Dan Thiewes • Selling Northern VA

Dan Thiewes • Selling Northern VA

Over 26 years of experience, working for you

You might say I'm a mid-western person at heart. Born in Minnesota, teen years in the Chicago area, college at Southern Illinois, a few years in both Peoria (yes, that Peoria) and Bettendorf before moving to Northern Virginia in 1983. Quite the change - faster traffic and more people. Married the love of my life and raised a great son who is on his own and doing great. During this time I discovered the greatest profession - selling residential Real Estate. There is nothing better then helping someone buy the house of their dreams or sell a current home so they can change their lives. I still love what I'm doing.

[02/24/20]   Thanks, Missy!

"Working with Dan to sell a house in Centreville, VA was an absolute pleasure. My buyer wanted to close as quickly as possible, and Dan made that happen. Any issue that came up with HOA documents, termite inspections or communication between all parties in general, was handled quickly and efficiently so we could close on time. Here we are twenty days later, with satisfied clients on both sides! If you want a Realtor who executes each step of a real estate transaction with a professional flair, call Dan Thiewes with RE/MAX Premier."

Missy Whittington
Samson Properties

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This listing went live on Saturday around 12:20. On Sunday we had 25 showings by various Realtors. By the end of the evening (late) there were 5 contracts in my inbox. Monday morning I saw 2 more come in and after dinner saw an additional 2 contracts. A total of 9 contracts for the seller to consider.

Did we sell the townhouse - yes. For more than asking - yes.

Needless to say, there were plenty of factors that went into the decision of which contract to go with. The good news is that there is one very happy buyer out there. The bad news is that there are eight sad buyers out there that need to go back to square one. If history and experience is teaching me anything, I believe that we are in for an early-arriving Spring market with substantial demand from buyers.

If you are thinking of selling this spring you should call me immediately. There are many boxes that need to be checked before offering it to the world and the more boxes checked, the better.

If you are thinking of buying this spring you should call me immediately. Like selling this spring, there are a lot of boxes to check and they are all really important.

Let’s talk - call, text or message.

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Is there a man-cave nearby? Wash your hands or "rinse and spit?"

While the big box stores and TV shows make home remodel jobs seem easy, they often are not. In fact, they can be better left to the professionals and licensed contractors. A homeowner DIY project will check a box, but did you get everything you had hoped for? Will it add value in the eyes of a future buyer of your home? Was it done correctly, per code?

If you are thinking of doing some remodeling and want some names of trusted contractors, give me a call. I have contractors that will do a great job and give you the finished project you wanted.

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So you want to sell your house… but it needs a bit of work?

Don’t worry, there is a buyer for every house. Someone may be looking for “great bones” and be willing to do the renovation that’s needed. Or, perhaps the value is in the land.

If you are thinking of selling, now or in the near future, give me a call. Let’s see what is needed to be done prior to putting your house on the market. With the right prep work and a sound game plan, you can maximize your bottom line.

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London Towne, Virginia is red hot!

Even though it’s the fourth quarter of the year, these great townhouses didn’t last long. This supports the old adage that "nice houses, that are smart values, never last long” and they do pretty well with the price.

Are you thinking of selling now or in the near future? If so, let’s talk. Let me help you make sure your house is a smart value.

By the way, I will be presenting another London Towne townhouse in January that will be every bit as nice as these two. Let me know if you might be interested.

Centreville, Virginia | #CentrevilleRealEstate | #NoVARealEstate

Is it still a good time to be a Seller - YES!

These both went on the market within days of each other and received contracts in short order. In fairness, they looked great and were priced fairly. When houses are “Move-In Fresh," they don’t stay on the market long.

Are you thinking of selling now or in the near future? If so, we should talk now. We may be in the 4th quarter of the year, and yet, houses are still selling. I have sold houses one and two days before Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas, the day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day.

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We went live and had our first showing scheduled (for an hour later) in less than 5 minutes!

This house is every bit as nice as it appears (and won't last long). It starts with newer, recent improvements – Hardwood floors in the foyer and kitchen, granite counter tops with subway tile backsplash, crown molding in the foyer and living room, upper bathroom makeover, HVAC, water heater, sump pump, No-Clean gutters and more. The last month has seen the move-in detailing that everyone loves – Fresh paint, new carpet, light fixtures, lower level bathroom makeover, kitchen cabinet hardware, stainless steel refrigerator, stove, range and dishwasher.

The only thing missing is you. The wooded view from the deck is the 800+ acre Cub Run Stream Valley Park. It offers a 6.6 mile paved hiking path that is dog-friendly to leashed dogs. There have been reports of deer and wild turkey sightings.

