Keren Jayne, Pearson Smith Realty

Keren Jayne, Pearson Smith Realty


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Keren was a pleasure to work with. She was super responsive and quickly used all social media outlets and other available resources to put our house out to the buying community. She sold our house the day it hit the market for over asking price. You can't ask for anything more out of your realtor. Karen proved to be professional, action oriented, and results driven! We were very fortunate to have her represent us, as would any seller.
wow! :-)

Keren Jayne is a 16 year Northern Virginia resident and full time REALTOR®. She and her husband live in Purcellville with their 3 boys and LOVE calling Loudoun County home. Keren's passion is helping people choose and love where they call home.

Licensed in VA - 0225228889 Proudly Part of Pearson Smith Realty. 43777 Central Station Dr #390, Ashburn, VA (571) 386-1075

A little about me... I was born in Vermont and grew up in a household of 11. My family moved quite often, mostly between the New England States, usually for my fathers work or mission callings. We moved to Northern Virginia, Western Loudoun to be specific, 14 years ago. Prior to moving to Virginia, I had never lived in 1 state for longer than 2 years, so after a few years of living here I truly felt it was a place I could call home. I married my husband in the beautiful and quaint town of Hillsboro and shortly after we moved to Alexandria. We continued the moving trend over the 9 years we’ve been married living between Alexandria City, Prince William County, Fairfax County, and several places from eastern to western Loudoun County, all while growing our family. We now have 3 brilliant and handsome boys and we feel like we’re ready to put our roots down a little more firmly in the ever growing and opportunity filled county of Loudoun. One of the pros of moving so often is that it has helped me discover my passion for real estate as well as giving me the opportunity to become very well versed with the entire Northern Virginia and DC metropolitan area. I also know first hand the worry and anxiety that can come with not feeling at home or settled, especially when you have little ones lives in your trust. My goal is to be the professional agent that you can trust will put your anxieties and worries at ease in each situation whether you are buying, selling, or renting, so that you can spend less time worrying and more time living and making memories!

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The agents at Pearson Smith Realty work as a team to get you the best results. Before your home is even listed in the Multiple Listing System (MLS), your home is entered into our internal listing system, exclusive to Pearson Smith Realty agents. This allows us to match you with potential buyers before your listing goes out to the general public. With this system, we have been able to match hundreds of sellers with buyers prior to homes being listed in the MLS. This saves our sellers time, money, and minimizes house preparation stress.

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Every kid in Loudoun be like...

“I’d like to thank my internet connection for getting me to where I am today.”

What are you looking forward to most this summer?💛☀️💦

Educators are an extremely important part of any community. To support their ability to live in the communities they serve federal, state and local governments have set up several home-buying programs specifically for teachers.
Are you curious what assistance options are available to teachers in Loudoun or the surrounding counties? Let's chat!

If you want to celebrate World Oceans Day by moving a little closer to the water, give me a call to get your current home listed on the market!

When we embrace diversity, we build stronger communities.

I’ve heard this issue brought up several times this past week...let’s talk about it!

Did you know that about 30% of home sales in Loudoun County take place off-market or pre-market?
Is your agent proactive about finding you these homes?
Ask me about how I can match you with exclusive and premarket listings!

PS. If you’re thinking of selling, I can also help you get these same results!
🤙🏼Let’s get the conversation started!

Remember that garden we started on back in early April?
Here’s our second harvest of kale. The broccoli heads are getting bigger by the day, peppers and tomatoes are flowering, green beans, potatoes, onions and cucumbers are growing quite well and we’ve been enjoying lots of herbs!
What’s growing in your garden? 🌱

If you only had the budget to make one space in your home bigger, which one would you choose to upgrade?

As the days get longer and Summer sets in, we could all use a room with good natural light. Cool off from the warm Virginia days in a room like this: open and beautiful.

Have a funny story? Maybe a crazy one? Share what you would title a book about your first buying or selling experience!

