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Penguin Pediatrics is focused on preventative medicine, providing appropriate anticipatory guidance to parents and families to raise healthy children. The joy of Pediatrics is in watching patients and families grow. We enjoy giving families the reassurance that Dr. Kodu knows their child by name and history when they walk into our office. The ideal pediatrician is not just a child's physician, but evolves into the child's mentor and advocate. The vision of Penguin Pediatrics is providing one on one care for our patients. Every child and family has unique needs in terms of the physician's time, medical approach, and emotional responsiveness. Establishing Penguin Pediatrics has given Dr. Kodu the flexibility to meet these needs while providing the best medical care. At Penguin Pediatrics we also understand that childhood illnesses are common and worrisome to parents. It is our goal to offer same day appointments for acutely ill patients so they can be seen in a timely manner. Parents will always have the opportunity to speak to Dr. Kodu directly with their questions and concerns. After hours phone calls are handled by Dr. Kodu himself so that parents have the reassurance of talking to their own physician who is familiar with their child. In short, we strive to be the best pediatrician for every child who is a part of our practice.

Mission: Our mission is to provide your child with exceptional medical care in a warm and caring environment.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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The first vaccination your child should receive is the Hepatitis B vaccine. This typically comes within 24 hours after birth, followed by two more injections throughout their early years.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC wishes you happiness and health this holiday season!

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

We understand that when your child isn't feeling well, it's important they receive a diagnosis as soon as possible. This is why we provide same-day sick-visit appointments! Schedule a sick-visit by calling the office directly at 571-253-6421. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Many states require sports physicals before participating in sports! Unlike a standard physical, Penguin Pediatrics PLLC will focus on the health of the child as it relates to sports. This will keep them happy and healthy on and off the field!

The expert team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC can diagnose and treat an array of health conditions. If your child is sick, come in for a sick visit today.

There are many different styles of parenting, and it can help to have a medical professional with similar beliefs caring for your child. Come meet our compassionate team today.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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ADHD left untreated can cause emotional distress and academic problems for children. If you suspect your child might have ADHD, give us a call at 571-253-6421.

Sometimes it feels like flu season is always upon us, but luckily our office is here to help. If your child's symptoms are increasingly getting worse, please schedule a sick visit. We want to get them feeling like their best self again.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

A wart is a small skin growth that often develops on the fingers, hands, and knees. At Penguin Pediatrics PLLC, we offer safe and effective treatments to eliminate warts! Schedule an appointment online today. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Sports are great activities for your child, both physically and socially! However, to participate your child likely needs a sports physical. At Penguin Pediatrics PLLC, we provide sports physicals to help make sure your child is healthy enough to play. Call to schedule an appointment: 571-253-6421.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to give thanks to those around you today.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

To ensure your children are protected from infectious diseases, they should receive routine vaccinations starting at birth. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers all necessary vaccines based on your child's age and medical history! Call today to schedule an appointment: 571-253-6421. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

A cold isn't always enough to prompt a sick visit. However, when symptoms worsen and become unusually bad, it's time to make the drive or phone call. Call 571-253-6421 if your child has a high fever, a cold that persists for more than two weeks, or a problem eating without vomiting.

Sports physicals are a must to make sure that your child is staying happy and healthy while playing their sports. We will give your child the OK to play their sport after they undergo a sports physical with us. To learn more, call 571-253-6421!

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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HPV is a virus that enters through cuts and scrapes in the skin. Come into Penguin Pediatrics PLLC; we can help treat your child's warts!

Not only do vaccinations protect your child, but they will also protect others around them! When your child is immunized, this helps limit disease from spreading. Call us today at 571-253-6421 to schedule an appointment.

While hyperactivity is highly occurring in people diagnosed with ADHD, a person doesn't have to display this symptom to have the disorder. There are different types of ADHD: inattentive, hyperactive-impulsive, and combination. Depending on which type your child has, they may or may not struggle with hyperactivity!