This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom is being offered for $345,000.

14871 Lynhodge Ct in Centreville, Virginia. Call, text or message to schedule your private showing.

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[11/26/19]   "I spoke to Dan about 2 weeks before my home was put on the market. He was recommended to me thru several friends. We spent about 2 hours walking and talking thru-out my home. He made a few suggestions on my home for improving the sale. His ideas and thoughts were the turning point for me, he was hired as my Agent. We had an open house on a Saturday and had 3 writing offers and a verbal offer with-in 2 hours. After we looked thru all, one offer met the sale price and has excellent funding. Dan recommended I go forward with this buyer. Within a week the sale looked good with Dan handling the negotiations. This is the point an excellent agent (Dan Thiewes) is needed thru-out the process until signatures are required for final settlement. The final close out happened 4 weeks later. I am so happy for my Agents skills. Thank you."

Thanks for the kind words, Bill!

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It appears that the foundation has been sprayed with the code required waterproofing, but is the basement waterproof?

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Dan Thiewes - Real Estate Agent in Ashburn, VA - Reviews | Zillow

"You couldn’t ask for a better realtor than Dan Thiewes. I have been fortunate to have worked with Dan for both buying and selling. Don’t worry if you think his office location is not near your desired location. He does his homework and will never let you down. When selling my home in Falls Church he did his research and was able to list and get a much higher amount than local “experts” and in a matter of days after listing. When we decided to buy a condo in Fairfax, he helped us find what we were looking for exactly where we wanted to be. If you want a realtor with the utmost integrity, enthusiasm, knowledge, and is quick to respond, don’t hesitate to call Dan."

This review was left on Zillow - see what others have said, too:

zillow.com Visit Dan Thiewes's profile on Zillow to find ratings and reviews. Find great Ashburn, VA real estate professionals on Zillow like Dan Thiewes of RE/MAX PREMIER.

Wow, wow, wow - this is one crazy nice townhouse. For this townhouse, beauty and perfection are more then skin deep. The owner has spent years systematically going through the house making quality, first class improvements.

The floors were repaired with 3/4" birch grade A/B plywood using heavy duty adhesive and 3" screws. The driveway was resurfaced in 2013 with 3" of compacted asphalt. Much of the cast iron sewer and drainpipes were replaced with Scheduled 80 PVC during remodeling. In 2012 a 4.5 GPM flow, on demand hot water heater was installed. In 2016 a 96%+ furnace was installed. The refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and stove were replaced this year. You also need to check out the steam shower, Jacuzzi 10 jet tub and central vacuum system. Like I mentioned, you really need to review the whole impressive list. If this looks interesting, please schedule a showing immediately - I don't think this property will last long.

3 bedrooms / 3.5 bathrooms / 3 levels with a walkout basement

14854 Bodley Square, Centreville, Virginia | Offered for $360,000

Call, message, text or email to schedule your private visit.

#CentrevilleVA #HouseForSale #RealEstate

[10/16/19]   There have been times over the years when selling real estate, where unusual, neat things occur. Seemingly random or maybe not?

Last week I wrote a contract for my buyers, Michael and Margaret. As part of the contract submission, they wrote a note explaining how excited they were with the prospects of owning this neat house and their hopes of building wonderful memories.

When the seller responded to our contract, she wrote: Thank you for your kind note and your interest in my mother’s property. Our children, MARGARET and MICHAEL, grew up spending their best days here, and the thought of another family enjoying it warms our hearts.

Need less to say, we all thought this was the coolest. What are the odds?

Yes, my buyers got the house.

… and then about a week later, I got a note from the buyer of one of my listings. This time, the buyer was made aware from a co-worker that the house belonged to a former physical therapy patient. Once again - too cool. Yes, the buyer got the house.

Green Tree Frog Caught by SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera

Green tree frogs are really cute, except when they come to visit at 4:27 AM and then again at 5:07 AM, and again at 5:23 AM and yet again at 6:26 AM.

At 4:27 AM the usually-pleasant tone from our SimpliSafe home surveillance doorbell went off. At first glance, through groggy eyes, the real time video seemed to show someone putting their hand over the camera lens. With a quick reset, we realized it was a green tree frog walking over the lens. Instantly we felt better but were still not pleased with the little fella feeling the need to walk the side of the house at this time of the morning.

Apparently, having the front door lights on created a bug buffet that just couldn’t be resisted. The second video shows the rapid heart beat of the little one that may indicate a high metabolism or true excitement with the insect feast being presented.

The next morning we found our friend “chilling” on his new found resting place. With our need for uninterrupted sleep, I gently relocated him/her to the shady side of the house. Hopefully, we won’t have to live thorough a real life Disney-type movie where the frog makes the long trek to get home (to our door bell).