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day for showing homes in Western Loudoun!
I even got to stop by and say hello to my friends at Re-Love It.
What do you think of this new hat and jewelry set I scored? 😍

5 most Instagram worthy vineyards in Northern VA - Divinelita

Are you headed out to a local winery or brewery this weekend?
Be sure to share and tag your photos and leave them a few kind words. This is just a small way you can show your support for these business owners who have struggled so much these last couple months. The Northern, VA wine region aka NOVA, is a wonderful escape for those who are wine lovers and/or those who love scenic destinations. It’s approximately one hour outside of the […]

Tired of having a blank space above your headboard? Here are some ideas to fill that space!

Is the spring market back? It sure seems like it!
Lots of beautiful new homes are coming soon or have just hit them market - but they are moving quick!
🤙🏼Shoot me a message and let me know what you’re looking for!

Ps. Is it anything like this breathtaking home in Round Hill with picturesque views of Sleeter lake? 😍 @ Loudoun County, Virginia

#throwbackthursday to when my hair wasn’t showing 4 inches of roots! 🤣
I’m excited for my upcoming appointment with @lookingglassbeauty 🥰
What are looking forward to as #NoVa starts opening up again?

The Millennials Guide to Homeownership

If you are one of the millions of millennials who has seen their peers begin to buy homes recently and are wondering what it would take for you to do the same...this is the perfect guide for you!
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Are your flower gardens in full bloom?
Does your neighborhood look beautiful right now?
Late Spring or early Summer is the perfect time to get stunning exterior photos of your home and drone photos of your neighborhood!
Even if you don’t plan to list until later in the year or your interior isn’t quite yet ready, we can still get exterior photos taken while your #curbappeal is prime!
Message me to schedule your home’s photo session. @ Loudoun County, Virginia

[05/26/20]   Let me be your ally to help you navigate the market so you can find the best deal and perfect home to fit your lifestyle.

May we never forget the price of our freedom.
Today and every day, we remember and honor those who served.

Have you ever walked through new construction and thought, “if only I could buy the model home”?
Well, imagine your surprise...YOU CAN!
Message me to learn how! @ Loudoun County, Virginia

Honoring and remembering those that lost their lives in service to this great country. It's an honor helping their families find a home in the country they fought to defend.

Home loan or mortgage? Did you know that they aren’t the same thing?
Though often used as interchangeable terms, the two actually work together to finance a home. Many buyers are unaware of this before entering the process. Knowing the difference ahead of time can help you to have a better understanding of the home buying process.
Check out my latest blog post to learn the difference:

After all this time at home, have you made a big difference in your property's curb appeal? Now is the best time to put it on the market, give me a call today!

Let’s talk about #CREDIT !
✨Did you know that you credit is part of your financial power? If it’s not something you pay attention to, NOW is the time to start. If you have dreams of becoming a homowner, or maybe you are a homeowner and have dreams of growing your assets, know that the difference of a just few points can translate into stronger buying power or thousands of dollars saved each year. ✨
👉🏼Unfortunately many of us have been through or may be going through financially tough times. Often in times like this our credit is negatively impacted as we fall back on credit cards or lines of credit to keep us a float.
Let me share my personal story:
About 5 years ago our family hit some really tough financial times.
We were in the process of closing down a business, we didn’t have health insurance and I was pregnant with (and delivered) our third child + a whole lotta crap I won’t get into.
Unfortunately, during this time I racked up debt and had several cards that I wasn’t able to pay. The accounts were closed by the creditors and I had to negotiate settlements and payment plans which obviously wrecked my credit.
For the past 4 years I’ve gone from working 3 jobs at a time to getting my real estate license and building my own business.
At the end of 2019 I was finally able to pay off the last of my debt. As scared as I was of ever having a credit card again, I knew this was going to be the quickest way for me to rebuild. In January I got a credit card and stuck to a very strict spending and payment program. Here we are in May, just a few months later, and my credit is up over 700! I have a long way to go to where I want to be but the progress is exciting! 🔑 Here is what I want you to know: • If you are going through hard times, keep your head up! Most of us have been there. It’s okay to ask for help. You can and will rebuild. • If you need help and don’t know where to start, I’m always here to help connect with the right people and/or programs to help you get on track to achieve your goals!

