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Mister Sparky of Ashburn

Welcome to Mister Sparky Electrical Service owned and operated by Modern Mechanical. Mister Sparky is your on time electrician for Northern Virginia.

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We usually don't have to think about whether or not the lights will come on. As homeowners, we're pretty confident in our electrical system. But what happens when you run into a problem? It could be as easy as flipping the breaker, but what if it's not? Do you know when it's time to call an emergency electrician? https://bit.ly/3mYA1b3

We're winding down on 2020 - is your home prepped for 2021? Schedule your home inspection today! https://www.mistersparky.com/request-appointment/

November is Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month and we want to make sure you feel safe in your own home. A Mister Sparky professinal can install hardwire CO detectors throughout your home so you don't need to worry about changing batteries - and your family can rest easier. Find out more about CO here: https://bit.ly/3mG6KSf


Mister Sparky's Tips on Generators

Generators can be a life line during an emergency, but do you know the difference between portable and standby? Find out which one is best for you! #generators #generatorsafety #portable #standby

What You Need to Know About Your Generator

We sometimes take for granted the safety of our household appliances. But if our devices are malfunctioning or damaged in anyway, your home could be at risk for an electrical fire. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/general-electrical/malfunctioning-appliances-can-cause-electrical-d/

Fire Safety, Simplified. Did you know that Ting helps prevent electrical fires before they happen? Read more here! https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/safety/prevent-fires-before-they-happen-with-ting/
#ting #fireprevention #firesafetymonth

One way to make your home safe is by installing security lighting, which helps deter intruders, scares off critters, and lights your way in the dark. Did you know that you can operate your security system from the palm of your hand with smart home technology? Ask your local Mister Sparky expert how we can help you!

Do you know the drill? Today is National Fire Drill Day and we encourage you to review your fire exit procedures. We've also provided an infographic on things you should know about your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. https://bit.ly/2I5lYBk #nationalfiredrillday #firesafety

As part of Fire Safety Month, we want to make sure you have all the tools necessary to help keep your family safe. Do you know what a smoke alarm versus a carbon monoxide detector sounds like? Did you know that you should change your clock AND fire alarm batteries at the same time? Review this checklist from Mister Sparky of Richmond to see if you're doing all you can! https://www.mistersparky.com/richmond/about-us/blog/2018/october/are-you-following-this-fire-safety-checklist-/

It's Fire Prevention Week and what better way to educate your children on safety than by playing a game. Check out NFPA's fun activities for children here: http://www.sparky.org/games?_ga=2.125059843.860566997.1598542263-1546938322.1594410132
#NFPA #FirePreventionWeek #NationalFireSafetyMonth #kidsgames

Celebrate National LED Light Day by switching to LED lights! You can save up to $1,000 dollars over a 10 year period - plus LED lights last longer! https://www.mistersparky.com/san-antonio/about-us/blog/2020/september/led-lights-will-they-work-for-you-/


Oct4 NFPA FirePrevention

NFPA's Fire Prevention Week is October 4th - 10th. This year's campaign is “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!™” The goal is to educate everyone about the simple but important actions they can take to keep themselves, and those around them, safe in the kitchen. Did you know? Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of fires in the kitchen. Visit here for more information: https://www.nfpa.org/Public-Education/Staying-safe/Preparedness/Fire-Prevention-Week/About

NFPA Fire Prevention Week - Kitchen

October is Fire Safety Month! Here are three tips to keep you and your family safe. 1) Test your smoke detectors 2) Make sure you've got detectors on every floor of the house, outside every room, and 3) Review your home safety plan! Find out more here: https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/safety/important-fire-safety-tips/

As homeowners, we strive to make our living quarters safe for ourselves and our families. This includes employing sound electrical safety practices around the house. With National Fire Safety Month around the corner, it’s more important than ever to familiar yourself with ways you can keep your home safe by preventing electrical fire. Check out these life-saving tips here: https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/safety/brush-up-on-electrical-safety-practices/

As the days get longer, it's important to fortify your home against the dark. Whether it's animals digging through the trash or an unwanted guest prowling around your backyard, outdoor lighting is a surefire - and easy way - to guarantee you and your family's safety. Check out the benefits in this article from Mister Sparky of Santa Rosa! https://www.mistersparky.com/~/bay-area/about-us/blog/2018/september/how-outdoor-lighting-can-increase-your-home-s-se/

Are you getting the most out of your electrical? You could benefit from a Mister Sparky Club Membership. Find out more here: https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/did-you-know-/learn-how-you-can-benefit-from-a-club-membership/

