Dr. Seema Mohanan and the staff at Optics&EYECARE welcome you to Ashburn's newest state of the art optometry office! Dr. Seema Mohanan and the staff at OptimEYES welcome you to Ashburn's newest state of the art optometry office!

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[10/05/20]   Depending on your age and specific vision condition, everyone's frequency for how often they need to see an eye doctor is different. If it's been a while since you've had your vision checked or noticed any changes in your vision, now is the time to have your eyes examined. opticsandeyecare.com


Focusing on Contact Lens Safety

October is Contact Lens Safety Month and we want to take this opportunity to encourage patients to practice good contact lens safety practices.

fda.gov To enjoy the benefits while avoiding the risks, following these tips for proper hygiene, cleaning, disinfecting and storage.

Chronic dry eye can be extremely uncomfortable, but there are eye drops and other treatments available to combat this condition.

[09/28/20]   Taking care of your eyes doesn't have to be difficult! Some tips to help you practice optimal eye health include:

• Get regular eye exams
• Wear sunglasses
• Eat a balanced diet
• Give your eyes a break from your devices
• Don't smoke
• Wear eye protection


Diabetic Retinopathy | National Eye Institute

If you have diabetes, it's important to continuously monitor your eyes by getting routine exams and learn how to prevent diabetic retinopathy.

nei.nih.gov Diabetic retinopathy is an eye condition that can cause vision loss and blindness in people who have diabetes. It affects blood vessels in the retina (the light-sensitive layer of tissue in the back of your eye). Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diabetic reti...

Our eyeglasses will give you the chance to see the world as clearly as possible.

[09/21/20]   Having good vision is extremely important to perform well academically. Schedule a time for your child to see us so we can evaluate their eyesight and ensure that their vision does not hinder their schoolwork. opticsandeyecare.com


Strabismus - Children's Health Issues - Merck Manuals Consumer Version

Strabismus is the misalignment of the eyes and if left untreated, can lead to amblyopia.

merckmanuals.com Strabismus - Learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment from the Merck Manuals - Medical Consumer Version.

Come in for an eye exam and leave with clearer vision and a trendy, modern pair of eyeglasses.

[09/14/20]   Waiting too long to receive treatment for eye diseases can result in vision loss. Some of the most common eye diseases to be on the lookout for are:

• Age-related macular degeneration
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Retinal detachment


The month of September is focused on healthy aging in all aspects, but especially your eyes. As you get older, the risk of certain eye diseases increases. Here are some useful and very important information about age-related eye diseases and what you can do to protect your vision.


Computer vision syndrome can cause your eyes to feel tired and dry. Take a break from your devices and let your eyes rest.

Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to all the students on their first day of school! We have everything they need to make sure their eyes start this year right! Ask us about our BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION options today! #backtoschool #2020 #eyeglasses #computerglasses #contactlenses #ashburnva #lcps #broadlands #opticsandeyecare #opticsandwecare

[09/07/20]   One of the main symptoms of cataracts is clouded vision. Routine eye exams can help to detect cataracts in its earliest stages and provide you with the necessary treatment to improve your condition. opticsandeyecare.com


Computer vision syndrome: Definition, causes, and symptoms

Because so many of us spend our days looking at some sort of screen, whether it be a desktop, tablet, or our phones, computer vision syndrome has become more common. These are the signs that you may be experiencing eye fatigue and how to stop it.

medicalnewstoday.com Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is the term for a group of eye and vision-related problems that develop following prolonged use of devices with digital screens.

As you age, you'll notice that your vision is one of the first things to change. Taking care of your eyes is important in every stage of life, but with age comes an increased risk of different eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. Monitor your eye health with eye exams to detect any potential dangers.

[08/31/20]   The first step in assessing your child's vision is to give them a comprehensive eye exam. Schedule a time to see us on our website so we can improve your child's eye health. opticsandeyecare.com


Hyperopia, or more commonly known as farsightedness, affects approximately 5 to 10 percent of Americans. If you suffer from this refractive error, we can find you a pair of glasses that correct this issue.


Being nearsighted, farsighted, and having astigmatism or presbyopia, which are all refractive errors, can cause your vision to become blurry.

[08/24/20]   There's no better time to have your child's vision tested than during Children's Eye Health and Safety Month! Schedule an appointment with us now. opticsandeyecare.com


Do I Need Glasses? Test, Reading, Headaches, and More

Sometimes you may experience some of these symptoms and not realize that they are indicators of vision problems. If you've been dealing with a number of these issues, it may be time to get a pair of eyeglasses to improve your vision.

healthline.com Glasses can help people see better, but you might not realize you need them. Your eyes can change over time, so it’s important to see your eye doctor regularly.

Depending on what types of lenses you decide upon, each one has a different lifespan and should be properly disposed of and replaced when the times comes.

[08/17/20]   If you keep a close eye on your overall health and visit your physician, you should be doing the same with your vision and come to see us. Routinely having your eyes checked can keep them healthy as we will be able to closely monitor them. opticsandeyecare.com

Wearing sunglasses is important for everyone so your eyes won't become sunburned and you won't experience any damage to your cornea, eyelid, retina, or lens.

[08/10/20]   Have you been experiencing any type of eye pain or discomfort? Don't wait to have it checked out. Schedule a visit with us so we can assess your eyes as soon as possible. opticsandeyecare.com


Diplopia (Double Vision): Monocular and Binocular Causes and Treatment

There are two different types of diplopia (double vision). There's monocular and binocular diplopia. Here are the causes and treatment options for this eye condition.

healthline.com Learn more about the possible causes of monocular and binocular diplopia (double vision), when to call your doctor, and treatment options.

Support your child's developing vision by bringing them in for routine eye examinations, feeding them foods that contribute to eye health, and making sure they protect their eyes from the sun and while playing sports.

[08/03/20]   Is it time for a fresh, new pair of contact lenses? Come to our office and receive an eye exam so you can get your prescription and be properly fitted for the right type of contacts. Visit our website to schedule an appointment. opticsandeyecare.com


Astigmatism: Causes, types, symptoms, and treatments

Symptoms of astigmatism include blurry or distorted vision, eyestrain, headaches, and even trouble seeing at night.

medicalnewstoday.com Astigmatism is an common eye condition that causes blurred vision as the result of an incorrectly curved cornea. Treatment is with lenses or surgery.

Suffering from double vision can also cause headaches, eye pain, dizziness, and more. We can help you find the cause of your double vision and the most effective solution for your eyes.

[07/27/20]   How often does your child have their eyes checked? School-aged children should have routine eye exams to test their vision. Schedule an appointment with us to get them an exam. opticsandeyecare.com


The 9 Most Important Vitamins for Eye Health

Are these vitamins and other nutrients part of your diet? Adding them to the food you eat can help to optimize your eye health.

healthline.com Your eyes are complex organs, and nutrition plays a key role in keeping them healthy. Here are the 9 most important vitamins for proper eye health.

When was the last time your child received an eye exam? Book an appointment to see us and we can thoroughly examine their eye health. opticsandeyecare.com

[07/20/20]   Practicing good contact lens habits, such as not sleeping in them and cleaning them daily, helps to avoid irritation and potential eye infections. If you have any questions about the do's and don'ts of wearing contacts, contact us. opticsandeyecare.com


Eye Irritation Due to Swimming | Livestrong.com

Have you heard of swimmers eye? Taking a nice dip in the pool during the warmer months always feels great, but it's important to protect your eyes from pool chemicals while swimming.

livestrong.com Chlorine in the eyes is a common cause of an irritating condition sometimes called "swimmers eye." This form of conjunctivitis can often be dealt with at home.

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