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Ready for a new washer and dryer? Here are a few things to keep in mind during the shopping process. If you want a bigger laundry room, then just give me a call. Let's find the right house with one!


Stunning 2 🛌, 2.5 🛀🏻 condo in the heart of the Reston Town Center! Check it out and don't hesitate to reach out for more info! Up-to-date photos, maps, home, property, schools, neighborhood info. & details for 12000 Market Street, Reston, VA

One thing I love about living in Virginia, and specifically Loudoun County, is how much history and charm we get enjoy throughout our small towns.
These 2 stunning and well maintained homes are listed for sale!

The first one pictured was built in 1905 and the second one in 1830.

❓Can you guess which towns these are located in?
(Hint: the one built in 1830 is said to be the oldest home in it’s town.)

If you or someone you know would love to own one of these historic gems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Stuck inside but want to enjoy the scents of spring? Make your own seasonal home fragrance with a few simple ingredients!

Your paint finish is important! Make sure to choose the paint that will best suit your needs, especially for places like the kitchen.

Hi!👋🏼✨ I see so many new faces here so I thought I would introduce myself again!
I’m Keren, a full time realtor, mom to 3 boys and a born hustler!

I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to choose and love where they call home, which I a huge reason why I choose to help people with their real estate needs every day. I enjoy helping sellers, buyers and renters - meeting them where they are at and advising them and advocating for them so that they can achieve their desired goals and dreams.

I have been a Northern Virginia resident for 16+ years. In 2008 I married my childhood sweetheart in the quaint town of Hillsboro. Over our 11 years of marriage, we’ve moved all around Northern Virginia from Alexandria City to Prince William County, Fairfax County, and several neighborhoods from eastern to western Loudoun County. Needless to say, I have had the opportunity to get to know the area quite well. We are proud to call Purcellville Virginia home.

When I am not selling real estate you can find me, exploring nature and Loudoun County with my family, networking with local entrepreneurs, tackling home improvement projects, and occasionally relaxing at a local winery or brewery.

I look forward to meeting you, finding out about your real estate goals and how I can help you achieve them! -Keren

P.S. I want to get to know you too! Tell me what's one thing you are looking forward to once we are able to get back out with people again.

This Private Oasis in the Sought After Belmont Country Club is Coming on the Market This Week!😍
Listed by my amazing colleague, Ben.
Message me for more details! @ Belmont Country Club and Golf Course

Our Story

Keren Jayne is a 14 year resident of Northern Virginia.

She was born one of 9 children in her Vermont home but she didn’t stay there long. Her upbringing involved moving often, mostly between the New England states. Having never lived in one area for more than two years, she never experienced the feeling of being “home”.

In 2008 Keren married her childhood sweetheart in the beautiful and quaint town of Hillsboro. Shortly after her moving trend continued bringing her family all over Northern Virginia from Alexandria City to Prince William County, Fairfax County, and several neighborhoods from eastern to western Loudoun County.

She and her husband now have three handsome boys and are proud to call Purcellville Virginia home. In her family’s spare time they enjoy the outdoors; exploring Goose Creek, fishing, hiking, and visiting local wineries and breweries.

One of the pros of moving so often is that it fueled Keren’s passion to help others find that sense of “home”. It has also given her the opportunity to become highly versed in the real estate market throughout the entire Northern Virginia and DC metropolitan area.

Knowing first hand the worry and anxiety that can come with change, Keren’s goal is to provide you with an experience that exceeds your expectations on all levels.

“My promise to you is to be your personal and professional agent who will put your anxiety and worries at ease in each situation whether you are selling, buying, or leasing so that you can spend less time worrying and more time living and making memories!”

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