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We are here to here to help you change the way you see yourself, with an accent on style!

We are a full service eye care facility that offers a complete array of eye care services, including comprehensive eye examinations,hard to fit contact lenses, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, such as eye infections and inflammations, allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more in a professional and modern office settings.We also offer preventative treatments to help your vision improve over time, from cataract and LASIK pre-operative care to post-operative care. In addition we provide emergency services, including ocular foreign body removal and eye injury treatment. Our List of Doctors: 1. Dr Robert M Allen 2. Dr. Diana Slavin 3. Dr. Eveena Mahal 4. Dr. Paul Colbourne 5. Dr. John Dresely 6. Dr. Tressa Larson WE ACCEPT MOST MEDICAL AND VISION INSURANCES!

Hashem Al-Ghaili

PLEASE clean your contact lenses with approved solutions!

Warning: Clean your contact lenses regularly.


Neurolens is now available at our office!

After 20 years of debilitating symptoms this patient finally found relief with neurolens®. Start changing your patient's lives today.

WHEN YOU’RE PACKING your beach gear, don’t forget your sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from all those UV rays!

WE JUST WANT TO wish a very Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. Being a dad is not an easy task and we thank you for rising to the challenge!

TEACHERS VS MOMS when school gets out! LOL

WEARING CONTACTS WHILE swimming can increase the risk of your contact lenses absorbing bacteria. Wear goggles to keep your eyes clean and make seeing underwater easier.

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Our practice is proud to support the LGBTQ community 🌈

And we can help them do it!

WHAT ARE YOU getting for dad this year? Here's a great idea, and they come with or without a prescription. Show dad some love and protect his eyes! See our office for details.

Come in to see us if you need a pair of prescription sunglasses to block out those pesky UV rays!

EVEN IN CHLORINATED POOLS, there are bacteria, oils, and other irritants that can cause eye infection. Wear goggles!

THANK YOU to all those who have served our country!

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Doctors link nearsightedness in children to electronic device usage

ELECTRONIC DEVICES CAUSING nearsightedness in children? It's a bigger discussion than the video provides. Schedule your kids' appointment today and we can help answer your questions and discuss options to slow the changes.

We continue our "focus on health" this morning with a look at vision -- your child's eyes to be more specific.

It's the best feeling!

Myopia Matters

MYOPIA (NEARSIGHTEDNESS). What is it and why should we be concerned? Watch this video to find out more. Schedule your kids' exam and we can help with options!

Dr. Ryan Parker talks about one of the most prevalent vision issues in children which has seen unprecedented growth. Watch to learn how parents can spot the ...

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Moms, go ahead and take the day to sit back, relax, and be pampered! You deserve it!

WHICH OPTION IS BEST? Schedule your appointment today to discuss the options with our eye doctors!

MAY THE FOURTH be with you! This is for all our Star Wars fans out there.

MAY IS HEALTHY VISION MONTH! It's a great time to renew focus on keeping your vision happy and healthy!

World health officials take a hard line on screen time for kids. Will busy parents comply?

ATTENTION ALL PARENTS, what is your opinion? This is going to be a tough decision! Make an appointment for your kids if you would like to get more information. The organization issued new guidelines for kids under five on how they should interact -- or avoid -- electronic screens.

Long hours of screen time leads to more people with nearsightedness, optometrist says

Extended amounts of screen time are causing more children to be diagnosed with nearsightedness and the cases still continue to grow in numbers. It’s being described as an epidemic. Optometrists say too much screen time is leading to more cases of myopia – or nearsightedness.

Get your Shade on this Saturday! Frame Event featuring ProDesign frames and Sunglasses. Check out the latest spring collection from Stella and Dot. Pick up something for yourself or a early Mother's Day treat!

DID YOU KNOW? Your optometrist could be the first one to spot symptoms of heart conditions, so don’t skip your regular eye exams!

HAPPY EASTER from our practice to you. We hope you're having fun celebrating with some chocolate and technicolor eggs!

DID YOU KNOW babies do not produce tears till they're about six weeks old?

WENT TO THE EYE DOC and read the bottom line. Nailed it!

WHOA! Did you know that you only have about half as many lashes on your bottom lid than your top?

3 Tricks to Help Your Eyes When You're Staring at Your Phone All the Time

DIGITAL SCREENS & EYE PROBLEMS. Here are 3 tips to help reduce common issues. Schedule your eye exam today to discuss more options with our doctors on how to protect your eyes. A new survey says more eye doctors are diagnosing patients with dry eye due to how much time they spend looking at screens.

April is Women's Eye Health and Safety Month. How do you protect your eyes in the workplace?

HELP YOUR SIGHT BY eating right! Did you know the foods you eat can effect your eye sight? Make sure you’re eating well to help keep your sight healthy!

HAPPY MARCH MADNESS 🏀 may your swishes come true and your brackets go unbusted!

UV EXPOSURE IS LINKED to many vision-threatening conditions, including macular degeneration and cataracts, so make sure you’re protecting your eyes with UV-blocking sunglasses!

WITH REGULAR ANNUAL visits to the optometrist, serious vision impairment can be avoided. Call us to schedule your exam today!

What Parents Should Know About Myopia: An Optometrist’s Perspective

WHAT IS MYOPIA, associated eye diseases and myopia control? Read this excellent article to understand the facts and dispel the myths. Dr. Leah Johnson answers questions about myopia and clears up a few misunderstandings parents can have.

IT’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY, and we are the luckiest practice around because we have the most wonderful patients!

THERE’S NOTHING FISHY about the omega-3 fatty acids in fish! Omega-3s are crucial to proper visual and retinal function, so go enjoy your favorite fish dinner! If you don't like fish, pick up the easy-to-take pill form at one of our offices!

6 Subtle Changes To Your Eyes That Can Be Signs Of A Serious Health Problem

IF YOU NOTICE these symptoms or others not listed, please schedule an appointment immediately. And please don't self diagnose as this list is just a guideline. Let's make sure everything is OK! When something doesn't feel right with your vision, it's easy to think that the eyes themselves are to blame. While that is often the case, subtle changes to your eyes can signal health problems that have nothing to do with the eyes. In fact, there…

10 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between cheap and budget friendly. Don't go cheap. We can help you find quality frame and lenses at any budget. Are you shopping for new glasses? Make sure you check out this list...

WATER ISN’T GOOD for contact lenses, because even clean water contains microorganisms that could give you an eye infection! Don’t swim or shower with contacts, and always clean and store them in contact solution!

HOW ABOUT THIS for a daily dose of fun facts? 80% of all your memories come from the things you see! How well are you seeing?

POLARIZED SUNGLASSES provide superior glare protection — especially on the water, snow and driving. 🕶☀️🏌⛷🎣🚣🏄🚗

PROTECTING YOUR EYES can be as simple as putting on a pair of shades! Just make sure they block UV rays!

How to Clean Your Glasses the Right Way

ARE YOU CLEANING your eyeglasses correctly? Learn the best way to clean your glasses and if it's possible to remove scratches from glasses.

Wearing Special Contact Lenses at Night Helps Kids See Clear

GREAT VISION WITHOUT daytime glasses or contacts! It's called Orthokeratology and our patients love it. Schedule your consultation today to learn more. For parents who want to correct their child’s eyesight without surgery, there are special contact lenses they can wear while they sleep that gently reshape the cornea so they can see clearly by morning.

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