Ashburn Eyecare Associates

Ashburn Eyecare Associates

We are here to here to help you change the way you see yourself, with an accent on style!

We are a full service eye care facility that offers a complete array of eye care services, including comprehensive eye examinations,hard to fit contact lenses, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, such as eye infections and inflammations, allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more in a professional and modern office settings.We also offer preventative treatments to help your vision improve over time, from cataract and LASIK pre-operative care to post-operative care. In addition we provide emergency services, including ocular foreign body removal and eye injury treatment.
Our List of Doctors:
1. Dr Robert M Allen
2. Dr. Diana Slavin
3. Dr. Eveena Mahal
4. Dr. Paul Colbourne
5. Dr. John Dresely
6. Dr. Tressa Larson

EYES KEEP TURNING out red in your photos? It’s because the flash is bouncing off the retinas at the back of your eyes!

EYE WON’T STOP twitching? It’s usually caused by things like stress, fatigue, or even caffeine! Come on in and our doctors will make sure everything is OK.

YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD that daily calcium is good for healthy bones, but did you know it’s good for healthy eyes too? Keep drinking that milk!

WHY LIMIT YOURSELF to just one? Get the best of both worlds by having both glasses AND contacts, then alternate based on your daily needs!

Protecting Your Eyes From Snow Blindness – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

WHAT IS SNOW BLINDNESS and how to reduce your risks. Have your eyes ever felt gritty and watery after an outdoor adventure? Maybe you felt a burning sensation and suffered temporary vision loss?

WE WISH ALL OUR patients a happy New Year! Let’s make 2018 amazing!

TIME IS RUNNING out to use your insurance benefits! Be sure to use them before it’s too late!

YOU ALMOST FORGOT! There’s still time to use your insurance benefits so make an appointment with us today and we’ll get you taken care of!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! We want to wish all our absolutely wonderful patients a very merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday!

EVERY PART OF your body uses a lot of brain power but, at 65 percent, your eyes use the most by far!

IT’S HANUKKAH TIME! How are you celebrating the holiday this year?

IT’S TOY SAFETY MONTH! With all the new toys this month, make sure you’re very careful! You don’t want to shoot your eye out.

HOW ABOUT THIS for a daily dose of fun facts? 80% of all your memories come from the things you see!

Goodbye Glare, Hello Photochromic Lenses! – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

HOW MANY TIMES have you stepped outside looking forward to feeling the sun on your face, only to wince at the sudden glare? We have the solution for that! How many times have you stepped outside looking forward to feeling the sun on your face, only to wince at the sudden glare?

Finding The Right Frames For Your Face – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

OUR OPTICIANS are fantastic frame stylists! They can absolutely help you find a fabulous look and perfect fit. Come see them today. It’s easy to make fun of the idea that Superman can hide his identity behind a pair of glasses.

HAPPY MO'NDAY! Movember isn’t over yet so you still have time to grow that ’stache!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We’re grateful for a lot of things but mostly all of our amazing patients! From our families to yours, enjoy your holiday season!

This Is the Medical Reason You Get an Eye Twitch | Reader's Digest

EYE TWITCHING HAPPENS. Read the article to find out why you may have that constant twitch & how you can prevent it. An eye twitch can happen to anyone and frequently come on seemingly out of nowhere. Why do they happen and how can we stop them?

ARE YOU COVERED? If so, are you using the full benefits of your insurance? If you haven’t used them yet, make sure you do before they’re gone!

ARE YOU COVERED? If so, are you using the full benefits of your insurance? If you haven’t used them yet, make sure you do before they’re gone!

Myopia Management Ortho-K

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)... see clearly during the day without glasses or contact lenses. What is Myopia? Otherwise known as Nearsightedness, Myopia is a condition which makes distant objects appear blurry.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) i...

DID YOU REMEMBER to use all your insurance benefits this year? Don't let them go to waste! Get new pairs of eyeglasses, sunglasses and computer glasses. Stock up on your contact lens supply! We are here to help.

VETERAN’S DAY IS THE PERFECT day to remember how thankful we are for the those who have served for our country.

