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Pediatric Care located in Ashburn, VA & Stone Ridge, VA Penguin Pediatrics is focused on preventative medicine, providing appropriate anticipatory guidance to parents and families to raise healthy children.

The joy of Pediatrics is in watching patients and families grow. We enjoy giving families the reassurance that Dr. Kodu knows their child by name and history when they walk into our office. The ideal pediatrician is not just a child's physician, but evolves into the child's mentor and advocate. The vision of Penguin Pediatrics is providing one on one care for our patients. Every child and family has unique needs in terms of the physician's time, medical approach, and emotional responsiveness. Establishing Penguin Pediatrics has given Dr. Kodu the flexibility to meet these needs while providing the best medical care. At Penguin Pediatrics we also understand that childhood illnesses are common and worrisome to parents. It is our goal to offer same day appointments for acutely ill patients so they can be seen in a timely manner. Parents will always have the opportunity to speak to Dr. Kodu directly with their questions and concerns. After hours phone calls are handled by Dr. Kodu himself so that parents have the reassurance of talking to their own physician who is familiar with their child. In short, we strive to be the best pediatrician for every child who is a part of our practice.

Mission: Our mission is to provide your child with exceptional medical care in a warm and caring environment.

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Our team of pediatricians treats every child like family! If you're looking for a practice that cares, choose Penguin Pediatrics PLLC. Learn more about us:

Enjoy this spooooky season with your loved ones, and remember to stay safe! Happy Halloween from your friends at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC! 🦇🎃

It's crucial to keep your child's immunizations up to date! While vaccines can be scary for kids, they will protect them from a variety of conditions that can lead to serious afflictions. Learn more about vaccines here:

It's possible to lower the risk of getting cavities by taking proper care of your teeth, including the use of fluoride! Luckily, Penguin Pediatrics PLLC is happy to provide children with professional fluoride treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment: 571-253-6421.

Testimonial: "First time here and completely satisfied. Nice place and very friendly and helpful staff." - Verified Patient. Schedule an appointment online today:

A child should have their first comprehensive eye exam between 6 to 12 months of age. If you haven't already, bring your child in for a comprehensive eye exam with Penguin Pediatrics PLLC. This will ensure healthy vision for years to come!

On World Pediatric Bone and Joint Day, also known as World PB&J Day, we take time to recognize the musculoskeletal disorders that impact children every year.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers sports physicals to ensure your child is physically capable of participating in their sport. Much like a regular physical, a sports physical covers all the bases to make sure your child is healthy and able!

Read our latest blog post to learn about the common causes of childhood diarrhea and when to seek treatment!

Physical distance shouldn't stop you from staying socially connected with friends and family during the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead of in-person visits, take advantage of online video calling to check in on loved ones. Learn more about protecting those most vulnerable:

Common warts are typically the result of a virus! While they can go away on their own, it's important to keep them from spreading. Make sure your child does not pick at their warts and washes their hands frequently!

Preventative health care starts young! From the short moments after your child is born to throughout their young life, they should be getting routine vaccinations to protect against diseases. Learn about pediatric vaccinations at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC!

We understand that when your child isn't feeling well, it's important they receive a diagnosis as soon as possible. This is why we provide same-day sick-visit appointments! Schedule a sick-visit by calling the office directly at 571-253-6421.

When a child has a consistently high fever, it's best to visit the pediatricians at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC for a sick visit before symptoms get worse. Visit our website to get started:

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

A wart is a small skin growth that often develops on the fingers, hands, and knees. At Penguin Pediatrics PLLC, we offer safe and effective treatments to eliminate warts! Schedule an appointment online today. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Sports physicals are great for evaluating one's health to make sure they are healthy enough to participate in the sport. Even with a clean bill of health following a sports physical, it's important to monitor your physical health throughout the sports season. See Penguin Pediatrics PLLC with any concerns!

It's that time of year again when children are heading back to school! What better time to also make sure your child is healthy for another school year than scheduling a visit to Penguin Pediatrics PLLC for an annual well-child exam.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

To ensure your children are protected from infectious diseases, they should receive routine vaccinations starting at birth. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers all necessary vaccines based on your child's age and medical history! Call today to schedule an appointment: 571-253-6421. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

A child should be able to focus and follow an object by 3 months of age. This is a sign that their eyes are developing properly. If you have any concerns, visit Penguin Pediatrics PLLC!