Energy Vampires? It'll take more than garlic to keep your energy bill down. Find out which appliances use the most electricity here: https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/energy-efficiency/are-your-appliances-draining-you-/

Just like a trip to the doctor, make sure you don’t put off your electrical checkup. Whether you’re prepping to sell your home this fall or simply looking to keep things safe, it's always important to make sure you've scheduled your home inspection. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/general-electrical/when-should-you-schedule-an-electrical-inspectio/#~S5i7i92

Updating your lighting can add some pep to older homes. Here are some tips on how to do it safely: https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/lighting/tips-for-connecting-new-light-fixtures-to-old-wi/

It's already September! Have you prepped your electrical for Fall? Here are some safety tips to help you! https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/tips-and-tricks/fall-tips-things-to-keep-in-mind-about-your-elec/


Sept3 WorkingFromHome

Working from home can be convenient, but there are some important safety precautions you should be following to ensure your home electrical is in tip top shape. https://www.esfi.org/resource/electrical-safety-while-working-from-home-757


MSE Ceiling Fan Clockwise CounterClockwise

As temperatures drop, did you know you should change the direction of your fan?

Fun Fact: As temperatures drop, did you know you should change the direction of your fan?

If you have valuables in your home, you may have considered investing in a safe. When you need to hide away a small amount of cash, coins, jewelry or other pocket-sized possessions, one of the most clever locations may be inside an unconnected electrical outlet. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/general-electrical/build-a-clever-wall-safe-with-electrical-outlet-/

We all know that pivotal scene in the movie where the good guy is trying to decide which wire to snip. One wire defuses the bomb. The other, “Kerblam!” This knowledge isn’t secret, nor does it need to be decoded. In fact, there are specific wire colors that indicate what they are and how they should be treated. Knowing what those colors are is key when trying to understand your home’s electrical system. https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/circuits-and-wiring/electrical-wires-knowing-which-is-which/

With summer coming to an end, it's time to wrap up those unfinished projects. If you're remodeling your home, these are some things you should consider. https://www.mistersparky.com/myrtle-beach/about-us/blog/2020/may/eight-electrical-upgrades-you-should-consider-ha/


Aug 21 Power Surges

Power surges can cause a lot of damage to your electrical and computers, TVs, gaming systems and charging phones are all vulnerable. Surge protectors guard your electrical from a temporary rise in voltage and current on a circuit. Find out more here: https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/surge-protection/what-you-need-to-know-about-surge-protection/

Surge Protection

Don't be "made" by your "meter." Knowing how to read your electric meter right will guarantee you're not paying for energy that you're not using. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/energy-efficiency/how-to-read-your-electric-meter/

Did you know that attic fires peak in both summer and winter? In December and January, electrical issues cause a large number of attic fires, while summer spikes are caused by lightning and other natural causes.

Nothing captures the smell and taste of summer like an outdoor barbeque. But it's important to take the necessary precautions so that your feast doesn't turn into fire. The National Fire Protection Association reported that outdoor grilling caused an average of 10,200 home fires. Check out these grilling safety tips! https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/safety/grilling-safety-tips/

Energy-efficient cable boxes can cut your power usage. Certain cable boxes can use half as much electricity as a refrigerator, according to the Energy Collective, so there's a lot of room to conserve. Look into providers that offer energy-saving solutions that are 40 percent more efficient than average models. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/energy-efficiency/energy-efficient-cable-boxes-can-cut-your-power-/

Three prongs are better than two: Another oldie but goodie. We’re all familiar with 2-prong and 3-prong plugs. Did you know that one is better than the other? https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/circuits-and-wiring/three-prongs-good-two-prongs-bad/

When is it time to replace your detectors? Learn more about how to protect your family - check out this Q&A with Mister Sparky Brand Manager Dan Mock! https://www.mistersparky.com/~/expert-tips/smoke-detectors/smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-safety-a-q-a-with-dan-/

Energy efficiency is important in your appliances. It helps both the environment and reduces your energy bill. Here's a simple hack to improve efficiency: Don't put hot food in the fridge. It can cause a significant spike in the temperature inside, placing a large burden on your refrigerator’s compressor as it works to bring the temperature back down. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/energy-efficiency/putting-hot-food-in-the-fridge-is-safe-but-costl/ #energysavers #hotfoodinthefridge

Short circuits and other electrical malfunctions are the leading causes of air conditioning fires. (USFA) Regular inspections of your electrical system and air conditioning units can help detect and prevent such malfunctions. https://www.mistersparky.com/expert-tips/general-electrical/when-is-it-time-to-upgrade-your-electrical-work-/

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