OUR CHANTILLY STAFF with one of our established patients. He comes back yearly for the great service and the wonderful smiles.

Watching Out For Diabetic Eye Disease – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

WHAT DOES DIABETES have to do with your eyes? Unfortunately, quite a lot. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 23.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes.

NOVEMBER OR MOVEMBER. With one comes the other. We’re helping to raise awareness for No Shave November here at the office! Are you particpating?

MISSED SOMETHING IMPORTANT because you forgot to change your clock? Daylight Savings is on Sunday, Nov. 5th this year so be sure to set your clock back!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Post a pic and share your costume!!

HALLOWEEN CONTACTS that are not properly fitted can cause permanent damage. Don't wear them unless first approved by an eye doctor.

Popular Science

Don't just take our word for it!

Never ever buy contact lenses without a doctor’s prescription. Just don’t.

How Do Our Eyes Compare With Cameras? – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

NIKON OR CANON, which is the best camera? Neither! If you’ve taken a lot of pictures, you might have noticed that the photos don’t always turn out the same as what we see.

CONTACT LENSES THAT ARE the wrong size could cause serious problems for your eyes! Always get a prescription before buying costume lenses!

Protect Your Sight As You Age – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

AS WE GET OLDER, it's important to keep our eyes healthy and strong. We all get older and so do our eyes, but there’s still a lot we can do to keep our eyes healthy as we age.

BUYING CONTACT LENSES without a prescription leads to eye damage, infection, and even permanent vision loss! Keep your eyes safe this Halloween!

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH! Defy superstition and make it a lucky one!

Signs It’s Time For An Eye Exam – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

HOW DO YOU FEEL about seeing your eye doctor more than once a year? Hear are some reasons why you should. It’s always a good idea to schedule regular eye exams, but there are several reasons for coming to see us between those regular appointments.

HOW DID WE DO at your last appointment with us? We’d love to hear your feedback!

OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS go out to the victims of the recent Las Vegas tragedy, as well as their friends and family.

Cosmetics And Our Eye Health – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

IF YOU WEAR MAKEUP, you should read this! Who knew cosmetics can be dangerous? Nobody likes accidentally jabbing themselves in the eye with a mascara applicator, but that isn’t the only eye health concern when it comes to...

This is how eyeball tattoos are supposed to work

JUST IN CASE you were wondering if it's a good idea, the answer is no. Don’t worry: there are no gross pictures here.

THE SUN EMITS harmful UV rays all year long, not just in the summer when the weather’s hottest, so make sure UV-blocking sunglasses are part of your fall attire too!

GLASSES ARE AWESOME because they’re essentially a customizable facial feature! Get the new look you want with a new pair of frames!

DON’T LEAVE YOUR child’s vision health to chance! 80% of learning is visual, so don’t skip a comprehensive eye exam for your child!

Dr. Slavin and our Ashburn Eyecare team had a fabulous time connecting with the community at the Ashburn Village Fest this weekend! If you missed us at the Village Fest and would like to schedule an appointment, visit us at Thank you for your support.

WE LOVE IT WHEN you refer your friends and family to us! Thank you for your loyalty and the trust you place in our practice! If you know anyone else who’d love our practice, be sure to spread the word!

PIRATES WORE EYEPATCHES so that they could keep one eye adjusted to dim light at all times in case they needed to go belowdecks. Most of them weren’t actually missing an eye!

Fighting The Drain Of Digital Eye Strain – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

DIGITAL EYE STRAIN—as little as two hours in front of a computer a day gives you a 90 percent chance to develop it! Every year, more than ten million patients visit eye doctors for problems related to digital eye strain.

BECAUSE SWEAT CAN cause damage to coatings on frames and lenses, consider wearing contacts when playing sports!

Eye On The Ball: Sports And Eye Safety – Optometrist, Eye Doctor in Oakton, VA | Associates in Eyecare

SPORTS SEASON IS BACK! If you or your kids play sports, read this to help protects those eyes! Let’s play ball! With school and many sports seasons starting up again, we’re all excited to gear up and get in the game!

IT’S BEEN 16 YEARS now since the 9/11 attacks. Please join us in taking a moment of silence to remember all the lives lost that morning.

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