Yes, we love our #SimpliSafe system.

Yes, this is every bit as nice as the pictures show. This is one of those houses where the owner started at the top with a brand new roof and worked their way down to the front yard mulch and rear yard - while taking care of all the spaces in between.

All new windows, new high-end kitchen appliances, granite countertops, subway tile backsplash, resurfaced cabinets, tile floor, ceiling lights and new sliding glass door to private deck, with treed view overlooking the tot lot.

All the bathrooms have been totally redone with vanities, lights, faucets, fixtures, mirrors and more. The foyer, laundry room and basement bedroom have new flooring. The whole interior (closets included) have been freshly painted and the outside has been power washed.

All that's missing is you and your possessions.

4 Bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms | Offered for $470,000

Call, text or message and schedule your visit to this great townhouse.

Is this the proverbial "better mouse trap?"

At a certain point in the career of a real estate agent, a home inspection is another home inspection. You have seen it all and the progression through the house and systems is very predictable. Every now and again, you do run into something new and different. Recently, I ran into another "new and different."

The best we could figure out was that this was a “hidden door stop.” While it seems like a “better mouse trap” it doesn’t appear that the world is aware of it yet or maybe I didn’t know how to search the web for it. Do you have any ideas of what it is officially known as and where to buy it? I’m not sure if it’s better then the rest of the door stops available, but it is sure interesting.

Not everyone should be allowed in The Home Depot!

While showing houses, we all went outside to see the fenced in patio and backyard. As we leaned up against the vinyl fence we noticed how much it moved back and forth. On further study we saw that it was the posts that we moving. All the posts were moving. With the lightest push on the very top, it was possible to get a post to move an easy inch or so. It turns out the posts were all “anchored” in the post-hole with spray foam insulation. You can kinda see where the home owner was coming from. The foam expands to fill the hole and sets up firm. The only problem is that it doesn’t compact, bond with the surrounding dirt and provides absolutely no structural support.

Once again, this is a job better left to a professional. Are you thinking of a home improvement and don’t know where to start? If so, give me a call, text or message, and let me connect you with one of my preferred contractors. You can be assured of having the job done correctly and at a fair price.

"Our Oasis Inside the Beltway" is how the HOA describes this wonderful community. The lucky purchaser of this nicely sized (1,488 sq ft) townhouse is going to feel the same way about their new community. This well-maintained house only required new carpet in order to get it in showing condition.

This 35 acre community is next to the Fairfax County Public Golf Course and features tennis courts, tot lots and long winding walking trails. It's only 11 miles to DC. Don't wait - schedule your showing now while it's still available.

This 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 2 level townhouse is offered for: $415,000. 6584 Medinah Lane, Alexandria, VA 22312.

…and over there is another new data center.

It seems that every week, in my drives around the Ashburn, Virginia area, I see yet another large, cement, boxy building going up. Another data center that is larger than its neighboring data centers. Welcome to “Data Center Alley,” home to the largest concentration of data centers in the world with nearly 13.5 million square feet in current operation and anther 4.5 million square feet being planned or developed. Over 70% of the world’s internet traffic flow through these centers daily.

This all started in 1992 when a group of network providers in Virginia joined forces and connected their networks to form MAE-East, one of the first internet exchanges. In 1993 the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded them a grant which made them one of the original four Network access points. Impressive. Soon after, this part of Northern Virginia was deemed the place to expand. The land costs were favorable, Electricity cost was low and the local population was skilled and educated.

Ashburn is currently the fastest growing data center market worldwide due to the dense fiber network required. With the support of the state of Virginia in the form of a Fast-Track Commercial Incentive program this will continue to expand. The demand for these structures will only increase with the use of the Cloud, artificial intelligences, virtual reality and the increase of the internet in general.

This great townhouse sold in the first 1.5 hours after going live; however, in all fairness it could have been sold 48 hours prior. The problem with the first contract was that it was a sight-unseen contract with a huge “walk away” clause that made us nervous. Wisely, we waited for a buyer to actually walk through the doors and fall in love with the house.

Props to the buyer’s agent. She was totally on her game. Her buyer was fully approved by a local lender and was prepared to move quickly. Quick settlements are always preferred with vacant properties.

This 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, 4 level townhouse with 180º view of the Blue Ridge Mountains was offered at 419,900 in Broadlands, Virginia.

Congratulations Ben and Jess!

Best wishes for many years of great happiness in your new home. I know you will brighten up your new house with your fun personalities and sense of style. Your neat house will only get neater.

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Green Tree Frog Caught by SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera
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