeous take on one of my favorite #VanGogh paintings #starrynight done completely with flowers by artist Bridget Beth Collins (instagram @flora.forager), is just beyond beautiful. So creative and what a unique way to celebrate this iconic Van Gogh painting. #ArtwithFlowers #bridgetbethcollins #instagram

Any #Queen fans out there? Our family is in full Queen obsession mode after watching the recent movie #BohemianRhapsody It’s truly love rekindled. We are loving #Freddie and his music all over again 🤘🏼He is my inspiration for this latest board. It’s still in the making. Will post a picture of the completed #wallboard soon :)

#WineTasting in 8 easy steps. My new #wallsign at GiddyNiddy is a handy dandy wine tasting helper for those who want to sound like a #winesnob We had a blind wine tasting party for our friends and this board was all the rage! Coming soon to my Etsy and Amazon store. GiddyNiddy does custom wall signs and boards to fit any occasion, room, and event. Possibilities are endless. #blindwinetasting #winetastingparty #8steostowinetasting

We were busy over this #snowy #weekend with bonus snow days from school to extend the fun. We sketched, we baked, we played in the snow, and even threw a party for our friends! How did you celebrate the #firstsnowoftheseason?

How adorable is this little free library! Such a neat idea. #littlefreelibrary #creativeideas

When you love your #plants as much as I do, you even #sketch them 😜 I think my #fiddleleaffig and #monstera enjoyed my silent gazes as I sketched them #crazyplantlady #plantmama #houseplants #indoorplants #figtree #monsteramonday #plantlover #plantbabies #plantsofinstagram

So much fun to spread cheer this past holiday season. Glimpses of a few of the custom wall signs and holiday gifts I made for friends and customers during the holidays. Look forward to even more creative, unique, and fun ideas/products in the new year. Cheers to a brand new year, new beginnings, and new creative pursuits in 2019 #Customholidaygifts #hostesswiththemostest #holidaygiftideas #holidays2018

Cheers to a brand new year! Happy 2019 all. Some glimpses of our trip to #RenwickGallery in #DC to see the #TheArtofBurningMan #nospectators exhibit. This festival of celebration of self expression, innovation, ingenuity, and just amazing art all around has become one of the most influential phenomenons in #americanculture Wish we had gone earlier to see the entire exhibit but glad to have caught at least half of it. #blackrockdesert #burningman #americanart #americana

Happiness is seeing your recently pruned #fiddleleaffig #sprout #newleaves Woohoooo....and even the #mama #tree looks happy. It’s sprouting new leaves as well. Though I will need a step stool for that picture!#allisgood #crazyplantlady #figtree #waterpropagation #iloveplants #houseplants #homejungle

Cheers! to the year that was, and to the brand new year coming our way. Just few more days until we bid adieu to 2018! What are you looking forward to in the new year? I know I am excited about more travel and finding more ideas and inspirations for GiddyNiddy. 😊🛩 #theyearthatwas #goodbye2018

From getting ready for the Christmas cookie exchange with friends to gobbling up all of the goodies....this has to be the best time of the year! Merry Christmas Eve all....hope it’s super sweet and full of love. #ChristmasCookieExchange #Christmas2018

New boards in the making! Ideal last minute gifts for your host/hostess this holiday season 😊 #Customwallboards #Wallsigns #holidaygifts #Christmas2018

Best Christmas Ever - SNL

This is hilarious but so true ❤️ #BestChristmasEver

A couple (Matt Damon, Cecily Strong) sits down to reflect on a great Christmas with their family as they quietly remember the horror. #MattDamon #MileyCyrus ...

Thank you Archita for sharing this beautiful picture and for the wonderful compliments. I am so glad you like the board.

#Grateful#Thankful for this beautiful and unique creation by GiddyNiddy - Art, Design, Sculpt, & Craft! The perfect piece to complete the holiday decorations on the mantel. Keep rocking with your creativity and energy!! Thanks once again🙏😍

Love the holidays for the sweet surprises it brings. A scrumptious cake from #nothingbundtcakes sent by a friend and some yummylicious #Ghirardellichocolates also sent by a friend🙂 Life is sweet. Devoured and onto some art and work 😋

It’s the season to give joy 🌲😀 Easy wreath DIY. You can either layer two wreaths or just add a pre made word to your existing one. And Voila! You have a brand new, festive wreath, for the holidays. #EasyDIY

Stocking up! Some new boards coming soon...yay! 😀 #customwallboards

Do you guys know about Spoonflower? I found this online fabric store some years back and absolutely love it for their unique user generated printed fabrics etc. You can design and get your own fabric printed here. They literally have every single theme of fabric you can imagine. You can order swatches if you don’t want fabric by yard and just need a small piece of whimsy or creativity for a little project. I am working on creating something with the ones below 😀

Something new in the works 😀This one will probably take a while to complete but I think it’ll be worth it! So excited! #customwallsigns

The tiny greens, from the flower arrangement that a friend had gifted (see the little green leaves between the roses), were transplanted and boy! have they come a long way! ❤️ Absolutely in love with this #creepinginchplant #CallisiaRepens #crazyplantlady

This wooden plant bench built by my 13 year old truly, absolutely, and without a doubt, trumps and outshines any gift I could have received from any store! He built this for my birthday (with a little help from Dad). I am so excited about it (maybe a bit too much perhaps since I feel compelled to admire it a few times everyday). It’s exactly what I wanted..yay! And did I mention the amazing card he made as well (see in the comments)? #KidsDIYProjects #PlantBench

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