Dr. Seema Mohanan and the staff at OptimEYES welcome you to Ashburn's newest state of the art optometry office!

Dr. Seema Mohanan and the staff at OptimEYES welcome you to Ashburn's newest state of the art optometry office!

Let your soul shine! Make an appointment today.


10 Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief - AllAboutVision.com

Are you working on a computer most days? You may be suffering from digital eye strain.

allaboutvision.com Read these top tips for avoiding eye strain when working at a computer.

The Verge

Contacts are great when you take proper care of them!

Your bad contact lens habits could make you go blind.

Such complex organs benefit from regular visits to us.


How People With Bad Eyesight See The World When They Take Off Their Glasses

How accurate are these?

designyoutrust.com Have you ever wondered how people with specific eye errors see the world? Philip Barlow, a Cape Town-based artist, has created a series of paintings that vividly shows the struggle of those who have myopia or nearsightedness, the most common refractive error of the eye. At a first glance, Bar


Do you know what to eat for your eyes?

You can lower your odds for cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases just by picking the right foods. What you should know:

Sleep is good for more than beauty and your brain: it is good for your eyes!

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Some nice eye facts in this short video!

The human eye is a miracle. It's the most complicated organ, after the brain. I've teamed up with الخطوط الجوية التركية to show you the wondrous science behind your sense of sight. #FlyGoodFeelGood #DrOzOnTheAirInTheAir

Did you know?

Avocados are loaded with powerful antioxidants that can protect your eyes.

Practice proper habits with your contacts!


Woman loses eye sight after using 20-year-old makeup

Be careful what you put on and around your eyes!

msn.com She is expected to lose her sight completely in three years. A woman in Australia lost her eye sight after using a 20-year-old expired mascara.Shirley Potter caught eye infection after using the mascara that was lying in her drawer for years. "A general rule of thumb is that product that you put aro...


Fruits and Veggies Impact Vision | Optometrist in Ashburn, VA

Check out this blog by Blog

optimeyesod.com Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision. Celebrate 'More Matters Month' by being aware of eating healthy and how in can help vision! Call today and schedule an appointment with your optometrists in Ashburn.


This explanation is older but still relevant!

A 1940s explainer of how the eye functions.

Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Or neither?

Smart Parenting

Baby eyesight is different from adult eyesight but everyone needs eye care!

See through your baby's eyes and understand how his sense of sight develops in the first year. Read more at http://bit.ly/SPhowbabysees

National Geographic Magazine

Humans see the world in a unique way.

Scientists may understand how the eye works, but seeing what other animals see is another matter entirely. http://on.natgeo.com/2EyjjwT


5 Strange Eye Symptoms That Should Never Be Ignored - WomenWorking

You should never ignore your eye health!

womenworking.com When it comes to our health, there are some problems that are easier to recognize than others. Unfortunately, overwhelming numbers of people worldwide tend to overlook the well-being of their eyes. But there are some odd issues with the eyes that should never be ignored because they could signal a l...

Did you know? But they start developing their ability to see color within a week!


Eye conditions that can affect children

A school vision exam is not always enough to catch these things as children's eyes are continuously developing.

news-journal.com While a loss of visual acuity is often associated with senior citizens, various diseases and conditions of the eye can affect children. The American Academy of Opthalmology says many conditions


Would you wear these?


Contact Lens Health Week in August | Optometrist in Ashburn, VA

Check out this blog by Blog

optimeyesod.com The fifth annual Contact Lens Health Week is due to be celebrated in August 2018. This beneficial event is run by the CDC and is a helpful tool in promoting healthy habits when wearing and caring for contact lenses in Ashburn.


5 Signs You Are Getting Pink Eye

Be aware of the symptoms so you can treat pink eye before it becomes too bad!

powerofpositivity.com There are about 3 million cases of pink eye in the U.S. each year, so here are the signs to look out for so that you can recognize and treat it faster...

7-Second Riddles

Let us know how you do!

Are You Colorblind? If You Are, You Won't Pass This Test!

Has your child had an eye-checkup lately?

iMatrix - Your Internet Marketing Partner

Eating for your eyes is eating right!

This is why regular vision checkups can help you screen for other diseases as well!

The Merit School of Broadlands visited us today and learned all about what happens during an eye exam!! #summer #fieldtrip #sunglasses

Try this, but remember this will not substitute healthy eye habits like scheduling an appointment with us.

Eye Palming


Crazy Science: Biohackers develop night vision eyedrops

Interesting concept! But possibly a risky procedure. For now, stick to glasses and turning on the lights.

bgr.com A group of biohackers based out of California recently developed eye drops which, when inserted into the human eye, provide users with some semblance of night vision. According to researchers over …

We are truly humbled. Thank you for all your support! Check us out for yourself! #yelp #greatreviews #milestones #eyeglasses #contactlenses #optimeyesyourvision

Clean your glasses and appreciate the sights around you!

Animal Planet

Don't try this at home! But do drink water to keep your eyes hydrated.

Hey little gecko, you've got something in your eye...

Dr. Mehmet Oz

How your eyes "look" is not as important as how your eyes "see" but there are some tips in here that can help with both.

Did you know that your eyes can be telltale signs of aging? Use these 10 all-natural beauty and diet tips to turn back the clock.

Red-eye in photos are normal, but if you have them in the mirror, schedule an appointment!


The Dangers Of UV Radiation To Your Eyes

Did you know certain medications make your eyes more at risk?

allaboutvision.com How to choose the right sunglasses, with an explanation of the UV Index.


Neither unusually dry or watery eyes are normal. Let us know if you have either issue.

Eat food with healthy nutrients to prevent eye issues!

Kids Are Just The Cutest

Getting your prescription just right can be a great experience.

This baby girl can’t believe her eyes! 👓 👶 😮


Protect Your Eyes: Everyday Steps to Sun Safety - SkinCancer.org

Your eyes need protection, don't skip the sunglasses.

skincancer.org Prevention Sun Protection Prevention Guidelines Skin Cancer Infographics Children For Your Eyes Clothing Shade Sunscreen Sunburn Seal of Recommendation Are You at Risk? UVA & UVB Skin of Color Tanning Teacher Resources Related: What Is Skin Cancer? | Window Film | Healthy Lifestyle | True Storie...

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!! Stay cool! 😎😎 #fourthofjuly #sunglasses #celebration #fireworks #optimeyesyourvision

Best to make sure that the eyes you are using so much are in top working condition!


Blurred Vision Treatment - Optometrist in Ashburn | OptimEYES

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optimeyesod.com Blurry vision in one eye or both eyes may be a symptom of myopia (nearsightedness), along with squinting, eye strain and headaches. Myopia is the most common refractive error and causes objects in the distance to become blurred.

Blinking helps maintain your vision. Talking encourages you to blink, looking at a computer screen does the opposite.

Smart Parenting

Screen time. How much is too much for kids?

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