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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The common cold is a viral infection that can result in sneezing, coughing, headaches, congestion, and sometimes fever. It's likely your child will develop a common cold at some point, especially if they're frequently surrounded by other kids! While symptoms usually resolve after a couple of weeks, if they worsen or persist give us a call immediately!

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

To register with a sports organization, your child likely needs a sports physical, like those offered at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC in Ashburn, Virginia and Stone Ridge, Virginia. Request an appointment online! Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

While children are known for rowdy behavior, those who are diagnosed with ADHD are so distracted it takes away from their ability to learn. In some cases, the child becomes so disrupted they can't accomplish tasks. If you suspect your child might have ADHD, call Penguin Pediatrics PLLC for treatment!

It's vitally important to make sure your child does not scratch or pick at their warts and to remind them to wash their hands frequently! Warts can easily spread across the body.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

For patient convenience, Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers same-day appointment opportunities for emergencies and sick visits. They also offer extended hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays to accommodate a family’s busy schedule. Call us today at 571-253-6421! Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Simply, a vaccine is an injection containing a killed version of a disease so that the body can build antibodies to prevent the host from contracting the disease in the future. This preventative measure is the reason epidemics such as polio tetanus, mumps, and rubella are so rarely reported today.

During a sports physical, a doctor will check vital signs and assess basic functions to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in sports! Book an appointment today:

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Giving children a pleasant experience at the doctor’s office is a priority at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC. The caring and experienced staff provide a welcoming, warm environment for children up to 21 years old. Learn more: Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

As much as you protect and care for your children, they are still prone to developing acute illnesses. When this happens, you can bring them in for a sick visit. We can help deal with symptoms like chest pain, coughs, heat rashes, and more. Call us today if you think your child needs a sick visit! 571-253-6421.

Are you worried that your child might have strep or a fever? If so, come into Penguin Pediatrics PLLC for a diagnosis and treatment you can trust.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers comprehensive in-office vision and hearing screenings to identify potential problems as early as possible! Book an appointment now: 571-253-6421. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

According to MindBodyGreen, "ADHD diagnoses jumped to 41 percent between 2003 and 2011. In 2016, more than 9 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 17--more than 6 million children in total--were diagnosed with ADHD." Come in and see us with any concerns!

Hearing tests are important for catching any problems early and ensuring your child's health. Schedule an appointment with us today: 571-253-6421.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers comprehensive care for children who struggle with impulse control and behaviors! If you think your child is struggling with attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), call today: 571-253-6421. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Common symptoms for ADHD can include difficulty focusing, impulsive actions, constant movement, and more! If you suspect your child may have ADHD, schedule an appointment now: 571-253-6421.

Strep throat can be incredibly contagious. If your child is exhibiting any of the signs associated with strep throat, it is best to schedule an appointment with us for testing. Early detection of strep can help prevent it from spreading!

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

“Dr. Kodu and his staff are amazing! They are so welcoming and caring.” - Verified Patient. Visit our website for all testimonials! Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

If your child is experiencing something like a high fever, widespread rash, or any unusual symptom, come in for a sick visit today!

Warts are most common in children and young adults. If your child develops a wart, there is usually no reason to be worried! However, it's important to schedule an appointment with us for further examination!

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

It's possible to lower the risk of getting cavities by taking proper care of your teeth, including the use of fluoride! Luckily, Penguin Pediatrics is happy to provide children with professional fluoride treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment: 571-253-6421. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

The most common treatment for a wart is liquid nitrogen cryotherapy. The wart is treated with ultra-cold liquid nitrogen that kills the tissue, usually removing it in about a week.

Heading into fall, it's important your child is up-to-date on their flu vaccinations! Schedule an appointment with us today: 571-253-6421.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

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If your child is feeling under the weather, Penguin Pediatrics PLLC can help! We specialize in pediatric care and can diagnose the problem! Call us today: 571-253-6421.

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