ADHD is NOT just a childhood disorder! Although symptoms first emerge in childhood, they can extend into adolescence and adult life. Care for this condition is critical early on! Set up an evaluation with Penguin Pediatrics PLLC if you suspect your child might have ADHD:

Telltale Signs of Strep Throat: Penguin Pediatrics PLLC: Pediatric Care

At Penguin Pediatrics PLLC, we see many cases of sore throats, some of which are strep throat. Here's what we say to look for when you suspect strep! Although a sore throat is a major sign of strep throat, not every sore throat indicates that you have this bacterial infection. Here’s how to know when you sh

Here's a daily reminder to wash your hands often to slow the spread of COVID-19. Keep these key times in mind for when it's especially important to wash your hands. Remember to follow other protective actions provided on the CDC website.

Before the season starts, bring your child in for a sports physical! This will ensure that they are physically capable of playing their sport. We can detect any problems that may hinder their ability or performance.

3 Common Vision Conditions in Kids: Penguin Pediatrics PLLC: Pediatric Care

Read our latest blog post to learn about 3 common vision conditions in children! Your child’s vision is a crucial part of their overall health and quality of life. Children can develop issues with their vision that require care. Here are s

Happy Labor Day! We know today reminds us that the end of summer is near, but on this Labor Day, let's celebrate the history of the American workforce. Thank you to all of the hard-working, motivated, and career-driven folks that have shaped the path for our future!

Children consume more added sugar in what they drink compared to what they eat! Our pediatricians recommend limiting a child's number of sugary drinks to reduce their risk of health problems like tooth decay, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. As parents, start early to make milk and water the beverage of choice for your child.

Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

To register with a sports organization, your child likely needs a sports physical, like those offered at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC in Ashburn, Virginia and Stone Ridge, Virginia. Request an appointment online! Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

Despite misconceptions, a lot of the world's most threatening diseases are prevented thanks to vaccinations. Make sure your child is immunized by scheduling an appointment with Penguin Pediatrics PLLC.

Parents should never ignore their child's symptoms or ongoing complaints of feeling sick. For expert diagnosis and treatment, visit our team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC today.

Wart Treatment Specialist

The team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC can determine the best treatment for warts based on your child's age and their medical needs. They initially may recommend salicylic acid treatments that remove the wart a few layers at a time! Learn more: Trusted Wart Treatment Specialist serving Ashburn, VA & Stone Ridge, VA. Visit our website to book an appointment online: Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

If your child is having trouble seeing, take them in for a comprehensive eye exam with Penguin Pediatrics PLLC! We can prescribe a visual aid if needed. Learn more here:

If you're concerned about hyperactivity in your child, Penguin Pediatrics PLLC has the skills and expertise to diagnose ADHD! Even better? We followup a diagnosis with effective treatment to help your child manage their condition! Learn more!

Hearing And Vision Screenings Specialist

To ensure your child is on track developmentally, the team at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC recommends hearing and vision screenings starting from your child's third birthday, with yearly checkups! Learn more on our website: Trusted Hearing And Vision Screenings Specialist serving Ashburn, VA & Stone Ridge, VA. Visit our website to book an appointment online: Penguin Pediatrics PLLC

This summer, make a game plan to lower the risk of COVID-19 and reduce the spread while playing youth sports. Know that a child's level of risk may increase depending on the setting. Visit the CDC to learn more tips kids, parents, and coaches should follow to keep teams safe and healthy:

Let's work on those warts! Penguin Pediatrics PLLC is here to help your child get rid of those unwanted warts, and we can offer tips and tricks to prevent future wart development. Get started with us today!

Our Story

Giving children a pleasant experience at the doctor’s office is a priority at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC in Ashburn, Virginia. The caring and experienced staff provides a welcoming, warm environment for children up to 17 years old. Led by fellowship-trained pediatrician Umesh Kodu, MD, the medical team is experienced and well-equipped to provide the highest level of care while ensuring children are comfortable and relaxed. Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers a variety of medical services, addressing both acute and chronic health conditions in their kid-friendly office. They offer diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as strep throat, flu, rashes, and attention deficit disorder. Patients receive the team’s full attention during each appointment to identify the root cause of their issues. To ensure children are in optimal health, the Penguin Pediatrics PLLC staff provides numerous preventive health services, including hearing and vision screenings, vaccinations, and annual well-child visits. They also provide comprehensive physical examinations for school compliance and sports participation. For patient convenience, Penguin Pediatrics PLLC offers same-day appointment opportunities for emergencies and sick visits. They also offer extended hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays to accommodate a family’s busy schedule. To learn more about the available pediatric services at Penguin Pediatrics PLLC, schedule an appointment using the convenient online booking feature or by calling the Ashburn office directly.

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