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The Jackson Clinics physical therapy is located throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland, specializing in outpatient orthopedics and sports rehabilitation.

Did you know that men are less likely to see their healthcare provider about a health issue than women? This #MensHealthMonth, take care of yourself. Instead of brushing off an injury, come see us. Your health is our top priority. #MHM2020

Our clinic newsletters are out and about. This month we focus on ways to sleep better, the precautions we are taking in the clinic to keep you safe, and a great zucchini bread recipe. #TherapyConnection #SleepHealth #YourHealthisourTopPriority

Manage Movement After a Hip or Knee Replacement - PTandMe

It can be difficult to move around after a total joint replacement. We have put together a list of ways to prepare your home before surgery. We also have tips on how to safely manage stairs with a walker. Your safety is our top priority. #PostSurgicalRehab #WeCanHelp In this upcoming series of blog posts, we will be showing you how to safely manage movement after a hip or knee replacement in your home.

Are you ready to schedule a visit? You now have the option to receive care in the clinic or at home through telehealth. Choose what works best for you and we will take care of the rest. #WeTreatPain #ServingOurCommunity

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If you have been working from home and have back, neck, or wrist pain, the culprit could be your workstation. We can make your area work for you, by making sure the space fits you ergonomically. We want to help you get your work done without pain. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. #WorkingFromHome #ErgonomicWorkstation

Please join us this Memorial Day as we take a moment to remember those that we have lost.

To all of our staff members and patients who have supported us during this unprecedented time. THANK YOU.

As gyms reopen don’t try to go back too fast. Slowly ramp back up to where you were previously. Here are some ways to get back into your workout routine or sport safely:

1. Focus on being purposeful with your movements. Warm-up really well and focus on technique and skill training.
2. Use a journal to assess how well you feel post-workout. How are you sleeping and what are your energy levels like? If you find yourself not recovering well you need to take a few rest days or more of an active recovery day.
3. Address any acute pain early on. Don't wait to see if it will go away.

If you need help getting back to your previous fitness levels please give us a call. We can help you return to your sport safely and reduce the risk of injury.

A lot has changed in the last couple of months, but we are still here and caring for our community. We are open and following all CDC guidelines for cleaning and safety to help keep everyone safe. If you are experiencing pain, need help recovering from an injury, or maybe have a surgery that has been put on hold, we can help! #PainRelief

We are so thankful for Nurses. We love what you do! If you have had a memorable experience with a nurse in your life please take a moment to share your story or tag them here so that we can celebrate together. Happy National Nurses Week!! 🥰 #NursesWeek #ThankYou

We can't say enough about how much we appreciate our in-school and at-home teachers. You have gone above and beyond, and your impact will last a lifetime. Thank you and happy teacher appreciation week!! 🍎📓✏️ #TeacherAppreciation #ThankYou

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit each of us differently. While some stress over making ends meet, essential workers are putting themselves at risk to help others. Parents are now trying to navigate homeschooling, while others are working through loneliness. Here are 6 ways to help you get rid of stress and put a bright spin on the day. #HealthyAtHome #WeCanDoThis

Low Back Pain (LBP) Top 5 Exercises to Reduce Back Pain - PT & ME

If you are having pain in your lower back, try these 5 exercises to start feeling better. #BackPain #FeelBetterAtHome How to Reduce Low Back Pain Over time, we develop arthritic changes in our back due to normal wear and tear. Below are a list of exercises that can help reduce lower back pain. These exercises will help you, in time, return you to your normal activities and improve your quality of life.

Seniors if you think you are “too old” to do strength training exercises, think again! With proper guidance and support, you can benefit from a program of regular strength-training exercises. To help you get started we have put together a list of exercises that can easily be done at home.

If you have any underlying issues we strongly recommend contacting a healthcare provider before you get started. This way you can get a program that fits your needs and ability levels.

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! We hope that each of you will spend some time outdoors enjoying spring and the beauty it brings :) #EarthDay

Pre Run Dynamic Stretching Routine - PT & ME

Before going for a run you should stretch and warm-up your muscles. This warm-up will only take about 10 minutes and targets the main running muscles. #Runners #GetMoving #HealthyLiving Pre Run Dynamic Stretching Routine September 15, 2015 contentadmin - Blog, Sports and Fitness like what you see? share...FacebookTwitterLinkedin Why? How? When? For how long? Dynamic? Static? Ballistic? Lately, it seems as though this simple principle has become increasingly difficult to understand....

8 Tips for a More Enjoyable Bike Ride - PT & ME

If you have recently bought a new bike, or have dusted off the old one, you'll have a much better time riding it if it fits properly. Here are some great tips from PTandMe for a more enjoyable socially distant bike ride. Check it out! #SocialDistancing #BikingFun 8 Tips for a More Enjoyable Bike Ride June 21, 2016 Teresa Stockton - Blog, General Information like what you see? share...FacebookTwitterLinkedin Optimizing your bike and clothing isn’t just for competitive racers. Even if you’re just looking to ride a few miles recreationally, you can be more ...

Wishing you and yours a Hoppy Easter! #ForOurPeeps

If you are using this time at home to do your spring cleaning we have a few tips to keep you injury-free. #SpringCleaning #BringOutTheWipes

If you are working from home for the first time you might be trying to find a comfortable place to set up shop. We have some tips you can use to help create an ergonomically friendly home work space.

Has Your Surgery been postponed?
Physical Therapy can help get you through the waiting period!

- Decrease pain and swelling, while improving range of motion and strength
- Provide pre-op instructions/self-care education/joint camps now so you're ready when surgery time approaches
- Provide patients with surgical supplies - slings, knee braces, crutches, compression stockings, etc
- Schedule your post-op appts several weeks to months out

*** Don't want to come to the clinic? We offer Telehealth appointments!

We are here to help you feel better. Please call us to see if prehab would be a good fit for you.

It's time to share your favorite streaming shows! We need something new to watch. #NeedANewShow #NotTheTigerKing

We have put together 4 ways to stay active while practicing social distancing. Check these out and share ways that you are staying healthy and fit at home! #HealthyAtHome #SocialDistancing

We wanted to share in this month's newsletter, that as therapists we play a key role in keeping people we can help out of physician offices and hospitals.

This will not only free up the medical teams to treat those impacted by COVID-19, but also limit the exposure of those seeking care for treatment that a physical or occupational therapist can provide.

We are open, we have taken increased safety measures, and we are ready to help you feel better. #TherapyConnection

Patients with COVID-19 may have mild to severe respiratory issues. If you are experiencing a Fever, Cough, or Shortness of Breath please seek medical advice immediately.

[03/28/20]   We found some uplifting stories to fill your newsfeed today! Check out these physical therapy success stories! We love helping people stay active and pain-free 😊 #WeHeartPT #IGotTheFeels

What You Need To Know About Handwashing

What songs have you been using to make sure you are washing your hands long enough? Let us know in the comments. We can't wait to see everyone's ideas!! #SingingInTheSink #HandWashing #HealthyHabits

This video answers important questions about hand washing and hand sanitizer. Transcript:

On March 19th, 2020 the U.S. Dept of Homeland Security issued a memo stating:

“If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

The guidance goes on to further define the “essential infrastructure workers” to include “physical and occupational therapists and assistants”. Their advice to our industry is to strive to stay open and treat the patient population during this pandemic. Per the memo, physical and occupational therapists are essential in flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic. We play a key role in keeping people we can help out of physician offices and hospitals. This will not only free up the medical teams to treat those impacted by COVID-19, but also limit the exposure of those seeking care for treatment that a physical or occupational therapist can provide.

It is our duty to try to meet this guidance and continue to care for our patients’ physical and occupational therapy needs during this time of crisis. We have made the decision to remain open and help do our part to flatten the curve. More information can be found here or you can call us directly.

Can how you cough or sneeze help keep others from also getting sick? It can.
Take a look at the infographic below from the CDC to see how you can help stop the spread of germs to others. #HealthyHabits #YourPartnerInHealth

How to Run with Bad Knees: Pain Prevention & Care - PTandMe

Going for a walk or taking a run can be a great way to get your exercise in while practicing social distancing. We have provided some tips to help make sure your knees stay injury-free! #Runners #Walkers #Knees We have put together 4 ways to help you run with bad knees. By taking proper care of your knees you should still be able to run without pain.

We are still open and excited to care for all of our patients! We are encouraging you all to continue to use good practices and to wash your hands before treatment and as needed during treatment. We continue to clean and sanitize the equipment between patients. Please call us at (703) 729-7920 with any questions or concerns.

As your partner in health, we wanted to share with you ways to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19. More information can be found directly at

Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries and How to Avoid Them - PT & ME

Most sports injuries happen at practice and are avoidable. Check out our top 5 sports injuries and how to avoid them. #NoPainOnlyGain #DownWithRedShirts #SportInjuries Depending on the type of physical activity that you are engaging in, some common sports injuries may occur. We visit the Top 5 most common and what to do to help prevent them.

Can Knee Pain Cause Low Back Pain? - PTandMe

Could knee pain be causing your low back pain? Small changes in your gait can cause big changes to the rest of your body. Luckily physical therapy can help! #KneePainNoGain #LowBackPain #WeHeartPT Did you know that knee Pain can cause low back pain? Living with knee pain for an extended time can change how a patient walks causing back pain to develop.

Our Story

The Jackson Clinics is a physical therapist-owned practice with multiple locations throughout Northern Virginia and Maryland, specializing in outpatient orthopedics and sports rehabilitation. We are a learning organization and value life-long development of knowledge, skills and professional attitudes as our core principles. We have specialty programs in oncology rehabilitation, upper and lower extremity lymphedema management, vestibular rehabilitation, pediatrics, aquatic therapy, pelvic health/women’s health, LSVT BIG therapy for Parkinson’s care, running analysis, bike fitting, cross fit, industrial rehabilitation, dry needling, custom orthotics, and more.

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